Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday 7.26.13

1. Back Squat

4.  Metcon of:
Squat Cleans, 135/95
200m Run after every round.

1. Back Squat

4.  Metcon of:
Squat Cleans, 135/95
200m Run after every round.


  1. Nice one! Took me 23:15 Minutes for the Rx'd MetCon but it did get better from 5 reps down ;-)

  2. 3RM for HBBS- 365, 380 was my old 1RM for HBBS, guess that is going to change.

    10RM- 315 was a challenge after 365 but I toughed it out, was harder than our last 20RM

    Metcon- Sarah and I were about to start the metcon and the bottom dropped out, guess these things will happen during rainy season in the Philippines. Wanted to do something to mimic the time domain and metabolic toll on the body that a 200m run would have. Decided on 50 DU's every round instead of 200 m run. It. Was. Awful.


    1. HAHA!! Last second, bad decisions....Sounds Aweful, but still a great time for that much work. And HOLY CATS that's a lot of weigh you are pushing around.

    2. Thanks man, I appreciate it. And note to self 50 DU's was not an accurate replacement.

  3. 1) 265 - can go higher but need some heavy bar confidence
    2) 22:29 - squat clean and running are probably my biggest mental blocks right now.

    1. Did 2 sets of 10 ctb and 10 kte as punishment!

    2. Thanks Jeremy. I definitely need to get over my mental block on these... Need to get a "pick up the bar" mentality! Nice Numbers on yours!!!

  4. 1) 285 3RM. Knees have been feeling good. Most weight I've been moving in a while do to the bad knees. I always feel good until I see everyone else's weights. Still have a lot of catching up to do strength wise.

    2) 17:22 on the WOD. Got out to a lead on round 1 until "Gump" passed me on round 2. AKA Shane H. Good to push with that kid, great runner. Lower back is on fire.

  5. 1. Skipped - did the last day of a 7 week squat cycle (1RM BS: +20# PR). Glad it's finally over. I'll do the CompWOD squats moving forward.

    2. 14:57 - it rained. Did 20 DU's instead.

  6. Open
    1. 3rm hbbs 315#
    10rm hbbs 260#

    2. Skipped rest right wrist

  7. Open:

    1) 315# 3RM
    260# 10RM

    2) dnf stopped at 10min felt tightness in my lower back during the 5th round. Feels good to be back.

  8. Open

    Masters (40)

    1. 3RM 255#
    10RM 215#

    2. 25:00

  9. OPEN
    My legs are toast after this week. Stayed out to late last night and I paid for it today

    1) 3RM - 285, felt like I had more in me, but didn't have that push today
    10RM - In my own stupidity I forgot this one. I saw 3RM and the Metcon. Oops.

    2) 24:46, I know I could have pushed harder, but all the beer I had last night started to rumble my stomach.

  10. Open

    3RM - 185# (PR)
    10RM - 165#

    Ben: 19:40 RX

  11. Regionals

    Didn't do the WOD yesterday so I didn't post there. I did snatch work up to 185, then failed 195 several times....GRRR....I know I'm getting stronger though because I'm getting under it safely, just can't get the bar to land on plane.

    1. 285 ..... My 1RM was only 275 about 8 weeks ago.....lets just say I'm happy today for I squatted more than I ever have in my life... 3 TIMES!

    2. 225 ... might have gotten more, but not much more, and wasn't willing to try knowing what was coming up next.

    3. 15:43 ... mid-weight cleans and running are two of my favorites. Dropped every rep except one in the end of first round.

    Sorry Jimmy, running makes it unfair. I think you'll get me tomorrow.

  12. OPEN

    ... couldn't bear the thought of dealing with another round of DOMS this week so did tomorrows WOD instead ...

  13. 3rm- 200
    10rm- 175
    Metcon: 17:31

  14. Open/Masters (43)
    3RM = 335# (it was in a low-bar position...while building up to the 3RM i did 295# in a Hi-bar position)
    10RM = 275#

    Metcon = 22:40
    My low-back felt as if someone was punching it every step I took on the runs.

