Monday, December 9, 2013

Tuesday 12.10.13

24th place in the 2013 Games.  
1st place in the pool.  
Now the 2014 ECC.

1. EMOM x 20
Even:  1 max Vertical Jump
Odd:  1 Snatch Pull, climbing

2.  20 Rep Benchmark
20RM Hang Clean - power or squat allowed.

3.  Metcon
For time:
100-80-60-40-20 Double unders
25-20-15-10-5 GHDSU

1.  Rowing
4x750m, 1 min rest

1.  Metcon
50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double unders
Abmat Sit ups

2.  Skills
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Unbroken Box Jumps, 24/20 - Games standards. Each set must be done with a rebound on the bottom. You must break between every set.  If you miss a rep or stutter in any way you must start that set over.

2012 Games Athlete and winner of the 2013 ECC.


  1. Dang. You have yourself quite a roster for your event! Congrats!

  2. Had to skip the EMOM. One session.

    2. 20 Rep Benchmark- Hang Power Cleans. Had 12 at 185 and lost the hook grip, got 165 really easily right after. I think I'll have 185-200(+) when my grip isn't fried from a triple fran.

    3. Metcon- No GHD, did:
    100-80-60-40-20 Double unders
    50-40-30-20-10 Abmat situps

    Timer died mid workout, every round of double unders except 2 unbroken (100 and 40), situps unbroken. It actually felt faster than the last time I did regular Annie.

    1. Rowing
    4x750m- 2:40, 2:43, 2:38, 2:36

    Good day today, body is fried but I had fun.

  3. Body was TOASTED ha.
    1.done worked up to 245#
    2. Done 190. second guessed myself and didn't go 200# shoulda went for it. oh well
    3. 8:14 rx broke once on the 100 and once on the 80. dumb big feet
    4 . done. my 4am reading read 4x475 which I thought was a weird distance but I don't question the coach . he could tell me to row 10x 5meters and I would believe it would make me better. so didn't quite do it right. oops. maybe that was my body telling my brain to simmer down it still hurts from yesterday. good day though.

  4. Did Fran: 2:35 Pr by more than 1min.

    1. Gotta love the days where there is tangible evidence of your hard work. congrats bud. that's huge.

  5. Open:
    1) Annie RX (a first) @ 10:05, sit-ups killed. Doubles were cake.
    2) 13:04, failed on set 12 at rep 11. Then failed set 9 after 3. Was more mental than anything else. Rested 1 min between sets.

  6. Regionals.

    1) up to 187
    2) 176. Felt really good. Probably had 185-190 in there today but that was already 20# more than last time.
    3) 6.42
    4) done. 2.28/2.36/2.38/2.38

  7. 1) 27"/255#
    2) 185
    3) 8:21
    4) can't remember times but they were all 2:50's. legs were achin' from ghdsu

  8. 1) This drill was good for me. Realised that I'm pulling all with my back and no legs... When I started focusing on legs, 205 came up high and easy... Enjoyed it

    2) Got 185 easy. Next time 205
    3) 7:53 DU's let me down
    4) 2:36

  9. Open
    1) 6:31
    2) did 20RM Push Press @ 105#

  10. Open
    1) 6:55 doubles felt good sit ups were rough
    2) Did Squat Therapy

  11. Open:
    Annie - 6:29, this is about a 6 sec pr. I've done Annie now about 4 times over the past 6 months and consistantly get between 6:36 & 6:38. Getting a pr under 6:30 was cool but I think I've hit my thresh hold for this WOD. I am moving as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Everything is unbroken barring a trip on du... thougts, comments?

    BJ - 8:33... better than I thought I'd do. Avg :45 sec rest inbetween. My rebounding got quicker as I went along, all unb!

  12. Regional
    EMOM 20
    Even - One 127cm (50inch) Box Jump
    ODD - 1 Snatch Pull - went up to 92kg

    20 Rep Hang Clean
    NEW PB at 80kg (176lbs) !! Bodyweight 77kg. I did 70kg in the morning and hit the 80kg in the afternoon. Feeling super strong and in best shape of my life.

