Monday, December 2, 2013

Tuesday 12.3..13

Jim Rego.

1. Plyometric
6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops

2.  Pull 
1RM Sumo Dead Lift Standing on Plates

3.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 yard max unbroken Yoke Carry

4.  Metcon
For time:
25 Burpees
3RFT of:
10 Deads, 275/185
50 Double unders
Then: 25 Burpees

1.  Rowing
Guys:  200 meters
Girls: 180 meters

1.  Metcon
For time:
25 Burpees
3RFT of:
10 Deads, 275/185
50 Double unders
Then: 25 Burpees

2.  Skills
12 min Muscle up wave
Minute 1 - complete 1 muscle up
Minute 2 - complete 2 unbroken muscle ups
Minute 3 - complete 3 unbroken muscle ups...
Continue as long as possible and then reset at 1 and continue for the remaining part of the 12 minutes.

Jim Rego does Godzilla in 7:05.


  1. Was directed to your site about a month ago and so far I really like/appreciate the content and workouts. I do have one question though...For the Open workouts, the strength portion of the workout tends to be after the WOD. Just curious why you program this way as it seems to be the opposite of what most other programs do.

    1. FAQ and programming philosophy tabs. Welcome!

  2. Open:
    Metcon: 9:30 RXd
    Skills: failed at 7 only

  3. One session.
    1. Plyometric
    6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops- No time or space

    2. Pull
    1RM Sumo Dead Lift Standing on Plates- 405 easy, missed 435

    3. 20 Rep Benchmark
    20 yard max unbroken Yoke Carry- skipped

    4. Metcon
    For time- 5:41

    1. Rowing
    200 meters- Done

    1. Great time. your engine is impressive.

    2. Thanks man, this was another one where I could just cut loose.

    3. Dang it. Saw this and went for your time. Got 5:55. Way to go

  4. 1. Done
    2. 415#
    3. Don't have a yoke
    4. 8:34. that was all engine. which also happens to be my weakness still.

  5. Open.

    1. 7:22
    2. Got to 5 mu in round 6. Reset and ripped my skin of on the right hand...Stopped. Really need to practice muscleups without a false grip more..

  6. Open
    1) 8:22 @ 245#
    2) 1/2/3/4/5/3/1/2/3/4/3/1

  7. 1) Done felt good.
    2) Weird hammy. Skipped

    Metcon: 6:45 Impressive time you got Mr Pace!!!

    Row - Done.

    Happy overall.

  8. 1. Plyometric
    6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops- Done, worked up to 36ish"

    2 & 3 Skipped due to back/shoulder issue

    4. Metcon
    For time- 6:46

    1. Rowing
    This evening...

  9. Open:
    1) 9:04 - wanted to get 8 but those last 25 burpees killed me! Wanted to get 10 unb ea rd for DL, but got 10/ 6, 4/ 7, 3.
    2) Couldn't get past 4 unb... still feeling those shoulders after METCON.
    Another great day of work!

  10. Metcon 1st

    Time - 5:57RX

    1st 25 Burpees - 59 seconds
    1st deads - 5,5 (7second break roughly)
    1st doubles (50 unbroken)
    2nd deads - 5,5 (7 second break)
    2nd doubles - (broke 3 times but kept moving)
    3rd deads -4,3,2 (5 second breaks in between)
    3rd doubles (47 then broke and hit 3 right after )
    2nd 25 Burpees - did in 58 seconds , faster than first set and felt easy after doing 225 Burpees last week during that 30 min EMOM with rowing.

    Did 3 sets of 2 Clean and 2 Jerks since I missed yesterday

    Hit 106kg as max

    Muscle Ups
    Finished 5 in a row and failed on 6th minute. Then had to stop trai Ung for day to get to business.

  11. Regionals:

    1) Done
    2) 405
    3) Farmers Carry done
    4) 8:23

    1) done

  12. Morning Session

    1) done at 30"

    2) 455

    3) couldnt do, no yoke and too big of class this am to use all the weights to walk with barbell on back.

    4) 12:06 (going to have to start laying off jumping/running for a little bit til my soleus heals, even with rock tape on it, it was killing me this morning and killing my rythm in my dubs, , kept hitting my feet)

    Video of the def sumo pull, think I got a little more in the tank, just didnt have time to try:

    Was pretty happy with that, I usually dont deadlift well in the early am!