  15. 3rm BS 165 (could have gone heavier)
    10rm BS 155

    Ben: 21:23RX

  16. Skipped lifting and scaled weight on wod, body was not up for it today.
    Ben: 18:xx :16 I think. 75# w row for runs.

  17. Open

    1) 160 for 3RM and 127,5 kg for 10RM
    2) did tomorrows metcon today when I had a friend with me.
    time 30:22. HRPU was heavy!

  18. Masters (40)

    1. 300
    2. 225
    3. 17:15

  19. Open
    3RM back squat 315
    10RM back squat didn't do it egs are toast from the week and I need to build the motor more then strength

    Felt good but should have pushed harder

  20. 1. 3RM - 305
    2. 10RM - 255
    3. 23:20

    Squats felt super heavy today. Happy with metcon as both squat cleans and running are big goats.

  21. Open
    1. 305
    2. 260
    3. 15:23

    I hate 10-9-8-7...etc WODs. Messes with my head!

  22. For the open, I'm unable to do the run, is a 200m row a good replacement?

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  24. Open
    1. 3RM- 335#- my last 1rm was 350#
    10 RM- 245# i think i low balled this one!
    2. 18:15- the steps coming back into the gym were horrible! Went unbroken on 10's then 5-1... im a slow 37 yr old

    1. Dude, you are crazy fast and strong!

    2. Thank you! Loving the push from everyone!
      Im chasing your numbers! Keep it up!

  25. Open
    1) 120 - 90Kg (no tenía el cinturón y no me atreví a subir más por mi lesión)
    2) 20'55"

    Thx coach

  26. 1. 3rm:425#
    10rm: 365#
    2. 16:45
    lower back felt super tight after 7. went unbroken till 6, then went unbroken again.

  27. 3RM: 385
    10RM: 335

    Didn't do the conditioning. My knee's feeling very not good.

    Last night did a ton of overhead work: 3x10 press @ 145, then 5RM BTN snatch grip push press (225).

    Hopefully some rest will do my knee well.

  28. 3RM 275. Had 295 to the sticking point, I realized me feet opened up while resetting and I had zero torque. I know it's within my grasp, which would be a PR.
    10RM 245 PR, more in the tank I think.

    2. 20:01. Painful. I felt like a lumbering ape on those 200's.

  29. Open
    1) 3 RM 325# #20 PR 10 RM 275#. Didn't know how to add so i tried 310 thinking it was 300 my first attempt at 10 Reps got 2 reps then called it. then i still didnt know how to add thought i was attempting 285 but i ended up trying 295 got 3 reps then called it was getting upset but wanted to find the 10 reps ended up going to 275 and hit 10 finally.
    2) 18:31
    1) 3 RM 215# 20# PR 10 RM 195# 20# PR
    2) 16:36

  30. 3RM @ 195lbs
    10RM @ 135lbs

    METCON = 23:08 [95lb squat clean]

  31. 1. A. 385 B. 335

    2. I'm spent!! Too damn hot too!!

    3. Goat work

  32. 1. 355. Left a little there

    2. 305 unbroken

    3. 21:05. Ballparked distance. Measured after... 275 meters. Oh well

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  34. Regionals:

    1. BackSquat
    3RM: 300#
    10RM: 265#

    2. Metcon: 22:09 RX

  35. Open
    1) 3RM 300#
    10RM 255#

    2) 17:51

  36. Regionals:
    1. I misread and did a 5 rm. 325
    2. 10 rm 295
    3. 1900 my back seized up after first ten. Resorted to singles after that. It took everything in me not to quit

    1. Way to stick with it! Quitting lasts forever !

  37. Open

    1) 3rm 130kg-10rm 100kg

    2) 21:28 not happy with that

  38. 1-3rm 325
    10rm 255
    2-20:00rx had to deal with children arguing while playing outside multiple times so my time should have been much better. Benefits of being daddy daycare i guess.

