Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thursday 12.19.13

2009 and 2010 Individual Games Athletes and 2011 Affiliate Cup Champion.

1.  Snatch Skills
EMOMx12:  1 Snatch, across at 20# under PR

2. Clean and Jerk
Clean from Low Hang + Push Jerk + Split Jerk, climbing

Back Squat 
10x3, across

1.   For Time:
1000m Row
5 Squat Cleans, 135/95
750m Row
10 Squat Cleans, 135/95
500m Row
15 Squat Cleans, 135/95
250m Row
20 Squat Cleans, 135/95

2.  Gymnastics Skills
Odd:  work on Back Levers
Even:  work on Front Levers

1. Metcon
2K Row For time

2.  Gymnastics Skills
Odd:  work on Back Levers
Even:  work on Front Levers

Emily competed in the 2013 Games as an Individual and is teaming up with 
Talayna Fortunato, Guido Trinadad and Noah Ohlsen to represent Florida at the ECC. 


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    1. Never done 2k row...what's some people's targeted 500m splits?

    2. Logan - I am old and slow, but i tried to keep it under 2:00 and then went hard with 250m current pr is 7:39. I would love a 7 minute, hope to get it under 7:30 tomorrow, so I am thinking about staying closer to 1:50 and then going hard with 300 left. It is very possible I think to much!

    3. Logan, I think 7 or sub seven is a good goal for anyone with a decent engine, you just have to keep that 1:45 split.

    4. Just take loads of pre-workouts and get on the rower.

      Make sure you video it for our amusement

    5. Logan - this is a good article ...

  2. I normally do the open workouts.I've been in a slump so I tried switching things up and did the regional wod
    - 17:24
    Will do stregnth later

  3. Snatch - 8/12 @ 205lb

    Row/cleans - 17:14 Rx

  4. 2014 REGIONAL & GAMES ATHLETES-Finally get to do two sessions today!
    1. Snatch Skills
    EMOMx12: 1 Snatch, across at 20# under PR-165lbs. Had a couple of misses here. This was the first day I've worn my nano 3.0's and the heel is a little thicker than the 2's. Catch felt solid, just fell forward when I was trying to stand it up.
    2. Clean and Jerk
    Clean from Low Hang + Push Jerk + Split Jerk, climbing-Started at 185lbs and ended at 225lbs. I missed the push jerk at 225. I locked it out but it fell forward. Oh well.

    Back Squat
    10x3, across-275lbs.
    Will do the rest after baseball tonight.

    1. Well, I went out to do my second session after baseball...and it just wasn't happening. My body feels completely wrecked right now. It has been very rough doubling this with baseball workouts at school. So I decided to just row an easy pace and mobilize the rest of the time.

  5. Regionals
    Session 1

    1) done at 154
    2) done up to 187. Stayed lighter trying to fix my form with overhead movements.
    3) done at 325 across.

    Good to be back. Missed the last few wods due to work. Had to take a new pt test. Did pretty well especially for not practicing for it. It was as follows.
    Max dips: 48
    Max strict pull-ups: 18
    Max Kip ups: 23 (like t2b but perpendicular to the bar and feet touch above bar)
    Max bench at 80% bw: 23
    Max sit-ups in 1min: 58
    Max chest to ground push-ups in 1min: 65
    Rope climb with 25# vest: done
    100m shuttle (25 down and back): 17.35sec
    5mi run: 32.57.

    Was pretty happy with it overall. Next time I will add stuff to my warmup just to get use to some of the movements. Proved a lot of guys wrong who said I was going to fail the run and not finish within 40min since I do CrossFit and never run (except for Ben says to). Ended up in third place on the run out of over 60guys and one of the top scores in the test overall. Thanks Ben.

