Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monday 12.16.13

Check out all the athletes that are competing on the 

1.  Back Squats

2.  Gymnastic Benchmark
Max Reps of Unbroken Muscle ups

3.  Metcon
150 Wall Balls, 20/14
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle ups

4.  Snatch
EMOMx7:  Power Snatch + Squat Snatch + OHS

5.  Clean and Jerk Complex
5 sets of:  3 Position Clean + 1 Jerk
Position 1 = Mid Thigh
Position 2 = Below Knee
Position 3 = Floor

1. Metcon
150 Wall Balls, 20/14
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle ups

2.   Snatch Ladder
EMOMx7:  Power Snatch + Squat Snatch + OHS

3.   Clean and Jerk Complex
Work up to a heavy set of:  3 Position Clean + Jerks
Position 1 = Mid Thigh
Position 2 = Below Knee
Position 3 = Floor


  1. Dang Ben, that's a stacked line up. Wish I could make it out that weekend

  2. We are definitely to the point where a live feed is no longer a nice to have, it's a must have. Please make it happen. Winter CrossFit games.

    1. Yeah, this is going to be the 2nd most loaded competition ever. A feed has to happen.

  3. Do we clean from every position and then Jerk?

  4. 1RM Back Squat

    New PB - 160kg

    257 Reps versus 247 in the OPEN

    3 Position Clean and Jerk
    PB at 100kg (bodyweight 77kg)

    1. Well done on all the above man!!
      Set for Regionals 2014 :)


    1. Back Squats
    1RM-315lbs. Not a PR. Two weeks ago I hit 315x3. Ive been stuck on 315 for two months now and haven't moved up any, Mental block maybe?

    2. Gymnastic Benchmark
    Max Reps of Unbroken Muscle ups-3

    3. Metcon
    AMRAP 12: 247 reps. Fun fact of the day: Wall balls in the snow suck!
    150 Wall Balls, 20/14
    90 Double Unders
    30 Muscle ups

    4. Snatch
    EMOMx7: Power Snatch + Squat Snatch + OHS-145lbs

    5. Clean and Jerk Complex
    5 sets of: 3 Position Clean + 1 Jerk-Worked up to 215lbs. I was toast by this point.

    1. Wall balls under any condition suck. However, in the snow, they sound even worse.

  6. 8:26 Karen split
    +4 muscle ups

    1) 244 RX, beat my old score by 105 reps.
    2) 135 across
    3) No time,
    It's gonna be tough to stay consistent with this. My box is closed the week of Christmas to new year (Austrian Holidays) and I've got family in town from the states. Only get to see them once a year.

  7. Reg.

    1) 405lb (-10 under PR. Tried 425 and bombed out)

    2) Skipped. Did this last week and got 7. Wanted every muscle up I had in the tank available for the metcon

    3) 249 (+3). Started DU with 4:16 left. I've definitely got 15+ in the bank with a fresh chest. The dips were super hard from Saturday... This stuff is great!

  8. Open:
    1) 249, 8 rep PR.... 7:20 WB

    2) #142

    3) #176... failed at #187. After METCON and snatch complex my shoulders are smoked.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks bro.... just trying to keep pace w/ you! :)

  10. OPEN
    1. 13.3 - 257 Rx (7 rep PR)
    2. EMOM7 Snatch Complex @ 150#
    3. Squat Clean & Jerk Complex - worked up to 200#

  11. Regionals:


    1. 375 lbs. Hit 385 lbs., but my judge (my 21 year old daughter) said it was just to parallel so "NO REP!"
    2. Skipped
    3. 248. +4 from the Open. Expected to do a lot better. My muscle ups let me down. Wall balls 6:52 started doubles at 7:30 and took me 1:30 started muscles ups at 9:30. Disappointed.
    4. Kept it light and fast. 121 lbs. These all felt really good.
    5. Worked up to 198 lbs. This felt really heavy.

