Friday, October 25, 2013

Saturday 10.26.13

The 2013 CFNE Masters Competition is today.  
220 masters competing in Seven evvents in One day
Follow the live results at

1.  4RFT:
2 PHSPU - (dudes: abmat, girls: 45# plate + abmat)
4 Muscle ups
6 Hang Squat Cleans, 225/155

2.  Barbell 
OTM x 10
Odd:  3 Bench Press + 15 Air Squats - you choose weight
Even:  3 Back Squats + 6-10 Ring Dips - you choose weight

3.  Accessory Work
2x20 DB Floor Press
2x10 DB JM Presses
2x10 DB Tate Presses
100 Speed Tricep Banded Push Downs
rest :30 between sets.

"Master's Triple Take"
10 Thrusters, 95/65
10 Pull ups
rest :30
10 Power Cleans, 95/65
10 Burpees
rest :30
10 Jerks, 95/65
10 Box Jumps, 20"

Post rounds + reps for each triplet.


  1. Is anyone that follows this programming going to compete tomorrow? If so, let me know because I'm going to try to stop by and show some support!

    Good luck to all of the competitors - and CFNE for putting together another great event!

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    1. Parallettes. I think standard is 12" deficit?

    2. Ha ha, thanks, that comment was pre-coffee, I figured it out.

  3. Morning Session: 5x800 OT6M- Uh yeah, pacing is important. I came out on my first run, felt awesome, didn't realize I was sprinting and PR'd my 800 M by about 20 seconds and blew myself up. It was an uphill climb after that. 2:15, 2:21, 2:27, 2:31, 2:43

    1. Afternoon Session: Thought about all the ways I could scale it but I said screw it I am doing it rx'd. I was actually on pace for a 14 or so min time but I failed HSC and MU's in the 3rd and last round. If you asked me this morning what I thought was going to slow me down I would have said it would be MU's, well throw that out the window. HSC were heavy and tough, they actually got easier as the workout went on. Pretty proud of this effort.


      2. Barbell
      OTM x 10
      Odd: 3 Bench Press + 15 Air Squats - you choose weight- Went with something light, shoulders were toast, 135
      Even: 3 Back Squats + 6-10 Ring Dips - you choose weight- did 225

    2. You planning on a marathon or something dude!! ;)
      Must say your metcon was still great after all your running the past two days.

    3. Thanks brother, I tell you what I didn't want to get back in there after the runs this morning. I was cooked. What I noticed is that I am pretty decent on the lower range runs and ok at some of the longer stuff but I suck at the mid-range stuff 600-800 during the met cons so I am going to be adding that in.

    4. The hard work will pay.
      Will have to do some extra goat work where there is time too.

  4. Good day, everyone!
    Master's triple take:
    1. 40/40
    2. 30/22
    3. 40/37
    Total: 209 reps

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  6. 1) 25min
    The day I start using Bumper plates will be
    fabulous. Handling this weight down after
    every rep killed my posterior chain.
    Anyway it felt like forever :)

    2) Done
    Bench press 205
    Squat 225 Ring dips 6

    3) Did some Extra Du, Hspu and burpee work.
    Lost internet connection so could not see
    What those jm and tate presses were...

    Been working T-spine smashing as my overhead pos isn't solid.
    Felt a real good in hspu and even hsc today.
    Having a rounded thoracic spine made squat therapy impossible earlier this week...
    Supple Leopard came in handy.

    Have a super weekend everybody abd good luck to all the guys competing!!

  7. 34/27
    45 lbs, 7 pull ups

  8. Open
    Did a bastardized version of Regionals one. Wanted to dial in form during my early AM Wods. Usually moving weight in the early mornings is tough, so I wanted to work on it
    1) 4 RNFT
    2 Deficit HSPUs 2 x 45# stacked up
    4 MUs
    6 Squat Cleans from floor
    Dialed in my squat clean form, got easier and more solid further into the WOD. Strict HSPUs, unbroken on MUs. Fun not doing this for time, little skill/ strength session was just what i needed this AM!