  6. Regional

    EMOM 12 @ 75kg

    Clean and Jerk
    EMOM 7 Climbing
    0:00 - 70kg
    01:00 -75kg
    02:00 - 80kg
    03:00 - 85kg
    04:00 - 90kg
    05:00 - 95kg
    06:00 - 100kg

    Back Squat - 7x3 , 1x 2 (was exhausted)
    100kg, 105kg, 110kg, 115kg, 120kg, 125kg, 130kg, 135kg x 2


    Time - 16:24 RX
    Row 1000 - Kept split between 1:50-2
    5 Cleans - Unbroken
    Row 750 - Kept split between 1:50-2
    10 Cleans - Set of 5, 3, 2
    Row 500 - Kept split between 1:55-2
    15 Cleans - 5, 5, 5 (10-15 second rest between sets)
    Row 250 - 2:25-2:30 split - Used this time to recover before set of 20 cleans
    20 Cleans - 4, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1,1,1

    Felt very good today but now I am wiped out !!! Hoping next week is a deload week during christmas.... Body needs it

  7. 1. 175# No misses
    2. 185, 195, 205, 215 PP started getting sticky so stayed here
    3. 10x3 @ 268 (Smolov clac for 10x3)

    Metcon after work

  8. OPEN
    Got roped into a "12 Days of Christmas WOD" at the gym - good times - 33:36 of work.

    ... 2K row post has the same effect on my nerves as Fran.

  9. Regionals:

    1) 225
    2) up to 245
    3) 385 (went for 405 last set and missed 3rd rep)

    Hoping to get a PM session this afternoon.

  10. Regionals:
    1) 185 across (35 under max). Failed a few. Tried to squat snatch them all.
    2) 215, 220, 225, 230, 235, 240, 245. No misses.
    3) 315 across
    4) 17:57 Rx.
    5) done

  11. Regionals:


    1. 145 lbs. This felt great, but man, I am so embarrassed by my weak snatch numbers.
    2. Worked up to 210 lbs. This also felt great.
    3. 320 lbs. Only did 5 sets. Had to jump in and coach a class. Coach was a no show. I am no coach.
    4. 17:35 Rx. After "coaching" the class, I jump into this pretty cold. Not a good idea. So much pain, but got it done.
    5. Ran out of time and then some.

  12. 1) Started snatches 30# below max and worked up...
    130, 130, 130, 130, 135, 135, 135, 135, 140, 140, 140, 140
    2) Clean and jerks
    130, 135, 135, 135, 140, 145, 150

    3) 10x3 Back squats at 160

    Won't have time for PM session but did 5x5 TnGo Squat Cleans at 95#
    ** Also did a quick workout with my sister yesterday of 21-15-9 KB swings(55) and Burpees followed by 2k Row

    1. Both jerks are push jerks... I don't split jerk because it irritates my back. I dabble between a full squat jerk and power jerk and it suits me fine( John Coffee is my olympic lifting coach)

  13. Open:
    Did the regionals metcon as I desperately need work on fatigued front squats.... Finished somewhere sub 18... (Had a running clock going) definitely a time domain my body. Doesn't like so it was great to step out my comfort zone.

    Lots more work to do today ....will do an extra burner and lifting later this PM

  14. Open

    1) 7:38
    2) Complete, used a black band for back levers

  15. Master open:
    8:45.8. 8 sec off pr
    Levers done.

  16. Open/Masters 43

    Clean and jerks: 6 x 2 at 175
    Front squat: 10 x 3 speed at 155

    2K row: 6:55, happy with that, goal was 7 minutes, give it everything I had.

    Whenever there is a row, I think of when I lived with Derek Porter when I was in college, at the time he was the world champion in rowing, he had the world's 2nd fastest 2 k erg row, and still holds the Canadian record (at 5:45) and won a gold, silver and 4th at 3 different Olympics. He trained like an animal, we had an erg in the house, but am sad to say I never really used it back than. I would love to see Derek get into cross fit, as I know he would be a beast!

  17. 1. Snatch emom at 220#, felt good... Missed a couple at the start so made up for them afterwords.
    2. C+ J emom: started at 185 and worked up to 245
    3. 10x3 @ 385 across, did this last time as well. Felt like I had more to give, keep that in mind for next time.

    PM Sesh later on

    1. Snatch Skills
    EMOMx12: did these from a high hang @ 105#

    2. Clean and Jerk emom - didn't see that it was climbing - did 140# across

    Back Squat 10x3, @ 205#

    1. 18:42

    2. done (poorly)

  19. 1. snatch emom: 235# x12 no misses. felt fast and solid.

    2. clean&JERK WORK: worked to 275#, felt harder than it should have.

    3. started at 405#, that was a little ambitious, so dropped to 385#. after 2 sets.