  12. Open wod 178 (blah)
    Snatch 95
    clean +jerk: 130

  13. Hey fellow competitors,
    It didn't feel right to just disappear from the board so I thought I should let you guys know that I am taking a break from the competitor's site right now
    I haven't been feeling well and just need to focus on health right now
    Hope to be back soon

    1. Be well Belinda. Keep us posted. Remember, this is a community. We are stronger together.

  14. Open 240 reps
    Snatch: 195 no misses
    Clean and Jerks: 235 Missed last jerk at 285

  15. Did Saturday's Programming yesterday and I was fried this morning. Going to chalk up today is one of those "could have been better days".

    1) 435
    2) skip - I aggravated something in my shoulder trying to be 18-year-old is a push-up competition.
    3) skip
    4) 205 across
    5) stopped at 225

  16. Master open:
    243 rx. To 9 ft target like open

  17. 1) 385 went up easy, 405 buried me twice (current PR is 415)
    2) 10 (1 better than the last time we did this)
    3) 259 (+1 from last years Open)
    4) afternoon session
    5) afternoon session

  18. Just switched to regionals template....
    1. 355# 10# high bar pr
    2. skipped
    3. 13.3 - 259 no pr
    4. snatch 95#
    5. clean + jerk 135#

  19. Did Saturday's work yesterday at 5pm due to fiance birthday on Saturday, so doing today's at my normal 6am felt rough.
    1) 300. Not a PR, tried 315 and kept getting halfway up. Excited I maintained good position though, as I could not keep it at maximal loads before.
    2) 4, not a PR but very sore from the bench EMOM.
    3) 240 Rx. finished WB at 9:29, took 25 sec break due to shoulders on fire before attempting DU. Finished DU at 10:59. Immediate went to the rings with no rest. Thought I would get a MU but I couldn't get the dip to save my life. More aggressive on WB will leave me with some rest time before the MU.
    4) 135 across. Felt awesome.
    5) worked up to 205.

    Smoked and going to bed early tonight.

    1. Quick question for you guys, when we do back squats, how long do you guys rest? During these last few weeks work has made it so I can only rest 2 minutes or so. Before the change, I would normally rest 3-4 minutes. Although I didn't PR during workouts everything has felt lighter so I am happy about that. Just curious. I always try to keep it around 90 minutes per session.

  20. Other than just doing more of them, does anyone have any tips on improving Wall Balls & Thrusters? They are probably my weakest movement because I just gas so quickly when doing them. Not entirely sure why. I know it's a general question because maybe it's a form issue (though I don't believe so), but if anyone has tried and succeeded at drastically improving on these 2 movements in the past, I'd love to hear it. Thanks y'all.

    1. I am by no means elite at those movements, but what really helped me was increasing my front squat strength and positioning. The second thing was timing the downward portion, I try to catch the ball or rack the bar about 1/2 way in the front squat. This creates a bounce for me which shoots them back up. And the last thing was breathing, I breathe in and out and the bottom and at the top. That took a while to get down, but made a world of a difference. Before that I would be gasping for air and muscles burning. Now the muscles just burn. Hope some of this helps!

    2. Tim,
      I've worked on the same issue for the past couple of years and it has gotten a ton better. The secret for me was strength + smart pacing. I knocked out two cycles of the 12 week Hatch squat program and saw huge strength gains that ultimately turned into improved met con all around...including wall balls. From there RELAX and focus your pacing to keep your heart rate from blasting through your eyeballs too soon...then work on increasing the pace over time. Example - during the open I broke WB into sets of 12, 10, and 8. 5 rounds of that and you were through without too much pain. Today I did 30, 25, 20, 15 and then 2 rounds of 12, 10, 8, which enabled a PR. Had I tried that in the open, I probably would not have had the gas to make it through many MU.

      Just my two cents. Hope it helps!

    3. 4x/wk: Squat Therapy - deliberate practice, not going through the motions.
      1x/wk: Use the close grip OHS (max weight with grip thumb distance apart) as a test for how your Squat Therapy is coming along
      1x/wk: Tabata air squats - for low score.