  13. Open:
    1. 10:49
    2. MU practice, still didn't connect

  14. Open:
    1) 12:20, fell apart with the last 50 double unders.
    2) 1/2/3//1/2/3/4/1/2/3/4/1
    3) Did Godzilla after for kicks (had plenty of time to kill today) scaled to 135lb snatch, 245lb back squat, and normal HSPU. 6:24. Gnar wod.

  15. Made up yesterday squats - x10
    135, 185, 215 (was approaching max...maybe could have got 15 more pounds if fresh)

    Burpees - 15, 10
    DL - 5, 5
    DU - 25, 15, 10
    Burpees - 15, 10 (faster than first). Felt great!!! No lower back soreness, form finally getting better on Deads.

    Skill -
    1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1
    Felt good, shoulders sore from yesterday though. All in all, good day!

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  17. Bad training day today....was rushed, did at house, which I hate for stuff like this. No space, etc. Nothing felt right.

    1) worked to 43" hurdle....had to use one and turn around each jump. Messed me up.
    2) This felt bad...only worked up to 375....don't like that stance at all. Thats 90lbs under normal deadlift max
    3) Didn't yoke, and don't have enough bumpers, cant drop iron weights on driveway
    4) I said, nothing felt right. The burpees were slow, deads unbroken but slower than should be, three stops on first two rounds of dubs, last round unb.

    king kong 4:01

  19. Master Open
    1. 10:14 rx
    2. MU practice- did not link any- all singles.

  20. 1) 30" boxes
    2) 365
    3) 500 (600lbs for 10yards)
    4) 7:40
    5) 1:55ish avg splits.

  21. Open
    1) 12:25 Rx
    2) Subbed Strict C2B for MUs

  22. Open
    8:12... Made a mental error and did 100 double unders on the first set

    Practiced muscle up transition then did EMOTM goat training with HSPU and pistols

  23. 1.6x4 hurdles @ 36"
    2.Deficit Sumo Dead 1rm: 435
    3. No yoke- was trying to get creative but failed lol (bands hanging off the bar with 45's)- so opted on doing heavy farmers walk. Ended with 430# for 25ft ( all I have space for- figured it was sketchy to do outside with ice everywhere) - Love the strongman stuff
    4. 5:49 rx

    Row will be done this evening.

  24. Regionals

    1. 36"
    2. 400. Felt weak and the weight felt heavy today! Deficit is tough on sumo.
    3. 610# My girlfriend was watching and said I reminded her of a toddler learning to walk lol
    4. 5:15 RX

    Row later.

    1. Thanks Austin!

      Finished rows, all under 40 sec. Booty burner for sure. Thank goodness for a rest day tomorrow..

  25. Metcon RX'D
    Didn't feel great today.
    Did a group workout after
    14 min amrap
    Odd - 5 thrusters
    Even - 10 burpees
    Rest 5 min
    14 min amrap
    Odd - 7 pull ups
    Even - 20 double unders

    1. Just did the PM row. My hamstrings were on FIRE.

  26. 1) Done
    2) only worked up to 315. groin
    3) 405. 40 lb improvement
    4) Metcon - 6:51
    5) no time

  27. Open:
    1) 5:11... Wanted to go sub 5 VERY badly, just couldn't quite push through the fire of hell enough.
    Will do the muscle ups and regionals rowing work tonight.....I feel like dookie

  28. Open
    1) 5:11
    Dan and I had a good battle going and ended up tying! Haha, good work my friend

    2) Done, got only 1 rep better than last time, but at least it's 1 rep better

    1. Did the Regionals' Rowing tonight as another MetCon. It was more mentally tough to complete all 15 minutes than anything...tried to stay sub-1:40 the whole time and ended up between 1:33-1:37. Good stuff

  29. 1. Did some bounding sets over 30" plyo-box.
    2. 425#
    3. No yolk. Did no-false grip muscle up work instead. Getting a few by keeping ring in lower part of palm instead of higher on fingers. Stringing a couple together but ugly.
    4. 7:22
    5. done, subbed 400m airdyne

  30. 1. 20in hurdles
    2. 285#
    3. Makeshift yolk with barbell+chains @ 305#
    4. 9:18 Rx
    Afternoon 1. 13min working row time. Successful @ 200m EMOM15

  31. Open Masters
    1. 8:40 w/ 155#
    2. Yesterday's work 5 x 2 Squat Cleans + 2 jerks: 105, 125, 125, failed 2nd jerk on 135# 3 times.
    3. BS 1x10@175#

  32. OPEN:
    1) Metcon: 5:37 Rx. Was chasing my one of my workout pals (Brad Patti) after about 10 burpees, so that helped me push the pace. He got me by 5 seconds.
    2) did this yesterday evening. Misread and didn't do the unbroken requirement. Finished 10

  33. Open Masters
    1. 8:32 Rx
    2. 1-2-3-3-1-2-2-1-2-1= 18 total

  34. Open/Masters 47

    1) 8:38 225 dead lift.

