Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunday 7.14.13

Rest day

Arnold's Six Rules for Success
1.  Trust yourself and become who YOU want to be?  What makes YOU happy?   No matter what anyone else thinks, trust that you can become who you want to be.  

2.  Break the rules.  Think outside the box.  You want to be the best.  You need to do something no one else has ever done before.

3.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Every success comes from a willingness to fail.  Fear can paralyze.  If you have no fear, you will push yourself harder.

4.  Don't listen to the haters.  Others will say you can't do that - screw them.  Do it anyway.

5.  Work your ass off.  No pain, no gain.  If you want to be successful there is no way around hard, hard work.  Out work everyone.  No other rule will work without hard work.

6.  Give back.  Reaching out and giving will bring you more satisfaction than anything else you can do.  


  1. I do not workout at a CrossFit gym anymore, but the gym where I do workout is conducive to most of the WODs that we do (and they ENCOURAGE me to do them!). They have this hung up on the wall (many very competitive body builders workout at this gym).

    I look at #3 often. You cannot get better at ANYTHING unless you are willing to do something that you probably won't be able to do right away. Right now, I am working on my bar muscle up progressions (jumping from a box, and - as time goes by- reducing the height of the box that I jump from). I say this because I definitely look like a weirdo at this regular gym - and for a long time, I was afraid to even try it because of "how it would look." Many of the people there assume that I can already do all of this - so it's kind of like admitting weakness to daily observers that you have no connection to or with...

    Anyway, if you are still reading and I haven't bored you, I wanted to say that NOTHING is more motivational for others than YOU working on YOUR OWN weaknesses. My fear was looking weak... but, apparently, my change in my mental game to focusing on my weakness has also started to inspire others at my regular gym to try different movements. These are not CrossFitters - but that doesn't matter. Just know that what you are afraid of is also what others are afraid of -- so you beating out and working on your weakness will also help others! :)

    1. Nice post...

      Agreed that being afraid of failure is a huge limit to success!

    2. Deb you are so right and I am guilty right now of forgetting this. I have been feeling so bad about how hard it is coming back from injury. Everything feels so hard. I can barely do chest to bar pull ups right now. But then I remember, someone is always looking up and wanting to be able to do the things that I can do. Its the cycle of CrossFit! We look to others, while someone is looking to be just like us. Taking the time to remember that is important. Thanks Deb...Im recording some videos for you tomorrow!

  2. I know it was a rest day, but I felt guilty/obligated to make up some of the work from this week that I missed... So here is what I did today...

    1) Open WOD 12.3
    -9 rds + 3 box jumps RXd (first time doing this WOD.. only been doing this for 10 months now, so I feel pretty good with this. Had to no rep myself on like 6 box jumps cuz I didn't open the hips all the way..)

    2) 20RM Test on Bench Press
    -Managed to crank out at 185#. Not really to strong at bench press, so I'm happy with this.. for now that is :)

  3. Ice Bath (legs only) this morning.

    Contrast shower around 2pm,20 mins foam rolling afterwards,

    Just finished up another contrast shower and about an hour of mobility and stretching.

  4. Made up yesterday's work

    "Lift Up Moore" - 24:46. Hot and humid in the garage! Must have lost a bucket of sweat.

    Will miss probably the next week. Movers are coming tomorrow so I must break down my CrossFit jungle gym :( Moving back to Connecticut after 5 years away.. Texas and Maryland have been a blast. Looking forward to setting up a bigger and better box at home. Stall mats and everything.

    See y'all on the flip side! Keep up the great work!

  5. First WOD post....

    Battling an SI Joint issue so can only do BW Wods.

    AMRAP 12. Burpees and DUs. 10 rds + 10.