      If you have a "mature" squat and can rip out 22+ tabata - thrusters and wall balls = puppies and bubble gum.

  21. Open
    1 - 258 - 6 rep PR from open
    2 - Snatch - worked up to 155. Wrist feeling funny so kept it lighter
    3 - C&J - 215

  22. 1. Back Squats 1RM - 385#, 395#x, 395#x

    2. Max Reps of Unbroken Muscle ups - 11

    3. Metcon - 256

    4. Snatch - 145#

    5. Clean and Jerk Complex - 195#

  23. Open
    1 - 240 (to 10' target)
    2 - 75#
    3 - 125#

  24. reg
    1. Back Squats1RM - 225 today, was hoping for more when this came up again, but wasn't feeling super great. went down and did a set of 5 at 205

    2. MUs - just 3

    3. 247

    between giving blood and holiday parties this weekend, I just felt like poop from start to finish today, so I called it a day after the metcon. Hoping the rest of the week picks up!

  25. Regionals

    1) 1 RM back squat 200 (not a PR but heaviest I've gone since injury)
    2) MU's-- did 5 sets of 3 bar mu's working on making them pretty
    3) 12.4- 245 +++ Accidentally did men's target height (also subbed bar mu's because I'm still not going on the rings yet for another couple of weeks)
    4) 85, 85, 100, 100, 100, 105, 105
    5) 85, 105, 120, 125, 135


  26. OPEN:
    1) "13.3": 267 reps. (265 in the open)
    2) 135 across
    3) 235#. Failed the jerk at 255#.

  27. 1. Worked up to 405, failed at 425, was really hoping to P.R. - did a little extra work this weekend and was feeling it in the core.
    2. Skipped - volume trained these yest making up for sat - schedule is all over due to exams
    3.. 270 reps - dove for another wallball but ran out of time lol
    4. Snatch emom : 145 (legs were messed up)
    5. Do this tonight if I can fit it in

  28. 1. 190kg no P.R but happy to hit it after adjusting to a more conditioning based programme
    2.13 Unbroken
    4. Snatch @ 70kg
    5. c+j @ 90kg (felt smoked after the metcon)
    Awesome programme been following for a week! Helping loads with battle of London prep!

  29. 1. 345
    2. 263
    3. 175lbs
    Done, Xmas party last friday' fun times but hard to recover from:/

  30. 1. #335. 10 lb High Bar PR. Tied my all time low bar PR from Get Hauge last year.

    2. 11. PR tie.

    3. 259. Biiiig PR on this one. Open score was 245.

    4. #115 Across. This was more of a recovery workout. Legs were a little jelly from the wall balls. I missed a #135 power snatch and knew I needed to drop it to get anything out of it.

    5. 135-165-185-205-225. Felt good and fast. Happy with everything on this one.

    Today was a good day.

  31. 1. 1rm back squat: 465#

    2. 13.3: 280 reps. 1 full round+10 wall balls. I got real emotional after this cuz last year i only got 16 muscle ups. biggest set was 5. today i did 10 the 1st set, then sets of 5 till the last 5 and wen 3-2. felt good to see massive progress in an open workout.

    3. snatch emom: 135# feeling positions

    4. 3 position clean and jerk: 245#

    Great day. God it was a great day.

    1. Great job man. Probly has something to do with those 30 pound wallballs you're always doing!

    2. thanks guys. went 50-40-30--20-10 on wall balls. felt great.

    3. Damn good job! I would have got emotional too with that.

  32. Back Squat = 485#
    Open 13.3
    240 reps. Kept missing my muscle ups. Gotta kill that goat.
    Snatch felt great.
    C & J felt great also.

    Best overall work day in awhile.

  33. Open:
    261... Big improvement (251 @ open) still plenty more work to be done... Would change my muscle up strategy next time.

