Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sunday 12.22.13

Want to PR anything overhead and bulletproof your shoulders?
Rest Day.

Everyone following this site needs to get this product.  Most of the top athletes in our sport are using it daily.  There are three protocols - which are explained with the product - below is an explanation of how to use the three protocols.

Every day pre WOD, JUST minutes before you lift: Activation protocol
o   Non fatigue, this is arguably the most important protocol, it gets you in an optimal position to function, fires all the tissue in the correct planes of motion, and in the correct sequence (that is the key)  warms up RTC (rotator cuff) which are similar to your feet and hands with not so great blood flow. Fire the serratus anterior, mid to low trap & rhomboids. Neuromuscular firing is the point here.
o   DO NOT SHRUG…..ever during these protocols…..never. We are getting all rotators of the scap to do their jobs since they are shut down and likely weak. 
o   This is where we improve scapulo-humeral head rhythm, extremely important.
o   Do not use this to fatigue.  If you work to fatigue you have increased the chance for superior migration of the humeral head which leads to sub-acromial impingement aka exactly what we are staying away from
o   Other protocols you can go nuts on because they are post wod and we now, don’t have to worry about fatigue, you are already fatigued.

Post Gymnastics heavy WOD: Plyometric protocol
o   This is how we coordinate co-contractions in the shoulder during high speed movements, turn them on and off.  Its hard and will reveal weakness especially if you do it unilaterally.
o   Rhythmic stabilization focused, which is late phase rehab and bridges the gap between clinical therapy and sports performance and increases muscle elasticity.

Post Oly heavy WOD: IRON SCAP (big gains on this protocol, more hard core)
o   This is where you create PRs.
o   Increase energy transfer through the kenetic chain through a bone that moves in 3 dimensions as it acts as a foundation for the shoulder/humeral head.
o   Tall order and when we accomplish this your numbers go up and injuries go down.
o   If you have any scapular dyskinesia  this is how we solve it.
o   On the last motion in this protocol go as fast as you can.  Try an AMRAP :30 of the ATYT and you will feel what “scapjacked” is all about.


  1. Great product, we created a scap/cuff program for our college baseball team using the same type of bands and it worked great

  2. Great product, we created a scap/cuff program for our college baseball team using the same type of bands and it worked great

  3. What is the difference between this product and TRX?

  4. These are sport cords so they have a resistance when you pull and your lower body with be basically stationary and all of the work is in your scap and cuffs

  5. We've been doing it at CrossFit Manila for the last 6months.

  6. For anyone that has already purchased this, which package is recommended? Thanks!

    1. I've been in contact with these guys in trying to decide which to order for our gym, an they recommend the "competitor" "HIIT" package which is about 280... Email awesome guys and a great product, definitely proof that the CrossFit world is integrating with strength and conditioning to be the ultimate fitness methodology

  7. We tried to order the Affiliate Package this morning, but it seems you guys don't ship to Canada?

  8. Aside from the actual program of exercises, what makes this product any different than all of the other resistance band products out there and worth the $300 price tag?

  9. I actually did it yesterday before the WOD. Super warned up my shoulders and made a huge difference in stability instantly.

  10. Did yesterdays wod today.

    6 rounds plus 12, 205#dl and 53 KBS.

  11. Durability & tension may be different but check out "stretch cords" online. I used to use them in college for dry land training. Most of my teammates had a set too.