    Time - 4:38 - New PB ---- I don't have a GHD so did annie instead

    3x 750 (only did 3 due to time constraint
    Row 1 - Time - 2:43
    Row 2 - Time - 2:42
    Row 3 - Time - 2:41

    Absolutely Incredible day of training. Thanks for solid programming Ben. I tagged you in the Hang Clean video on facebook.

    1. You just kill the gymnastic Wods bud!!
      Awesome work on the hang clean...

  13. 1) Worked up to 275, Didnt measure the hight on the vertical jumps.
    2) First 20 reps @ 155, Second 20 reps @ 176
    3) 8:45 Felt surprisingly good in my knees. Did a knee surgery 2 months ago and haven´t jumped any DU`s much the last 6 months.

    4) Later today

    Good workout after yesterdays 3 Fran`s ;-)

  14. Open
    1) 7:23 Way off my PR, usually in the 6 something range.. Sit ups were slow this morning, Dubs weren't great but not a
    disaster either. I give you early morning vampires lots of credit. I need to work out more in the AM and get better at it.
    2) Didn't do, had to get Hatch Squats done before shift.

  15. OPEN
    1. Annie - 4:52 Rx (0:36s PR)
    2. UB 24" Box Jumps - 3:26 Rx (Had a miss early on the round of 18 - rest all good)

    ... feel like I'm running with a new engine - Thanks Ben - world class coaching and programming.

  16. Regionals:

    1) even: stayed @ 30" jump 3 times every round. Legs still in shock after tripple Fran
    Odd: 135 to 215
    2) attempted 135 only
    3) Just did Annie 7:30

  17. Regionals:

    1) even: stayed @ 30" jump 3 times every round. Legs still in shock after tripple Fran
    Odd: 135 to 215
    2) attempted 135 only
    3) Just did Annie 7:30

  18. Master open:
    Annie: 6:50 rx pr
    Bj- check

  19. 1) up to 235
    2) 145# , didn't go for higher than last time because my reps were ugly and beat up my collarbone. Focused on making all the reps pretty, no bruising VICTORY!
    3) 13:26 first round of double unders took 3:30. Found my rhythm halfway through the 80's. All GHDSU UB
    4) 2:38, 2:51, 2:56, 2:56. Normally do 1:45 split on 501m-1000m went for 1:39 on the first one and it killed me.

    Last few days of training have been great. Stretching, mobility and some light activity definitely required tomorrow

  20. OPEN
    1 - 5:51 PR - DUs were great. Sit ups are slow and I slide everywhere when doing them. Any suggestions to increase efficiency and reduce movement?
    2 - 3:41 - took about a 10 sec break between each set

  21. What is Games Standards for range of motion of situps?

    1. Often see people instructed to get shoulders touching floor at bottom and shoulders in front of hip at the top.

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  23. Annie: 8:26. Situps are a major weakness. I have no idea why. All DUs unbroken except for set of 40, 2 sets.

    BJs: 3:05, no missteps.

  24. Question for you guys. On the rows, should they be all out or pick a controlled pace?

    1. I always write down my splits for every workout and distance. I think consistency is better than all out effort for the end of the workout rowing. I have always assumed it was skill practice. When rowing is in the actual metcon I will usually try to go slightly faster pace than I practice. If I go on feel, I will crash and burn more often than not, often ending up much slower than I am capable of

    2. Mike a lot to consider here. A lot of the interval work we see top athletes doing lately on rowers, airdynes, etc maintains 1:1 work rest or sustainable paces. While this can be very useful for building lower power sustainable capacity, it too can cheat us out of the benefits of variance and high intensity efforts.

      So if your recent trend has been doing a lot of slower mores sustainable splits it might be time to rev the engine up and try and hold on for dear life.