  9. Part a 17:51 Rx
    Part b 225 bench 255 back squats

  10. OPEN


    Pretty happy about this, gave everything in the 1st part!

    Nice work all

  11. Open:


    Need a training partner to keep the intensity up!? Constantly Humbled!

    1. Hey Joel, it looks like we would have had a great battle today (see below)!

  12. Open:
    149 total

    Overall, I'm not thrilled with my results, but definitely happy with how I finished. I felt like I got a burst of energy half way through. Weird, but maybe I didn't warm up long enough?!

    1. Hey Jon, we sure would have! I definitely needed someone to chase or push me through the last 2 minutes.

  13. Open:

    Felt good goin in, but found out pretty fast how badly I needed a rest day. Could've done a lot better if I was fresh.

  14. Open Program
    1) 3 rds + 1
    2 rds + 5
    3 rds + 16
    Total reps - 182
    Done at home so pull-ups were limited on low bar. Cleans weren't great either. Otherwise felt good.

  15. 1) 10.50 RX'd
    2) 90kg bench, 100kg squat
    3) done

  16. Did the regionals workout for today!

    1.) 11:40 RX , enjoyed this one it was fun. Cleans got a lot easier after rd 1...went singles on cleans the whole time and unbroken on everything else.

  17. Open:

    First post, have been following for about a week. Excellent programming, exactly what I need. I'll try and stick with it until the open.

  18. Open:


    Did climbing ladder of 3 power cleans, 135, 165, 185, 205, 225
    Pretty good week, look forward to next.

  19. Replies
    1. Did chest to bar pullups. Finished 20/20 in 1 minute in round one, and thought I better slow down. In hindsight, should have just kept going at that pace.

  20. Day one starting on this program.

    Did the Open WOD after my Box's daily WOD


    Fun 10 mins. Wish I would have done it fresh.

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  22. 1. 12:06 - kept telling myself...confiidence on this one! Felt like the entire WOD was a GOAT
    2. ODD: Bench @ 135x2 sets(failed 3rd rep on 2nd set) dropped to 125# x 3 sets + 15 airsquats (stayed under :30)
    EVEN: Backsquats @ 205# +10 Ring Dips all around :30 sec
    3. Dumbbell Floor Press @ 35# DBs
    JM and Tate Press @ 15# DBs
    100 speed tricep push downs done
    **Feeling the golds gym days actually laughed quite a bit but my arms are def smoked after all that!

  23. Regionals
    1.Needless to say, this whole metcon was a goat. Did hang squat cleans at 185lbs-15 minutes.
    2.OTM-Did bench at 155lbs and Back Squats at 225lbs

  24. Reg:

    Metcon- 19:38. Shoulder couldn't handle full PHSPUs so I did 5 strict HSPUs instead. Got the first two rounds of PHSPUs then switched.

    OTM work- didn't have a bench so I did 10 weighted push ups instead. Did 275 for the squat and all 10 ring dips for all rounds.

    Accessory work- didn't have dumbbells so I used kettlebells instead.

  25. 1) 15:40 (had to use 1 45# plate and an abmat for the phspu, tried just an abmat and couldnt get back up, this is the lowest ive gone to date, so pretty happy. Also, had to do singles on the mu's, still nursing a nasty tear from the last time we did mu's)

    2) 225 bench/275 squat, 6 ring dips each rd.

    3) 75# db's for the floor presses, 25's for everything else.

  26. Open


    Good luck to all the Masters competitors today!

  27. Spent the entire day haulin wood today. Had about 15 large trees taken down around the house and cut into logs. Lifted, tossed stacked, dragged wood all day. Pretty beat so figured that's enough of a wod today. Functional fitness!

  28. Superfit team comp in Philly today. Was really happy with my performance. We had a complex with 145# thruster and it felt much better then I thought it would. I've been following CompWOD now for about 4 months and can't believe the progress I've made. Thanks Ben!

