Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thursday 12.12.13

The Legend is coming to Boston, Jan. 25-26, 2014

1.  Snatch Skills
3 Squat Snatches - something that feels comfortable and fast.

2. Clean and Jerk
First 3 minutes:  4 Clean and Jerks, 225/155
Second 3 minutes: 6 Clean and Jerks, 185/135
Third 3 minutes: 8 Clean and Jerks, 135/95
Final 3 Minutes: 10 Clean and Jerks, 95/65

Back Squat 
7x5, across - (this is 7 sets of 5 reps).

For time:
30 Front Squats, 155/105
then, 9-6-3 reps of:
Jerk, 155/105
Bar Muscle ups

4.  Gymnastics Skills
EMOMx10:  1 Strict PHSPU + 1-3 Kipping PHSPU

For time:
30 Front Squats, 155/105
then, 9-6-3 reps of:
Jerk, 155/105
Bar Muscle ups

2. Clean and Jerk
First 3 minutes:  4 Clean and Jerks, Heavy as possible
Second 3 minutes: 6 Clean and Jerks, Heavy
Third 3 minutes: 8 Clean and Jerks, Moderate
Final 3 Minutes: 10 Clean and Jerks, Light

"HAIYAN" is a Fundraising WOD for those affected in the typhoon in the Philippines, please consider donating HERE.  

Talayna Fortunato
2012, 3rd Fittest Woman on Earth.
2013, 5th Fittest Woman on Earth.


  1. The peoples champion.
    Thats going to be some comp!!

  2. The comp is looking huge, it needs to be on tv!

    1. I agree. Ben, is there anyway you can please set up an internet feed for the away crowd?

    2. I hope it will be streamed online at least?

  3. Awesome Coach B.

    Much appreciated from the Philippines. #Haiyan

  4. 1. Snatch Skills
    EMOMx10- Did this with 135, felt solid and fast.

    2. Clean and Jerk- my shoulder girdle is still fried from triple fran the other day, every jerk felt like a 1RM attempt. I bagged it.

    Back Squat
    7x5, across - 315

    After the other day I am still pretty beat up. Did another metcon, bar mu's weren't happening today.

    50 cal row, 100 double unders
    40 cal row, 80 double unders
    30 cal row, 60 double unders
    20 cal row, 40 double unders
    10 cal row, 20 double unders

    1. c&j emom is the worst shit i've ever done. in the history of Dexdom. ever. FUCK.

  5. Open
    1. 5:12- subbed bar mu's w kbs 88#, hoping to do pullups next wk
    2. Cln & jrk 225/185/135/95
    3. Snatch- worked up from 95-155#- felt fast

  6. Regionals.

    1) done first four at 121; last six at 132. Felt really good today, smooth and fast.
    2) done but scaled. Starting to think I did this wrong.
    Did 1's at 220 for min 1.2.3. Then 3's at 186 for 4.5.6. Then 6's at 135 for 7.8.9. And 8's at 95 for 10.11.12. Even scaled this was rough. Granted the jerk is my weakest lift by far but even 135 and 95 were not much fun.
    3) done at 308.

    Will do the rest this afternoon.

    1. Part 2.

      4) 7.24.
      5) done at about 7" defective for first three rounds and a 4" deficit for the the rest.

      I was totally shot this afternoon after this mornings wod. I am super impressed by all of you guys who did the c&j emom as rx'd and then went sub 5.30 on the metcon. Today was rough I need a lot of food and sleep to be ready for tomorrow.

  7. I'm way not in this programs league.
    Some more work to do to get this strong.

    1) 135 Done

    2) Stopped after the 185's... No way I could keep up with the time. Positive out of this is that the 220's felt good...

    3) 285 Done

    4) Had to share the bar and I am pretty tired trying to do this in 1session.

    5) Sorry coach. Cant go no more...

    Well done to all the guys doing all the work given.

  8. 1.165# missed last 2 reps. felt good.
    2. Not sure if I did this right . Did 4 reps at 225 every min for 3 min. was only able to get 3 reps in each min. got 6 at 185 for 2 of 3 min the 4 the last min. the last 6min were a mess. just did as much work as I could.
    3. 305#
    I'm smoked.

  9. 2014 REGIONAL & GAMES ATHLETES-All In one session.
    1. Snatch Skills
    3 Squat Snatches - something that feels comfortable and fast.-Worked with 115 here. Felt faster than before.

