Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday 7.12.13


1.  Bounding
5 attempts at max vertical jump
5 attempts at max broad jump
5 attempts at max hurdle jump

2.  Handstand walk
3 sets of max distance in 30 seconds

3.  3 sets of:
Max rep TnG Snatches, 185/135,   

4.  5 RFT
5 Bench Press, 225
5 Power cleans, 225

1.  Speed Work
a.  4 x flying 40's - each run is actually 80 yards.  start by running 20 yards, when you hit the 20-yard mark sprint 40 yards as fast as possible, then slow to a good run for the final 20 yards.  
b.  2 x 200m, rest as needed.

2.  Pulls
5 x 5 Good Mornings, across - use a safety squat bar if you have one.  if you don't have one - its a good purchase.  we will be using it in this program.

3.  Metcon
"Open 12.3"
15 BJ, 24/20
12 S2O, 115/75

1.  Metcon
"Open 12.3"
15 BJ, 24/20
12 S2O, 115/75

2.  Skills
5 sets of unbroken C2B at 60% or max effort.  Use June 28th as a reference for your max C2B.  If you did 20 reps on June 28th, today you will be doing 5 x 12 unbroken.  This is not for time so rest as needed between sets.  If you didn't do the max test on June 28th, do it today.  


  1. Another day to feel alive and rich(not the Froning one,what a joke , isnt it ? ).I hope a good training result for all the athletes.Stay strong guys!

  2. Hey Ben, what are your thoughts on "practicing" gymnastic stuff. I'm pretty good about sticking to the program, the only extra curricular stuff I do is some Air-Dyne, rowing and swimming intervals. However, I really sucked at those HS shoulder taps and would like to give that some more practice, is that okay within the parameters of the programing? Or just wait and train like a racehorse? Thanks!

    1. I'm in the same boat with you Danny. I have some goats for sure that I feel I need to constantly work on. Interested to see what Coach says on this.

    2. I think, based on the test that he had us take the other day, that we should be working on those skills constantly. I am implementing an "attack two-goats per day" into my training - no matter what.

    3. Thanks Deb. What kind of formats or schemes are you utilizing to attack two goats per day?

  3. Same movement standards as the open this year for everything? Just I know I did far better with step ups for the jumps

  4. If we need to do the max test today would you still like us to then do the 5 sets @ 60% afterwards?

  5. Open.

    9 rounds.
    Had no barbell today so subed S2O with handstand push ups with feet on a bar.

    Will do C2B test later.

  6. OPEN
    1)5 + 19 definitely feeling the effects of time off and starting back with 4am workouts
    2) 5sets of 10 - will increase next time

    1. Aaaaahhhh!!! Now wonder! I thought something was off. I did it as a 12 min - not 18!!!

  7. 1) Speed work- Sprint my my bike 1.5 klick to the gym to make it in time for open gym

    2)5x5 Good morning- For some reason I envisioned myself doing more. But the higher weight I tried to use the harder it was to maintain correct spinal posture etc. Used 135 Across

    3) Metcon 8 rounds plus 2 STO- This was definitely a weakness WOD, lighter weight and bodyweight movements for a longer period. I did a full round plus 10 reps more than last time I did this workout. Definitely an improvement but a long way to go.

  8. Early bird gets the worm today!
    Headed to OBX for the week....taking a barbell and will follow the best I can.
    1.11 rds( game standard BJ)
    In 2012 i was 9+ 15
    2.5x13- tried to butterfly as many as possible.....core is smoked

  9. Regional

    1) 40's all mid 5sec
    200's: 28/29

    2) 70/113/113/124/135

    3) 9rds + 7bj.

  10. OPEN

    1) 7 rounds + 28 reps( 15 bj, 12, pp, 1 t2b)

    2) 5 sets * 8

  11. Regionals:

    1. Done, fun in a parking lot barely big enough. No time for 200's, but effort was there.

    2. 5x5 at 145, regular bar in high bar position. Had to work up to weight to keep feet stable. May have been an inch shy on getting back parralel to floor.

    3. 339 (9rnds, +15 BJ) goal was 10+ going in, thought I was there until last two rounds of S2O.... definitely worth breaking up to sets of 6, but need to eliminate excess rest.

    feeling pretty wrecked from the week, definitely getting the stimulus I'm after.

    1. I'm right there with you Shane. Was shooting for 10 but didn't quite make it for the same reasons.

  12. This will be AWESOME to see how I do with this today. I did this workout back on Thursday, February 14th - just two weeks into following Comp Wod programming. I got 9 rounds plus 9 (333 reps) - which was a huge improvement from my 267 reps in the Open 2012. CAN'T WAIT to see how much I have improved since this day (will be doing the workout around 1:00) :)

    1. So - My husband had to drop his car off at the shop - and had to take my car to work today - so I get to bike to the gym (once the rain slows down - hopefully around 1:00) - Hopefully my legs won't be too smoked to SMASH my old score :)

    2. I'm sure you will improve. I'm still trying to figure out why I ended up so awful this morning!

  13. Open
    1. 12.3 - 8 rounds + 6 Rx'd
    2. C2B Test - 18

    1. ... unbroken on BJ/TTB, went 6/6 on the shoulder to overhead - need to better manage the rest between efforts ...