  29. OPEN + Barbell:

    1) Master's triple take: 40/40, 27/20, 46/40. (213 total)

    2) Barbell: Odd: 3 close grip bench @ 185 and 15 air squats
    Even: 3 back squats @ 235 and 10 ring dips

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  31. Only had time for the metcon today.
    9:32 rx

    1. Holy crap Dex, killer time!!! I strive to keep up with u one day bro, keep up the awesome work!

    2. Thanks man!! This was a fun one. Went 3-3 on every set of hang squat cleans

    3. An this month is my 1 year anniversary following the blog. You'll get there brotha. Just stick with it. This program has completely changed my game. Very interested to see how it's gonna pay off in the open this year.

    4. Awesome to hear stuff like that, definitely sticking with the program! My goal was to go 3/3 on all sets, but only made the first two, 3rd rd went 3/2/1 almost lost the second one forward and had to run forward at the bottom and stand it up and knew I wouldnt get the third after that so I dropped it and then went 2/2/2 on the last rd. I wish I could tuffen up my skin and stop tearing, I had to go all singles on the mu's cuz im still tore from last time and had to tape over it and I tried stringing together, but kept slipping out of my false grip on the way down because of the tape, hopefully with time it will toughen up, ive never trained mu's with this much frequency before, and im definitely getting better at them now because of it, they were a huge goat of mine, not as bad now.

  32. 1) 10:16

    2) otm x 10
    odd: 3 bench @ 80kg and 15 air squats
    even: 3 back squats @ 100kg and 10 ring dips

    2x20 DB Floor Press 55 kg
    2x10 DB JM Presses 22 kg
    2x10 DB Tate Presses 20 kg
    100 Speed Tricep Banded Push Downs done

    fun day

  33. 1. 19:20 rx
    2. 195/225
    3. Had to use KBs and a bar instead no DBs.
    First day back from being sick all week felt good to train but no lungs. Back to it next week.

  34. AM- Barbells for Boobs event Grace 2:13rx Pr
    PM - Open

  35. Reg:

    1. 8:59, three 45's stacked with Abmat, all MU's unbroken, scaled to 205, seemed like an appropriate scale to stay in decent time domain. I may have been able to get the 225 done, but it would have taken too long.

    2. Done with 205 and 225, could have gone heavier on squats, but last set of bench was near fail, so right on the money.

    3. Holy globo session! Ouch! Done with 45's, 35's, 30's. The speed extensions were the hardest part.

    Spent the day watching the Master's Comp at CFNE. Some amazing performances from a lot of extremely fit athletes. UCCF had 4 athletes participating and they all did really well. Got my CFNE T-Shirt (finally)!

  36. 1) 13:48 @ 185. HSPU and MU unbroken, too much time spent staring at the bar.
    2) Bench @ BW (165) and Squats @ 185
    3) no time

  37. Hung out with some awesome friends today! Did a slightly modified version of the open:
    1. 2 min max D/U's: 210
    2. 15 min to establish a 1RM OHS: 190# (this is a PR, up 5#!)
    3. 3min AMRP of: 10 squat cleans @ 95#
    10 burpee's
    (37 total)
    then 2 min of HSPU (immediately following): 25
    4. 3min AMRAP of: 10 Push Press @ 75#
    10 Box Jump over's
    64 total
    then 2 min of pistols (immediately following): 51
    5. 3min AMRAP of: 15 thrusters @ 65#
    15 pull-ups
    61 total

  38. Been really busy past few days, trying to get stuff in when I can.


    1. 4RFT - 9:28
    2. Did some SmolovJR bench and Hit 300x10 for a 10RM back squat, with some left in the tank!

    Didnt have time to do anything else. Gonna try to get in the gym and do the "Tosh Sprints" with a row later tonight.

  39. Open:
    Not too happy... forearms were shot for the cleans and my burpees are just one big slow goat for me.

  40. Open: 33/30

    Middle round hardest, but it was good for 4th place in the Masters Competition 45-49 yo


    1. 4RFT: parallettes and 35# + abmat/ muscle up attempts/ 135# HSCs

    2. OTM x 10, bench 105#, 16 squats
    BSq 165#, 6 ring dips

    SO nice to get to work out with the team! : )