Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thursday 12.5.13

At Reebok ONE, Canton, MA
Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014 - Individual Competition
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014 - Team Competetion (2 guys, 2 girls)

1.  Snatch Skills
7 sets of:  Pausing Snatch Dead (pause for 2 seconds at: knees, mid-thigh, and pockets) + Squat Snatch Idea here is to dial in the positioning and bar path during the first and second pulls.

2. Back Squat 
5x7 across

3.  Metcon
5 RFT:
20 Pull ups
30 Push ups
40 Sit ups
50 Squats
Rest EXACTLY 3 minutes between rounds.
Post score as total time including rest.

4.  Gymnastics Skills
1 Strict HSPU + 3 Kipping - work to a max deficit for the 4 unbroken reps.

1.  Metcon
5 RFT:
20 Pull ups
30 Push ups
40 Sit ups
50 Squats
Rest EXACTLY 3 minutes between rounds.
Post score as total time including rest.

2.  Snatch Skills
5 sets of:  Pausing Snatch Dead (pause for 2 seconds at: knees, mid-thigh, and pockets) + Squat Snatch Idea here is to dial in the positioning and bar path during the first and second pulls.


  1. snatch should be done from high hang after finishing pausing deads or as a full squat snatch from the ground after dropping the bar? thank you

  2. 1. Snatch Skills
    7 sets of: It was either this or squats.

    2. Back Squat
    5x7 across- 315

    3. Metcon
    5 RFT:
    20 Pull ups
    30 Push ups
    40 Sit ups
    50 Squats
    - finished 4 rounds in 22:10, ran into 6pm classes time.

    I really like posting scores and checking everyone else's work but getting the work the day of sometimes in the afternoon isn't really working out for me and I am not able to get everything in because I can't adequately plan. Pretty sure I am going to drop back behind a week after I get back from vacation. If you guys don't hear from me it isn't because I dropped off or stopped doing the programming.

    1. Thats sorry but understand 100%
      Please tell me you "love" these bodyweight long wod things as much as I do!!!

    2. Jeremy, will you still post your results? I enjoy seeing your progress. We had very similar scores in the Open and you have definitely blown past me in the last seven months. You give me something to shoot for!

    3. You could just drop back a day and not a whole week. Then you could still post.. But towards the bottom instead of at the top

    4. Hope to see you posting again! Your results make me motivated.
      But it's your choice. Good luck bro!

    5. Thanks guys. You are the reason I haven't dropped back a week yet. I get so much out of the daily interaction here and I love seeing the progress everyone is making. Some days are tougher than others and today I had to cut a lot out. I would have probably done this work in the morning If I'd gotten it in time to make sure I was able to do all of it. I have about a week until we go to Hawaii to weigh my options about dropping back a week. I've come a long way cramming as much as I can in on the afternoons.

      Willem- You know it, actually my gymnastics have come a long way. Every pull-up except 5 was butterfly, everything else is just gutting it out.

      Stas- спасибо

    6. Good Luck, going to miss your early AM post! Hope to see you back soon, Stay on it


    Working Time - 15:20
    Total Time - 27:20

    1st round 2:39
    Pullups - 20 unbroken / Pushups - 10, 10, 10 / Situps - 40 Unbroken / Squats 50Unbroken

    2nd round 3:26
    Pullups - 10,5,5 / Pushups - 10,5,5,5,5 / Situps -40 Unbroken / Squats 20,10,10,10 short rest in between

    3rd round - 2:58
    Pullups - 10,10 / Pushups 10,5,5,5,5 / Situps 40 unbroken / Squats 50 Unbroken

    4th Round - 2:58
    Pullups 10,10 / Pushups 10,5,5,5,5 / Situps 40 unbroken / Squats 50 unbroken

    5th Round - 3:19
    Pullups 10,10 / Pushups 10,5,5,3,3,2,2 / Situps 40 unbroken / Squats 50 unbroken

    Back Squats
    5x 7 @ 110kg

    E.M.O.M for 10 Minutes
    ***worked up to a deficit of one 20kg plate + two 10kg plates + one 5kg plate

  4. Regionals

    1) up to 165
    2) 275 across
    4) done. At about a 4" defecit
    3) 27.12 total. (2.50/2.54/2.58/3.03/3.12)

  5. Open:
    1) work - 17:09, total - 29:09
    Rd 1 - 2:53
    Rd 2 - 3:02
    Rd 3 - 3:34
    Rd 4 - 3:52
    Rd 5 - 3:58
    All pullups unb, butterfly worked well today. Pushups unb until rd 4 then 20/10. Situps killed me after a lot og GHDSU yesterday. Unb rd 1 then 10's. All squats unb.
    2) 99, 110, 121, 132, 143
    Started lighter as this was a new snatch progression for me but once I got to 143 I felt really good and my squat snatch from high hang is getting smooth and quick!

