Friday, September 28, 2012

Saturday 9.29.12

1.  "Surfer on Acid"
3 RFT:
400m Run
21 Burpees

Rest as needed.

2.  2 RFT:
75 Abmat Sit ups
50 yard Hand Stand Walk

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  1. I'm with ya Ben. I wish I were a little closer so I could drop in.

  2. I feel like a level higher already with the programming so far... and Looking forward to improve further. Thanks Coach Ben!

  3. I'll be the first to ask about the handstand walk subs. I can think of a few subs to replicate the stimulus but am looking for some advice on how to manage the volume so it's similar. Any suggestions or should I just flop around on my neighborhood sidewalk trying the HS walk like a goon?

  4. If you have trouble with HS Walks, do 100 sit ups and then practice HSW for 10 minutes

  5. WOD 1: 9:18RX with a little obstacle course in and out of the gym.

    WOD 2: 16:24 scaled to 20 meters and practiced HS walks 1-2 meters at a time. Goat detector reads a 10.

  6. WOD 1: 7:59 Rx

    WOD 2: 100 sit ups and practice HS walk for 10 minutes

  7. 9:18

    Didn't do handstand walks. Will work on them later.

  8. 1) 8:19. Had a little left... Busted out the last burpees trying to make up time. Shoulda ran a tad faster
    2) 20+ took so long stopwatch somehow got reset.
    My HSW sux...

  9. 1. Had a wrist watch mishap during the second round of burpees lost and where between :30sec to a minute, ended at an unaccurate 7:11
    2. 16:57 Have a headache now! It was good training because it's so annoying but you just need to focus and go anyways:)

  10. 1. 9:57
    2. 100 sit ups & time spent on handstands/ HS walks. Spent a good part of an hour last night in my living room trying to get a handle on it. Super frustrated. How do you get over the fear of falling?

  11. 1. Surfer on Acid: 9:20
    2. 2RFT 75 Abmat situps 50 yard Handstand Walk: 19:58 rx


  12. 1. 9:40 RXed
    2. 150 situps + many failed attempts at HS walks. Frustrating bc I used to be able to do these easily, however, that was about 8 years ago in high school.


  13. L1 cert at CFNE, did the cleans from yesterday then hit Fran during cert, 2:49, little off my PR but very happy with it.

  14. 1. 8:39
    2. 20+ ..... Worked on HS holds


  15. 1. 10:19 (10lb. Vest)
    2. 15:02 (10lb. Dumbbell in hands for abs)
    *** Used extra weight b/c in between Ninja
    And Beast

  16. 9:51 Total goat WOD for me but I felt good about my performance. I felt like I was able to maintain a solid pace throughout and never fell into "slogville". It's all subjective though.

    Did the situps untimed then worked on freestanding handstands. I need practice and consistency before I can do walks under time constraints. I tried that once and it turns into an awkward combo of somersaults on concrete and mulekicks as I try not to over rotate into a somersault.

  17. 1.7:56
    2. 25:09 that was 300 feet upside down! ugh! was able to get a few that were around 10 feet at a time...definitely got better as I went
    **Did this all sunday because I had battlefit west on saturday...which was a complete sh*t show! lol ah well.

  18. Goat work 2/3 muscle ups otm x 10 min
    Wod1 10:01
    100 sit ups
    10 min handstand walks