    Snatches @185 then legs started to cramp bad

  34. 1. 375#, 10# pr
    2. 1, I cannot seem to maintain grip as my body swings down. Tearing crap out of my wrists too.
    3. 246, +5 from open. (150@ 6:43, 90@ 8:28) Got my first muscle up 3 days before Open, so I guess this is a good improvement. Really thought I'd be further along in MUs though.
    4. 155# (1 miss)
    5. 205#, failed twice at 225#

  35. did a 20 rep max w/ my bros instead @210#
    -13 muscle ups
    -251 reps
    -135# snatch
    -155# clean+ strict press

  36. reg:
    Whacked out schedule today, no rings or WB so ill do something in a bit
    1. 375
    5. 245, 265,265,265,265

    1. Did 3 rounds for time of:
      10 Pull Up (Chest To Bar)s
      10 Front Squats, 165/lbs
      10 Burpees

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  38. Open/Masters 43

    Metcon: 247, 7 better than the open, very happy with that,
    Snatch ladder: 125
    Clean complex: 165

  39. Open

    270! 10 rep PR from the Open last year. Really pumped about how my legs aren't nearly as crippled as they were last year. I couldn't walk for four days after this workout last year, and I feel relatively fine comparatively. Thanks again Ben! This shi* is definitely working!

    WB: 50-40-30-20-10
    DU: 54-36
    MU: 2's the entire way until the end when I went two singles (this is what I'll try to attack differently next time if this shows up again. I like Dex's capabilities and plan of attack)

  40. OPEN

    1) 253 reps.
    Considering that I've been off for the past week with a gastro/tourista, pretty happy with that first workout.

    2) Went up to 185#

    3) Failed 205#

  41. Open
    1. 13.3 - 248 reps. 6 rep PR from March. About 8:10 for wallballs, I was hoping for 7:30. So damn cold outside fingers and wallball froze up!

    2. Used 135.. Worked on speed and positioning, getting under the bar. While warming up snatches tweaked something in my neck.. Hurts to turn my head..

    3. Worked up to 235. Felt good on these.

  42. Open
    1.) 260 reps...6 rep PR. Will definitely do a bigger first set next time.

    2.) #155, didn't push this today.

    3.) #245...kept losing hook grip on below knee clean at #255. Fun challenge!

    1. That was awesome brother, fun WODing next to you my man!

  43. Regionals (Masters)

    Back Squat - 355 (10 lb PR - real excited for this)

    Open 13.3 - 261 (12 rep PR - testament to this awesome programing. Thanks Ben!)

    Snatch Ladder - worked up to 155

    C&J Complex - 205

    I came back to Atlanta from Chicago with a cold, so I am proud with my numbers.

  44. Open
    1) 245 2 Rep PR from Opens. This is a small number PR, however its a huge deal. The wall balls were very manageable and never got metabolically challenging. about a minute faster than last time. Dubs were always at my worse after wall balls but not this time. Got right into them, still had to break them up and stumbled a couple times but huge improvement here. My muscle ups were inefficient due to early arm pull, this was brought to my attention post WOD. This is actually good news, as I thought I had lost my pulls. But just inefficient technique makes way more sense. Should be an easy fix. Overall pleased

    2&3 No time, wish I had time for this.
    Did Hatch Squats earlier in the day at home

  45. 1.455...20lb pr from beginning of summer.
    2.9....need some work
    3.247 reps...4 more mu since the open.
    4.155lbs across
    5. 215x2 225x3

  46. Open
    1) 254 reps - 5 rep PR
    2) 75/85/95/105/115/125/145
    3) worked up to deer legs by this point. Stopped to fight another day.

