Friday, July 19, 2013

Saturday 7.20.13

Ashley's Squat Therapy.

1.  For Time:
21 GHDSU with medball, 20/14
15 Snatches, 155/105
9 Burpee Pull ups

2.  Row
3 x 1000m, Rest as needed.

1. Squat
Back Squat, 7x3 across
Front Squat, 5x5

2. 20 Rep Benchmark
Jerk, 20 unbroken reps for max load.  Resting in the rack position or overhead is ok.

3.  Metcon
400m KB Farmer Cary, 53/35
20 Burpee Box Jumps, 30/24
400m Plate Carrry, 35/25
20 Burpee Box Jumps, 30/24
400m Plate Carrry, 35/25
20 Burpee Box Jumps, 30/24
400m KB Farmer Cary, 53/35

4.  Rowing 
10 rounds of:
1 minute for max Cals
1 minute rest

1.    Metcon
400m KB Farmer Cary, 53/35
20 Burpee Box Jumps, 30/24
400m Plate Carrry, 35/25
20 Burpee Box Jumps, 30/24
400m Plate Carrry, 35/25
20 Burpee Box Jumps, 30/24
400m KB Farmer Cary, 53/35


  1. Plate and kb in each hand?

    1. Farmers carry is with a kettlebell in each hand.
      Plate carry is with a single plate.

  2. Ashley is just a smidge outside shoulder width...
    Nice work Ashely!

  3. May we split jerk on the jerk or must it be a push jerk?

  4. Shooting a wedding tomorrow. Will get this one in on sunday.

  5. 1. Squat
    Back Squat, 7x3 across- 295
    Front Squat, 5x5- 185, 195, 205, 215, 225

    2. 20 Rep Benchmark- Went Push Jerk with 115, was a little under what I can probably do but my upper body was cooked after the 115 attempt.

    3. Metcon- 24:35

    4. Rowing- 20, 20, 20, 19, 20, 20, 20,19, 20, 21

  6. Open

    1) 27:27

    2) extra work me and some of the guys at my gym did. One of the guys has a bum knee so thought we'd keep him company

    50 ring dips
    60 curls @25kg
    70 push-ups
    80 ring rows

    20 rounds ski erg for total cals
    30 seconds on
    30 seconds off
    =165 cals

  7. I am going to be visiting my parents next week, so I will be dropping into various boxes to check them out. I find it rude to show up and ask to do my own thing, so I will not be posting next week :) With that said, I wanted to get my butt kicked today, so I did the Regionals work

    1. Back Squat: 205
    Front Squat: 155

    2. 20 rep test: 95 lbs

    3. "Scooter" - the gym I go to only has one of each kettlebell, so I used a 45 and a 35. Time: 25:43

    4. Rowing: 17, 16, 17, 16, 16, 15, 15, 15, 16, 17

    1. Oh - and just to be clear - I couldn't use the 35# dumbbells instead because they were being used. I waited for a few minutes, but they were still being used. Just don't want people to think I am an idiot ;)

    2. i was thinking "why didn't she grab dbells" just as i got to your p.s.

  8. A day behind since I rested on Thursday still...
    Fridays Work Today
    1. 200m Run OT2M 37/38/38/38/38/39/39/39
    2. Deadlifts 235/255/265 Can only do a clean grip ....that was limiting factor
    3. Good Mornings 4x6 65/95/95/65- not really sure on these..i feel I recorded these.
    4. Isabel- PR is 2:17...but then again ....yesterdays on the minute work was my first time lifting over a 65# snatch in 10 weeks!
    Feeling confident today. Enjoy your weekend guys!

    1. I'm weird and only do clean grip. mixed feels weird to me haha

    2. Dex i think its actually going to help me get stronger! :)

  9. 1. 285
    2. 185/205/225x2 stopped felt back from a recent injury so stopped.
    3. 135 pj felt fairly easy stayed light with back being sketchy.
    4. 23:26
    5. 26/26/24/24/23/23/23/22/25/23 really happy with these scores.

  10. Open

    1. 27:50
    Only one 53 KB, so I did the farmers walks with a 45 DB in one hand and the kettle bell in the other and switched midway.

  11. Open
    Not happy about my time at all Im really disappointed with my self today

  12. Open.

    1. 20:21...Felt really slow. Mental test for sure.

  13. Regional:
    Messed up squat rep scheme
    1) 5 x 4 @ 335
    2) 4 x 5 @ 245 (speed/position work)
    3) 20 Rep Jerk - 185 (easy), 215 (x10 then mis-caught) - figured 1 or 2 attempts would be all I had, next time I'll know to start heavier.
    4) Did 21-15-9 Games Wod @ 85% of Snatch max with the team, also did bar pull-overs instead of going over a wall. Ended up being 205 on the Snatches, missed 3, but felt good.
    5) Ended with Farmers walk and 45lb Plates pinch carried for team relay races.

    Saturdays are our team practice, so we modify slightly -- fun day.

  14. 1) 255 - low bar
    2) 185 x 5
    3) 20 rep jerk - got 18 reps at 140...pissed about that
    4) Our box did CrossFit for Hope today so did that instead of Metcon and Rowing - 225 reps

  15. Regionals:
    1: 305
    2: 235
    3: 155#
    4. 24:40
    5. 27,26,25,23,25,21,22,23,23,25

    1. Dude you were flying in those intervals!

  16. Open Program
    1) 24:10 - only had one of each KB so used a single 2-pood. Also had to use a 25+10 on the plate carry since I have no 35s at home. Wasn't flying but kept a steady pace.