  14. OPEN

    1. 8 + 27 reps

    2. C2B Test 10

  15. Open

    1) 7 rounds plus 29 reps

    2) no more time.

  16. Open

    1. 7 rnds + 2 box jumps
    (may have done 8+2, lost count)
    TTB were fine. High reps of STOs and box jumps are goats

    2. 10 x 5 C2B (max C2B was 16 on 6/28)

  17. 1) Done

    2) Done

    3) 5 @ 5 (135)

    4) Weakness wod and body very fatigued!!
    7 or 8Rnds 8S2O...
    Rest day on Sunday will be well deserved.
    Thanx coach I'm loving the programming every day!!!
    Great work for the guys wo went past 9Rnds

  18. Open
    1. 10 + 10 (370 reps). As said before, on Feb 14, I had 333. This after biking the hilliest 7 freakin' miles to the gym in the rain because I don't have my car!!!!! :) :) :)

    2. Will do this when I get home. Want to beat out the storm!

    1. Did the max test for C2B - and I am happy to say that I did 10 (kipping)!!!!! Just a month ago I could do five on a good day!!!

    2. Nice job Deb!.. Did you qualify as an individual this past year? I've seen what you've been posting this last week, and you certainly have the numbers to have qualified.

    3. No - I was close, but no. The Mid-Atlantic Region is pretty tough - so I didn't make the cut. Will get it next year. :) Light, fast workouts have always been my thing, but there are a bunch of skills I need to work on to be 100% competitive.

  19. Open

    1) 12.3: 9+12 Rx (almost a full round better than last year in the opens!)

    2) 4x17 unbroken C2B, 1x12 CTB on the 4 minutes.

  20. Open
    1) 6+15 - first time doing this wod, didnt start crossfit until sept 2012, so ill take it as a place to start
    2) C2B Test - 15

  21. Masters (40)

    1. 8 rounds r box jumps
    2. Max C2b - 20

  22. 1) Done
    2) Done
    Didn't clock either of these
    3) 160-160-190-210-210
    4) 9 rds + 4 (328) - 18 rep improvement.

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  24. OPEN
    1. 5+26 (206) RX. Definitely need to work on my overhead strength, the S2O crushed me
    2. Max effort C2B (post-WOD): 15. Did them all butterfly, still working on technique efficiency.
    3. C2B: 5x9

  25. 1. Sprints were hurting my hip, did half.

    2. Good Mornings: 95 lbs Across

    3. Metcon: 8 + 19 RX Had some trouble mentally today.

    Tomorrow is a new day :)

  26. 1.Done
    3.115 lbs, focused on ROM instead of weight
    4.9 rounds,a bit mentally checked out today and shoulders are toasted from the week.

  27. Not able to train today... Work obligations and moving.. Will try to make it up tomorrow! Hate not being able to train!

  28. Regional

    1. Done. In the rain with no timer. Good intensity though.

    2. 155

    3. 10 rounds + 5 box jumps

  29. Open Program
    1) 9 rounds + 15 + 3 - this was 14 reps under my PR from the Open in 2012 but that was under ideal circumstances, so I'll take this considering how I was feeling coming in.
    2) Completed at 12 reps each round.

    Tomorrow looks like a real suckfest. Looking forward to it.

  30. Regionals

    1) Sub'd 3 300m Rows (1:02-1:03-1:04) It was 106 degrees out today

    2) 95-95-105-115-115

    3) 7 rounds (BJ's unbroken and fast, TTB average unbroken til last 2 rounds, S2O HUGE GOAT for me. S2O killed me)


  31. Open:

    1.) 7 rounds + 2

    Box jumps got to me:(

    2.) 5 x 15

  32. OPEN:

    1) 7+5 TTB

    2) Max effort C2B 27

    Wanted at least 8 rnds on 12.3. Could've gotten it if I didn't do step down bj the first 2 rounds.

  33. Open.

    1. 7 rounds + 5 S2O

    2. 6 C2B across

  34. Open:

    A) 8+1 s2o. Unbroken.

    B) Max c2b: 9. Not an accurate measure of my capability, but it'll do.

  35. Compwod newbie!

    A) 5 rds + 33 reps. RX. TTB major goat :(

  36. Open

    1) 9+7 @ 95# S2OH
    2) 9/11/13/12/9 - hands are smoked. My 60% is 13 reps.

  37. Open

    1) 10 rounds + 9 - 95# and did 6 TTB working on speed
    2) Max C2B: 18

  38. Open- 21 years old, male, 165 pounds

    WOD- 10 rounds + 3 Box Jumps
    -very happy with that. Slowed down big time during the second half of the WOD. Long rests.. but this score is MORE THAN A FULL ROUND BETTER than my score during the '12 Open- (8 rounds + 26)

    Didn't have time for skill. Just gonna add it in after today's WOD. Similar time domain anyways.

  39. Open
    1) 7 + 15 (267)
    2) 6 C2B across

    Don't know if I've ever specified...24 yr old, male, 205#.

  40. Regionals-
    Sprints- 40 done...200m - 49 sec and 50 sec
    Goodmornings- 65/75/85/85/85
    Metcon- 7 rounds- really tired today!!!

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  42. Week behind...Open
    7+20 RX...bested my 6 rnds a year ago...
    5x6 on C's 2 B's