Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday 8.19.13


1.  Clean and Jerk
work up to a single heavy, not max

2.  Sprints
10 x 100m, rest as needed.

3.  3 RFT:
20 C2B
20 Burpees
20 Deads, 225

1.  Speed Work
8 x 200m on the 2 minutes

2.  Pulls
A:  Dead Lift
3 x 5
B:  Good Morning
4 x 6  - use a safety squat bar if you have one.  if you don't have one - its a good purchase.  we will be using it in this program.

3.  Metcon
30 Snatches for time, 135/95

1.  Metcon
30 Snatches for time, 135/95

2.  Skills
Odd:  3-5 Muscle ups
Even:  3-5 Squat Therapy - demo video


  1. Hi im new on this, i would like to know what odd and even means?

    1. The odd and even refer to what you do during the On The Minute for 12 minutes.

      During the odd minutes, you would do the 3-5

      During the even minutes, you do 3-5 reps of squat therapy

    2. open 1- scale 100# time 4:12
      2- MU todas 3 menos las rondas numero 2 solo logre 2 MU y la ronda 5 solo hice 1 en la squat therapy 5 en todas..

  2. OPEN
    1) 7:38.for felt terrible the whole time. Snatch is definitely a huge goat.
    2) done. Did 6 ring rows and 6 ring dips since I can't do MU in the basement.

  3. Open.

    1. 6:29 terrible teqnique and a lot of presses.

    2. I have done 1! MU before and today i did 5 of them and several good attempts before my skin was ripped so had to stop. Tried without false grip but didn´t work at all. Really happy today :)

  4. 1. Speed Work
    8 x 200m on the 2 minutes- Kept each one under 50 seconds which was my goal

    2. Pulls
    A: Dead Lift
    3 x 5- 315, 355, 405 no TnG reset each rep
    B: Good Morning
    4 x 6 - 135 across, obviously not a strong point

    3. Metcon
    30 Snatches for time, 135/95

    2:08 (4 second PR) and this is all attributed to the power of positive thought, I had a crappy week, got a stomach bug, had some crazy nonsense happen at work and I came into today's workout and just put it all out of my head and just went for it. I just picked up the bar and kept going, 15 tng, 15 singles, didn't redline. Going out of the week on a high.

    1. Power of positive thought! Way to go man great mental game for sure !!

    2. That's one quick Isabel, out of my league for sure!

    3. Proud to say that I have witnessed this earlier! Awesome work Jeremy!

  5. Regionals

    1. Done...had some problems with clock, but all in 35-40 range.

    2 DL 315 across, might have had a bit more, but no one to watch my back this morning.
    Good Morning, tried low bar today 135,155,165,165. Like it better for this.

    3. Isabel, 2:59. Dropped every TnG, felt great and drove me right up to the edge. First time I've done this WOD. Never thought I was strong enough for RX until the OPEN this year.

  6. Open
    1) 4:02 Getting there!
    2) 3 MUs, 5 Squats

  7. Rest day the middle of moving into an apartment so this week has been hectic....did yesterdays work today

    1. Hatch Squat end of week 9 of 12 lotta heavy squats... blah no need to post
    2. **This was my personal best part of todays workout!! So excited I was able to power snatch 95#! havent been able to power snatch yet...only been muscle snatching with light weights! So this was huge! im comin back!!! :) Since I was limited on how fast i could squat (still tweaks the wrist) i did a power and kinda rode it down into a squat..less force on the wrist :)
    3. 135 across..also heaviest weight yet since before my incident.
    4. Shoulder Taps-not just yet...too much pressure on the wrist...1 in handstand holds nose and toes to wall instead rested :60 sec betweeen sets for 3 rounds
    5. Not my best performance...feeling a little deconditioned still...but happy i got through 1 score was 457...had :30 sec on the clock when i finished round 1 ...just couldnt crank out the last few reps...

    Look out 2014..Dis ready! :) Excited to be going to watch Becca represent next week for the Built By Bergeron Team amongst others! Also excited to watch CFNE throw down!!

  8. OPEN
    1) 5:08 with 80# (I know, embarrassing. Light and easy today)
    2) Can't muscleup yet :( did CTB instead

  9. Open
    1) 3.56 - a little disappointed but I can't complain because I haven't done much Oly lifting recently. Technique felt really good.
    2) 5 MUs and 10 GHDs - felt pretty comfortable (substituted GHDs for squat therapy because I've got a knee overuse issue).

  10. Today took all I had in me to get to the gym and do the wod!! But it doesnt make sense to recieve the best programming on the planet and rest while my community is out there grinding it out.. We all are a bit fatigued anyway hey... After all, The Regionals are coming!!!

    1) Done
    2) 370 across
    3) 135 across
    4) 2:30 PR by 30sec

    Coach today once again showed me how great this program is!!
    Its all about results and thats what you are giving us.
    Thank you so much Ben!!! Cant say that enough

  11. Regional

    Sprints kept a 30-33 second pace every round.

