Friday, July 12, 2013

Saturday 7.13.13


1.  "Dynamite Kid"
3 RFT:
10 Muscle ups
5 Squat Cleans, 225/155

2.  5K Run

1. Squat
Back Squat, 7x3 across
Front Squat, 5x5

2. 20 Rep Benchmark
Dead Lift, 20 unbroken TnG reps

3.  Metcon
"Lift Up Moore"
5 RFT:
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
13 Squat Cleans, 135/95

4.  Rowing 
8 rounds of:
:20 at 500m Pace
:20 at 2K Pace
:20 at 5K Pace
1 minute rest
If you don't know your PR's for these distances use this chart below:
500m = 1:30 time, 1:30 pace
2k = 7:00 time, 1:45 pace
5k = 20:00 time, 2:00 pace
500m = 1:45 time, 1:45 pace
2k = 8:00 time, 2:00 pace
5k = 25:00 time, 2:30 pace

1.    Metcon
"Lift Up Moore"
5 RFT:
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
13 Squat Cleans, 135/95


  1. 1. Squat
    Back Squat, 7x3 across- 275 HBBS (PC was fried)
    Front Squat, 5x5 185-195-205-215-225

    2. 20 Rep Benchmark
    Dead Lift, 20 unbroken TnG reps- 225, posterior chain was fried from GM's yesterday. Can probably do 245-250

    3. Metcon
    "Lift Up Moore"
    5 RFT:
    20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
    13 Squat Cleans, 135/95- 15:06

    4. Rowing
    500 M pace based off 1:22 PR
    2K Pace based off 6:44 PR
    5K Pace based off 18:19 PR

  2. Open
    17:03 went really light, 65#, and still got crushed

  3. 1. Week 9 of 12 of Hatch Squat Cycle
    2. Deadlift 205# Embarrassing...I think my 20 Rep is normally 235...but with the 9 weeks off of training...and my grip strength being compromised as well as not being able to mix grip...I should be okay with that. Neutral grip on heavy deadlifts SUCKS!
    3. 15:14- Burpees were really slow Squat Cleans unbroken...hurt like hell!
    4. Doing this Now
    *I am making it a point to start posting right after I finish the WOD...mostly because I am not giving myself the time I need to reflect on my performance. I need to start making sure I let negative thoughts go and remember that I gave it everything I had today. I can not compare myself to where I was 2 months ago. I am only here today...with this body...and with these limitations...and with these skills...I will be better than ever in a few months. :)

    1. Best comment of all time!!!

      Well put ...

    2. thanks ethan :) looking forward to the future! :)

    3. Good to see you back Cheryl and you'll be crushing it in no time! Even more than usual I mean! :)

  4. Regional.

    1) 7x3 at 309.
    FS: 198/220/242/253/253.

    Stopped after squats. Low back started bothering me after Thursday's squats. Thought I had stretched and worked it out but it started bugging me again. Trying to do better about listening to my body, so instead did some easy stretching and foam rolling. Hope to let it rest and recover and be back at it Monday. Was really hard to not do the rest of the workout was looking forward to today's metcon. Good luck everyone.

    1. I think you made the right decision. Put in the recovery time and I'm sure you will be back strong and ready for this next weeks schedule...

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  5. Open
    16:32 - 3 rounds, lower back said stop, so i listened.
    Monday is another day!

  6. 1) 140kg across
    100kg across

    2) 20RM Dead Lift @ 150kg

    3) 21:21

    4) Did it as coach prescribed 1:30 and under

    What an awesome week!!!
    Thank you !

  7. OPEN
    30:14 brutal! Too many breaks on Sqt clns

  8. Back squat 7x3 315 across

    Front squat 225,245,255,255,255

    Deadlift 20 rep 315 felt really easy, should have gone heavier.

    After doing 127 burpees yesterday I couldn't motivate myself to do 100 more today, ended up doing main site wod from today.

    Love the strength programming, sorry I missed the wod, I've been following a day behind but I'll be caught up by Monday.

  9. Team did heavy murph this morning. 30#/20#. So much fun.. Leave for Cali in 10 days. Would love to meet and shake your hand Ben

  10. 1. 7x3 back squat
    295 across
    5x5 front squat (Cleaned from ground)
    185-195-205-215-225, felt like I had jelly legs after the squats
    2. 20 RM deadlift
    275, felt pretty easy but PC is all screwed up from the week so I kept it at that.
    3. Listened to my body and took today of from metcon. PC is fried and shoulders are pretty much gone, just did a box team WOD for cardio.

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  12. Open/Masters

    Tough one for me. A little embarrassed by how slow I went, but got to start somewhere. Love the programming.

    1. No room for embarrassment only room for improvement.

      Felt the same today but glad we are sticking with the schedule!

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  14. Open (yesterday 12.3)

    9 rounds completed

    Did "Fran" on yesterday with one of my classes. 2:20 rx. On the bar for last set of pull-ups at 1:55. Thought I had an even better time, but fell off the bar on last pull-up. Twice! Next time!

    Just started on here about a week ago. Loving the simplicity of getting back to the basic metcons!

  15. Open.

    from yesterday
    C2T max 25 reps


  16. Open

    Definite Love/Hate WOD. Great mix of grit and...well no, just grit. Thanks for the great programming coach!