    METCON: 16:33 row'd a 1:45 the whole time till 500m then dropped to 1:35.

    gymnasty: done. plus some muscle up work.

  20. Reg:
    1. 210, 1 miss
    2. 215-255, had some trouble with the split jerk today. Had one miss where I got under the bar but my back knee hit the ground. Not a fan of Low Hang either.
    3. 10x3 @ 330

    1. oh yeah...dying to deadlift right now!

    2. 4. Done, untimed. Legs cramped really bad on the 500 though
      5. only did front

  21. Open
    1) 7:07 - first time doing a 2k for time somehow. Rowing is a goat, so happy it was programmed.

    2) Back levers were great. Front levers a disaster today - my lats are smoked from all the C2b on tuesday and the row today..and too many games of crossfit dodgeball with classes yesterday haha. Already planned an afternoon WOD tomorrow - 30 min. AMRAP deep tissue massage.

  22. Open/Masters 47

    1) 7:10:0

    Then worked clean and jerk focusing on split jerk.

  23. Open/Masters 47

    1) 7:10:0

    Then worked clean and jerk focusing on split jerk.

  24. 1. 180# 7/12
    2. 175#-225#
    3. 315#
    4. 17:12, I think singles would have been faster in rnd of 20. Too much rest between sets of cleans.
    5. Lol

  25. 1. Made up isabelle 185# (6:50) bw179lbs
    2. Row sq cln metcon 18:48

  26. Regionals
    Did METCON First
    Time = 18:50

    Snatch @ 205#
    Missed first and third sets but found my stroke and didn't miss another one. They were all sexy and fast.

    Back Squats
    @ 365 across

  27. Open
    Yesterday AM before FFD did Hatch Squats at home.
    At home gym so limited on what I can do
    Did about an hour and half of focused Hang Power and Squat clean. Trying to figure some things out
    1) 6:59.9 Just squeaked it out. Not a PR but happy with this following the Oly work
    2) can't do at home

  28. 1. 2/12 at 225. Terrible day. No idea why I just couldn't make lifts. Everything felt wrong. Not enough mobility this week, just really tight.

    2. 135, 165, 185, 205, 225, 245x, 245. Mentally beat up from the snatch here. Actually missed the clean at 165. Frustrating. Really the only thing I've plateaued at lately.

    3. 295 across. Squatting is steadily increasing.

    4. 18:40. Thought I'd be faster, just mentally beat down from the other stress in my life.

    5. Done. Well, tried. Being 6'4 210 and trying to do front levers is tricky business.

  29. AM session
    A. Weighted Strict Pull Ups – Sets of 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 with 2 min. rest between
    10#, 20#, 35#, 45#, 55#

    B.12 min. AMRAP
    5 Jerks (185/125)
    7 KB Swings (70/53)
    9 C2B Pull Ups

    4 rounds + 7 reps. Did it RX up until the 2nd jerk on the 5th round... dropped it by 20# for the remaining 4 jerks.

    PM session: Open WOD

    1) 2k row: 6:50.9
    2) Ran out of time and did a single lever in both directions. Bummed because I like attempting these things.

  30. 1. 215# 11/12
    2. 185,205,225,235,235,245,255#
    3. 4x9 push press 190#
    4. 18:32, Agree with Chris G...I think singles would have been faster in rnd of 20. Too much rest between sets of cleans. My back is on fire from the pulling this week.
    5. Agree with Chris G... Lol

    1. Snatch Skills: min 1-9 @ 215#, 10-12 @ 225#

    2. Clean and Jerk: 215, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275

    3. Back Squat: 295#

    1. For Time: 18:47

    2. Gymnastics Skill: Didn't Do

  32. 1) 205lbs got 7 out of 12
    2) did 205,210,215,220,225,230,235
    3) only did 5 sets of 275 my hamstrings are destroyed from Tuesday
    1) had to sub 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m runs because I don't have a rower got 19:58 again my hamstrings and lower back just didn't have anything left
    2) did 3x strict c2b
    And 6x strict ring dips for the 10 min emom

  33. No rower, so did a mashup today..

    1. Worked snatch technique with light weight. Struggling to stay back and keep the bar close. Frustrating. Must fix this before going up in weight again. Worked for about an hour on this... Video and self critique...

