Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday 9.20.12

Rest Day
If you are doing the LuRong Paleo Challenge today would be the right day to do the "Christine" benchmark.

After watching this it's hard to argue that the elite rise 
to the top because of "God-Given" talent.
Looks more like really hard work and determination.


  1. thanks for your insight ben. i appreciate your response to my inquiry yesterday.

  2. Chad Jones has loads of natural talent, god given gifts, whatever you want to call it, I don't think there is any arguing that. However it all boils down to how much he works at developing them. A great read on the subject is-'Talent Is Overrated' by Geoff Colvin. Really shows that there is no substitute for day in and day out hammering away at your craft no matter how naturally athletic you are.

  3. An incredible, inspiring video. Thanks for posting this Ben. It's said that a true test of character is how you react in the face of a challenge. Chad Jones faced it. I'm going to bookmark this video to show my kids one day about not quitting, about not giving up when things are hard.

  4. Great video and incredible story. Hope he makes it back to the football field.

    1.Warm up
    500m row
    Rumble roller: 3min/leg

    2. Active Recovery
    4 x 500m row - 2min rest btwn sets - about 2:50 pace

    3. Double-under practice
    10 min - Consistently got 6-10, but couldnt manage to string together more than 10. PR = 15

  5. 3 rep max bp 270 (2) 265 (3)
    10 rep max 215 should of done more
    5 x 3 in def hspu
    4 x strict c2b
    giant sets check

  6. 4500M recovery row (20 mins ish) + mobility