Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thursday 10.24.13

Dani Horan's Split Squats.

1.  Snatch Skills
5 x 5 Squat Snatches, TnG, OTM at 65% - 

2. Clean and Jerk 
2 Power Clean + 1 Jerk
A.  2 sets at 60%
B.  2 sets at 70%

3.  Squats
A.  Back Squat - Build up to a max effort single.
B.  3 x 6 Split Squat each side.

1.  Gymnastic Skills
OTM x 12
Odd:  12 GHDSU
Even:  Pistols - you choose the rep scheme.

2.  Metcon
100 Burpees for time - every minute on the minute complete 8 TTB - start with burpees.

3.  Accessory Work
100 Face Pulls
100 Band Pull aparts

1.  Metcon
100 Burpees for time - every minute on the minute complete 8 TTB- start with burpees.

2.   Strength
1RM Back Squat

3.  Snatch Skills
5 x 5 Squat Snatches, TnG, OTM at 60% 


  1. Ben, could you put the wod's name in metcon? I like to refer to a WOD with a name. Thanks

  2. Anyone near Davis, CA or Sacramento--need a place to get work in the week of December 23. Thank you--Brian

  3. Ben, could you explain the metcon?

    1. On 3,2,1 go you begin your 100 burpees, when 1 min hits you stop the burpees and do 8 t2b then continue with your burpees until the clock says 2 min and do another set of 8 t2b....continue to do this every minute until you complete the hundred burpees

    2. On workouts like this, you usually start with the TTB.

  4. I haven't had enough gas to do strength and skills after the metcon, should I do the strength and skills before?

  5. Damien, the first couple of weeks following the open template were rough for me as well. I just kept it light and progressively upped the intensity and weight during the strength sessions. I'm now closing in on 2 months following the program and I actually prefer strength after metcons now.

  6. Coach! Thanks for the early post.

    1. Snatch Skills- Did high hang squat snatch 5x5 otm, my buddy that works out at the olympic training center said my speed under the bar "sucks" (I agree) so I will be doing high hang as much as possible. 95 lbs

    2. Clean and Jerk
    2 Power Clean + 1 Jerk
    A. 2 sets at 60%- 185
    B. 2 sets at 70%- 225

    3. Squats
    A. Back Squat - Did high bar, I was tempted to do low bar and hit something huge but I've seen such a carry over to olympic work from the HBBS so I stuck with high bar. Worked up to the high 300's, did a walk out with 460 (highly suggest this for you guys doing this later), hit 405 (10 lb PR) hit 425 (30 lb pr). Did not have a competent spotter or else I would have gone for more 425 was relatively easy as far as max effort goes.

    B. 3 x 6 Split Squat each side.- Increasing weights, 135, 185, 205- spicy!

    1. That's awesome dude! Huge PR to get that much in that range (over 400) ridiculous!

    2. Thank you sir. I want 350+ from you in about 5-6 hours.

    3. 1. Gymnastic Skills
      OTM x 12
      Odd: 12 GHDSU
      Even: Pistols - 10 with 30 lb KB

      2. Metcon
      100 Burpees for time - Derp, this quickly devolved from me wanting to have a competitive time to me wanting to survive this met con. I have no idea what my time was. It was after 12 and before 15. Hip flexors were fried from split squats and GHD. I think fresh I definitely could have done sub 10.

      3. Accessory Work
      100 Face Pulls- Done
      100 Band Pull aparts-Done

    4. I love how you post before I go in to lift. It gives me numbers to dream about getting which really pushes me. Keep up the solid work man.

    5. Thanks Austin, keep up the good work yourself.

    6. Good shit bro, im scared of this metcon, def not looking forward to it!

  7. Ben (or others), do you have any recommendations on mobility work for overhead positions? I felt when I was doing the squat therapy by arms/shoulders were pretty far forward and I had trouble (lack of motion) moving them back (i.e. more overhead). Thanks!

