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Tuesday 7.9.13

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Mind Over Matter, article on Becca's 6th trip to the Games.

1.  Yoke
Max carry for 50'

2.  3RFT:
10 Muscle ups
200m Sand bag Run, 80/60

3.  For Reps:
2 mins of legless Rope Climbs
2 mins of max Alt. Pistols
2 mins of max Rope Climb
2 mins of HS walk, for distance
2 mins of Alt. DB Squat Snatch, 70/50

1. Bounds
1RM Vertical Jump, if you don't have a vertec slowly raise a gymnastic ring to a max height.  2 foot flat take off - no steps.  Measure distance from max reach to ring height.

2.  Pulls
5RM Deadlift, no TnG - dead stop between every rep.

3. 20 Rep-Test
Thrusters, max weight for 20 unbroken reps - no stopping anywhere, once you start you can't rest or pause till you're done.

1.  Metcon
Deadlifts, 225/155
OHS, 135/95

2.  Rowing
3 x 1000m, 3 mins rest

1.  Metcon
Deadlifts, 225/155
OHS, 135/95

2. Skills
Odd:  3 Pos. Squat Clean, 50% of 1RM, Pause for a full 2 seconds from each position; (1) from mid thigh, (2) at the knee, (3) mid-shin but off the ground.
Even:  3 Muscle ups

"The mind is everything.  Every thought you create manifests itself in the real world; if you didn't achieve something you strove for - you simply didn't believe in it enough."
- Mario Novak, Pro Hockey Player.


  1. Another day to compete and challenge ourselves.We do some deadlifts and overhead squats to be able to say ; "Mom,i become a man today" ...

  2. Sorry to have to ask coach, but are the ohs from a rack or from the ground?

  3. Is there supposed to be a time gap between the two sessions for the regionals programming? If so, how long do you suggest, or can it be done all at once? Thanks

  4. So I am doing all work from home and have an airdyne but no rower, would you suggest running or airdyne for the substitute?

  5. So I am doing all work from home and have an airdyne but no rower, would you suggest running or airdyne for the substitute?

  6. Is there supposed to be a time gap between the two sessions for the regionals programming? If so, how long do you suggest, or can it be done all at once? Thanks

    1. I would guess to take at least 4 hours between sessions. If he means for it to be done all at once, he wouldn't have it split into two sessions. Try to stick to the programming the best you can, I know sometimes it can be hard due to work though. Have a great workout tomorrow!

    2. I was thinking the same exact thing. If you don't do it the way he prescribes then technically you aren't doing the programming. On the other hand folks like me have limited resources and a small window to complete all the work. You just have to do the best you can and get as close to what he prescribes as possible.

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    1. Bounds
    1RM Vertical Jump- 7'1'' reach jump to 10'2''

    2. Pulls
    5RM Deadlift- 405, felt like I could do more but I saw Jesus on the last rep so i figured I would just bump it up next attempt.

    3. 20 Rep-Test- 135 lbs

    1. Metcon
    Deadlifts, 225
    OHS, 135 (from the ground, no rack)
    - 6:59

    2. Rowing
    3 x 1000m, 3 mins rest- 3:37, 3:42, 3:41

  9. Regionals

    1) bounds- done didn't get a good measure though. Between 27"-30"

    2) 5rm Deads- 398

    3) 20rep test- 132

    1) Metcon- 9.30.
    Wasn't feeling it today especially after the thrusters.

    2) Rows
    1.24 / 1.36 / 1.37

    1. Correction.

      Rows were: 3.24 / 3.36 / 3.37.

      My bad.

  10. Regional

    1. 25". - not sure how accurate that is. Was solo and slapped hand with chalk against the wall to measure.

    2. 375 - grip is pretty ripe from yesterday.

    3. Thruster 20 RM - 135#.

    Wasn't sure where to start with the thrusters. Had another 10 lbs I think, but not fo a second set of 20.

    Hitting second session around noon.

  11. 1. skipped due to time
    2. 325 with full stops (not bad since 1rm max is lousy at 365)
    3. 115, probably could have gone 125 but not about to do that twice in one day.
    4. 10:56, wasn't sure about hitting this since it was supposed to be session two, but it seemed to go well.
    5. skipped due to time.

    I am unable to do two-a-days, so am forced to drop one or two and try to fit what I can in the morning long session.... loving the volume and group I get to train with.