    2. Clean and Jerk-Like everyone else, not sure if I did this right. Did 4 C+J's in the first 3min, then 6 the next 3min and so on. Nonetheless, 225 has never felt easier!
    First 3 minutes: 4 Clean and Jerks, 225/155
    Second 3 minutes: 6 Clean and Jerks, 185/135
    Third 3 minutes: 8 Clean and Jerks, 135/95
    Final 3 Minutes: 10 Clean and Jerks, 95/65

    Back Squat
    7x5, across - (this is 7 sets of 5 reps).-I have a case of the dead legs today (baseball workout yesterday suckeddddd) so I decided to work on a goat today. Did OHS and they felt much better.

    4. "HAIYAN"
    For time: Okay I really don't care about my time on this today. I finally got over my mental block of bar MU's!!! I've had ring MU's for a while, but I just now am getting the bar ones. Weird right? Anyways, put a 10min cap on this (school) and I made it through the round of 3 jerks. Last 3 MU's just weren't happening. Still very happy.
    30 Front Squats, 155/105
    then, 9-6-3 reps of:
    Jerk, 155/105
    Bar Muscle ups
    5. Gymnastics Skills-Will try to do later.
    EMOMx10: 1 Strict PHSPU + 1-3 Kipping PHSPU

  10. 1) 185 across
    2) not ashamed to say that I dnf'd this. toughest emom I've done in a while. Able to get most of the reps, but finished in 15ish mins.
    3) 365 across - after not squatting for a few weeks I made this part my priority.

    Might get in a pm session tonight. We'll see. Great day of training this morning.

  11. OPEN
    1. "Haiyan" - 8:15 Rx
    2. C&J aka "Bite off more than you can chew"
    155# - 4/4/4
    140# - 6/3/6
    115# - DNS/8/8
    95# - DNS/10/10

    ... whoa.

  12. Open Master:
    ?? No idea- 105/ 2 bmu- then switched to ctbs
    C&J OTM 12: 95, 75, 65, 45

  13. Open

    Did a little combination today...Regionals' Snatch work @165# felt really good. Worked on my PHSPUs as well.

    1) Haiyan - 5:12

    2) I'll try the C&J stuff later

  14. Open:
    Haiyan was a good one for me from a weakness perspective...... I struggle with high rep front squats so starting with 30 was a great challenge, by the time the open rolls around I hope to be able to slay that unbroken...
    Finished in 7:30 with the only thing that really held me back just being the squats.

    Trying to up my volume by adding some of the regionals OTM lifting/burners, so I also did the 10x3 snatches @165, and that was certainly harder than expected going T n G with a full squat.

    Always more to be done....but enjoying the ride

  15. 1) 155
    2) Holy Crap this was tough. Here is how I broke it down:

    Min 1-3: 4 @ 225 per min for 3 min
    took 1 min to switch weights as I was out of time for min

    Min 5-7: 6 @ 185 per min for 3 min
    took two min to switch weights and recover as I was ten sec into next min

    Min 10-12: 8 @ 135 per min for 3 min....this got better
    no extra rest

    Min 13-15: 10 unb @ 95 per min for 3 min

    3) Done @ 300lbs. Squats getting better, legs were smoked, could have gotten more

    1. Switching the weights really put a crunch on that first minute of each drop. I set it up so all I had to do was peel off the outside plates and it was still a scramble to get the reps in that first minute!

  16. Open:
    did this outside- 27 degrees F
    Could not do the second part due to frozen fingers and toes. I will do it tonight inside my garage.

    Question: when doing the muscle ups, do u fully extend arms at the bottom? I did them with my arms half flexed at the bottom but my upper arms were destroyed by the end.

  17. tough but great day

    Haiyan: 7:05 Rx'd
    C&J EMOM: #185/#155/#135/#95

    anyone have any tips on stringing BMU's together. On the descent the bar was too far towards my wrist (back in my grip), that i could hardly hold on??

  18. Open:
    1. Haiyan: 7:31 (2x C2B for BMU)

    2. Min 1-3: 4 @ 105
    Min 4-6: 6 @ 95
    Min 7: 6 @ 85
    Min 8 -9: 8 @ 85
    Min 10: 4@ 75
    Min 11-12: 10 @ 75

  19. Holy smokes! Tough day, huh?

    1. 185 for all 30 reps on the minute.
    Was thinking about going 205, but then I thought about what was next. Thank goodness.