    2) 0-0-0-1-1-0-1-1-1-1-1-1

    Also played around with yoke.

  35. Open
    1. 7:36
    2. 1-2-3-4-5-6-4-1-2-3-4-5=40

  36. 2014 REGIONAL & GAMES ATHLETES-Had baseball this morning at 6:30 so had to do this after school. I prefer to train in the mornings haha
    1. Plyometric-Done
    6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops

    2. Pull
    1RM Sumo Dead Lift Standing on Plates-Worked up to 365lbs. Felt a little awkward?

    3. 20 Rep Benchmark-Don't have the equipment or space.
    20 yard max unbroken Yoke Carry

    4. Metcon
    For time:7:10. Wanted sub 7, but I slipped up twice on the last set of DU's. Cost me.
    25 Burpees
    3RFT of:
    10 Deads, 275/185
    50 Double unders
    Then: 25 Burpees

    1. Rowing
    EMOMx15:Will do this tomorrow. No time.
    Guys: 200 meters
    Girls: 180 meters

  37. Open/Masters 43

    Metcon: 9:02, DU still my goat, DL broken into 6 and 4
    MU: got to 4! And 3, 3, than singles. First time stringing more than 1 together.
    Rowing: 10 x OTM 200 m row (not enough time to do 15)

  38. out of order today...
    1. 1rm sdl-300#
    2. metcon-4:33
    3. yolk carry- yolk +230 so somewhere around 410 ish?
    4. 6x4 hurdle hops... getting more proficient at these 3@20"3@24"

  39. Open
    1. 7:01 155#
    2. 1/2/1/2/1/2/1/2/1/1/1/1

  40. Metcon 6:12 rx

    Amber Avila 9:52 155#

  41. Open

    1. "Knuckle Sandwich" 9:15. Fast thru 1st set of burpees and DLs, then missed a bunch on double unders.

    2. Muscle up ladder OTM12 - 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,3,1,2,3 for 30 total reps! Then I did a couple no-false grip MUs unbroken. My muscle ups have improved greatly in past few months.

  42. Open
    1. 9:10 rx I need to work on my dubs under duress and just relax when I miss. Any tips from you experts how to improve these under workout conditions?
    2. got to 5 which was a PR then got back up to 4 so all in all a good day with these
    they feel smooth

    1. Stephen, in the past 3 months my DU have gone from mediocre to awesome in workouts. I can't see your form, but I did the following and its made a huge difference.
      1. I focus on bouncing with very little knee bend at the bottom and no flexion (straight body) at top of bounce. Basically just bouncing off of toes and keeping body nice and tight
      2. I focus on very little arm movement except for flicking wrists and a small (tiny) amount of elbow movement while keeping arms as straight (down and out) as possible.
      3. After that I started to not have to jump nearly as high anymore. It became much easier to relax with little hops/bounces. This took some practice, but within a cpl weeks my jumps were much much less than before that.
      4. The last thing I did was shorten my rope significantly. No one ever told me about this, but being tall the rope was traveling a long way around my body slowing my doubles down compared to the shorter athletes. If you get #1 and #2 down, you'll be able to keep bringing your rope in until its very short and that will speed up the doubles (and force you to keep arms straight and down+out).

      All of that leads to doing less work and because there are less drastically moving parts, less chance of something being off timing. But I'm really long winded so this might just be an exaggerated way of saying "bounce,don't jump, rigid body&arms, shorten rope, practice".

    2. When people trip up on DU the first thing that happens is loss of form. They start jumping faster to try to alter tripping up again. I always remind people to stay calm, think about jumping high and slow bc in reality you will be jumping the right speed.

      You should also practice the ability to control your jump and wrist movements so if you slow down or speed up.. You will continue to be consistent. This helps when you need to take a big breath during DU but don't want to stop. Just slow down and then speed up again.