    Thanks Coach, all of us at UCCF appreciate what you are doing.

  12. 1: 8' reach 11' jump
    2: 5rm DL 335
    3: 135# thruster 20 rep
    Session 2 later

    1. DL ohs: 9:42
      Did 3:30 on airdyne max cals x3 267 total cals

  13. Hate to not do as coach says, but I only had time for one long session...

    1) Did it but had nothing to measure with.

    2) 5RM @ 425 Felt very good... Like i had maybe 2 more in the tank.

    3) 20RM @ 135 Also felt real good!!

    4) Lower back killed me and I'm not training with bumper plates... So controlling the weight all the
    time hurts a little.
    Apart from all the excuses 11:25

    5) 1. 3:28
    2. 3:28
    3. 3:28

  14. Open
    1. 11:58 @ 155# OHS (last night's post)
    2. Complete (@ 120#)

    ... maybe missed the intent of the metcon with the 155# but stuck to a game plan and was happy with steady group of 5 ...

    1. I guess that's what you get for jonesing to see what tomorrow brings ...

  15. 5rm DL 155 went for 165 but failed after 2 reps
    18 reps @ 75# for thrusters
    WOD 11:11
    125 DL started w 135 but had to take off 10# after first 11 reps- back felt smoked from the 5 rep
    65 OHS
    Will do the rows tonight
    The work was great today!

    1. What region are you in Kristin? Did you make the Games?

  16. I ripped pretty badly during the open test yesterday, which is surprising because I take really good care of my hands! So the deadlifts will be severly scaled today...

  17. Regional:
    1- 24"
    2- 345
    3- 115


  18. open.

    1) manhattan: 12:41 Rx, surprisingly the OHS felt way easier than the deads.

    2) otm 20
    odd: 3 pos squat clean 65# (snatched round 1. oops!)
    even: 1 muscle-up attempt (got one on round 2. yesss. first time since 13.3!)

    hands; shot.

  19. Open/Masters

    1. 12:07
    2. Complete with 125 lbs./50% of 1 RM and band assisted MUs (not enough ceiling clearance for full, kipping muscle-ups in my garage)

    Squat cleans felt pretty good after 5 second rock bottom pause squats yesterday

  20. A. Some jerk technique work

    B. Team is doing the girls tomorrow from the games and I'm doing Diane so had to do something different

    C. Emotm: only had 10 min so scaled up to 165lbs (300lb 1RM) and 3 muscle ups.

  21. Regionals
    Session 1
    1. 30.5"
    2. 325lbs Felt good but stayed cautious of an irritated back recently and I know I have DL in session 2.
    3. 135lbs (Felt the burn at 17 so probably didnt have much more) Finished in :50secs No Pauses.

    1. Session 2
      1. 5:10
      225dl / 135ohs

      2. 3:32/3:39/3:39

    2. Session 2
      1. 5:10
      225dl / 135ohs

      2. 3:32/3:39/3:39

  22. How can I get approved onthe BTWB link?

    1. That was something I started to keep track of results and what not. Did you already send a request?

    2. Ty,
      how do I go about getting your COMP WOD track to show in my BTWB? I didn't see a request link anywhere. Is that something I'd have to do through my box owner/admin?

      This would be awesome to track it all in BTWB..... I guess I can alwasy just click over to yours and log them anyway, but it would be nice to have it show up nice in my calendar.

    3. In BTWB you have to search for Competitors WOD and add it as a track you want to follow. It will send me the request. I mostly just plan the regional stuff, but if a few guys start using this, I can start planning open programming as well.

  23. Masters (40)
    1. 9:23
    2. 3 position @ 125.

  24. Open
    1. 18:25 - wrong stimulus, should have scaled OHS, DL were good.
    2. 2 MU's per round, 3 position squat clean @ 125#
    3. Bulletproof shoulder routine, shoulder stability is a huge weakness, gonna hit this twice a week.

  25. Open
    1) 6:40 RX
    2) 140#-3 muscle ups
    On the 3 position squat clean I assumed squat clean from each position after 2 second pause. Hope that's right

  26. Regional:

    Session 1:
    1) 1RM Vertical Jump 38.5"
    2) 5RM non TnG Deads @ 385#
    3) 20RM Thruster at 155#. I tried 165# but was only able to crank out 13 reps.