    2. COMPLETED! Killer..
    Only missed 3 reps. Was on target the whole time, but only squeaked out 5 of the 8 reps in the second set at 135. Other than that everything else was as is. Reminded me of Open 13.5 trying to get a certain amount of reps before a certain time. Loved it.

    3. Hatch Squats


    1. 2:58
    Did this last week as a fundraiser for the Philippines down here in Miami last friday, all unbroken, fun WOD.

    2. 1 strict and 3 kip every minute. Shoulder burner.

    Good day!

    Final PurePharma WOD tonight: 2 rounds for time of 10 thrusters (135) and 20 c2b pull-ups. Should be fast and fun.

  20. Thank you Ben and the whole team for helping me support the cause in the Philippines. It's an honor to have your help in spreading the word! #soulsupport

  21. 1) 115 maybe should have done 125-130. But felt great.
    2) Started at Rx weight. After only getting 3/4 in second minute decided to restart and drop the weight. ended up going 175/150/130/95. power clean and power jerk after minute 3. Had I not torched myself probably could have gotten away with less scaling but ah well. My 1RM C&J was 225 when I started this programming so having got 7 reps in 2 minutes fired me up!
    3) done at 235. Since I have dialed back and focused on position over pounds my knees have felt awesome. Hope I can keep it as I ramp the weights back up.

  22. Open Masters
    1. Haiyan 8:43 combo work (6:23 for 105# bar with kipping PUs; all barbell work unbroken. Waited 1:00. Then 1:23 for 9-6-3 C2Bs.) Why did I do this? Because C2Bs fry my elbow area and I didn’t want to have to break up the barbell work.
    2: C&J EMOM:
    115# (missed 2), 95# (missed 4), 75# (missed 4), 55#.

  23. Snatch skills:
    Started with 175# for first 5:00 then dropped to 155# when speed decreased.

    C&J (this was the hardest EMOM I've done)

    Back Squats:
    Done with 315#
    Went to a very dark place inside myself and banged these out.

  24. 7:25 (C2b)

    min 1-3: 115#
    min 4-6: 105
    min 7- (I think I did one or 2 reps here before resting the rest of the min. It was either here or on min 10)
    min8-9 (95)
    Min 10 missed
    Min 11-12 (75#)
    min 8-9

  25. Wow - this was by far the toughest day in a while. I'm glad that I didn't read the comments before starting. I knew it was going to be tough, but never THAT tough.

    1. "HAIYAN" = 7:55
    30 Front Squats, 135
    then, 9-6-3 reps of:
    Jerk, 135/105

    2. Clean and Jerk
    First 3 minutes: 4 Clean and Jerks, 155
    Second 3 minutes: 6 Clean and Jerks, 115
    Third 3 minutes: 8 Clean and Jerks, 95
    Final 3 Minutes: 10 Clean and Jerks, 65

    I took a slightly different approach than everyone else. I quickly lost the clock after the first round (I guess it was too much weight?), so I used the clock as a guide, but not as the rule. I probably averaged 1:30-2 minutes per set, which wasn't ideal, but I was determined to complete the rep count.

    Congrats to anyone that finished the complete workout - especially anyone that finished the entire day Rx!

  26. Open.
    1) 6:49. Subbed c2b pull-ups
    2) power cleans.
    175, 155, 135, 95

  27. 1) Very frustrating start to this one. Did the front squats in 2x15, and all of sudden NO Bar Muscle Ups! 3 minutes I tried and failed repeatedly. Thinking maybe my pulls are fried from this week. Then I went wider grip and boom, found my bar muscle ups again. Was happy to be able to salvage the workout and a big lesson learned!
    10:27 Definitely want a redo at this one
    2) Was absolutely horrible! Had a plan of 205,175,155,135. Ha! Couldn't give you specifics but started well and went downhill fast. Again was able to salvage the wod, but never went above sets of 5. Got a great workout in but unfortunately hard to give a breakdown. Ended last 5 rounds on 135x5. Before that all over the place

    Then did a new Deadlifts Protocol of
    10x50% 245
    3@80% 390
    1-2@90% 437 2 singles, did all three wods back to back. All I had left in the tank

  28. 1)185
    2)completed miss a couple a rep
    4) haiyan 5:06
    5) completed

  29. 1. snatch emom: 155#
    2. done. to date, the worst thing ever.
    3. 315# across
    4. "haiyan" 5:08. kinda pissed about that. shoulda been way faster.
    5. done. just did 1 strict hspu+3 phspu. some improvement in pshpu

  30. Open masters
    1) 6:29 80 lbs jbmu
    2) 90-80-70-60

  31. OPEN:

    1) "HAIYAN": 5:17 Rx. Did 28 front squats unbroken. Went straight to jerks after next 2.
    Broke the 9 Bar MUs into 6+3. Everything else unbroken.