  17. 1. Back Squat- 315x2, 345x5
    Front Squat- 225 across
    2. Jerks- 135# All push jerks. Will go up 10-20# next time.
    3. MetCon- 27:41 rx Farmers carry got me.
    18 holes of golf today and a rest day tomorrow. Have a good weekend!

  18. Open
    1) 28:22
    2) Bulletproof Shoulders

  19. Open:

    A) 30:00 flat. Can't possibly imagine cutting more than 2 or 3 minutes off of this.

    B) 5 rounds of the rowing intervals. That blew.

  20. Back squat 245
    Front squat 185

    Metcon 19:37

  21. 1. 7x3 at 265, i guess my 1rm isn't 275 anymore.... excited to see what it might be.

    5x5 185,215,215,215,215 smoked after above.

    2. 135, not sure about 140 or 145... found my max on first attempt

    3. 21:52...dang that last 400 was a killer. All went as expected until complete failure in the last 400. Would have been around 20 flat without that, as it went well until I picked up the KB's again.

    4. skipped. Just not willing to spend over two hours in the gym.....gotta live too.

  22. regionals
    1. 385 across
    2. 335 across
    3. 205. my arms went numb at 12 haha
    4. 24:00 used 55# kb's and a 45# plate because my box doesnt have 35's
    5. 27,26,27,28,29,24,,26,25,32
    felt great all the way through today. happy off day tomorrow everybody!! lol

    1. Good stuff man! Super strong squatting, Im jealous!

    2. thanks man! dont be! Coach will get us right. i've been on since october 2012 and it changed my game completely.

    3. Still jealous bro! Haha! Cant wait to get stronger I have been following since a little before last years open but was sidelined with an injury until just a few! Keep it up man.

  23. Open- 21/male/165lbs

    Scooter- 27:xx(?).. forgot to write it down. Funny, I thought I was flying, but after looking at these other times, musta been going slow! Nice work everybody.

    -coached a class, then hit a partner WOD w/ some friends

    In teams of 2, w/ 1 bar..

    30 Partner DL's @275/185
    30 Power Cleans each partner, partitioned however @155/115
    30 Snatches each partner any way 115/85

    Just under 14:49

    Heading out to Cali' tomorrow to MC the CrossFit Games! Absolutely Psyched. Anyone else going out?

  24. Regionals:

    1. 255 Across
    2. 185, 205, 210, 215, 220
    3. 135 First and only weight attempted.
    4. 30:30
    5. 21,20,19,18,19,16,17,17,16,20

    1. Ha ha, I feel you on the first and only weight attempted. 115 was light but do you stop after 10 and go for a higher weight, or finish and see how you feel after. These 20 RM's are tricky. Good Work.

    2. Thanks man! I was just so gassed after I knew I couldn't do another set of 20 but possibly could have gone a tad bit heavier. very tricky indeed!

  25. Open:

    It was really hot here in tucson and the 30" box always scares the crap out of me :).
    But pleased with the time: 23:53.

  26. Regionals

    1) BS 265lbs across
    FS 205-210-215-215-220

    2) 155x12-140x20

    3) Brutal time (not even going to post it) used 55lb dumbbells and my grip was smoked after the first 400m

    4) 148 total cals

  27. Been on program for around 5 months now and love the programming. Seeing great results. Workout with 2 young bucks and we all follow the program. Even though I am a masters athlete (41) and masters do not have regionals, I do the regional workout with the younger fellows, and loving it so far. Gonna try post scores here as much as possible. Thanks Ben for the programming, it works brother!
    Quick bio:


    1) BS 275-275-275-275-275-295-295
    FS 185-205-225-235-245

    2) Jerks 135-felt easy, maybe had 10 more pounds

    3) Metcon-24:36

    4) Forgot to switch to calories, did meters, stayed around 275-300
    meters each round. Legs smoked

  28. 1. 270 across

    2. 225x3, 230, 235

    3. 125. Could have probably done 135. Now I know for the next time.

    4. 22:37, our 400 has some small inclines in it and they felt like mountains on the farmers carries.

    5. Regular WOD at the box was a rowing WOD, skipped cause there were no rowers available and to avoid divorce. :) Rest day and quality time with the family tomorrow.

  29. Scooter 18:20

    thought I had an awesome time until I realized I had done 20" burpee box jumps instead of 30". oh well! Still a good workout.

  30. 1-275 across
    no scooter yet. have to do later.

  31. 1. Squat
    Back Squat, 180 across
    Front Squat, stayed between 125-145 and worked on form

    2. 20 Rep Benchmark 95#
    3 & 4 - will have to do tmrw, ran out of time

  32. Squat 300 across
    Fsquat 205/235/235/235/fail
    185x13... For sake of time did not try again with less.
    Scooter. 16:59. Did not think this was possible. measured my 400m. Turned out it was only 350m. Still shocked at my time.
    Only had time for 5rnds of rowing

    My knees are drowning in fluid. I see many icebags in my future.

  33. did the rowing:
    238 total calories

  34. i dont do because i go to the beach