Sunday, December 29, 2013

Monday 12.30.13

Bode (19 mos.) coaches Maya (13 years old) through a set of deads.

1.  Snatch
work up to a heavy single

2.  "Bergeron Beep Test"
EMOM for as long as possible:
7 Thrusters, 75/55
7 Pull ups
7 Burpees

This is my test for pure conditioning (not skill, not strength). This test makes it easy to compare athletes across a spectrum of sizes, locations, and irregardless of skill or equipment.  In other words, size, strength, or skill doesn't play a huge role (muscle ups and oly lifting would favor the skilled, heavier weights the strong, and rowing and airdyne favors those with mass).  Nor does the running route, height of the wall ball target, or the model of airdyne matter.  Some might argue that it favors lighter athletes, but the thruster weight equalizes this more than you might think.  Now no test is perfect, and if there is any bias it would be to shorter athletes.  
This is also an incredible test of mental toughness, as it is very easy to give up on this workout mentally before your body actually reaches failure.  Basically this is a test of "Whatcha-got?"  So... lets see whatcha-got. 

By the way...Spealler got 17 rounds + 16 reps.

Rest as needed...

3.  "Elizabeth"
Squat Cleans, 135/95
Ring Dips

1. Metcon
Squat Cleans, 135/95
Ring Dips

2.   Snatch
Work up to a heavy single.


  1. So, there isn't any sort of squatting today heavy today, strength is still a goat for me, should I add in some extra strength work for today?

    1. Sent that from my phone, sorry for the weird wording.

    2. I wouldn't ... ya never know what Tuesday brings ... go hard on the test...& go hard on Liz... we squat .ALOT... I'm sure u'll be squatting heavy this week :)

    3. Agreed Cheryl. The only extras I add are skill work, and airdyne/row intervals.

    4. Danny, keep in mind blog programming isnt person (you) specific. If you personally need to beef up your strength numbers, modify Ben's programming to accommodate appropriately.

      I personally love squatting so I'm hitting some heavy sets of 5 should join me!

    5. Race horses don't ask questions, they just do it. So, I did it.

  2. Good day everyone!
    Returning to box.

    Elizabeth - 7:16. All dips unbroken, all squat cleans splitter by 3.
    Snatch - worked up to 185.

  3. This should be fun!

    I am Joe. Been following this blog for a pretty long time just never posted. Everyone one this blog is impressive!! Thanks Ben for the training guideline!

  4. Ben, is there any levels of the "Beep Test"?

  5. 1. Snatch- Worked up to 205

    2. "Bergeron Beep Test"- Damnit, my goal was 10 rounds going into this, Finished 8 + 6 burps. I counted what I thought was 7 on thrusters on the last round put it down and it was only 6 and it cost me, by the time I picked it back up for the last one I was in the hole.

    Elizabeth- 5:11 (1:14 PR)

  6. Regionals

    Snatch - New PB at 90kg
    Been attempting this for a year and finally got it. Attempted 95 and just missed. Bodyweight 76kg.

    "Bergeron Beep Test"
    10 Rounds Complete.
    Thrusters all unbroken
    Pull-ups butterfly all unbroken
    Burpees , sloppy.

    I gabe this everything I had and was wiped out. Hardest WOD I've ever done.

    8:10 RX
    Cleans in sets of 3 and 2
    Ring dips were terrible. Come rely wiped out by time I got here.

    1. *** edit on Elizabeth.... Was fucking wiped out by time I got to it.

  7. Regionals:

    Still feeling like shit with this chest whatever I've got going on.

    1: Worked to 100kg

    2: 8rnds + 6 burpees

    3: no ring dips for me....working on a pec strain I got while out of town.

  8. 1. 205 Extremely stoked about this one. Been stuck at 195 for quite a while 200 was feeling like a unicorn. Got under 210 but lost it behind.
    2. 9 + 17 My kinda work out, just turn off the brain (which isn't very difficult for me) and get work done.
    3. 7:13 Should've rested a little longer after "Bergeron's Mother Beep Test" legs were jello and missed several squat cleans.

  9. Open:
    1. 11:52
    2. Doing tomorrow

  10. Regionals.

    1) 169. Not a true pr but 4# over my best weight lifted not in a comp.
    2) 11rds + 17reps. This was incredibly difficult. Was destroyed by the end.
    3) skipped due to time and because I tweaked my lower back on Saturday and it was pretty tight after the "beep test". Decided to do some quick mob and scap exercises instead.