  39. 1.
    10RM:275, pretty sure I had more in the tank but I didnt wanna blow it for the WOD
    2.17:42, run started getting really slow after the round of 7

  40. Open

    1. 3RM back squat - 385 PR
    10RM - 335 PR.

    Pushed hard on these, couldn't have lifted a pound or rep more on either.

    2. 19:22. Squat cleans felt extremely good today. Run can only be done around the driveway/yard now, which is spongy grass, gravel, slippery asphalt, switchback... And uphill both ways LOL. Great workout !

  41. Masters (41)

    1) 300 3RM
    265 10RM

    2) 18:43. Low back was toast. Had to walk at least 100m of the last 4 or 5 200's. Other than that, felt pretty good.

  42. New the the programming, liking it so far. First time posting.
    335x10 (only time for 1 attempt, chose too light of a load)
    18:30 RX...low back got super tight here

  43. Open:

    1.) 225# failed 3rd rep of 245 twice got it with minor spot...5 less pounds would have been a better choice.

    205# by 8...again 5 less pounds to success

    2.) 20:07 wanted sub 20

    Always too hesitant to push the time

  44. Regionals

    1) 285x3-290X2 (Pumped b/c my 1RM was 300)


    Wanted to get the CompWOD communities take on something. When you do a 3RM, at what set are you hitting that 3RM? Do you have a strategy beforehand or do you just increase the weight until you can't get 3?

    2) Stopped after round of 9...low back super tight.


    1. I warm up first, then build up to what my 3 rep max should be. I use a NSCA chart to gauge what I should be able to hit. 3 RM = 93% of your 1RM. But if I hit what the chart says and I feel like the hulk, Ill add weight and hit it again. If your 3rd rep is a struggle or form is breaking down bad (knee wobble etc..) then its time to stop.

      you can find the chart at the above link if you click on the references tab then on "NSCA training load chart"

    2. Whoops, so more specifically - after warm up, Im hitting my 3 rm on my 3-4 set

  45. 3 RM- 195
    10 RM- 165
    Met Con- RX 19:15 Fun! Even though I'm a super sloooow runner:(

  46. open: solo hice el metcon no vi el back squat el metcon solo llegue a la 5 ronda en 15:15 me dolia mucho la espalda y por eso pare! creo que use mucho peso

  47. Open.

    1. 3RM - 315, 10RM - 255

    2. 19:13...longest 200m run ever.

  48. Open
    1) 3RM-335# (15#PR...missed 3rd rep @ 345#) 10RM-285# (1st ever attempt)
    2) DNF...back seized up around set of 5, decided to train smarter not harder and be able to go tomorrow

  49. open 10 RM con 27,5kg y los 3 rm con 35kg

  50. New to the programming, but
    1.)3rm 255
    10rm 225

    2.)20:07 with 250m row instead of run.

  51. Open
    1) 255#
    2) 205# - felt good. Could have probably gotten 215#
    3) 14:48 @ 105#. Unbroken on sqt cleans

  52. Open

    1) 280#
    2) 225#
    3) 15:17 @ 115# went unbroken on squat cleans

  53. Did the met-con on Saturday afternoon in 23:13. Did mostly singles on the cleans and those runs were more like trudges.

    Trying to squat tonight (Saturday).

  54. Open

    Metcon: 30:10

    Was pretty miserable, training while working in a summer camp, means broken bar and lifting on gravel but no excuses just requires more accuracy

  55. 355
    335x6 (knees screaming so I stopped)

  56. Open
    1. 3rm 205, 10rm 170
    2. 17:21 with 80#

  57. Open
    1. 3rm - 140kg, 10rm - 120kg. Workin on form k star style! Felt good :)

    2. 20:17