  6. 1) Worked up to 175
    2) 285 across
    3) 37min
    4) Doing at home ran out of time...
    Loving it!!!

  7. OPEN
    1. Barbara - 30:19 Rx (5:04 PR)
    2. Skipped

    ... came apart on R4 somewhat pulled it back together in R5 ... left me messed up ... 1/2 hour later still feeling like I'm putting the pieces of my former self back together ... totally worth it.

  8. Open:
    1. Total - 35:smth (3:20 3:40 4:54 5:07 5:46) Shitty sit-ups.
    2. Work up to 175

  9. Open.

    1. 40:42. Shitty situps...Finishing pullups and pushups within the 1 minute, then using 3-4 minutes on the situps....
    2. Worked up to 135.

  10. Hello everyone,
    Instead of just disappearing off of this blog I’d like to let everyone know I am stopping. I have been following Coach Ben’s programming since mid-July and had done a month or so of “Get Ha-Uge” just before I jumped in. I started all of this with JimmyC and we had a great time working through all the things Coach Ben threw at us. After a while we had Alex join us, and we were all really making progress and loving every minute.

    The reason I am stopping is the amount of time it took away from the rest of my life. One part was how early I had to go to bed to recover and still get up early enough, but that wasn’t the issue really. To do Crossfit at this level requires dedication at a level not seen or understood by many. I’d like to think I had the dedication, but for the rest of my life it has been just an obsession that takes too much of my attention. I am going to scale back and go with the programming at my box, start taking more rest days, and stop making training THE #1 priority. I still intend to train as hard as I can, but just walk in and do it and be done.

    I’m having a tough time with letting it go, but I know it’s best for everything outside of the box/blog life.

    Thank you Ben Bergeron for providing such an awesome resource. Anyone wondering if it works, I left a few things out here and there to fit session into 1&1/2 hours and never did a 2-a-day and here are a few numbers:

    Back Squat 1RM: was 265 now 295x3…need to test
    Deadlift 1RM: was 355 now 385
    OHS 1RM: was 205 now 235…and we never did these!
    Clean & Jerk: was 225 now 245
    Snatch: was 185 now 205

    This is in five months, and I know MetCon has gotten better too, especially during heavier WOD’s.

    Again, thanks everyone, and I wish you all the best of luck in chasing competitive gains/accomplishments/dreams. There is no better place I know of to do it that right here.

    1. Although I completely understand, I am going to miss your posts. I always looked forward to them, among many others. I also struggle with a balance and it is hard on the whole family. Best of luck to you and have some fun! You are an awesome athlete.

    2. Shane you have some real guts to do what you are. Like Micheal and Jeremy and many others I am very sorry to see your post!
      I guess we all get to a place where we have to decide what is more important.
      Luckily for me I am a single guy and I dont have the responsibilities that the other guys have. In my eyes you are a giant for doing what you are and I'll be looking to see if you return ;)
      Very well done on all the progress you have made by following this blog with the dedication you did!!
      I once saw a clip where Jason Khalipa said: After all, Crossfit isn't everything. If that helps at all...
      All the best bud!!

    3. Hey bud I feel like you just took all the thoughts out of my head and wrote them. I struggle with this too often and luckily this day hasn't cone for me yet but it will. as competitors and crossfitters it is hard. good luck and be sure to enjoy your extra time and family to its fulles capacity.

    4. Bummer to see you go, man! Our numbers were really similar so I would always go and look for yours and a few others when I would be ready to go workout. Best of luck in what your up to next. I know you'll kill it!

    5. Like I said the other day man, I support you either way. You've got a huge engine, gymnasty skills and the strength to make it to regionals. Train hard and smart and I have no doubt we'll see you move on.

    6. That's a extremely tough decision, family is a win, win! Good Luck to you and your family

  11. Regionals:

    5'8"/180 lbs./43

    1. For some reason, this did not feel good today at all. Did the squat snatch from the pockets. I worked up to 135, failed the snatch and did a full squat snatch for closure. Then, just to feel a little better about myself, I did some full singles and worked up to a meager 154 lbs.
    2. 291 lbs. I kinda miss the "Get Ha-Uge" days of 3 sets of heavy singles or doubles. These high set / high reps back squats wear me the F out.
    3. I suck at sit-ups. 15 year old me would destroy this workout. 43 year old me got 31:46. A 2:39 PR so I should be happy about that.
    4. Started and stopped almost instantaneously. I will make up later today or tomorrow.