    1. Nice work on the snatch and beep test. Almost 12 rounds is very impressive!

    2. Thanks Michael, appreciate it. Good job to you as well man. Nice pr today.

  11. 1) Snatch - 225

    2) 6 rounds (embarassed)

    3) this evening

  12. Regionals:

    1. 168 lbs. 3 lbs. PR. It was a nice one too. I know I had some more in the tank, but I have taken on a strict one successful PR lift per attempt.
    2. 9 rounds even. Extremely disappointed with myself. I had 0:03 left on the clock and I quit. Bummer.
    3. 6:20 Rx. Tied my PR, but again, I am extremely disappointed with myself for not being able to count. Did 5 extra reps in the round of 21 because I am a spaz and lost count.

    On another note, my 22 year-old daughter did the Beep Test with me. We scaled it to five reps per round because her pull-ups aren't quite there so she did ring rows and the thruster weight to 45 lbs., but she finished 20 full rounds before I stopped her. I think she would still be there.

  13. Open

    1) 15:29 first time in was able to squat clean in months

    2) 155


    1) 205#
    Decided to work on my Power Snatch and got this 10# PR. I'll take it!

    2) 12 rounds + 19 reps.
    I could've finished my round but mental didn't want to. Sucks, but still happy!

    1. Dude!!!
      5Rounds off Speal...
      Well done

    2. Thanks brother!
      Was so close to get this 13th round... Next time :)

    3. I saw this happen. Followed was right with him for the first 11 rounds then choked before starting the 12th. Greg had great rythm, and the mental balls today

  15. Today could have gone better. Woke up this morning feeling a bit odd. Went out to do this thinking it might help. WRONG. Snatch was completely off. Only hit 165lbs. 20lbs off PR. And it was sloppy. Did the Beep Test. Could not breathe at all during that. I was hacking up a storm. Somehow managed to make it through 6Rds+15 reps. Stopped there. Just going to rest the rest of the day.

  16. Feeling great today.

    1. Snatch up to 245 (PR!) everything working up to it felt crisp - more happy about that consistency rather than the big numbers. (Thanks Coach! Your programming rocks! )

    2. Coach B beep test : 12+19
    was gunning for spealler lol burpees fell apart

    3. Elizabeth. 4:54 rx

    1. Pretty stoked to get the same score as you brother!
      Congrats on your snatch!

    2. That's awesome, Sweet job man! Def a nasty (but effective) test eh.
      Thanks a lot man!

  17. Open 5'10"/174/37

    1. Elizabeth: 11:59 @115 Sadly, I can't really remember if it was 11:59 or 12:59, however in order to push myself the next time, I am going to write down 11:59. I felt like the ring dips were harder than the squat cleans. Weird. Just another thing to add to the practice list.
    2. Worked up to 125#. 135 is currently my PR and 125 felt good. I read "heavy" as not necessarily 1RM, so I left it at 125. Elizabeth whipped me pretty well, so I'm hopeful that I can bump my 1RM when rested.

    Thankful we didn't have to do the beep test even though it looked cool. I need to work on my pull-ups before I can attack that one with any confidence. Nice work to those that gave it a run!


  18. 1.) Beep test: mental push today was just happy to get 10rds

    2.) Snatch: #175 was my heavy for today

    3.) "Elizabeth": 6:46...first time doing it with squat cleans, what a much painful difference

  19. 1. 245# for a heavy single.

    2. beep test: 11 rounds + 6 burpees. just ran out of time. i hauled ass from the 1st min. clock just punched my face.

    3. elizabeth: 3:36

    rest about 10mins after the beep test before elizabeth.

    1. i'm also a dumb ass and didnt do squat cleans. my fault for not reading thoroughly. fml oh well.

  20. Open
    1) 5:27 Rx. Was feeling pretty good about this til I saw Dex's post.
    2) drilled squat snatch technique at 155# for 10-15 minutes

  21. 1. Snatch
    Up to 150#, tied my PR... Was ok with this because I was using the craziest barbell today...