    Session 2 Later today.

    1. Session 2: Sweet Jesus

      1) 21-15-9 Metcon
      -9:52 RXd (Goal was sub 10, so I'm happy with this!)

      2) 3x1000m Row
      -3:18, 3:12, 3:21

      So glad tomorrow is an active recovery day. My body needs it. Bring on the yoga!

    2. 225 and 135 never felt so heavy hahahaha

  27. AM: VERTICAL: 30"
    20rm thruster: 145#
    5rm deadlift: 405#
    1. 8:10
    2. 3:15/3:16/3:21 --- sweet lord this made me feel like a child


    Great day.

    1. I'm right there with you Dex, the rows were brutal as hell.

    2. Yoga and ice bathing tomorrow for sure bud haha

  28. 1) 12:41. High rep OHS continue to be a weakness
    2) 62.5kg on clean.

  29. Session One
    1) Vert - 27"
    2) DL - 320
    3) Thruster - 115

    Session Two
    1) Metcon - 7:38
    2) Row - 3:55/3:56/3:55

  30. Open

    1. 13:58 (ohs massive goat)
    2. 10 otm due to time restrictions. 60kg.

  31. Open:

    A) 8:39. Took me three tries to actually complete it due to being interrupted twice (once at 7/21 oh squats and another at 11/21 deadlifts).

    B) Completed at 135 (about 45% of 1rm, but it's close enough).

  32. Open
    1. 13:57. Went into it weary of the high rep OHS but DL ended up tougher. Posterior started tightening up so had to breakup the deads more than I wanted to. Great workout

    2. Done. Missed 5 muscle ups total.

    You guys are animals!

    1. Oh yea it was a 135lb 3 pos sq clean for the OTM

  33. Open

    1. I ended up using 105 pounds for OH Squats (it must have changed after I wrote it down last night) - anyway, 7:14 :)

    2. Done - instead of Muscle Ups, I did 3 Strict Ring-Pull Ups and 6 Ring Dips. Working on strength before I try doing my ugly muscle ups again :) Thank you, Cheryl! :)

    1. Oh - btw - this is Deb Evans - but with a newly-married name change! :)

    2. Congrats Deb!

  34. 1.30.5inches
    2.355, hands were ripped from yesterday
    3. 115lbs

    4 hr rest

    4.6:46, did OHS at 125, strained tendon on right armpit that extends into biceps hitting baseballs so keeping the weight stable hurt like there was no tomorrow.

  35. Open
    1. 13:57 (DL @ 225, OHS @ 115) - had to drop weight from 135 on OHS after a couple reps
    2. Cleans @ 115, 2 muscle-ups on even minutes

    First workout following this blog, going to be hurting tomorrow. Thanks for putting this together for everyone to follow, Coach!

  36. Open

    1. 10:23 RX
    2. Cleans at 135
    - just 1 Muscle Up on the even min. Hit them all with non-false grip, first time not using it

  37. Regionals

    1.1RM Vertical Jump: 30"

    2.5RM Deadlift: 375, Got 4 @ 385

    3. 20 Rep-Test Thrusters: 120lbs, 17 @ 125, Mentally checked out. Big Goat.

    1. Metcon
    Deadlifts, 225/155
    OHS, 135/95

    Time: 12:02 RX (Really mentally checked out need to work on this, OHS got me bad, I will progress and use this as a learning experience.)

    2. Rowing
    3 x 1000m, 3 mins rest

    1) 4:04 2) 4:11 3) 4:17

  38. Open
    1. 5:37 - broke 15's dl & ohs 11/4- should have held onto dl
    2. 135#- low back was smokes aftee metcon, felt better towards the end
    3 mu unbroken

  39. Race prep in AM

    1) 6:43 95# OHS, 185# Deads
    2) 135# on squat cleans, 2 MU's
    Can not tell you how happy I am doing these movements. Could care less about the weight, feel so good!

  40. Open:
    Power clean complex first

    1) 6:08 RX
    2) 160lbs and 3 unbroken Mu's each time.

    Took a 5 min rest in between each section.

