Friday, December 6, 2013

Saturday 12.7.13

Mat Fraser

1.  Barbell
For time:
30 Back Squats, 225/155
30 Jerks, 185/135
30 Thrusters, 135/95
One barbell.  Everything taken from the ground.

2.  Gymnastics
100 HSPU for time

3.  Run
10K - not for time

For time:
30-20-10-20-30 reps of:
KBS, 53/35
Box Jumps, 24/20" - games standards
400m Run after ever round.

World Record "Godzilla"...


  1. Wow the regionals barbell wod looks gnarly! Makes me want to do it... But I should stick to the open program..

    1. Open

      Ub on KBS. Bjs got better. Runs slow as usual :/.

      Low back/sacrum still tweaked from 10RM back squats earlier this week.. Need rest. See y'all on Monday!

  2. Holy crap Mat Fraser mad respect for that performance.

  3. 1. Barbell- 14:25. Squats unbroken, jerks in sets of 5 then sets of 3, thrusters in 4 sets of 5 and one set of 10 at the end. This was really hard but fun.

    2. Gymnastics- Made it to 17 when I figured this wasn't happening, poured it all out on the last one. God bless you guys that can knock these out after the wod.

    1. Just ran, didn't time and didn't figure out the distance.

  4. 1) 16:12
    2) Made it to 25 when I figured out the same as Jeremy... Haha
    3) 10K run in 1hour 2min. Good for the mind this one. Need an ice bath now. Still waiting for my friend who did it with me to return as im posting... Hid 1st day doing Compwod:)

    1. Ha ha, for sure shoulders were cooked.

    2. Really set my mind to it before I started...
      And Im sure the Cfne team guys did all of the programming for today... But 100Hspu would have taken me longer than the 10K

  5. Regionals.

    1) 21.47. The squats and thrusters went well. But the jerks crushed me today. They were over half of my time. But 185 is only 40# below my max.
    2) 19.56. A 5.03 pr from last time.
    3) will do later.

    Thanks coach. The last two days had me feeling good with wods that are in my wheel house and today you hit all of my biggest weklKnesses with the jerks and hspu. Back to the realization that I still have a lot of work to do before the open. Looking forward to it though.

  6. Open
    1) 16:45 Rx - unbroken on KBS which is a big win for me. BJ were steady pace. Runs felt awesom.
    2) 4x10 FS across at 155#...should have maybe done 165#-170#

  7. Open/Masters 47

    21:55 44# kb. Last two runs killed me as my low back tightened up.

    Also did 4x10 front squats and worked on jerk form.

  8. Regionals

    1) 14:04 Rx. UB on squats, 6s on push jerks, no plan on the Thrusters

    Not going to attempt the rest. I'm beat from Barbara

  9. Regionals

    Time - 16:58 RX

    Bs - 10,10,10
    Jerks - 5,5,5,5,5,5
    Thrusters , 5,4,4,4,4,4,4,1

    Time - 7:42 RX
    10,10 , then 10 sets of 5 , then 2s and 3s

  10. Open
    1) 20:30 44# kb/20" box
    2) 4x10 front squat

  11. For the jerks do yall press jerk or split jerk. ? Same for the 20rm jerks. Just curious

    1. I power jerk as long as possible, when it starts to get sketchy I'll split

  12. Open
    1. 17:14- ub, couldnt keep up with clayton on the runs
    2. F.sqts 4x10 across- 225#
    3. Worked jerks- working on speed under bar

  13. Regionals
    Metcon- 19:41 rx. Took too long of breaks between sets. This one was rough.

    Gymnastics- 12:02. This was 3:36 faster than last time.

    Skipped the run

  14. Open
    1. 19:42
    2. Also did 4x10 front squats @ 125# and worked on jerk

  15. Regional
    1. 12:05
    2. Only did 50HSPU (shoulders absolutely smoked) 8:00
    3. skipped

  16. 1. 14:03
    2. 9:03
    And done.
    have a great day everyone. great week coach. thanks.

  17. Regionals:


    1. 19:14. I woke up this morning, saw this and right away decided I was going to scale, at least, the jerks. Got to the gym and decided to go for Rx. It went pretty well. The only concession I made was cleaning the weight for the squats and then racking it to get it on my back. Jerks took a long time, but this was a confidence builder for me.
    2. & 3. Skipped
    4. Did half of our gym's team WOD with my workout buddy Josh before I decided my week was complete.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  18. Reg:
    Really swamped with finals this week, trying not to lose gains!

    1. BS unbroken, PJ-10,7,7,6, Thrusters-9,8,7,6
    Clock stopped at 7 minutes. Im gonna guess my final time was around 15-16.
    2. Did HSPU EMOM from the other day
    3. Tonight


    1. Barbell
    For time:17:47. Very happy about this considering how tired I was today. My strength goat is slowly going away!
    30 Back Squats, 225/155
    30 Jerks, 185/135
    30 Thrusters, 135/95
    One barbell. Everything taken from the ground.

    2. Gymnastics
    100 HSPU for time-Didn't do for time. Shoulders=Toast.

    3. Run
    10K - not for time-Well, a bad winter storm hit us the past couple of days and roads are frozen over, so I rowed for a long while:)

  20. Skipped the metcon to do a workout with my team here...

    4 min max cal row- 61
    3 min max pull ups- 66
    2 min max back squat 75% bw @ 105- 18
    1 min max shoulder to overhead @ 95- 13

    100 hspu for time- 20:00 even... did it in sets of 5. Most hand stand push ups Ive ever done!

