Monday, December 30, 2013

Wednesday 1.1.14

Recovery Day.

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  1. 10 mins rowing with damper at 1, plus 10 mins on airdyn to get a little sweaty
    1 hour of mobility
    30 mins of squat therapy and squat auxillary work

  2. 6 mile easy recovery run in 52:10

    2014 Goals

    1. Podium at 2014 Crossfit Games 50 - 54
    2. Run a sub 6:00 min mile and do 50 unbroken pullups on my 50th birthday 7/4/1964
    3. 50+ wbs (14# /10' target) 2tx/week in January
    4. Tell my husband and my son I love them everyday

    Putting this IN WRITING on here made me break into a sweat.

  3. Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year last night!

    My schedule has been off since the start of the holidays so I made up the 17 min AMRAP from 12/27/13. I got 150 reps...a 32 rep PR. Extremely pumped to get through the 135# snatch.

  4. 1/1/14
    Masters 46
    1. Metcon
    For Time: 31:25
    50 Box Jumps, 24/20 - Games standards
    50 Jumping Pull ups - set bar at mid forearm when standing
    50 KBS, 35/25
    50 Walking Lunge steps
    50 TTB
    50 Push Press, 45/33
    50 Hip Extensions
    50 Wall Balls, 20/14
    50 Burpees
    50 Double unders

    2. Back Squat
    5x3 across #275

    Was making good time till I hit the T2B slowed me a bit then really hit the wall after the GHD extensions. WB and Burpees we hellish.

    Anyone have any good tips for T2B 's doing 10-15 in a row is not a problem but then I have to break them up, today I did 15 then had to break them up in groups of 5 -10


  6. Feb 27th guys and gals. Lets get weeeeeiiiirrrddddddd

  7. Got dumped pretty good getting a rebound in my tournament. Still trying to heal up. Did light rowing, light squats and Pullups today just to do something. Felt solid. Spent an hour stretching and did mobility too. Hope to be back following the blog tomorrow!

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