    2) EMOM x 12 Clean and Jerks:
    225#: 4, 3, 3
    185#: 6, 5, 5
    135#: 8, 8, 8
    95#: 10, 10, 10.
    Got a few seconds behind on the 185#, but caught back up on 135#.

  32. Haiyan: 10.45 (pretty psyched with this time).
    #155 for Front Squats (I weigh 148 lbs and have never done this many front squats @ this weight)
    #135 for Jerks
    Failed first 3 Bar Muscle Ups
    Did 18, 12, 6 Pulls ups

    Part 2: Went way too light
    #115, #95, #65, #65

  33. Regional
    5'8" 175

    1) ascended from 135-185
    2) Done RX (suck fest)
    3) 325
    4) "HAIYAN" = 4:34 unbroken
    5) Gymnastics: Done

    Question: Is there a percentage we are supposed to follow for the backsquats or just go as heavy as possible?

    1. Your call if it's unspecified, climbing (increasing weight) or across (same weight) etc just put the work in.

  34. Reg:

    1.) Clocked shut off on me...ended up doing 10x3 at 175
    2.) RX-kicked me the balls pretty frickin hard
    3.) 315
    4.) Didnt time. FS and PJ were both easy. Went 9, 4/3, 3/2 on the BMU
    5.) Did 1+2, only got through 6rounds before I had to leave

  35. Playing catch up from being a day behind and no rest day showed.

    1. 115-135#, I knew I was in trouble when this felt like 185#
    2. Wholey hell, cut rep scheme mostly in half. 2s for 225#, 3s for 185#, 5s for #135, 6s for 95#. I just had nothing in the tank after past 2 days.
    3. Didn't want to, but did 295#
    4. I hate getting older. Listening to body and calling it off for today. Fuck.
    5. Fuckity fuck.

  36. Regionals

    1) Snatch emom 10mins @185 a bit heavy might have done lighter to work on the speed

    2) C&J emom COMPLETED RX very happy about this wasn't sure starting but 225 catch and jerks were smooth had to play catch up after each time of stripping the weights from the bar but finished all reps within each minute about 35-40 seconds for the 225 40-45 seconds for the 185 45-50 seconds for the 135 then back down to 35-40 seconds for 95 shoulders and wind was burning by the end.

    3) 7x5 backsquat done at 355 across....heavy

    4) Metcon did ring MU instead of bar, finished in 5:16 was just way out of it at this point 155 fs never felt so heavy

    5) emom 1strict phspu & 3 kipping to the floor. Done tough after everything today glad to go home and eat and sleep now.

    toughest training day in a while I enjoyed it.

  37. 6:41 used 115# and 1 bmu per round. Tried for more bmu per round but it just wasn't happening. Spent some time starring at the mu bar which wasted time. Otm was brutal but completed it with only failing on the rounds of 8's. 155-125-105-95.

  38. Open
    1) 5:29 - Unbroken squats, jerks, and 9s of the BMUs. My weak sauce grip became an issue so did 3/3, and 2/1 for 6 and 3 on BMU. Had images of flying off the bar.

    2) Pretty smoked from the first part - still no grip.
    4: 215, 185, 185 - was too smoked to keep doing 215
    6: 155, 155, 155
    8: 135, 135, 135
    10: 95, 95, 95

  39. 5:56
    today was one of the hardest times I've had. That emom was sick. glad the feeling seemed to be mutual. tomm is another day. wish it was a rest day

  40. Open
    1) 6:52. thought it would be more of a sprint for me. it wasn't
    2) wasn't sure if it was 4 reps total in the first 3 min, 6 reps total in the next or 4 reps OTM for 3 then 6 OTM for 3 ect. I did the second version @ 165/135/95/just the bar. Hard

  41. Open

    1. "Haiyan" 11:15. Bar MUs are a weakness... Lost about a min, failed the last BMU twice before getting it. All in sets of 3, that's all I could string together today. Doing BMUs outside in 18F weather!