    3. Thanks guys. Lately I've just been going all out, and as you said, James, "holding on for dear life." This does cause a slight difference in my split times, though.

  25. Reg:

    1. Done but did both movements every minute, didnt read it right. Snatch pulls started at 135, added 5-10lbs everytime. Jumped to the 10ft wallball mark.
    2. 215x20, 225x18

    3. Done, untimed
    4. DNF

  26. Open

    Annie: 9:46 - Took me while to get my groove on w/ the DUs.

    Box jumps - 4:47 including breaks. Wasn't sure how much break to take between sets. So I opted for a handful of seconds. Lost balance on a rep during the first round and repeated the 21s.

  27. Regionals:

    1) Snatch pulls 115, 115, 135, 135, 150, 150, 165, 165, 175, 175
    Vertical jump-- used 35.5 inch box
    2) 100# felt super easy... probably should of gone up 10-15# but last time I tried a 20 rep max I went way too high
    3) Metcon Rx: 9:25 UB on GHSU's and DU's were chopped up

  28. Open
    Annie 6:33 RXd - 6 minute PR from 4 months ago
    Skills- all sets of box jumps unbroken

  29. 1. Done. Up to 225 on the pulls
    2. 185 all hang power cleans.
    3. 7:05. Broke doubles a few times but GHD's are in my wheel house.
    4. After I teach tonight.

  30. 1. Made it a high box jump (42") and did the snatch pulls from 185-275. Up 10 lbs a minute.
    2. 205. All power and felt easy until the grip got sticky at about rep 16. Could mayyybe fight for 225 in the future.
    3. Hate deviating from a program but had to get in the purepharma challenge from my buddy Alec Smith. 3 rounds of 10 triple unders and a 20 meter unbroken handstand walk. If you break on the hs walk, the penalty is 3 burpee backflips. Finished in 2:43. Trips are hard. Did a lot of well... tripping.
    4. Ugh. 2:35, 2:38, 2:40, 2:39. Biceps and quads after yesterday.

    1. 20RM -

      Tiple under HS walk WOD -

  31. Open
    1. Morning Annie- 7:02.....couldnt DU to save my life this AM
    2. 20 rep max push press- 155#
    Snow day- No School
    3. PM Annie - 5:13- du's were a bit better
    4. Row 10 rds 30sec on - 30 sec rest

  32. Regionals:

    1) Didn't do. Only had time for one short session today.
    2) 20 RM hang clean: got 24 reps @ 175# (all power). Maybe 190 next time?
    3) Metcon: 8:09. Messed up once on the 60 and 40 DU. Had a few too many pauses on the GHDs.
    4) 4x750m row: 2:39, 2:42, 2:43, 2:40.

    A) odd - touched pull up rig at 10 ft.
    Even - 135,155,175,185,205,225,245,265,275,295.

    B) 20RM Hang Cleans
    165 easy. Went to 205 and got 12 reps. Then dropped to 185 and got 20 easy.

    C) metcon done in 10:33. Double unders for volume is a weakness.

    D) 4 x 750m row
    1) 2:41 2) 2:47 3) 2:52 4) 3:01
    Hamstrings get so tired when I row over 500m. Any suggestions or is that a good thing?

    1. Andrew, I used to row in college. Tired or tight hamstrings can often mean you are pulling yourself up the "slide" with your feet, instead of just letting yourself glide up naturally. Its a common issue because you want to get up to the catch quickly to take another stroke. This video does a very good job of showing and talking about this and a drill to correct it. It will take time to correct at intensity though since you are used to going balls-out the way you currently row:

    2. Thanks Chris. Will start fixing this.

  34. 1. done worked up to 305#, jumped to a 10ft target and grabbed it every time. mixing it up.
    2. 20rm hang clean: 225#, all power, could have went heavier probably.
    3. 6:40. double unders. FML

    Rowing later.