    6 mile run completed

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    2. Oh did light snatch doubles up to 125, and light clean and jerk doubles up to 140 then did all of the above

      ** 1 minute of rest between all of the max cal/rep sets

  21. Regionals, Master

    This is my first time posting my times, but I have been following the programming for little while now. It is time to hold myself accountable. Thanks Ben for providing this outstanding programming.

    1) Barbell: 16:00 flat. I am very proud of this considering this time last year I struggled with 225 power cleans.

    2) Gymnastics: 6:55
    Being an old gymnast this is in my wheelhouse, but smoked my shoulders after the bar work.

    3) Run: Done in about an hour - Just happy to get through it since I have never ran that far before.

  22. Open
    1) 15:53 subbed air squats for KBS
    2) Skipped - Don't feel comfortable yet putting any weight on my shoulder.

  23. Open
    1. 30:00 even. Could not get moving today.

    Did some push-up work after

  24. Open
    20:29 sub row 400 m for run as it is icy and cold in Texas
    rows mixed with box jumps destroy my legs
    no excuses just results

  25. 1. 4:10
    Mowed down squats, rested on the transition. 15-15 on jerks and thrusters. Just got in a rhythm and kept it goin. Felt great.

    2. 100 hspu for time: 7:02
    Sets of 15-15-10-10-10-10-5-5-5-5-5-5

    1. Hspu done off plates to an abmat.

    2. I was about to say man, I knew you were strong but that is amazing. Either way you crushed it.

  26. Open

    1) 19:30 kbs 35lbs i dont have hevy KB almost all Ub i broke the last 20 and 30 kb and BJ

    2) bench press 1x10, 1x12, 1x13... 1x20

    3) parallates 3 x10


  27. Regionals:

    6'2"/32yo/190lbs ish/M

    1.) 12:53RX I pushed hard as hell for this time. I did this in the the 28F cold (I know I know, that's nothing to some of you...well it's fuckin' COLD for here in Austin). Neighbors on either side of my house came out to see what was the matter with the guy next door who sounds like he is swallowing shards of glass.

    Took short breaks to drag my fleeing soul back in my body
    BS: 15/15
    Jerks: all push: 7/6/6/6/5
    Thrusters: 6/6/6/5/4/3

    2) Done, but stopped the timer half way through to keep from injuring myself for a good time. Halfway through was at 6 something.

    3) Pushed my son, and got 53:51 for really close to 6.2...more like 6.0 or 6.1....whatever.

    1. That's an awesome time in that cold weather! Way to overcome and adapt.

    2. Thanks man....I was more wrecked than I though after the training....I think the weather really took it out of me. I'm used to training in a cushy indoor gym with climate control.

  28. OPEN
    19:53 with 500 meter row instead of run

  29. that video is ahhhmazzzzing!!! nicely done!! inspired! :)

  30. Regionals

    1) 9:02 rx I enjoy the heavy barbell stuff I think I could have broken 9 but rested maybe to much. back squats 15/8/7 push jerks 8/7/7/4/4 thrusters 7/5/5//5/5/3

    2) 100 hspu regional standard box
    4:26 fairly happy with this it is 4 seconds off me PR I like hspu one of my better movements

    3) No time, though I am not to upset I missed it

  31. Catching up for yesterday's missed post.
    Goodmorning: 3x3 @ 205
    Wod: 4:37
    Sled drag done
    reverse Hypers done

    1. Wod: 10:39 Rx
    2. 100 HSPU: 14 (ish) minutes - wasn't going hard just wanted to completed it - feeling the weight gain (+15lbs from last season) on these for sure.
    3. Going to try and do this in the next hour or two. May drop it to a 5k just for time's sake.

  32. WOD 8:05

    HSPU ~4 or 5min...didn't really time goal was no set less than 10 reps

    RUN 50min

  33. OPEN WOD: 22.51. Horrible at box jumps...always have been.

    Ben - any suggestions on improving box jumps?

  34. 1. 17:09 Rx
    2. Done. Contemplated quitting Crossfit altogther.
    3. Done. Subbed in one mile on airdyne and one mile on rower with 4 and change ran due to time.

  35. Masters 46
    For time: 21:00 RX
    30-20-10-20-30 reps of:
    KBS, 53/35
    Box Jumps, 24/20" - games standards
    400m Run after ever round.
    (Did row instead of run)

  36. All I can say about Matt's Godzilla is the guy is in "SUPER BEAST MODE"

  37. 1. 17:11, overhead lock outs/presses fatigued pretty quick. Sets of 5 on jerks and thrusters.
    2. 60 in 12:07 before dying out.
    3. not done.

  38. 1. 21:34 , first 20 back squats were solid, last 10 I seen some stars. Kept moving after that. Very happy about this, when I first started this programming 165 jerks were difficult. I did sets of 5 today.
    2. 14:01
    3. Went to open gym basketball instead with some of the boys I coach (who just won the state football title on Friday)

  39. Open
    20:26, everything was unbroken, but pretty slow.

  40. 1) 10 min of hspu (this is by far my worst movement) only got 32

    2) the barbell work - 15:35

  41. Open
    1. 21:23 RX all unbroken kb and box jumps. Did this after Fran

  42. Was at a CrossFit Kids course all weekend, did the WOD in the lunch break
    WOD: 13:22
    - BS unbroken
    - Jerks 5,6,7,6,5,1
    - Thrusters 6,6,5,6,7