    FS were smooth, did 28 then 2 then right to 9 jerks.

    1. 2. OTM12 C&Js - I wasn't sure what to do here after looking at everyone's comments. Decided I wanted to try the regionals weights and cut back some reps. So ended up with:

      225 x 3,2,2
      185 x 4,6,6
      1 min to change weights
      135 x 8,6,8
      95 x 10,10,10


  42. Open
    1) 4:03 did 135# back squat off of a rack first time using a barbell and did 50# DB push press and C2B
    2) not quite ready to do C&J so did OTM odd minutes 15 push ups and even 10 box jumps 30"
    Rib has been feeling good taking it one day at a time.

  43. Regionals

    1) Snatch EMOM 10mins @135 TnG. Felt very fast end easy. Should have done it at 155 but this was good for speed.

    2) C&J EMOM. Scaled it down a bit to complete all the reps. It was much harder then i imagined :-)

    12 reps @ 187
    18 reps @ 135
    24 reps @ 115
    30 reps @ 95

    3) 7x5 backsquat done at 225 across.... Still taking it easy with squats efter my knee surgery

    4) No time for a second session today so I did 100 reps shoulder taps before i went home.

  44. Be it christmas season, my free time is limited right now trying to get everyones photos edited & delivered before the holidays. So, all 1 session. Really gnarly day. Really. Gnarly. Day.

    1. 155 Across. After the third minute, I knew that this day was going to be a battle. No misses at all.

    2. So, I wasn't sure how to scale this, I figured scaling reps may be better and do them all touch and go. I went 1- 3 - 5- 7. I should have gone 2-4-6-8. Hindsight is 20/20. RX weight though.

    3. 280 Across. So amped about this. My PR for 1 was 295 in June. Getting strong for sure.

    4. 7:59 #155 & ring muscle ups, we don't have a bar I can do bar muscle ups on. All jerks unbroken, came off the rings once in the 9's.

    5. Played around with them, hit 2 reps kipping OTM, but I just didn't have any energy left. I literally left it all out there today.

    I long for the days where the feeling of accomplishment overtakes me on the drive home. Never did I imagine being able to do this. Wild.

  45. 1. 175 - no stand up on reps 1&2
    2. First and 2nd three minutes Rx'd, 2 min rest before 3rd and fourth weights.
    3. Back Squat 255 - Legs were wrecked
    4. Haiyan - 6:!4
    5. Done
    New to program, hardest training day I have had in a long time!

  46. Open
    1. 7:27
    2. 165# 4,4,4
    135# 6,6,6
    115# 8,6,5
    95# 6,7,10

  47. 1.) Worked clean and jerks to a heavy single with the class instead if the emom so I wasn't in the way.

    2.)"Haiyan"...didn't get a time. I was locking out a bar m.u on the round of 6 and the bar broke off the rig and I ate it. Guess I'm getting fat haha. Stood around for a bit trying to figure what happened then finished with ring m.u.

    3.) Did 10 min of phspu. Strict for some then worked the kip for the rest.

  48. All in one session due to time.

    Snatch 135

    C&J - approached as an amrap.
    225 got total
    185 4 per minute
    Completed the rest

    Squat 245 to 275. Legs are wrecked.

    Metcon 6:17

    PHSPU only time to do a set of freestanding strict immediately post metcon. Got 5.

    Body is toast.

  49. Open
    1. 5:48 Rx on weight. Did 3-2-1 bar MUs
    2. 125-85-65-55

  50. Open
    1) 6:56 @ 135# & 2x C2B - had to do this at home tonight. No clearance for BMU. Thought C2B would have been easier, but my grip was smoke by the end. Unbroken on PJ

  51. Masters 46
    1. "HAIYAN"
    For time: (9:58$
    30 Front Squats, 155/105
    then, 9-6-3 reps of:
    Jerk, 155/105
    Bar Muscle ups
    (Subed for modified ring MU's)

    2. Clean and Jerk
    First 3 minutes: 4 Clean and Jerks, #155
    Second 3 minutes: 6 Clean and Jerks, #135
    Third 3 minutes: 8 Clean and Jerks, #115
    Final 3 Minutes: 10 Clean and Jerks, #95

  52. 1. 135 no misses was great for my confidence with snatch as that has not been great lately
    2. the 225 not going to happen for me. did a scaled version was still a bear to finish.
    3. 255
    1. 6:42 Rx got smacked in the mouth by this one.
    2. Done not PHSPU sub regular as this is my biggest goat

  53. 1. Emom snatch 185 . Felt good!
    2. C + J emom : wow.. Insanely hard. Started at 225 then immediately went to 185 for first set. Then 165 135 95 completed as rx reps
    3. Metcon : 3:48
    4. Again feeling the weight gain. Got half the strict ones (min 5) then went all kipping . 4 rep emom tho.