    2. "Bergeron Beep Test"
    Well, I was planning to try this, did the first 7 thrusters and my hands were just not having it after the first two pull-ups, from ripped hands the other day... so skipped

    3. "Elizabeth"
    I've only ever done "Power Elizabeth" before, this sucked so much more... and what a terrible time.
    Time: 10:13min

  22. Regionals; Masters

    1. Snatch - 190 # (15 # PR. I am so damn excited about this one!)

    As for the Beep Test and Liz, gonna hit it tomorrow. Went to the Dr finally and got steroids for this bronchial bull shit I have been dealing with. So tomorrow its on!

  23. 1. Worked up to 235. Felt pretty good.

    2. This made me feel fat, slow, and genuinely worthless. 5 rounds, 6 burpees. So genuinely upset about this. A nice snatch means nothing if you can't keep up with some light thrusters, pull ups and burpees. Gut check time on the diet. I have to drop some pounds and get that shit back on track. Effing saboteurs and their christmas cookies.

    3. Both knees have been really bothering me lately. Maybe I'm just behind in some mobility, but squatting was just not an interesting proposition to me, so I did power clean elizabeth. 4:00 even. PR, but whatever it means nothing after that beep test.

  24. Open
    1. 4:55 (Did power cleans, knee has been bothering me since last Monday)
    2. 165# (power snatch)

  25. Regionals

    1. 255 is a 10# PR! Came in the early morning and it wasn't happening. Went home. Came back 3 hours later with the right mind set. Tried to keep it power as long as possible. At about 225 I was catching it as a high squat and went from there.

    2. Bergeron Beep Test - 15 rounds on the dot

    3. Going for it now but wanted to get some scores in.

    1. Nice numbers!

      I look forward to see your team does at the ECC with my friend Emily. Your team is stacked!

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    3. Tanks dudes.

      3. Elizabeth - 5:19
      Man Dex, I saw you post your time right before I went for it and I was SO disappointed with my time. Now I don't feel toooo bad. Still not happy with that score. Should be able to go unbroken everything. Pretty smoked.

  26. Havent eaten all day, was hurting pretty good.

    snatch - 215. Pull didnt feel to strong today
    'Liz - ~6:35...ugly. Did it in 4:30 earlier this year

    Gonna try to hit the tester later...if I can convince myself. Almost feels like my fitness is getting worse right now. Gotta get back on a daily schedule again

  27. 1. Beep test, got a legit 8+15, then kept going and finished 10 rounds in 10:34, will do 10 legal rounds by the end of the month.

    2. Made up saturdays partner WOD and finished rx in 13:14, much harder than I thought.

  28. Open
    1) Elizabeth- 6:46. felt like I gassed out quicker than normal on the squat cleans but ended up with a 2 second PR.
    2) worked up to 195#

  29. 1)hit 235 a 10#pr
    2) came in at lunch and got 6+19 and I was aggravated at it all day lol so I came back at night and did it again and got 7+12 it was better but it is still an awsome test
    3) didn't do because I wanted to try the beep test again but I did it a few weeks ago and got 6:30

  30. New year resolution(s):
    1. Be consistent
    2. Don't skip the shit that sucks
    3. Drop the ego... Post even when it sucks!

    Open: 9:15
    Snatch: 95# ( on a comeback :)

  31. Open
    1. 19:59 with bar dips. Last time I did this was with 110# power cleans and I got 17:02.
    2. Worked up to 135
    2. W

  32. Open
    1) 8:59 115# - 1:11 slower from last time. The squat cleans felt real good, but the dips destroyed me.
    2) 185# Tied my PR

    I really need to focus on conditioning and skill work.

  33. Open/Masters 47

    1) 10:14 used 115# and did 15-10-5 for ring dips.

    2) 135# squat snatch PR!!! If you knew me you'd know this is huge for me due to poor mobility. My mobility and skills are getting better with this programming.

  34. There are some beast scores on here today! Stellar work everyone.

    1) 7:51 @ 115#
    2) 155# - the group I train with told me I'm not opening my hips all the way. Need to work in this more at lighter weight to get the feel.

  35. 1. is wrong with my snatch lately!........twss
    2. 6+20, actually was feeling in a groove and then the thing beeped before I could finish last burpee. Everything unbroken, my rep cycle times are just long and slooow.
    3. 6:58, last time I did full squat Liz was 7/18/12 about a month after I started at a local CF affiliate. Had to use a red band and it still took 14min. I love looking back at old workout times.