  12. Whats up everyone! New posting here but have been following this awesome programing for about 5 weeks and loving it!!! Cant wait to hit this one today

  13. Like MJ, I also struggle with sit ups in metcons, which is strange because I'm extended scale every time on sit ups on PT tests. Oh well....



    1) felt weird, but did well for me: 215 all full snatch
    2) legs felt weak but gaining poundage: 285 across
    3) total: 28:53...damn sit ups
    1) unbroken everything: 2:46
    2) unb pull ups/ 20/10 push ups, unb all else: 3:21
    3) unb pull ups/15/10/5 push, unb all else: 3:53 slow sit ups
    4) unb pull ups/13/7/5/5 push ups/unb all else: 3:23 faster sit ups
    5) unb pull ups/15/7/5/3 push ups/unb all else: 3:30

    4) back later to do

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  15. Open
    5'10" 175 male 51
    19:41 work time 31:41 total time

    First time posting. Just started following this program 1 week ago.

  16. 38:41 rx total

    sit ups killed the time great workout though!

  17. 1) Snatch: 3 x 185, 2 X 205, 2 X 225 no misses

    2) Squats: 315 across

    3) 32:12. Push Ups died the last two rounds

  18. What are the standards for the push-ups?

    1. Lockout at top, chest to deck at bottom. Generally, "worming" (pushing chest up before hips/legs) is not allowed but can be a grey area of judging.

  19. Open
    1) 3 rds 26:54 (brutally fatigued today)
    2) Skipped.
    Over the last year I have paid too much attention to absolute strength, Muscular endurance has suffered drastically....

  20. OPEN
    Barbara - 29:20rx
    snatching later

  21. 1) Snatch Skills
    Done with 135,135,155,155,155,175,175

    2) Back Squat 5x7

    3) Metcon (o how I hate you)
    Very disappointed in my performance. No reason these body weight movements should kick my ass like this. Push ups were worst for me and sit ups sucked just a little less than them.
    Gotta do better.

    D) DNA ( I know Dex I'm a p@$$?!)

  22. 1. 240. Felt solid.
    2. Hatch PR at 405. Finally!
    3. 26:55 RX.
    Surprisingly it was the sit-ups that slowed me down! Almost everything else unbroken. Average 3 min per round.
    4. Get at it later. #school

  23. First time posting on the blog but I have been following it for about a month ago with my girlfriend. Really enjoy the variance, takes me outside my comfort zone a ton. Going to start posting to help me keep some accountability and for fun.

    1. Snatch Skills- did all 7 sets at 205 no misses felt really smooth wanted to go up but trying to be smart with it as a skill day

    2. Back Squat
    5x7 across - all at 335 first 3 sets were good last 2 sets got tough but no misses

    3. Metcon first time doing Barbra finished in 29:37 each round about 3;30 abmat sit ups were just super time consuming. pull ups unbroken, Push ups all in 2 or 3 sets,

    4. Gymnastics Skills
    EMOMx10: decided to do Para HSPU to the ground from the start 1 Strict+3Kipping the whole way through. min 9 and 10 had to really grind up.

  24. Open:
    30:10 of brutality for me... Wasn't expecting to knock this one out of the park, certainly not the ninja type, but I did not expect to get my ass turned inside out by Pushups and Situps so bad. Wow.

    I was happy to be able to hold strong and go 4 rounds UB on pull-ups and 14/6 last round.... Definitely a mean woman that barb.

    While conditioning is feeling great this workout was a good exposure to local muscular endurance/lactate threshold which I still need to work on. Good stuff

    I'll be squatting and snatching later if I can begin to walk and see straight.

    1. I should probably also not have sprinted the first round at 2:34... Seeing everyone else's time who finished better it appears a steady effort was called for here...I guess I thought my lactate/hydrogen buffering abilities were better than they are.

  25. Open:

    1) 41:23 RX, my engine is seriously lacking. Sprinted the first two rounds and just couldn't keep it together by 4 & 5. Push ups destroyed me, sit-ups weren't entirely bad. On a positive note I did the first two rounds unbroken butterfly pull-ups.

    2) 95/105/115/125/135 - I needed this snatch complex. I raise my hips too fast when I start working with heavier weight. Practice! practice! practice!!!

  26. 1. 5/7 @ 185. I'm always better snatching later in the week. Perhaps it's my weekend work schedule.

    2. Did the 4x10 on tuesday, and 7's were just too much to handle today, especially at the intensity I wanted to do it at. So we did some heavy triples @ 305, which was much more manageable both physically and mentally.