  54. Open
    1. 7:23 @135 should of done 155 oh well lesson learned jerks unbroken bar mu 6/3 3/3 3
    2. This was tough as all get out @155-135-95-65 and took 3 extra minutes to finish. this was a mental battle. Props to those who did this rx

  55. Tried a pair of fancy rogue gloves for the workout. They came off after 9 bar m/u.


    Singles the whole way on m/u. This should be 1 min faster.

  56. Open
    1. 9:34 subbed C2B for bar muscle ups.
    Round 10 I only completed 6/8/8 for last three mins

  57. Open - Masters 46
    Could not make it to Competitors Class today so did the regular class:
    DL - 3, 3, 3, 3 - 225, 245, 265, 285
    Felt good so I asked coach if I could do a 1 rep max, haven't tried this since June - 20# PR to 335 and dare I say it was easy! Lots more in the tank
    Met Con
    21-15-9 - 225# DL
    30Cal Airdyne after each round

  58. Regionals
    1. Snatch Skills @ 105

    2. Clean and Jerk EMOM x 12 *** Did this doing just the jerks off the blocks at womens Rx (155, 135, 95, 65) weights-- got behind due to transitions

    Back Squat
    7x5, across @ 155

    1. "HAIYAN"-- 14:10 Rx (Front squats 10-5-5-5-5, Jerks unbroken, Bar muscle ups in singles and doubles)

    4. Gymnastics Skills-- Just did 40 HSPU and called it a day

  59. 1) did 135 all tng probably could have done 155 but it might have gotten a little crazy
    2)c and j emom done only time I had to stop the clock for about 30 to 45 secs between 135 and 95 to change out my weights
    3)275 across
    4) haiyan 6:55 RX
    5) 1 strict phspu plus 1 kipping phspu and I wasn't sure the deficit on these because mine are about a foot and a couple inches so I knocked it down to 11 inch def.

  60. 1. 135

    2. This was really tough. Felt like I got hit by a bus after this, but I didn't expect to do as well as I did, so I was happy.
    Minutes 1-3: 4,3,2
    Minutes 4-6: 6,5,4
    Minutes 7-9: 8,7,7
    Minutes 10-12: 10,10,10

    3. 275 across sets 1-6. 285 last set.

    4. 7:07 rx. I felt dead from the morning session. Front squats were 14-8-8. I wanted to do the jerks unbroken but shoulders were gone.
    Jerks: 5-4, 4-2, 3
    Muscle ups: 5-2-2, 3-3, 3.
    Really fun work out. I would like to do this one fresh to see how much time I could shave off.

    5. Got through the first 2 minutes RX. Then went to 2 strict HSPU, 2 kipping PHSPU. Shoulders were absolutely destroyed.

  61. Open
    1. "Haiyan" - 19:50. Squats - 12-8-10, slow. Jerks from the rack, really didn't want to clean it. All jerks and bar muscle ups by 3. First time doing bar muscle ups in a WOD, kind of fun :).
    2. Hatch squatting, week 6 day 2.
    3. Clean and jerks - 135/115/95/75. Had breaks between weights to change them.

  62. Open:

    1) 12:58 - I messed up, did 9-7-5 instead of 9-6-3. Very slow on the MU's, squats tougher than I expected. Jerks UB.

  63. 1. Done at 135lbs
    - could have gone heavier, but focused on vertical and high elbows
    2. Where do I begin...
    225 - competed
    185 - completed
    135 - rested 1/7reps/6reps
    135 (stuck with this weight and just repped it out) reps 6/7/8
    3. 310lbs x 3 sets
    - knees are killing me since sat
    4. 6:03
    Front squats 25/5 - straight into 9 jerks. Played around with a different kip for the barMU today which slowed me down. All jerks unbroken.