Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday 7.31.13

Recovery Day
60-90 minutes of restorative activity - mobility, stretching, active recovery, yoga or other low intensity (non-crossfit) activity.

Today I wish I wasn't a coach.  Today I wish I was a creative writer, a journalist, a professional writer or even a screenwriter.  Someone that could do justice to the feelings I have and put them into words.  But I am just a coach, a jock with a blog. 

To say I am proud, to say that I care about my Team, Becca, Bubba, Big Bri, Jerry, my coaches, and the entire CFNE community is such an understatement and doesn't even begin to express the depth of my feelings towards these people, the week at the Games or the previous year.  I know I can't begin to do them justice, but I will do what I can...

Derek "The Off-The-Field Leader"
You are the only athlete in the world that has competed in every CrossFit Games as a member of an Affiliate team, and your experience is respected and your advice is credible and helpful.
You are the role model we all strive to be.  Caring and thoughtful, but determined and relentless.  You set the tone; leading with words and actions.   Your commitment, your dedication and the sacrifices you have made over the past five years are vast and obvious. I am proud to have you as a member of my team, but even more proud to call you a friend.

Montoya "The Silent Assassin"
Your skills are second to none and you can hang with the best in the world when it comes to being a freak on a pull up bar or flipping your body over objects.  You are smart, cunning, have a killer instinct and are crazy enough to kill yourself for your teammates.  You are poised under pressure and a true "game-day" athlete.

James "The Field General"
This weekend it was your ship and you captained it like a champion.  Your presence and attitude on the field set the tone, gave direction, and lead our team to the podium.  You were confident, clear and inspiring.  The test we faced this year was about working together and staying together and it wouldn't have happened without your leadership.  Your ability to expect and overcome adversity allowed your teammates to stay confident and on task. You are the fittest member of our team, but it was your leadership that stood out the most.

Bethany "The Hammer"
You are an incredible teammate; strong, determined, capable and willing to work for everything.  It takes a special breed of athlete to have the ability and commitment to reach the highest level, and you have now done it in three different disciplines; Olympic Bobsled, World Championship Hammer Throw and Silver Medal at the CrossFit Games.  Yet you are humble enough to willingly expose and work on any weakness.  You are one of the most 'coachable' athletes I have ever worked with and a true joy to have as a member of the Team.

Rachel "The Spark Plug"
We talk a lot about the intangibles that it takes to compete at the highest level.  Poise, confidence, self awareness, humility, humor, determination, toughness and having solid core values.  You are a rock (yes, physically you look like a rock), but mentally you as solid as they come.  Your skills and strength are on par with the Elite CrossFitters in the world, but its your mental approach, your comradery, and your friendship that make you such a valuable member to our team.

Heather "My Girl"
There isn't another person in the world with the same passion, creativity, dedication or that I love more. You understand everything it takes to excel in this sport both as an individual and on a team.  You are keenly aware of what it going on, what is important, and how to do things the right way.  Your athletic ability and opinions are respected by me, the rest of the team and the entire CrossFit world.  A coach isn't supposed to have favorites, but you are mine.  You are my everything.  You make me a better coach and a better person.  Love you.

Becca "The SoCal Girl"
You are a warrior.  I wish I could put into words how much I enjoyed coaching you this year and this past weekend.  You are an amazing athlete and watching you smile after the unbroken handstand walk was the highlight of my weekend.  I only wish we could train together all year long.
I know you are unsatisfied with your finish this year and that only serves as confirmation of the athlete that you are.  I am confident that I learned as much from you this weekend as you did from me.  I am incredibly excited about this year.

Brian "Big Bri"
You were my first personal training client ever, and I can still remember our first meeting and training session.  Your dedication, loyalty, and the respect others have for you is unparalleled.  You have seen me grow as a coach, CFNE grow as a community and yourself grow as an athletes and competitor.  You are the true work horse.  No one has more grit or determination.  Congrats on another amazing Games.

Bubba "Bubba"
I believe you have grown more as an athlete this year than any year since we started training together five years ago.  You are more coachable, open-minded, move better and have worked harder on your weaknesses.  You are becoming a complete athlete and coaching you has been more and more rewarding.  I believe you have incredible potential to take a spot on the podium next year.

Jerry "The Fireman"
Pure guts and determination.  You have a terrific mental approach to competing; calculated yet relaxed. You continue to surprise and inspire us with your ability, performances, approach and commitment.

Mom  - You can't give your mom a nickname.
Your selflessness knows no limits.  You gave up an entire week, so that Heather and I could focus.  You never ask for anything in return, and you make it seem like you enjoy every second of it.  I know how much you do for me, for us and everyone.  Thank you a million times over for being the mother you are and making me the man I am.
Happy Birthday.  I love you.

The CFNE Coaches "Ali, Geoff, Max, Doole, Ashley, Harry"
We could not have accomplished what we did this year without you.  This podium finish is as much yours as anyone else on the team.  Your dedication and commitment to pursuing excellence in every form of your work, training and live permeates the entire CFNE community and makes us all better.

The CFNE Community "Everyone"
Your support during the Games and throughout the year means more than you can imagine.  The "Red Sea" at Regionals, the pep-rally breakfast before our flight to Cali, the crew that traveled to the Games,  those that send us inspiring messages and the welcome home "Congrats" banner all mean SO MUCH to me and the entire team.  Thank you for being so supportive and amazing.  Because of you, I have the best job in the world at the best Affiliate in the world.


  1. Outstanding job by Team CFNE. You guys competed like warriors out there! Back on the podium where you belong!

    Active Recovery Row (I know this is CrossFit, but kept it low intensity)

    Mobility - hamstring emphasis

    1. Nice heart felt tribute to your athletes Ben, you write better than you think

  2. Went to the Globo gym at lunch time and just went through the motions...

    4 minutes on the airdyne, 4 minute 1K row, then 20 minutes of rolling and hip mobility.

  3. Thanks for sharing Ben - the performances over Games week were truly inspiring - the heart. grit and determination poured through during the coverage. Congratulations CFNE on a long list of achievements.

    OPEN - 60 min mobilty (knee is thanking me for taking the time)

  4. Congratulation for your CFNE Team, awesome Job!!! I enjoyed the CrossFitGames from Germany and the CFNE-Team & his Supporters were very fast one of my Favorites ... I´m an 35-year-old and 3-month-Training CrossFit-Rookie with an 12years Fitness-Past and your Webside & WOD´s are pure Motivation for me!

    With the best wishes & more Congratulations for your Members & Stuff,

    Gerry, Berlin, Germany

  5. Words can not validate the amount of respect I have for CFNE...I was so happy to see them on the podium on Sunday!! Hands down, one of the most gifted group of individuals, as well as some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. No, I am not just talking about the people on the field either. The community is legit!! I am so happy for you guys!!

    On other words, just wanted to say thank you to Coach Ben and the other people who have helped make this site possible. I enjoy the workouts and - more importantly - felt more prepared this year than ever before. No doubt in my mind I would have been on that field in California. <~ that statement took me a long time to admit! I never have felt that I was good enough. Always aspiring to be like someone else. Someone will always be stronger, someone will always be faster, but i will always have desire. I will always give it my all and remember to live in the moment!

    Great work CFNE!!

    And thanks again Ben for all you do!

  6. Great job CFNE! Inspiring performances. Personally, I am glad the games are over so I can stop watching so much TV!

    I made up for taking yesterday off.

    1. Amrap Fran - 1 rd + 35 reps.

    2. OTM10 - 6 pistols, held a 35lb KB ala the games. Made it tough!