  17. 1) BS 235 across - Low Bar
    FS 165-175-185-195-205
    2) 255
    3) 25:42 - this hurt.
    4) Done (in every sense of the word!)

  18. Open:
    27:36 Rx
    This was my first full week following this programming. Love it, super challenging for me and fun. Love trying to keep up!

  19. Open
    Beach warm up
    5 pier hspu
    10 situps
    10 pistols
    (Scales to 3 hspu n 15 air sqts, has trouble w left leg pistols in sand)

    1. 170:01- 120# didnt bring enough plates to the beach w me.....tough wod! Lower back is smoked!

  20. Open:

    1.) 32:25


    Time to work on the mental game

  21. Open Program
    1) 23:47 Rx - squat cleans always crush me, and today was no exception. Burpees felt decidedly harder than on Thursday.

    Done with week 1 and feeling good.

  22. Open:

    A. 23:54 RX.

    Threw in the squats from Regionals programming:

    Back squat 7x3 @ 315. Good bar speed, just felt tired from the week.

    Front squat 5x5 @ 225. Same issue as the back squats.

    I'm le tired.

  23. Regionals

    1. 255 across.... really happy considering my max is 275.
    2. 215 in round 4, one attempt at 225 in round 5... no dice but 215 was my old PR of fresh ready legs, so still happy.
    3. 275.... again really happy, last second decision to go for this much weight.

    too toasted to do any of the rest of todays programming.. Thought about it, but I'm glad I decided against it. Happy to have a rest day tomorrow.

  24. Open from yesterday, catching up

    1. 12.3 - 7 rds 16 rep. Back in 2012 I did 6 rds 11 reps, but I'd only been doing CrossFit for 3 months then. Happy with improvement but wanted 8+ rounds. Gassed me good. Haven't been eating And sleeping well lately due to impending move, but still trying to keep up. Drenched in sweat!!!

    1. 2. C2Bs done. Did 6,5,11,11,10,7. May have misses touching my chest on a few of those but got the stimulus.

      Not looking forward to the next wod based on the comments! :p

    2. Where are you moving too bro?

    3. Moving back to Connecticut. Anyone from there?

  25. Regionals

    I was thrilled with all my weights today!

    1) 260 across

    2) 225-205 for the last 4 sets, bit off a little more than I could chew

    3) 275-285*9 reps

    4) Had to listen to my body on this one

    5) Did as coach prescribed


  26. Regional:

    1)Back Squat 7x3 315 Across

    2)Front Squat 5x5 225x2, 245, 255, 265

    3)20RM Deadlift 275# (Def have more in the tank, ran out of time to try heavier.. bad planning on my part.)

    4)18:31 RXd (light weight squat cleans are a strong point for me)

    5) Rowing Done based off Coach's comments. Total 2,360.

    Good session today. Stoked tomorrow is a rest day.

    1. On another note, yesterday I did a max out session on Snatch and Clean and Jerk with some of my good bros. Hit PRs on both! Snatch 235# (nearly had 245# multiple times) and C&J @ 295#. Lots of fun!

    2. Good stuff my man! I trained late today as well! Feeling a bit crushed looking forward to rest tomorrow!

  27. 1. Squat
    Back Squat, 7x3 Across: @245 lbs.
    Front Squat, 5x5: 205/205/215/215/220 lbs.

    2. 20 Rep Benchmark
    Dead Lift, 20 unbroken @275 lbs. Ham strings are feeling it! :) Love it!

    3. Metcon Time: 24:42 RX Excuse my language but holy shit! This was a gut check! I loved it! It pushed me SO hard mentally AND physically especially after all the strength and squatting. Did my very best!`

    4. Done

  28. Open- 21 years old/ Male/ 165lbs

    Met-Con- Rx 19:15
    -Lower back was FRIED! I wanted to quit in the middle of round 1 of the squat cleans, because the right side of my low back was killing me. Pushed through it, but had to really pace myself. Even paused for a little to roll out- that's how bad it got.

  29. -barely warmed up on the metcon by the way. Had to get ni and out since I hit it at like 10PM.

    -did the max set of C2B's and got 31.

  30. 1: 275-325
    2: 225 across
    3: 315
    4: did different metcon with friends
    5: done

  31. I'm a day behind because it works better with my schedule.


    1) 15:33 @ 95# - 1 break on sqt cleans on rounds 2-5. Could have probably used a little more weight, but really working on keeping my intensity up.

  32. Open

    1) 17:58 @ 105# Broke once on rounds 2-4 and twice on last round this was brutal


    18:36 Rx

    20 RM dead: 185#

    rowing intervals
    (268m, 261m, 262m, 262m, 266m, 264m, 265m, 268m = 2116m)
    i have never seen a 1:34 split on the screen, even for a second, before this. pretty cool not really on purpose moment!

  34. Squat 2x325/3x335/2x345
    FSquat 185/195/3x205 Kept rock soild form
    20RM Deads 295x18... My grip began slipping... had more in tank.
    Back started getting quirky
    4rnds Rx 17:30
    Rows 2572 total meters avg 1:39/500m 32s/m
    kept just slightly below what Ben posted for times.

    Drenched in sweat!!!

  35. Open:

    was able to do only 3 rounds for 15mins. Feel sluggish. I feel disappointed but will bounce back for sure.

  36. Replies
    1. Forgot to say RX... AND this was a WOD from hell!!!! I'd love a 20 min AMRAP of this for the open!!!!