Friday, December 27, 2013

Saturday 12.28.31

Think like a bumble bee, Train like a race horse.

1.  Barbell 
30 Squat Clean Thrusters for time, 155/105

2.  Metcon
Teams of two complete:
5 RFT:
40 Wall Balls, 30/20
30 Box Jumps, 30/24
20 Medball Toes to Bar, 14/10 squeeze a /med ball between ankles.
You can split up the reps any way, but only one athlete works at a time.

3.  Running
Complete these at a moderate pace, no need to PR these today.  
Rest 1/2 the working time between every interval.

1.  Metcon
Teams of two complete:
5 RFT:
40 Wall Balls, 30/20
30 Box Jumps, 24/20
20 TTB
You can split up the reps any way, but only one athlete works at a time.


  1. My mile and 1200 meter may have been a bit too "moderate" i.e. I sandbagged it. Picked up the pace for the 800 and 400.

    1600- 7:40
    800- 2:57
    400- 1:20

    Headed to the gym in a couple hours.


    1. 30 Squat Clean Thrusters for time, 155/105- 3:43

      2. Metcon- Anton and I split the work down the middle, neither of us could do the ttb with the 20 lb medball after the ring rows the other day. Did regular ttb. 18:49

  2. Open/Masters 43

    5 sets of 3 squat-clean thrusters at 155 done fairly quickly (would have been too much to attempt the metcon with that)

    Metcon: solo, so did half of the reps for the 5 rounds: 14:41 (had to take a few breaks)

    doing a second family workout at my brothers box later today,
    have a good day off tomorrow!

  3. Open/Masters 47

    1) partnered with Julia. 16:48 (I think) Rx.

    2) also did 30 squat clean thrusters @ 115. Time 4:38.

  4. Regionals:


    1. 3:56 Rx. My original goal was sub-4:00, but then I saw Jeremy's time and wanted to give it a shot. Oh well :)
    2. Did this one with my 22 year old daughter and we don't have a 30 lbs. ball. We did the wall balls with a 20 lbs. ball (me) and a 14 lbs. ball (her). I jumped to a 30" box and she jumped to a 20" box. Regular TTB. Reps split down the middle. 15:53.
    3. 7:21, 5:20, 3:31, 1:19

  5. 1) 5:44

    2) (open version) 14:34

    3) Done

  6. 1. 5:33 (I am giving in and going to doctor to get this shit out of my lungs. Weezing all over the place.)

    2. 29:30 - Did this with Blaine. A lot of time was waisted dealing with the med ball TTB, which were tough. We did sets of 3 to 5 depending on when the ball would fly out of our legs.

    3. Done. Running is goat. I would rather do Fran.

  7. Regionals
    1. 30 Squat Clean Thrusters 155lbs: 6:02. I suck
    2. No partner so cut the reps in half. Took me 15:21
    3. Going to try to go to a track later.
    Today was one of those days. I needed someone to push me today. I felt like doo-doo from the start. Just glad I did the work. Have a nice weekend everyone!

    1. Forgot to say I did regular ttb. I tried them with the med ball before. Kudos to you who did them that way!

  8. OPEN

    1) 13:23
    Only had 25# medballs.
    Partnered with Max Dufault

  9. 1. 4:52
    2. 29:30 done with Victor. He's just being kind alot of time was waisted by my ass flopping around like a fish on the T2B. He carried by the end he was doing 3:1 for us. Thx again bro.
    3. 7:30 1600m
    5:30 1200m
    3:30 800m
    1:30 400m

  10. 1. 4:04 shoulda broken off bigger chunks instead of 10 then fast singles.

    2. done with my fiance' 20:13 rx split everything down the middle except med ball toes to bar, we played singles tag, that is an awkward movement fo sho haha fun wod tho.

    3. its pouring outside so i'm gonna row the intervals instead of run.

  11. Teams of two complete:
    5 RFT:
    40 Wall Balls, 30/20
    30 Box Jumps, 24/20
    20 TTB
    16:29 teamed with Erica J. Thanks for carrying me
    30 squat clean thrusters 115#

  12. OPEN

    Metcon : 12:15 with a 25# medball partnered with Yan Laurin.

  13. 1. 3:48

    2. 23:00 w/ training partner Allen Lemieux, Couldn't get the 20# med ball TTB, so went with 12# ball.. These were Insanely awkward but liked trying to figure them out

    3. Done,, Not sure about times, didn't push to hard just nice casual pace

  14. I have signed this petition (Regionals for the Masters).
    I figured it would not hurt. I would like to get your opinion about this subject. Especially Ben's.