    3. 33:55. Got roped into working on someones squat on one of the 3 minute rests which cost me 45 seconds or so, but whatever.

    4. Done, but couldn't manage any strict, did 3-4 kipping to about a 2" deficit.

  27. Open
    1) 28:47
    2) Snatches: Wow these felt gross - 95, 115, 135, 155, 175

  28. Open/Masters 47

    1) 34:34. Scaled to 15/25/35/45. Round times were 3:42, 4:09, 5:13, 5:01, 5:05.

    2). Done , sorta...I tried but it didn't go we'll. shoulders are cooked.

  29. Metcon 29:07 all unbroken. steady pace on sit ups and squats.
    Snatch - Worked up to 195#
    Squat 315#
    8" deficit.
    smoked today. good job everyone.


    Not sure if the email went through. just wanna make sure you guys got it.

    A win is a win.

  31. Open Masters
    1. Scaled to 3 Rounds 15:01
    2. 90#

  32. Open masters:
    1. Modified 5 rounds of: 5 strict ctb pu/ 10 push ups/ 40 sit ups/ 50 squats
    23:18 2:29, 2:22, 2:17, 2:25, 2:25
    2. 80#

  33. 1. 235# felt good

    2. 315# across.

    3. Barbara: 28:32 everything unbroken but push ups. They killed me fast.

    4. Done. Got to 1 strict parellete hspu at 13inch deficit.

  34. Open masters:
    1. Modified 5 rounds of: 5 strict ctb pu/ 10 push ups/ 40 sit ups/ 50 squats
    23:18 2:29, 2:22, 2:17, 2:25, 2:25
    2. 80#

  35. Beat down Thursday, this one killed me on round 4, ab mats came up and bit me right in the ass. Felt better with the pull ups, took some positives and negatives from this one, typical Crossfit WOD shows you what you need to work on.
    Masters 46
    1. Metcon 37:41
    5 RFT: 37:41 (4:02, 4:15, 5:37, 6:10, 5:27)
    20 Pull ups
    30 Push ups
    40 Sit ups
    50 Squats
    Rest EXACTLY 3 minutes between rounds.
    Post score as total time including rest.

    #2.) Done

  36. A) Snatch- 85, 105, 120,120, 125, 130
    B) Squats @ 145 across
    C) 33:50 Rx (3:45, 3:50, 3:57, 3:59, 6:19-- saw my chicken pot pie lunch on last round-- all pull ups unbroken!!! Woohoo!!! Push ups were my goat-- did sets of 3 trying to make each one legit)
    D) Check--did 4 kipping and controlled the down on each

    1. 4 min PR on Barbara- Felt GREAT the entire time, stayed right under my threshold until my lunch surprised me. Still super happy with this!!!

  37. Open
    1. 32:42 (3:20,3:40,4:16,4:35,4:46)
    2. 135/145/155/165/175

  38. Open:
    1. 29:51
    2. 65/75/80/90/95

  39. 1) 155 across

    2) 325 across

    3) ran out of time after 3 rds, had to go pick up baby from dqycare. 3 rds in 21:19

    4) out of time

  40. 1. worked to 185#. Had several misses early in the sets before dialing in. Over thinking.
    2. 315#, 315#x5, 315x3, X, X - died. 315# should be doable but legs were shot.
    3. 36.27. Expected better out of myself. Big and slow. Ass = handed. 3:38 4:02 4:56 5:51 6:02. Pushups died first, then situps, and surprisingly last to die was pullups.
    4. Rested 25min and gave it a shot. Really wanted to do this but just could maintain any HSPU stability at all.


    1. Snatch Skills
    7 sets of: Pausing Snatch Dead (pause for 2 seconds at: knees, mid-thigh, and pockets) + Squat Snatch Idea here is to dial in the positioning and bar path during the first and second pulls.-Worked up to 155lbs. These felt great today.

    2. Back Squat
    5x7 across-Started with 245lbs. Figured out it was too light after the third set. Did 265lbs for the last two sets.

    3. Metcon
    5 RFT: 28:54. My shoulders are TOASTED.
    20 Pull ups
    30 Push ups
    40 Sit ups
    50 Squats
    Rest EXACTLY 3 minutes between rounds.
    Post score as total time including rest.

  42. Just wanted to say that I love the programming. I started a week ago and it fits perfectly for what I need. Plus it lets me do fun stuff like a 14' deficit HSPU complex ;) keep up the awesome stuff!