    1. You can't go wrong with K-Star

    2. Nick, I sound like I am selling their products but I can't recommend Crossover Symmetry highly enough. I hurt my rotator cuff 4 years ago (kimura I didn't tap out to fast enough) and had problems ever since. This has helped tremendously.

  8. Open:

    Metcon- 13:10 subbed T2B with sit-ups or else would've taken 20 min
    1RM- couldn't hit my previous PR of 365- I settled for 345 with wobbly legs after 100 burpess
    5 x 5 @ 115

  9. Open:
    1. Metcon - 7:40. Did targeted burpees
    2. 1RM BS - 355. Failed at 375
    3. 115. No fail.

    1. Stas, nice work brother.

    2. Thank Jeremy. When I woke up today my first thought was: "Please, not burpee, please". Then I opened this blog and what I see - 100 burpees :) So I just tried to finish it :)

    3. Brother, you didn't just "finish it" you "crushed it"

    4. Следите за хорошую работу

    5. Jeremy, после хорошей тренировки - самое время учить русский язык :)

    6. Did you mean "Keep up the good work?"

    7. Ha ha yes, was that a cyrillic/Russian fail? That was as close as I could get.

    8. Stas, you sure that time is right? I think I can barely make 100 burpees in that time let alone all those T2Bs!

  10. Open/Masters 43

    1. 13:38 Toughest part were TTB, at end it was taking 40+ seconds to get the 8 reps, little time for the burpees
    2. 295, less then max, but no spotter
    3. 5 x 5 squat snatch at 95

  11. Regionals
    1. Snatch Skills
    5 x 5 Squat Snatches, TnG, OTM at 65% - 115lbs
    2. Clean and Jerk
    2 Power Clean + 1 Jerk
    A. 2 sets at 60%-135lbs
    B. 2 sets at 70%-160lbs
    3. Squats
    A. Back Squat - Build up to a max effort single-315lbs. 5lb PR. Had more but I don't have a spotter.
    B. 3 x 6 Split Squat each side-135,155,185. Weird feeling!
    Sometimes it sucks working out alone because I have no one to push me or spot me. Oh well!

    1. Nice work man!

      1. Gymnastic Skills
      OTM x 12
      Odd: 12 GHDSU
      Even: Pistols - you choose the rep scheme.-Did 12.
      2. Metcon
      100 Burpees for time - every minute on the minute complete 8 TTB - start with burpees-9:57. All I've got to say is...OW.
      3. Accessory Work-Done
      100 Face Pulls
      100 Band Pull aparts

  12. Morning session

    1) 135

    2) a) 165 b) 195


    a) 405 (10# pr, so stoked!!!!)

    b) 135/185/205

    1. Thanks!

      Cheryl, I wouldnt be this strong without all your help, ive learned so much from you in such a short time! You've made me such a better and stronger athlete, thank you!!!

  13. Not of fan of early morning solo sessions
    1. 9:57- scaled to 5 T2B
    2. 355#, felt good- not a max effort, I have another comp this weekend
    3. 135- felt good, no misses

  14. Reg:
    1. Done, missed one in the last round because I took a breath when I shouldn't have, quickly recovered and finished.

    2. Done, I like this weight range for working Jerk technique.

    3 a) 315, a smidge dissappointed but still happy to be in the 300's
    b) 95, 185, 185 that was interesting, made some muscles burn that don't normally.

    PM 1. Skipped for sake of time.

    PM 2. 6:54, first minute was awesome! :) The rest, not so much, managed to go unbroken on all TTB.