      Last tip: practice when your tired. If you practice at the beginning of wods/ during warm up it will not be the same as enduring the pain when your tired. Bc the pain when your tired will be more relatable to the pain during a competition.

    3. Thanks for the tips
      I will add this to me never ending list of goat work lol

  43. Open:
    1. 7:09- ub on dl, du's are slowly improving
    2. Shoulders are not ready for mu's- did row & yoke carry- 600# for 50'

  44. Open
    1) 7:37 Deads Unbroken, broke up Dubs into sets of 25.
    2) Hands still tore up, did Hatch squats instead

  45. Open
    1) 6:19
    2) failed at round of 6 (5 of 6), round of 5 (4 of 5) then did 4. first round of 4 and 5 felt great, just cant get that damn 6th round unbroken.

  46. 1) Hurdle Hops done unsure of the height, close to 30" though.
    2) worked up to 355 standing on 65# Gorilla Hitemps in 20 minutes, doubt I had much more. I put my feet at the knurl lines, unsure of how wide to go (I'm 5'11")
    3) Loaded up a barbell with 225# and hung 2 70# KB from it with bands and marched in place for 45 steps. Best thing I thought of with limited space
    4)9:55 Rx. Last round of double unders was garbage. Couldn't get more than 5 at a time. Had sub-8 in my sights after the last round of deads I thought.
    5) Doing this after I coach tonight

    1. 5) finished each time around :39-:41, felt good to flush the system

  47. Masters 46
    1. Metcon
    For time: 11:54 rx ( includes both set of burpees)
    25 Burpees
    3RFT of:
    10 Deads, 275
    50 Double unders
    Then: 25 Burpees

    Doing MU tomorrow ran out of time, damn DU, couldn't get going on first set then unbroken on second and fought for third set.

  48. Regionals:

    5'8"/185 lbs./43

    1. Nothing really in the gym that I can set up for this so I did five 33" box jumps every 0:30 for 5 minutes.
    2. 385 lbs. This felt a lot better than expected. I am really psyched about this.
    3. Skipped. No yolk and creativity with a ton of weight on your back is somewhat frowned upon in our gym.
    4. 6:49. First burpees in 0:53 Deadlifts 10, 10, 7/3 Dubs 50, 30/20, 30/20 Second burpees 1:04.
    5. Rowing done. The last time we did this I stopped at 10 minutes. This wasn't that bad at all. All rows kept between 1:40 and 1:45 pace. I think that god awful rowing workout of 9 rounds of 1:40 on/0:20 off has helped my rowing.
    6. Felt so good, I did the muscle up ladder 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3.

    Yesterday was one of the worst days of training I have had since I started Crossfit two years ago. Just a shit show all around. Today was one of the best. Go figure.

  49. 1. Hurdles set at 36inches and bounced them all.
    2. Skipped. Back is still destroyed.
    3. Metcon: 6:20 rx.
    My double unders. Fuck them.

  50. A) Hurdles done at 20" high, and 30"long
    B) 1 rm SDL- 245
    C) skipped
    D) 12:00 Rx (DL all singles and tried to make them pretty... these are a weakness// DU's UB)
    E) Check-- finished all 200's at 50seconds

    1. Just realized the girls row distance was 180m not 200m... oops!

  51. 1. Done
    2. 405
    3. 545
    4. 6:40 Rx
    1. Done

  52. Reg:

    Kinda everywhere today.
    Did Godzilla scaled and loved it.
    Did 4 muscle ups in place of the rope, 205 on the snatches, 315 on the back squat, and the hspu with only one plate. Gave me a whole new respect for the people I'll be competing against in January. Time was 10:30.

    Defecit Sumo DL- got to 315 and starting really hating it so I stopped.

    Metcon- 9:20. DU sucked today. Seems like it varies day to day. Still happy with the work I put in today.

  53. Sumo deads: 45# pr at 400#
    Body weight 155
    MetCon: RX 10:26
    Bad day at DU

  54. Open
    2) 6 subbed c2b pull-ups. 6

  55. Felt awful yesterday and surrendered to Mobiltiy. Then today had a shitty chain of events at work that caused me to not get home until after 8 but said to hell with it, and did it anyway even after being in a car for 4 hours.

    1. Did some 40" box jumps because I don't have a way to rig hurdles in the garage. Not enough space.

    2. 395. Maybe had a bit more, but felt a bit of a round and mama didn't raise no fool.