  36. Open
    1. 7:47 80#, 15-10-5 on ring dips
    2. 110#, 10# under pr

  37. Replies
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  38. Masters 46
    1. Metcon first time doing it rd 1 was a mess but worked thru it.
    21-15-9: (11:35 rx)
    Squat Cleans, 135/95
    Ring Dips

    2. 10 min EMOM jerks
    #165 x 3 reps

  39. Open
    8:39 135# matador ring dips
    Did power cleans instead cause my knee is feeling like garbage
    Snatch work: 155# power snatch
    Need to work on form 10# from pr

  40. 1) 190lbs power snatch
    2) Beep Test 2+ 19. Wasn't feeling it. Need to work on that/ try that again.
    3) Elizabeth 8:13.

  41. Open
    1) "Elizabeth" 5:31
    2) 185# - got 195 up but just mentally gassed to stay under it.

  42. Regionals

    Took Sat/Sun off, was feeling pretty beat up at the end of last week.

    1) 95kg - best snatch in a while, felt good and would have tried 100 but was naptime and didn't want to risk waking people up

    2) 3 + 17 - lost the rhythm on the pull-ups then lost the mental fight. Was hoping to get 4 rounds when I set out. rested 3 minutes and did another two.

    3) made it to the end of the round of 21 at about 5:15. There was a little voice on baby monitor making noise. Cleans in sets of 3's, dips in 5's.

  43. 1) 205.... been doing all lifting without wrist wraps now PRs have been tough to come by recently
    2) BEEP TEST... 12 Rounds + 19 reps
    3) Elizabeth 6:38, not a PR but if we do this again fresh sometime soon I think I could hit a PR and get into the 5:00s... that Beep Test should be an OPEN Wod, shits no joke

  44. Tanya (wife) just had baby #2 (Kenzie Piper) and things will be a bit hectic for the rest of the week. Going to still try and get in what I can. Keep up the great scores everyone.

  45. Open.
    1. "Elizabeth" - 14:50
    2. Snatch - 125#
    3. Hatch squats, week 9 day 1.

  46. Snatch Single - Skipped, Ran Out Of Time Between Classes

    "Beep Test" (Did This On Tuesday)
    13 Rds + 18 Reps
    NASTY Is All I Can Say. I Didn't Really Know What To Expect But I Found Out Fairly Quick.

    Elizabeth - 5:20 RX New PR. Hold Onto The Bar Longer On My Set Of 15 And I Will Get Under 5 For Sure.

  47. PR on Elizabeth: 9:02
    Worked up to 125 snatch

  48. Open/Regional Program
    1) Skipped Elizabeth, avoiding high rep sq cleans for a bit longer due to low back. Did 4 unbroken sq cleans (135) OTM for 4 minutes. Smooth and easy.
    2) Beep Test - 5 + 19 - knew it would be a weak one for me, but a good test nonetheless. I think it definitely doesn't favor a 6-3 guy like me, but conditioning/burpees still in need if improvement.
    3) Snatch up to 185 (power), didn't go for a PR. Highest I've been since back injury. Goal by the Open is to be able to handle 185 when tired.

  49. 1) 175# 10 # PR
    2) Beep Test 6rds + 8 reps
    3) 8:45 Elizabeth with squat cleans

  50. Incorporated "Beep Test" into today's program for our competitors. Emily Bridgers completed 19.17 on Beep Test. Thanks to Chris Spealler for setting the pace . Her first 17 intervals were @ 39-41 seconds. Thanks for this great conditioning piece.


    Justin Welker with 13 Rounds + 18 Reps.

    Around the 35 second mark, the dialogue is awesome. Listen closely for:
    Justin: "I'm gonna throw up."
    Dustin: "You can throw up while you do pullups."
    Hicks: "It's like watching Batman die."
    3 minutes ago · Like

  52. Cliff Lewis Masters 49
    1. Beep Test 11 Rounds and I threw in the towel. What a wimp I had 5 seconds to start next round and just quit....
    2. Elizabeth------5:43 Rx Not a PR!!!!!!
    Tough Day.....

  53. Beep Test: 18rds + 17 Rx. I'd never seen this workout before walking into the gym today. My trainers told me what Spealler had gotten so I went for it. The guy is basically my crossfit idol. Definitely does cater to a shorter guy. Lots of fun. Great workout!

  54. Ray Gutierrez - CrossFit Murphy
    17 full + 15
    35th birthday