Monday, December 2, 2013

Wednesday 12.4.13

Bode, gettin it done.
Recovery Day.

Thursday (tomorrow) is the last day to submit your GODZILLA videos 
for free registration to the East Coast Competitors Competition on Jan. 25-26 at Reebok ONE.
Be sure to show the weights, and height of the parallettes.

3 RFT:
1 Legless Rope Climb, 15'
2 Snatches, 225/145
3 Back Squats, 365/245
4 Parallette HSPU,
guys: 13" to the top of parallette
gals: 9" to the top of parallette

Austin Medford, 7:56
weights and height nicely verified at the end of video.


  1. Replies
    1. Looks like a violent hip extension to me.

    2. Take note of the alternated grip.

  2. Guess I'm doing this on Wednesday ready or not! Nice work Austin!

  3. I have the honor of working most mornings w/ Mike Johnson, masters regional competitor and fellow poster on this site. Our Wed have morphed into density, EMOTM, even/odd workouts. This morning was a good one... plyo/ skill work:

    EMOTM 14
    Even - 4 prowler (about 15m ea way)
    Odd - 10 HRPU
    Rest 3 min
    EMOTM 14
    Even - 8 pistol, 4 ea side
    Odd - 10 GHDSU
    Rest 3 min
    EMOTM 14
    Even - 2 rope climbs, 1 legless
    Odd - 8 BJ 30"

  4. 2 rounds of 400m Run, 20 burpees, 20 pull ups (all UB) just wanted to move a bit

    Stretched and some foam roller quality time :)

  5. Shockingly impressive party tricks ...