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  36. Open:
    1. Annie 8:53 Rx (All unbroken, except for the first round, where I got tripped up on the last 12.) This was the first time I have ever done this work, so no comparisons to think about. The sit ups were much harder than I thought they were going to be.
    2. Complete, but started at 15.

    Finished with a 5x5 set of squats to see if I can start making some improvements on form and efficiency.

  37. Open/Masters 43

    Annie: 8:10, paced way too slow on this, but had way less trips with DU's
    Box jumps: 5:50, including 15-20 second breaks between sets
    10 x OTM: power clean, front squat and jerk with 185

  38. Regionals

    1) worked up to 275
    2) did 195 grip was pretty tight today maybe could have done 205
    3) 10:22 this was awful DU is always a big goat wasn't a wind or anything just couldn't string many together my biggest set in the whole workout was 20 everything else 10ish
    4) row splits 2:39, 2:44, 2:43,2:38 these weren't that bad paced a bit too much. I think I need to take James Hobart's advice and just go as hard as possible and try to hang on for dear life.

    A bit disappointed with the day need to work on DU's more.

  39. 2014 REGIONAL & GAMES ATHLETES-Baseball this morning before school so had to do this in the afternoon.

    1. EMOM x 20
    Even: 1 max Vertical Jump-Stayed at a 38" box jump.
    Odd: 1 Snatch Pull-Stayed at 185lbs. This is my 1RM snatch. Trying to get comfortable with heavier weights here.

    2. 20 Rep Benchmark
    20RM Hang Clean - power or squat allowed.-Attempted 155lbs. Got 15 reps. Grip just gave out. Tried again about 5 minutes later and got 14 reps.

    3. Metcon
    For time: 8:20. Too many breaks on GHDSU's. DU's were good.
    100-80-60-40-20 Double unders
    25-20-15-10-5 GHDSU

    AFTERNOON SESSION-Will do tomorrow. Didn't have time tonight.
    1. Rowing
    4x750m, 1 min rest

  40. Reg
    1) worked up to 165, 33" box jump
    2) 125# for 18, tried to regrip on 19, but dropped it.
    3) 100-80-60-40-20 double under/ghd wod done at 7:01.
    4) rows averaged just over 3 min per round
    5) also did the open box jump wod since I need to work on these: 5:03. Redid a round that I stumbled on

  41. 1) did ascending box jumps up to 50"...worked up to 285 on pull
    2) 205...this makes me happy.
    3) 7:31

  42. 1. Worked up to a max effort box jump. Got 52.5. Really amped for that. A 3" PR.
    went from 135-255. Concentrated on finding a huge jump and getting the hips all the way through.

    2. 165. More in the tank, but we were somewhat pressed for time.

    3. 7:42 RX. My effing DU were revolting.

    4. 4 people, 2 rowers, so we did a 15 minute amrap of a partner row for max distance in 200m increments. That was a spicy one. Kept the pace sub 1:30 for most splits.

  43. Open/Master 47

    1) 6:34 all du unbroken

    2) 3:44

    Also worked otm hspu.

  44. Open Master
    1. Annie Rx 5:44
    2. Bjs done. Did not time

  45. Im starting to taper for competition this weekend, so only followed part of the programming today because im still trying to heal the issue in my leg before the weekend and the dubs and box jumps would have murdered it.

    Did the 20rm hang clean, got 185x19, lost my hook grip on the last rep and bar flew out of my hands on the pull, so close!

    Did the 4x750 row work

    2:49.1 (I messed up and wasnt looking at the resttimer on the rower and when I looked it was at like 8 - 10 sec into the rd and I grabbed it and started pulling.)