    3. Subbed in the 4x10 BS from yesterday. 255 Across. Fired up about that one.

    4. So, double unders are a different animal at 10 at night after you've spent a total of 7 hours on a car and on a ferry and after a max Dead and a gnarly set of squats. So this time was a little rough. 9:49. But, whatever, I did it, and it's done.

  56. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. Done. Didn't have hurdles, set risers on top of 20" box. Worked up to 6 risers on top of each box.

    2. 405.

    3. Skipped, don't have.

    4. 7:27 Rx. DU's were atrocious today.

    5. Done. Display on rower is broken. Rowed tabata :45on/:15off x 15.

  57. Open
    1. 9:48 RX
    2. Pull up ladder instead of muscle ups. Been practicing pull ups without wearing gloves so hands have been very sensitive.
    Continued with squat therapy and goat work

  58. Been following the site for about a month and have seen major improvement and PRs. Best part of my day is seeing what the WOD for the next day will be.
    Open : 9:32 RX. I probably spent too much time between deadlifts and double unders but I was able to string 30-40 together at a time. My workout partner is out with a bum ankle so was a little harder without someone to chase.
    MU: still working on getting one. Practiced a bunch of jumping muscle ups to dial in the transition which is where I'm lacking on the Kipping muscle up.
    1RM deficit sumo DL : 205lb

  59. Regionals.

    1) done. Up to 42"
    2) 390 off a 4in box.
    3) skipped.
    4) 6.42
    5) sub'd muscle-up wave since it's a major goat of mine. 1-2-3-4-5-4-1-2-3-4-3-1

  60. Open
    1. 14:57 - DL's scaled to 255
    2. 2, then the rest singles. Did bar muscle ups with a light resistance band. So close to being able to do them unassisted!

  61. Regionals:
    1. 6 sets of 4 Facing Hurdle Hops

    2. 1RM Sumo Dead Lift Standing on Plates
    Worked up to 275# on standing on 45# rubber plates

    3. 20 yard max unbroken Yoke Carry
    Worked up to 375# (first time ever doing yoke carries)

    4. Metcon
    Time: 7:26min

    5. Rowing
    Guys: 200 meters
    Girls: 180 meters
    Ummmm partner and I didn't see the girls part was supposed to be 180m, we did 200m for 15 rounds! Whoops!

  62. OPEN
    1. Metcon: 7:15 Rx
    2, UB MU Wave: 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-1-2-3

    ...playing catchup this week ...

  63. Open

    1. 10:24 Rx

    i my speed rope broke and i haven't ordered a new one yet. Used an old heavier leather type rope. DU's are always unbroken for me and time where i catch my breath. I end up using them as a crutch in my workouts and slowing down other places because i know i can make up for it here. This heavy rope smoked me, only did first round unbroken. Might just stick with this for a while. anyone ever tried this?

  64. Open
    1. 6:55 Rx second set of burpees was slow

  65. Open

  66. Open
    1. 11:00 with 255# deadlifts.
    2. 1,2,3,2,1,2,2,1,2,2,0,1

  67. Open
    1) 10:47 - these felt heavier than last weeks team WOD
    2) 1,2,3,4,3,1,2,3,2,1,2,2

  68. I think i finally figured out - after 2 weeks - how to post from the ipad....
    Open - Masters 46
    13:29 - 225#DL
    subbed strict pullups for MU

    1. Ricky, I am going to be at TJ's tomorrow at 7:00am.

    2. I still don't totally have this figure out! Just seeing your post saying you are going to be at TJs tomorrow, which I assume means today at 7? It is not 9:30pm. Are you in town?? Do you have heather with you? shoot me an email:

  69. open

    1) 25 burpess 1:40seg
    25burpees 2:00
    total= 10:10
    2) max 2 muscle ups yo se que puedo hacer mas solo q ese dia no pude mi record es 5 seguidos

  70. Getting post in late
    1.) Hurdles worked from 24" to 30"
    2.) 1RM at 225. Was a struggle. Not sure I was engaging correctly.
    3.) No yoke so hung some heavy KBs from barbell and walked around gym.
    4.) Metcon 7:31Rx

    PM Session

  71. open

  72. Regional -
    1. Sumo 365
    2. jump at 30" box
    3. metcon - 9:59 - stumbled through double unders
    4. row - done with :20 rest or more each time
    5. yoke - done with 325 on barbell and two 32kg kb hanging on each side from two blue thera bands