    3x5 deadlift 365,385,405

    Good mornings 4x6 @ 135


    No excuses, high volume barbell wods are a weakness, that being said this years open I couldn't do any TnG reps at 135 and today I did the first 10 unbroken, they were just slow. I can feel the improvement though.

    First time ever doing Isabel (never tried it before because I didn't want to know the time)

    3:48. I'm satisfied with this for my first attempt. Looking forward to the next time.

    Tomorrow will be a rest day since I work so I did 2-5 muscle ups odd minutes/ 5 GHD sit-ups even for 12 minutes.

    Good day.

  12. Open

    1) 4:59 PB but wrist still giving me shit
    2) 4 UB Muscle Ups and 5 Wallsquats.

  13. 1. 4:02 - first time ever doing Isabel - and I power cleaned tng the first 10 snatches. I know this is a different workout than in the Open - but I had to do single squat snatches for all of the 100s - so I definitely feel like I have improved.

    2. **This is where I get excited ** - I did 1 MU every odd minute! And only two were ugly. Muscle-Ups are my biggest goat, but I feel more energized about them now. I will get there!! I am going to walk away from them again for a while and focus on building more strength. It's working! :)

    1. And I meant power snatch... duh!! That is what I get for typing on my phone exhausted. Brain"fart."

  14. Open
    1. 3:58 - 5 tng, 25 singles
    2. 3 mus half (5:00), 4 jumping mus half (5:00)
    Worn out arms. Focus on mu didnt do squats.

  15. Regional

    1. Done. Not timed but good intensity.

    2. 325 / 355 / 355

    3. 155 x 4x6

    4. Isabel. 2:59. - PR by 1:45. Got it on video. Form was terribly ugly. Rounded back and bar way away from the body. Hoping its attributed to trying to move too quickly. But still....

    1. That is a massive pr, nice work.

    2. Much appreciated. PR was on the whiteboard from almost 2 years ago. Still progress. Monster time @ 2:08

  16. Regional
    1. :41,:40,:39,:39,:39,:39,:39,:37

    2. 315/365/385

    3. 135/145/145/145

    4. 1:50 First time doing Isabelle (Have done Isabelle before in mid wod or to start with multiple wods)
    Feel like I can do better now having some experience. Went 12 unbroken then did 2's and 3's. Posterior was smoked coming into this WOD.

  17. Masters (40)

    1. Isabel - 3:25
    2. complete

  18. OPEN
    -21/Male/165lbs - 93rd in '13 SE Open

    Isabel- 2:38
    -definitely a PR, but couldn't find my previous time. Went 5 UB, then singles the rest of the way. Just didn't stop.

    EMOTM- did all 5 Mups UB each odd min.. felt pretty good. and squat therapy was an interesting compliment. Something I need to continue to work on. Weak hamstrings forcing knees in, and on my toes. Way too much quad compensation.

    Gonna hit today's main site WOD here as well. Been a while since I did a decently heavy metcon.

    Have a good Friday everybody!

    1. finished with mainsite WOD from the other day..
      -5 Rope Climbs, 5 C&J's @145, 4RC's, 4 C&J @165, 3RC's, 3 C&J's @185, 2 RC's, 2 C&J's @205, 1 RC, 1 C&J @225.. 8:49

      Failed the clean @225 a couple times, in a rush. Should have rested a little longer after my last RC and maybe would have been just over 8min.

  19. Open
    1) 4:07 - first time at Rx
    2) 3 mu's - unbroken, no false-grip
    3 squats

  20. regionals
    1. done
    2. a. 405# across
    b. 115# across
    3. 2:25. i was a little disappointed with this.

  21. Open

    1. 3:05
    Best that 135# power snatches have felt in a while! All those EMOMs are paying off.
    2. 5 jumping MUs (not enough ceiling height to do full MUs)/5 squat therapy w toes 3 inches from the wall.

  22. DL- #235 across
    Good Mornings- #95 across
    Isabel- 2:12 30 second PR

  23. Open:

    A) 1:57 (PR). Old PR was 2:10. Video incoming.

    B) 5MU/5ST except for the first set (3+5) and the last set (4+5). Finished off with the remaining 3 muscle ups after.

    1. Video:

  24. Isabel
    5 and 5
    It all felt really good pr on Isabel first 12 unbroken 5s and 2s after

  25. Open

    1) 4:10 first time
    2) 3 MU (but manage to do 4 some minutes) and 5 Squats. Toes against the wall with OL-shoes 5 cm from wall barefoot

  26. 1. done
    B:115 across, took it easy, thought i was gonna see jesus on the last rep of 385
    c:2:35, last 4-5 looked pretty damn ugly:/

  27. Open
    1) 6'59" scaled to 50K
    2) MU scaled to 5 C2B + 5 dips

    Thx coach!