    Then I did the classes work with the class

    5 sets of 1 power snatch, 2 squat snatch, 3 ohs @ 145#

    10 min ladder (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, etc)

    DB squat (65#)
    1 arm DB Snatch (65#)

    Got 12 rds even (may have done an extra rd of 9, lost track if it was 9 or 10 so I went with the lower number)

  46. Open
    "Annie" - 5:17 (35 second PR) My core is getting stronger and this definitely showed in this wod tonight.

    Did not do the rebounding box jumps. Taking the advice of a fellow coach to not do them as much and save my Achilles... :)

  47. Did the regional work today.
    1. Done..worked up to 230# on snatch pull
    2. 155#
    3. 7:11
    4. 2:45, 2:52, 2:51, 2:48

  48. 1. EMOM x 20:
    Wasn't to measure the jump. Worked up to 215 keeping it clean and fast.

    2. 20 Rep Benchmark: 175 - Felt good. 185 is my next goal.

    3. Metcon: 8:32 - Double unders fell apart in the 40 round.

    4. Rowing - Hitting this tomorrow.

  49. Regionals:


    1. Didn't measure jump. Worked up to 235 lbs. (with straps). These felt great.
    2. I don't want to talk about it. Attempted 155 got 14 and lost grip. Stripped weights down to 135 and went again. Got 18 and lost grip on 19. Bummer.
    3. 8:41. My hip flexors were on fire during the GHDSU. Ouch.
    4. Today was a big rowing day at our gym so I couldn't get on a rower unless I did the class. So I did what we call Rowing Cincy. Row 1200m 10 rounds of Cindy (with HR push-ups) and then end with a 1200m row. 18:52. 0:03 PR. I am really noticing that my PR's are getting quite tiny. Lol.

  50. Open

    1. "Annie" 7:37. 20 sec PR but felt like I coulda gone faster. Tripped up too many times on DUs and sit-ups slowed down too much. Ah well..

    2. Done, 6:12. Had to redo sets 15 and 12. Box jumps are still a goat for me, esp rebounding ones. Thanks for making me work on them!

    Lungs felt great today, although it was a light cardio day. I think Fran cleared some gunk out for me :)

    1. Also did OTM10 10-15 HS shoulder taps. Got tough.. But felt great to work these. Started out thinking I could do 20 per round, toned it down to 15. Thought I could maintain 15 but quickly dropped down to 12 then 10. Funny how I always overestimate my ability.... Guess I'm an optimist?

  51. Masters 46
    1. Metcon
    "Annie" (6:52) previous 4/13 (8:40)
    50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
    Double unders
    Abmat Sit ups

    2. Skills
    10 EMOM
    Even 5 Thrusters 100 lbs
    Odd. 5 OHS 100 lbs

    3.) 10 rds
    3 position clean & Sq. Clean
    Pausing at each position. #165

  52. 1) worked up to 265 snatch pull
    2) did 185
    3) did Annie because I don't have a ghd and it kicked my butt 7:54
    4) will do the row Tommorow

  53. Open
    1.) 5:43...2 trip ups, hate ab mat sit ups haha

    2.) 2:50...failed #3 first set then smooth through the rest, took 3 secs between RDS

  54. Walked into the gym and just did Annie off the bat ....... Felt great to hit a low stress workout after Fran. Did it in sub 6 but just based it off the big clock, no seconds.everything smooth and UB...

    Added some squat work and rowing in the PM... Looking forward to resting tomorrow

  55. did some of the regional work today
    1) 20 rep max hang clean- got 16 @ 185 then lost the hook grip and couldn't hold it. dropped to 155 and hit 20
    2) regional metcon- 6:57
    handstand walk practice... and done

  56. 1. EMOM: 46" box and Up to 235, trying to get the bar high.
    2. 185 .. Need to work on this
    3. Metcon: 6:40

    2:38, 2:48, 2:48, 2:45

    Think Fran 3x fucked me mentally (physically to). But just felt like I was dragging today. Looking forward to rest tomorrow.
    More Back squats Thursday!?