    PM 3. got through about 60 each with the smallest band in the gym....couldn't get more than sets of 4, so I called it

    Rowed an easy 2k

  15. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 10:43 (8 TTB for the first 50 / 5 TTB 50+)
    ... totally derailed/imploded thoughts of DNF, etc - brutal couplet
    2. 1RM Backsquat - 365# (5# PR)
    ... you know your at your limit when the music gets muffled and the lights of the gym dim - big fight in the middle on this one
    3. SS 5x5 (OTM) @ 110# Rx

    1. Nice Back Squat Chris! You know you earned it when that happens!

    2. Was looking forward to this, but now I'm intimidated after those comments..

  16. 1. 145# otm made this intense
    2. 180# and 210#
    3. 375# was hoping to get closer to 400# but was toasted still from snatch. I'm beginning to think 400# is a unicorn for me. never gonna see it. ugh.

  17. Reg:
    1. Done
    2.Done A: 195 B: 225
    3.A: Absolutly terrible back squat for me today 40 lbs off my pr. struggled to get 365
    B: Done @ 165 stayed light on purpose for form
    4: 5:56 Really stoked about this! I wanted under 6 SOO BAD. got 47 my first round then got to 65 then 82 then 97 then took forever on the TTB but squeezed out the last 3. all TTB were unbroken except for last round. Had two no reps on last round of TTB as well.

  18. Listen, how are we doing these burpees here? Are we opening our hips all the way or are we doing that little, barely off the ground bullcrap. Some of these times are fast and just want to know if maybe I do suck that bad or maybe I'm doing more than what everyone else is....

    1. I know for me i had one of the other coaches at my box make sure i opened my hips all the way and left the ground. I can safely say i definitely wasnt doin 6 inch target. but i like i said, for me it was hips open, feet leave the ground, and hands over the head.

    2. Josh, don't worry, you have company. I haven't done the WOD yet, but after looking at some of these times, I'm not sure if I could match them if I SKIPPED the T2Bs! It is certainly good motivation. Good luck!

    3. Joshua, I only got 23 in my first round, but my TTB are reliable so no time lost there. I realized in the fourth round that I was getting just over 10 (like 11-14) per round....My last round I got 11. I tend to be a stickler for full ROM as a coach at the box as well. I wan't being watched so I can't have anyone testify.

      Of note: I was talking about this subject this morning with JimmyC. I said it probably wouldn't be worth comparing this one against anyone but yourself because burpees are so easy to short at the top without a judge.

    4. Got yelled at after the first couple of burpees to get my torso all the way vertical at the top (open hips), so I wouldn't say they were crap after that--but definitely not to a 6" target. Did supine grip TTB, then K2E last two rounds because my bum shoulder wanted off the bar immediately. Time was 6:00--after I PR'd my front squat at 325 and did the snatch work. I called time as we we're being told to cycle to the bar.

      I agree with ShaneH about not comparing yourself against anyone for this...I'd say really for any workout. There's dudes on here that are beasts and lift tons more and ninjas that have monster engines and sub-6 is no problem for them on this WOD. All I can ask of myself after a WOD like this is if I gave it my best effort--what other people do or can do is out of my control. If I keep comparing myself to others--it's the same old "number 1 or no one" mentality--find victory in beating your own best self every day. Now off for a PR-victory donut! :)

      BP 38/5'11"/195

    5. Josh buddy, that is probaby the wrong mentality to have man. I think we are all pretty supportive here. Someone posts something big (metcon or otherwise) I dont have anyway of knowing whether they did it or what performance standards they used (unless they post a video). We've seen a wide range of times with certain people excelling at certain movements, so to me we don't have any chronic score cookers. It's just not worth it (in my opinion) to scrutinize the scores on this website. The proof will be in the pudding come Open and Regional time.

    6. Exactly what Jeremy said: "We've seen a wide range of times with certain people excelling at certain movements". I see a lot of people on here hating on wallballs--I love them. Running...not so much. I look for the gatorade station on anything over 800M. So, looks like tomorrow is going to be tough for me. I suppose that's why we pursue become better in all of the different modalities, learn new skills and sports. --BP

  19. 1. I wanted to work on some technique stuff, so I did a dead+low hang snatch+snatch instead. 1 Rep OT2M for 14m @ 165. Just had some stuff I wanted to work on in that.