  47. "Karen" 5:40 rxd
    Then practiced DU's

    115 snatch across should have done 135pd

    Worked up to 225pd on clean + jerk

  48. Open
    1) 201 reps 14# ball
    2) 60#-110#

  49. Open
    1. 243 9ft target like open
    2. 65/85/85/85/85/95
    3. Worked up to 135#

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  51. Open
    1. 240 reps worse from the open
    2. worked up to 125
    3. 185# missed the jerk on 205

  52. 1) will do wednesday i dont have enough weights
    2) 7
    3) 251 3rep pr, but i toasted my shoulders out on karen by not getting my hands underneath the ball enough
    4) 165 across
    5) 205,210, 215, 225, 235

  53. Masters open
    1) 240 reps. 1 mu attempt, then 1 jumping ring mu. My tie break time was 7:54, 12 secs faster than in the open.
    2) 45-80#
    3) 95#

  54. Masters 46
    1. Metcon
    AMRAP 12: 252 ( scaled MU's)
    150 Wall Balls, 20/14
    90 Double Unders
    30 Muscle ups
    ( did MU with band working on the hip ext. and transition)
    - Last year 185 reps huge improvement on DU need to game the WB's a little better trying to get around 7 flat.

    2&3) didn't do no time
    - Did jerks from the boxes yesterday, need to work on getting under the bar better.

  55. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. 365# (easy). Extremely disappointed on this. Stayed the same as last time. Goal was 405 but missed 405 twice and missed 385 once. Just disgusted with myself.

    2. 4 (PR +1). I got 4 twice and barely missed the 5th twice which is what my goal was. Happy about this one but I still have a long way to go.

    3. 254. First time doing this workout so I was pretty happy with this score. Sets of 50-40-30-20-10 UB wall balls. DU's were scattered but ok. Started MU's with roughly 4:30 left on the clock and hit 13 singles then 2 fails and finally got my 14th. Like I said earlier I really need work on my ring MU's.

    4. 95#

    5. Worked up to 200#

  56. Finished wall balls without dropping the ball that was my goal Rx weight When tired bear hugged it. Finished du and got in 4 muscle ups on rings before clock ran out.

    Snatch work

    Clean n jerk complex
    185,205,225,245,255 all tng and I used hook grip which really helped.

  57. Open
    1. 246 even though I only had a 9.5ft target it was still a 38 rep PR!
    Karen: 7:41
    6 C2B & ring dips

    2. Snatches @95#

    3. C&J Complex @145#

  58. Open/Masters 47

    1) 241. Major PR as last year I ran out of time with 13 DU to go. Tonight I had 27 seconds left to get a mu and I got it. I've had MU for a while now but last year didn't have enough gas to get to the rings.

    2) worked up to 85

    3) worked up to 175.

    Then coached basketball and ran some full court with the boys and never really got tired.

  59. Gearing up for three-day competition this weekend.
    50 WB, 90 DU, 10 C2B for time- 5:23
    2. Snatch complex done at 75#
    Focused on form
    3. Clean & jerk complex done at 95#
    Went light ... Worked on 135 cleans Sunday. Did not want to go heavy the rest of the week.

  60. 1. 380 PR
    2. 6 Struggling to find my stroke with these. Got some advice from Dex think ill be able to hit more next time.
    3. 266 Rx Looking back I'm mad at the breaks I took on MU. Still up 8 reps from the open.
    4. 135
    5. 185 Didnt have anything left to give.

  61. 1RM Back Squat
    375# (20# under PR but it felt really heavy today)

    264 Reps RX (+9 from last year)
    I was pushing for Lee People's score but wall balls took to long.

    Snatch Ladder
    125, 135, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165#
    First time snatching in a few weeks.

  62. Open

    1) 243 - Tied my score from the open, but did the wall-balls on an icy driveway and transitioned indoors for the other 2 movements.

    Need to get better at wall-balls, will be adding some work as Ben described above.

  63. Open - Masters 46
    Karen - 9:45 - :45pr from the open last year
    DU - got 57
    207 total - 53 rep PR
    Really thought I would be able to get through the 90DU, but I am excited about these results

    7 EMOM
    75, 75, 75, 85, 85, 95, 95

    Shoulder not allowing for Jerks, so just did cleans - got some great coaching on keeping the bar closer to my body.
    Real test is going to be how I feel tomorrow and the next day, last year could barely walk for a week.