  57. Open
    1. 14:49 - Double Unders are still not my friend.
    2. Done

  58. Open
    1) 8:20 almost all UB i faild a few times in the DUs

    2) 3:54 i could go faster

  59. Jumped in class today at gym
    20 min amrap 3 dl 225 6 weighted sit ups 9 wall balls 12 push ups
    goal was to keep moving for 20 min I got 14 rounds and 3 wallballs
    I kept a nice pace with no drop off as longer metcons are a got of mine

    did bx jumps in 3:35 however i read it wrong and did 18-6

  60. Mish mash today as i had a chiropractic appt.
    2. 185
    3. 7:23 no DU unbroken not a good day on the rope

  61. Open - Masters 46
    Annie: 9:12
    Very excited about this! Just started getting DU consistently about 4 weeks ago when we started following this programming. Got 31 straight in rd1 a new record and the round of 20 was unbroken - Cloud 9!
    6:12 - BJ - I did step downs, not willing to spring back up for fear of injury - i'm old and 3 acl surgeries i never plan on anything other than step downs - so i just tried very hard not to rest at all at the bottom. Missed on #21 in the 1st round - that sucked. :-)

  62. Open

    Annie 7:38

    2) done. Weak at there so only did 12 and down UB. Took 3 tries to get 12.

    Had some extra time so did 2) again but with wall balls.

    Didn't time either...

  63. Note: Workout partner and I decided against Fran x 3... did the class WOD instead on Monday.

    1. EMOM x 20
    Even: 1 max Vertical Jump (Done)
    Odd: 1 Snatch Pull, climbing (Worked up to 225#, started at 135#, added 10# every time)

    2. 20RM Hang Clean - power or squat allowed.
    Did HPC @ 115#, think I had 125# in me... I need to not doubt my abailities on these 20RM's

    3. Metcon
    7:24min, quads were on fire!

    4. Rowing
    4x750m, 1 min rest
    Skipped (I'm a terrible person, have a nasty cold right now, this likely would have killed me)

  64. Regional and Games:
    1. Didn't do.. Ripped hand open during 3 Fran's
    2. Didn't do.. Same
    3. 6:58.. Felt pretty good.. DU's were solid and GHDs unbroken
    4. 4 x 2:40 Row. Rower display broken so just rowed 4x2:40.

  65. Open:

    1. wendler 5/3/1 - 5 week - 325x6
    2. annie - 6:54 (50 second PR) - usually i have to break up the situps. not this time.
    3. done - not for time

  66. Annie: 5:21

    thanks for the box jump practice!

  67. Open
    1. "Annie": 6:43
    2. Box jumps: 4:32. Stumbled once on rep 11 in the round of 15, had to redo.

  68. 1. 24-25", 185-295#

    2. 185# (no pausing, pcl)

    3. 9:04

    4. 2:26, 2:49, 2:44, 2:44

  69. 1. Jumped as high as possible / 185# - 255#
    2. 205#x12 & 185#x20, I can get 205# on a day not after Fran x3 :-)
    3. "Annie" @ 7:03, 24 second PR.
    4. AirDyne @ 1500m: 2:39 2:42 2:43 2:44

  70. 1. Worked upto 125kg/275lb
    - focus on vertical & explosive pop
    2. 20RM @ 100kg/220lbs
    3. WOD: 7:31
    - first time using GHD in a workout. Felt slow + too many trip ups on DU
    Afternoon: complete tomorrow

  71. 1. Worked upto 125kg/275lb
    - focus on vertical & explosive pop
    2. 20RM @ 100kg/220lbs
    3. WOD: 7:31
    - first time using GHD in a workout. Felt slow + too many trip ups on DU
    Afternoon: complete tomorrow

  72. Competitor -

    1. Emom - Snatch pull. - worked up to 235
    focused on high jump
    2. 20 rep - failed 165
    17/20 first attempt
    19/20 second attempt with #20 flying out of grip. Time to start using hook grip
    3. Metcon - 13:26, good DU work
    4.Row - 2:49, 2:46, 2:47, 2:42