    2. 170, 205

    3. 325. It's a 20# PR in the high bar. A 30# PR since we have hopped back on board in June. So fired up on this.

    Split squats were tricky as I don't have any matting in my garage so my foot was slipping. so didn't get to radical. 165 Across.

    1. Will do the gymnastic and accessory work later, but I have to do the Lurong workout with our gym later so that'll be my metcon (which has been planned all week, I promise, not cherry picking). Not terribly disappointed I am missing this one though.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Killer Back Squat Danny! Wish I could get there with High Bar....I'm coming after you.

    4. Haha shit looks like I'm calling you out!!

      Apologies, it appears posting off my phone didn't work as it should

    5. Haha it's cool Alex. I didn't see the original comment.

      Thanks Shane! Effing amped. I had 335 past the sticking point and just hit a wall, thought i was going to get it. Which would match my low bar best after Get Huge last year. And I can do all sorts of other cool things along with a good squat.

  20. Shoulder hurt so didnt do any overhead stuff

    5x5 squat cleans at 135lb
    4x2 power cleans at 155lb 155 175 175
    Back squats got to 285lb 1RM
    Split squats: 115lb
    Otm did 12 assisted pistols and ghdsu
    Metcon 11:45

  21. Open

    1) 10:00. Planned this out and stuck to it and it worked (sort of) was a bit of a gun at the end to get them done!

    2) 160kg. High Bar. Matched my Low Bar backsquat. Boomsauce.

    3) Done

  22. Open

    1) Gave myself a 10:00 time cap...only got to 80 burps...I don't want to talk about how pissed I am. Only positive from this is now I know what I need to work on I guess.

    2) 435, just missed 445 (new PR and it salvaged my mood)

    3) 165, done

  23. Open
    1. 50 Burpees with T2B --> 7:15
    2. 175#, 195#(f) my previous pr, 190#(f)
    3. 5x5 done at 45#

  24. Open:
    1. Metcon - 10:51 (switched to K2E at 7min - and even those were probably suspect!)
    2. 225# (tied my PR with better depth. No clue how I failed at 235#?! I guess I just ran out of gas)
    3. Completed 5x5 @85#

  25. Open:
    1.) 11:58 TTB unbroken until minutes 10&11

    2.) 275,Failed at 295. Felt super heavy today!

    3.) 100# Failed on last rd

    3.) Done @

  26. Regionals.

    1) snatch at 115.

    2) done at 135 and 158.

    3a) 352 not a pr but good lift for first week back. Could have gone heavier but didn't want to push it.
    3b) 154.

    4) done. 10each for first 3sets and 5 each for last 3 on pistols.

    5) 11.53. Ttb crushed me today.

  27. 1. @ 85#

    2. Clean and Jerk
    @ 125 and 135

    3. Squats
    A. 225# (PR)
    B. 105/115/125

    (One SESSION)
    1. Gymnastic Skills
    done - 12 GHD/12 pistols

    2. Metcon - 11:47

    3. done

  28. Open
    metcon: 8:00rx
    snatch: 5x5 otm @ 105# complete no misses
    Back Squat 1rm - 345# High bar pr by 10#

  29. 1. 130# last set a doozy
    2. a.150# b.170#
    3. 345# (365f,old pr)
    4. skipped
    5. Time Capped 10min due to having to get back to work: 67 burpees. T2B killed me, but burpees felt quick when I did them.
    6. skipped

  30. 1) 165
    2) 185/215
    3) 455, 185
    4) done
    5) 7:59
    6) done
    5) done

  31. OPEN + gymnastics skills:

    1) Metcon: 7:59 Rx. Broke toes to bar once. Did 20-13-11-11-10-10-11-14 burpees.
    2) back squat 1RM: 425# (10# pr)
    3) squat snatch: did 25 reps with 115# with no clock so I didn't reinforce my bad form.
    4) EMOM: odd: 12 GHD sit-ups. Even: 12 alternating pistols

  32. 1. snatch emom: 165# no misses.
    2. clean complex: 225# and 245#
    3. back squat: worked to 425#, not even close to a pr, i was fried from squat snatches.
    split squats: 135,185,205#
    4. 12min emom: even 12 ghdsu
    odd: 8 pistols holding a 55# kb
    5. metcon: 8:57

    abs feel like an alien is about to crawl out of my stomach haha

  33. Reg:

    Best day I've had in a while.