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  65. 1. 405# 20# pr finally broke the 400 thanks coach
    2. 13 again ugh
    3. Doing wed.
    4. 175# felt great
    5. 225# felt light

  66. Had one of those days were EVERYTHING felt heavy... ugh... still coming back from a cold.
    1. Back Squats
    7x5 @ 205# (didn't do 1RM as did that 1 week ago on Sunday, hit 255#)

    2. Max Reps of Unbroken Muscle ups = 7

    3. Metcon
    249 (considering I was dragging my feet HARD on the wallballs this is up 2 reps from the open)

    4. EMOMx7: Power Snatch + Squat Snatch + OHS
    Keep it light since legs were jello like at this point @ 105#

    5. Clean and Jerk Complex
    Worked up to 155#

  67. Coming off of a weekend of training and no rest with some very heavy snatches done the day before. Our new box is about to open, and our rings are not up yet. Strict pull ups and rope climbs were our substitutes for the Metcon.

    1. Back Squat #280 PR

    2. Completed the Snatch Complex next with #95

    3. Worked up to #165 on the 3 Position Clean and Jerk Complex

    4. Metcon: 248

  68. Open
    1. 13 MU's or 253 reps
    2. #155
    3. #225

  69. Open
    1. Hatch squats, week 7 day 1
    2. Metcon - 241. Exactly like in 2012, but better than the last Open (213).

  70. open - hit this after hockey

    245 (5 mu's) - 1 rep PR still. My legs were pretty smoked on the wall balls. Last year i finished them at about 8 mins, today was about 9:30. got 5 mu's in less than a minute compared to 4 mu's in 2:30 last year. I think if i did this fresh i would have had 10+. Those OTM's really paying off on MU's.

  71. 1) hit 415 this tied my PR
    2) got 10 been stuck at this for ME MU
    3)262 thats a 2 rep PR but my karen time was slower need to work on volume of wall balls and DU
    4) 185 for the snatch work
    5) 255 for the 3 pos clean and jerk weight across felt heavy after everything else today

  72. 1) hit 415 this tied my PR
    2) got 10 been stuck at this for ME MU
    3)262 thats a 2 rep PR but my karen time was slower need to work on volume of wall balls and DU
    4) 185 for the snatch work
    5) 255 for the 3 pos clean and jerk weight across felt heavy after everything else today

  73. 1) hit 415 this tied my PR
    2) got 10 been stuck at this for ME MU
    3)262 thats a 2 rep PR but my karen time was slower need to work on volume of wall balls and DU
    4) 185 for the snatch work
    5) 255 for the 3 pos clean and jerk weight across felt heavy after everything else today

  74. 1) hit 415 this tied my PR
    2) got 10 been stuck at this for ME MU
    3)262 thats a 2 rep PR but my karen time was slower need to work on volume of wall balls and DU
    4) 185 for the snatch work
    5) 255 for the 3 pos clean and jerk weight across felt heavy after everything else today

  75. Open

    1) 242 - big PR here. The last time I did this was during the open last year and only got 15 DUs. This time I got 2 MUs. I won't complain.

    2 and 3) Did them but forgot to jot my weights down.

  76. Open
    3position clean+jerk worked up to 235#
    264 (2less than 2yrs ago) tired day of traininghappy to get in .

  77. 1. Metcon
    got 243. PR from 213 reps in the Open.

    2. Snatch Ladder
    50-55-60-65-70-60-50 kg.

    3. Clean and Jerk Complex
    50-60-70, stopped there didn't want to push my luck with my wrist.

  78. Open Program (day or two late)
    1) 250 - 3 reps behind PR, but happy with this considering I'm just now getting back near 100% from a back injury and I've got a 3-week-old baby crushing my sleep cycle.
    2) Didn't have time to do completely, got up to 145 (~75%)
    3) No time today.

  79. open

    1) 246 reps i use a 13lbs ball because i dont have another, my open score wal 140 i use a 20lbs ball.

    2) 75lbs i work on technique

    3) 135lbs felt heavy i was tired