  43. 1. Snatch complex, up to 195.. No excuses, just needs work, always hit and miss. I feel like I should/can be doing a lot more.
    2. BS 5x7 @ 355 across
    3. Barbara: 29:01
    4. 12" deficit, lost the strict rep in rounds 8, 9 and 10 so did all kipping there.

  44. 1. 115x2/125x2/130x2/135x1
    2. 215 across
    4. skipped... felt really weak in the shoulders after Barbara so I will do it in the morning

  45. Open
    1. 48:52 - push-ups just killed me. Anyone have any tips on how to improve my push-ups? (I'm going to start incorporating more into my warm ups)
    2. Wasn't able to fit this in tonight

  46. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. Worked up to 135#. I see and feel improvement but I am still very weak on snatch. I still have A LONG way to go. Sat in the hole for 5 seconds on last two sets. Definitely couldn't do that a month ago w/ 135#.

    2. 305#.

    3. 29:04. Did everything unbroken except 4th round of push-ups 25-5, I don't know what happened there. This metcon really showed me how slow I am at BW movements.

    4. Ran out of time. Will do at some point tomorrow.

  47. 1. Garbage show worked to 185
    2. 245
    3. 29:11 Rx
    4. Worked to 45+35 high temp bumper PR

  48. Open
    1. "Barbara" 29:44. All pull-ups unbroken! Sit-ups were the worst as I expected. Last time I did this was Nov 2012, a month before I started CompWOD. I got a 44:18. Almost a 15 min PR! This programming has been amazing. Thank you Coach Ben!

    2. 135, 145, 155, 165.. then failed 175 three times before I got it. Getting much better extension, need to work on speed under the bar now.

  49. Open
    1. Did snatch complex first bc of Crossfit class. Did at 80#.

    2. Barbara
    Total time including rest 55:05 RX
    Proud I did all legit regular push ups. Probably struggled more on pull-ups than push ups.

  50. Open
    Barbara rx 34:55
    holy push ups
    fastest round 3:39 slowest round 5:10
    will make up snatch work later

  51. 1. Worked up to 180, no misses
    2. 215, time has been an issue so I can only rest about a minute so have been going way light working on form
    3. 42:01 all rounds were 4-5 minutes until the last, which was almost 11 minutes. Died completely
    4. Worked up to 8" deficit, last two rounds couldn't do strict any more so did 4 kipping

  52. Regionals:
    1. 7 sets of: Pausing Snatch Dead (pause for 2 seconds at: knees, mid-thigh, and pockets) + Squat Snatch Idea here is to dial in the positioning and bar path during the first and second pulls.
    Done @ 125# across. I think I should have done this at 135# as 125# was too easy

    2. Back Squat
    5x7 across @ 195#

    3. Metcon
    Time: 32:43min
    Never done Barbara before, the push-ups were absolutely the hardest part for me. Almost tossed my cookies on round 3. After I finished I needed to sit on the ground and not move for a good 10 minutes

    4. EMOMx10:
    1 Strict HSPU + 3 Kipping - work to a max deficit for the 4 unbroken reps.
    Skipped.... because I knew I would toss my cookies.

  53. Open:

    Barbara - 35:05 - Ok with this time. Muscle endurance was limiting factor here. Lungs felt great. pullups were easy, squats were easy. Pushups getting better, same with situps.

  54. Reg:
    1.) Worked to 95#...
    2.) 5x7 Back Squat. Thought it was 7x5 on first round and did a set of 5 at 185, then did 5x7@195 but missed rep 6 on the second set. Struggled with my 4x10 at 175 earlier in week so this felt really solid!
    3.)Skipped as I have a comp on Saturday and didn't want to tear hands too much. Worked on rope climbs for the comp.
    4.) Done..figuring out how to get the strict HSPU :)

  55. Open:
    1. "Barbara": 38:50 (prev 34:40). Pull-ups - could butterfly, unbroken. Sit-ups and squats unbroken but slow. Push-ups, mostly, by 2, starting from the second round. Took all the time.
    2. Hatch squats, week 5 day 2.

  56. Open
    1. 28:44
    2. Worked up from 95#-215#

  57. Open
    1 33:06
    round 1 4:05
    round 2-4:16
    round 3-4:07
    round 4-4:19
    round 5-4:19

  58. Barbara
    Total time = 35:00 including rests
    All pull ups unbroken. PB just by finishing. Horrendous sit ups

  59. 1. 100kg/220lbs really happy with this
    2. Barbara: 27:31
    - sit ups got me.
    3. Deficit strict + 3kip x 10min worked up to 45cm
    - then tried for a max and hit 53cm/17.2inch

  60. Cliff Lewis 49 Open
    Barbara- 27:20 Rx -------Push ups were the thing that got me in the end.