    2. Did a version of the regionals wod:

    40 burpees, 5 squat cleans 135#
    30 burpees, 10 SC
    20 burpees, 15 SC
    10 burpees, 20 SC

    15:52. Kinda dogged it today.

    3. OTM10 front and back levers - done with a band. Back levers were awkward..

    Going out of town tomorrow for Xmas break. A week with in laws then off on a cruise. Won't be able to keep up with the program, but I'll def do something. Happy holidays my fellow CompWodders! See you all in the new year!

  34. Open
    1. Don't have a rower so I subbed 200 45# SDHP - 6:46
    2. Done - that was interesting, I think I need some practice

  35. normally do open but attempted regional...
    17:07 RX
    felt great rowing kept good rowing splits.
    5 and 10's I held on to as much as I could then went singles for 15 and 20

    strength did.. 165...185...205...225...245...265... 265

  36. 2014 Regional & Games:

    1. 150#. Missed 2-3 times per min for about 5 min. Dropped down to 135 which felt okay.

    2. Worked up to 165#.

    3. Subbed 10x3 OH Squat, Across. 135#. Felt decent.

    4. Metcon: 18:22. Subbed running for rowing. No rower with display.

    Overall not a good day at all. Nothing really positive to look back on today. Just one of those days you have to forget and put behind you and get better tomorrow.

  37. Open

    2k row - 7:03 beat the old PR by 15 seconds

    front/back levers - done

  38. i run 13k in 1:08min i could go faster

  39. Coming back after a bad cold. Chest congestion still a challenge. I figured it is good to endure any obstacle within reason.

    Snatch 155

    C&J Complex up to 235

    Squat 295

    Metcon 19:26 (this felt rough)

  40. Great to see Emily on the roster to compete at the ECC. She is a great athlete and an even better person and friend.

  41. Open
    1. 8:22
    Did the 10x3 back squats at 185#

  42. Open - Masters 46
    2k = 7:25 - :10pr
    never did levers - worked on them for 20 minutes, sort of

  43. Open
    2k Row: 8:11
    Back Squat completed at 210

  44. Regionals:
    1. EMOMx12: 1 Snatch @ 130#
    This felt great! Light and easy, no problems here!

    2. EMOMx7
    Clean from Low Hang + Push Jerk + Split Jerk, climbing
    Started at 125#, worked up to 155#, push jerks were the hardest

    3. Back Squat
    10x3, across
    Did 3 sets at 215#, dropped to 205# for next 7, this was harder than I thought it was going to be!

    4. Metcon
    Time: 20:53min
    Wowza! Pulled my first clean almost fell onto my back

    5. Gymnastics Skills

    1. Whoops, just realized the Snatch work was supposed to be a 12min EMOM, I only did 7 :( fail!

  45. OPEN

    1) 7:11.2
    Still happy for a Hobbit.

    2) Did hollow hold in rings for 15 seconds OTM for 10 min.

  46. Open
    1) 7:00 1 second PR
    2) did regional back squats at 235 and did C&J work

  47. Hmm thought I posted yesterday.
    1. 175#, missed a handful but went for a few extra minutes , technical issues and didn't want to walk away without fixing
    2. Up to 210. These felt very heavy on the push jerk surprisingly. The rest day and smooth.
    3. 235# all staying lighter so can maintain good form. Happy about this. Increase over last time.

    4. 22:20 Rx. This wrecked me mentally. The 500m and 15 cleans just beat me up. After that was able to get motivated when couple stragglers in the gym started yelling at me to move. On the last set of cleans did 5,4,3, then singles. I think should have done something similar on the 15 (I did 5-5-5)
    5. Done. Can almost hit a back lever hold for 1 second! Front lever is still a ways away

  48. open

    1. No rower - subbed 1 mile run. Haauge 35 second PR


    2. done

    3 5/3/1 - week of 3x3

    last set i got 4 at 345 ( 1 rep max last year)

  49. Open but did regional wod today
    1. Metcon 16:14Rx

  50. Open Program
    1) 7:15.7 - 2.5 second PR. Pretty happy. Finally a sign that my conditioning is coming back after the back injury.
    2) Did Fridays OTM work bc I can't so that at my home gym this weekend. Got 6, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3 on muscle ups.