    Snatch- done at 135

    C&J- 60%-165. 70%-185.

    1RM Back Squat- 405 (30 # PR from 2 weeks ago!)

    Split Squat- done at 135, 185, 205. Those SUCK.

    PM1- did one pistol and my knee said no. So I moved on.

    PM2- 10:50 I HATE TTB

    PM3- done and a lot of mobility work to follow.

  34. Open
    Metcon 11:56
    Snatch 115
    Squat 320 PR 5lbs

  35. Open

    1) 10:00

    2) 275# tied PR

    4) 5x5 @ 85#, 1 miss, weight/form felt good.

    1) 5x5 snatches - 80#
    2) C & Js - 100#, 115#
    3.) 1 RM HBBS - 255# (huge PR!!)
    no time for split squats

  37. Afternoon.
    metcon 8:34 that was wicked
    5. Done with 10 pistols with 26# kb

  38. Evening Session

    1) done with 10 pistols

    2) 12:56 (this was absolutely horrible, I hate burpees)

    3) both done

  39. Open
    1)12:53 ,47 8 TTB than 5 the rest of the way. Tried to game thinking this may be like Kalsu. Wrong the opposite is true for Kalsu, the 100 is the real work and the minute toll is just that. I started with a game plan of 12 OTM, bad idea. Should have got done as many as I could in the beginning. Got to the point where I was just doing T2B ( and some questionable ones at that!) All that being said,i imploded and survived while learning a lot, overall a win!
    3) did 5x5 TNG HH Not OTM @ 115, getting better
    Did Hatch squats instead of BS 1RM

  40. Open

    1. 10:59. TTB were the limiter. Lungs held together better than I had hoped!

    2. 415# 10lb PR. Failed 425 after 405, so lowered to 415. Wanted 425 bad!

    3. Done at 120#. Felt better than last two times, worked speed under the bar.

  41. Open

    1.) 10 min cap...made it to 80 burps, baffled at my performance on this

    2.) Did high bar back squat, hit #395 easy but failed #405 twice haha womp womp. My PR is #400....looking on the positive side since #395 is still 2.32x BW

    Awesome work on the metcon ladies and gents!

  42. 1) Snatch - 120
    2) C&J - 135 & 160
    3) Squat - 10 lbs below PR. Fighting a groin tweak
    Split - skipped
    4) Metcon - 6:48
    5) Band pulls - done. wow

  43. Open
    1) 13:00... I thought this was gonna be a good one for me... well that thought quickly disappeared as soon as I started. Got 30 burpees in the first minute, then really really struggled with TTB
    2) Snatch#75
    3) Didn't have enough time to finish 1 RMX back squat, worked up to 205 then had to go get ready for work

    1) EMOTM 12 - odd - 12 GHDSU
    even - 8 35# KB Pistols
    2) metcon - 13:30 Rx
    3) today has been plenty long enough.

  45. 1. 10:03 3ttb
    2. 395
    3. 135 should of been 160 but I wanted to work on getting better with my touch n go so i kept solid form 5x5 of 135

  46. Open
    1. 20:45 - had to scale to 6 TTB. I am close to linking but just shy of the bar when I link so have to do singles still for legit TTB. Bummer :(
    2. 165
    3. 45lb bar snatch squat

  47. Metcon 6:55
    5x5 tng snatch 155#

  48. Open
    1- 10:53 subbed 16 situps for ttb

  49. Open
    1) 8:52 Rx
    Then practiced some movements for a comp this weekend.

  50. OPEN

    1) 6:54
    Pretty happy about this one.