    1. I've got your back Victor - and I signed the petition as well. Although I still have 3 years before I'd qualify for the Masters division - I'd sure love the opportunity to go to Regionals once I reach 40! Good luck - I hope it works out.

    2. I signed that petition several months ago. I would love it if Masters had the opportunity to go to Regionals. I placed 42nd (if memory serves me well) in the Mid-Atlantic Region for males 45-49 last year and my goal for this year is top 20. I started this programming because I predict it will happen either this year or next and I want to be ready for it. Even if they did a modified version of Regionals that lasted one day I would be tickled pink. Ben, your thoughts????

    3. Signed,
      I'm on board with you guys.

    4. Talked to my mom (a 2x 50-54 games athlete) about it:

      ->It would really ONLY work for the 40-44 and MAYBE the 45-49 male divisions
      ->Traveling is both a bitch and a burden. How are you going to hold a regional for possible qualifiers from Europe, Asia, Australlia, and Africa? Where only 1-3 masters at most from each age division qualify.
      ->$$$. HQ doesnt make enough money (yet?) off the masters division
      ->$$$. VERY FEW competitors will find it worth it to blow a couple hundred bucks on it. If you crave more competition, go do the Garage Game events.

      FYI: It cost my family (of four) about $7,000 to go to LA (from Florida) to support my mom at the games.
      You talk about holding a masters regional, you'll turn off alot of people financially.

      ->Not enough competitors in the 45+ divisions. The top 20 wont change anymore than+/- 3
      ->There's not enough payout for the masters. The 1st place winner gets ~$3,000 2nd gets $1,000, and 3rd gets a whopping $500(which is utter bullshit)

      We've got another 7-10 years before a master's regional becomes a viable option.

    5. Wesley that was a very well written response and although I am a Masters, I completely agree with you.

  15. Open
    16:48 partnered with Erok.

  16. Open 5'10"/174/37

    21:54 Partnered with my wife!
    I used a 20# WB, 24" box, and TTB - all unbroken!

    As they say...Home gym $1000+...Running heat in your garage +$20/month...slowly turning your wife into an athlete...PRICELESS!!!

    Great day.

    1. That's great, it's a fine balance between trying to coax your wife to join you, while not scaring the shit out of her with a crazy workout!

  17. Regionals:
    30 squat clean thrusters @ 105- 6:28 Rx

    Metcon with male partner: 23:34 (Those weighted ttb's... tricky... he did weighted knees to elbow and I did 14# wall balls instead of 20#)

    Runs will be done tomorrow

  18. Masters 46

    Did WOD with my wife who is coming off a week layoff.
    Did WB 10 per set rest unbroken till last rd 5-5
    Box jumps & T2B unbroken
    ( legs are still sore from two dats ago)

  19. Team Ash and Ali G: 19:08
    (Ash subbed burpees for Box Jumps)

  20. Open
    Partnered with lou w
    We were 13:29 we had to use a 20 pound ball only were 2 25's and they were being used

    Did the running from regionals ended total time 27:50

  21. 1) 4 mins flat on this did sets of 2 until 24 reps then fast singles
    2) did this with Brandon Hedrick in 21:42 subbed a 10 lb med ball for this, but everything else was RX

  22. Did solo so completed half the reps
    20# wall ball

  23. Reg:
    1) 5:33
    2) 21:43 with my wife. Wallball toes to bar are hard.
    3) skipped

  24. Regionals

    1. 3:57
    2. 31:42 The 'ol lady and I teamed up on this one for fun!
    3. Only got at the 800 and the 400 due to the time restraints from the one above lol
    3:05 and 1:10 respectively

  25. Open
    1. Did it solo - 3rds - 13:16- 25# wb

  26. Regional
    1. 4:16 (2009 games I was 7:07) Crazy
    2. Did Solo 3rft 25wb, 30", 10reps with 10# mb- 10 reps w/o mb 20:07
    3. Ran out of time

  27. Open Program
    1) Did this with my wife (4.5 weeks post partum!) - 21:26 - I subbed 65-lb thrusters bc no 30-lb ball, she did 14-lb WB. Fun one, good to get the legs moving and shake off the soreness from the past 2 days.

  28. en la playa

    1) 5 RFT

    25 Wall ball 13#
    20 BJ 30''
    10 snatch x brazo con 20# ketlebells
    30 DU's

    23:19 total time

  29. Regionals
    1. 3:52
    - All quick singles, approx 5sec rest at 20rep mark
    2. Partner with Matt Reilly
    19:35 RXD
    - those med ball TTB are spicy
    1600 - 7:32
    1200 - 6:34
    800 - 3:50
    400 - 1:27
    - I don't like our tracks... Too many 30deg gradients!