  28. Had to do sprints last

    1A) Deads - 315-325-330
    1B) Good Mornings - 160 across
    2) Isabel - 3:38
    3) Sprints - averaged :36-:38 per 200m. Felt slow as shit.

  29. Open

    1) Isabel - 4:18
    2) 5 mu, 10 pistols

  30. Open:
    Started Isabel, moved poorly!! 75# worked on snatches for 10 minutes. Did probably 40.

    EMOM: Strict pull up and 5 sec ring stabilization holds and therapy squats x 3 alternating minutes.

    All in all an awful day, but getting better at stuff I suck at!

  31. Open:
    1) 3:49
    2) a- 5,5,4,4,5
    b- 5,5,5,5,5

  32. Regionals

    1) :29-:30-:30-:31-:33-:33-:35-:35

    2) 345-355-355

    3) 105 across

    4) 3:50. First time doing Isabel. Lungs felt great but my legs were smoked

    Really hope tomorrow is back and bi's haha ;)


  33. Open

    1. 3:24 RX
    2. 2 Unbroken MU- no false grip
    5 squats

  34. Open Program
    1) 3:48 - pr by 32 seconds, definitely have a faster time in me if fresh. Pleased.
    2) done - 4 m-u and 5 squat therapy
    Needed the lighter day!

  35. Open
    1) 2:18 RX
    2) 5 unbroken Muscle ups and 5 squat therapy

  36. 1. :26/:26/:28:/:29/:30/:29/:30/:28
    2a. 345 across
    2b. 135 across
    3. 2:35... First crack at Isabel. What up hammies?!

  37. Open
    1) 3:36 all singles (PR-1st attempt)
    2a) ME UB C2B - still don't have Muscle-Ups yet
    2b) 5 Squats

  38. Regional:
    1: Did airdyne :40s on/1:20 off
    2a: 455, 485, 515 (x3, lost grip, could've easily pulled if sweat didnt cause slipping)
    2b: 4x6 @ 165
    3: 1:57
    Benched after
    3x3 Wide Grip @ 250
    3x3 Regular @ 275, 285, 300
    1x1 @ 310 Close grip

  39. 1. 32-25 on the 200's. Felt okay. Definitely getting faster.
    2. 315, 335, 255
    3. Misread this, did a 6x4. 3 Sets 1 115, 3 @ 125.
    4. 3:32. About a minute off PR pace. This was an interesting stimulus after all that stuff today. A painful one for sure.

    On a side note: At dinner tonight I had a charlie horse that was so bad I almost fell out of my chair and passed out.

  40. Open
    1. 5:34 PR
    2. 3unbroken mu 5 squats

  41. regional
    1-deadlift 345 across
    2-worked up to 125
    3-isabel 3:05 (pr by 40 seconds)

    No excuses, but I went on a all inclusive cruise to the caribbean last week got bak last night at midnight. enough said. Ready to get back at it.

  42. Open:

    1.) 6:36

    2.) 5 and 5 for the first few rounds then dropped to 3 muscle ups for the remaining

  43. Open

    1) 3:23 @ 115# - lungs felt great, just need to keep working on my strength.

    2) O: 3 MU (4 last 2 rounds) / E: 5 Sqt Therapy

    Consequences for having the slowest time early this week at my box. OTM: 7 min - 5 BS @ 185#

  44. Open

    1) 2:44 @ 115# - Feel pretty good about this
    2) 3 Muscle ups (4 last round) and 5 squat Therapy

    As a consequence for the WB and DU AMRAP I had to do OTM for 10 Minutes: Odd 5 HSPU and Even 10 second L-sit both are goats

  45. regional
    1) done
    2a) 255, 265, 275
    2b) stayed light at 85
    3) 3:06 PR

  46. Open.

    1. 4:21 @ 115# Snatches felt off today

    2. 3 mu, 5 squats. I couldn't even do muscle ups the last time we did this (I think it was cleans and mu) but strung all 3 together except for missing the very last mu. So im pumped!

  47. Only got 4 runs in before Monsoon hit.
    Deads 315/345/365 Solid felt good
    GMorning 135 across.
    First time doing Isabel 2:42rx. Paced a little slow at first.

  48. Only got 4 runs in before Monsoon hit.
    Deads 315/345/365 Solid felt good
    GMorning 135 across.
    First time doing Isabel 2:42rx. Paced a little slow at first.

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  50. Open
    Isabel - 3:09

    Skills- run 400m every 2 minutes. Running in the Hood to Coast relay at the end of august. So I need to get some runs in.

  51. Open

    1. 3.50, first 10 tng then 5, 3,3,3,3,3.
    2. Mu's - 5/5/5/3/0/0 squats went well, great idea.

  52. Open

    1. 12:59, Snatches are probably my biggest goat. Felt good doing it. All squat snatches.

    2. Still can´t do MU. Did 6 C2B and 6 Ringdips instead. Liked the Squat therapy, felt needed.