    2) 385# (10# PR! Was soooo close to nail 405#)

    3) Done at 155#

  51. Open/Masters 47

    1. 8:47 with 4 ttb otm.
    2. 295#
    3. Done with 65#

  52. Open
    1) 10:41 after the 2nd minute went to 5 TTB
    Practiced some movements for a comp

  53. Open Program
    1) got thru 80 burpees at 10:00, then couldn't get the 8 t2b within the minute. Guess this makes it clear where my weakness lies...
    2) 335 - 10# off pr, but after all that, not bad I guess.
    3) completed at 120 - pumped,I failed this at 115 just 2-3 weeks ago. Nice way to finish.

  54. 1) @. 95
    2) 100,115
    3) 1rm 225
    Split squats @95
    4) 12 ghd 12 pistols 12 min
    5)metcon 8:55
    6)band work done

  55. 1). Metcon - 7:27 RX unbroken T2B

    2). Did Mondays 7x2 Pause Squats @305#

    3) Squat Snatch 5x5

    4). 12 GHDSU and 20 alternating pistols

  56. 1.Squat Snatch - 88 (Converting from KG)
    2. C&J - 144/165
    3. BS - Worked up to 310
    4. Metcon - 8.45

  57. 1) snatch done
    2) c&j done
    3) back squat 165kg (364#) 10kg pr
    Split squat done
    4) metcon 12:50 this was brutal
    5) 100 band pull aparts

  58. Open
    1) 10:57 RX open standard burpees to 6 inch target. T2B were unbroken for 2 rounds(abbs still smoked from a nasty partner wod on wed)
    2) 315#
    3) my weight should be 110, did 95# singles with quick reset(legs were full of lead)

  59. Open:
    12:47 - ttb good, burpee bad

    320 - wanted more but pretty close to previous 1RM @325

    103 - 60% of 170 - this was smooth, very impressed with the technique!

  60. 1. 5 x 5 Snatch OTM @ 95# whoa this was exhausting!
    2. 2PC & J @ 135# (didn't realize until after I loaded the bar it was supposed to be @ 60/70%). This felt good though!
    3. BS up to 235# (didn't go for 1RM off 255# as my legs felt a little like jelly)
    3 x 6 Split Squat @ 125# & 135#
    4. Done. Did 8 pistols (due to completing all AM & PM work in one session)
    5. 13:56min (I detest burpees, especially paired with T2B. What the heck was that!?)
    6. Done (fired up the post delts!)

  61. 1. 5 x 5 snatch OTM @ 120. (PR'ed my snatch by 20 lbs (185) at the last test and almost hit 195). I can't believe the gains!
    2. 2 sets at 145, 2 sets at 170
    3. Hit 285 and stopped. My knees have been bothering me a lot lately and have a tendency to collapse in when I squat heavy. 95, 135, 135 on split squats (felt them out)
    4. Had to skip
    5. 7:45 rx
    6. done

  62. Open
    1) 13:00 min got to 64 reps then cut my TTB down to 5 and finished in 17:56
    2) 355 30 LB PR
    3) 145 no misses

  63. I promise I haven't fallen off the band Wagon. I am just crazy busy and keep forgetting to post.

    1. Stayed with it and got through all 100 in just over 14 minutes. The TTB got really tough for me.
    2. Did front squat instead because back squat was hurting my shoulder. PR at 205
    3. Used 90 lbd

  64. Open
    1. 19 minutes on the dot this took me. The TTB just about killed me and I had to scale them down. I started out doing 4 and then 2. I cannot string them together and coupled with burpees this was death.

    2. Double PR 195# and then 200#

  65. Snatch @65kg
    C+j @75-85kg
    Bs 140-
    Otm done
    Wod 7:52