  41. OPEN:

    1) scaled OHS to 95# just an off day and not really feeling good with the OHS

    2) RX'd @ 120#

  42. Regional WOD:

    Had to do it all in one 2-Hour session due to work schedule:

    1. 26 inch vert
    2. 405 5RM Deadlift
    3. 105p 20RM Thruster
    4. 11:01 minutes Rxd
    5. 4:35/4:25/4;26 (was dead at this point from doing this all in one session)

  43. 1. 43
    2. 465
    3. 165

    Session 2 l

    1. 6:41rx

    Feels good to be following the comp site again.

  44. Open:

    1.) 21:58

    Not a typo...just a lot of walking around.
    No time.

    2.) Skills used 115# for 3 position...failed 3rd muscle up on second round hit rest as skills developed. Good OTM forced technique over relying on strength.

  45. open: 9:25 Rx

    Skills work 115 and 3 MU - focussed on full extension in the cleans and turnover in the MU

  46. Open:
    1. 7:48 185#DL & 115#OHS
    2. 125# and 2 unbroken MU
    Consequence for losing to Bus: 200ft handstand walk which is a major weakness of mine

  47. 1. Did vert test, no way to measure tho
    2. 5Rm 350, prob could do more
    3. 135, not sure how I feel about this...

    30min Rest... LOL

    4. 10:04 Did with one bar so lost some time having to swap weights
    5. 3:54/3:53/3:49. I need to push myslef out of my comfort zone while rowing.

    And now im working on Downtown Bike Patrol... somehow I have legs to ride

  48. Open

    1. 10:17...OHS @ 115.

    2. Cleans at 105 and muscle up on low rings

    Really liked this metcon. Made me sweat just thinking about it. Im uncomfortable overhead due to prior shoulder injury so this was good for me.

  49. Open

    1) 6:02 @ 185 DL & 95# OHS - unbroken on 21's, 10/5 on 15's, unbroken on 9's
    2) @ 105# & 1 MU (I've been dealing with a rip in the palm of my hand that's really starting to chap my ass. Unable to hold false grip at this time)

  50. Open

    1) 10:54
    2) 60 kg Clean and all MU unbroken

  51. Open
    1) 13:30 with OHS scaled to 115#. Should have gone all the way to 95# with a bad shoulder and OHS always have been huge GOAT
    2) 125# cleans, went for max UB C2B pull-ups as I don't have Muscle-ups and C2B are a struggle for me (and not ring dips)

  52. Open

    1) 8:50 very slow

    2) 3 position clean 50kg
    Muscle ups all unbroken

  53. open
    1 11:02 oh squat at 115lbs
    2 3 position clean 125lbs 2 muscleups

  54. First time posting, but I've been following the site regularly now for about 3 weeks. Still struggling a bit with the volume, which is more than I have been used to in the past. Excited to see the results if I can hang in there.

    Open Program
    1) 9:40 Rx - right around my PR on this, legs a little weary still from Monday
    2) 125 cleans, muscle-ups Rx (all in sets of 2 + 1) - this really wore me down. Again, volume is just an issue for me right now. Glad to get through it all, though I had to cut the 2-second pause on the cleans after about 4 rounds b/c my hamstrings were toast.

  55. Opens

    70#pc, 2 jumping mu. Went to 3 transition when they failed.

  56. Day behind again


    5RM DL 365

    Thruster 20RM 135 this felt good, think I could of gone 145/150

    Metcon 21-15-9 225 DL 135 OHS


    3x1000M row 3:49, 3:47, 3:48

  57. 1. 27 IN
    2. 365
    3, 125
    4. 7:31
    5. 3:40, 3:45, 3:49

  58. Worked on other Oly programming:
    4) 9:28 Rx

  59. Regionals-
    Did jumps but didn't measure
    5RM 195
    tried 80lbs got only 12 did 20 @ 75lbs

    Metcon- DL used 155/ OHS used 85- 10:08
    only did 1x1,000m row at 4:20 SLOW and TIRED!

  60. great workouts guys, just started doing them this week, keep em coming

  61. Started last week, but now beginning posting will stay consistent.. Following the Open programming, but wondering if I should be following Regionals stuff...

    Metcon- Rx 7:25
    .. set of 21 DL's UB, 2 sets of OH squat.. low back was tight so broke it up from there, but set of 9 OH squats UB.

    Skill- @135- felt light and easy. Muscle-ups were fast and smooth.

  62. Open
    14:59, 225 DL, 95 OHS
    EMOM 95#

  63. 9:54, 135/65. Slowly getting back into it. Done 7/14/13