Monday, September 3, 2012

Tuesday 9.3.12

1.  30-20-10:
Power Clean 135, 95
KBS 53, 35

Rest as needed

2.  5 RFT:
35 Double unders
200m Run


  1. 1. 12:19 - probably the worst i've felt in a workout in a long time. my sleep is majorly, majorly off from the weekend. timed my breakfast weird, my hands are still in shreds. should've listened to my body and taken the day off.

    2. did not do. sat on a lacrosse ball and frowned at people doing curls in the squat rack. for time.


  2. 1. 9:43 or 10:43 - can't remember. Grip was completely gone after that one.
    2. 8:59 - shitty weather, so I ran inside 40mx5 for my runs.
    These last two days have kicked my ass, don't know about the rest of you guys. >)


  3. 1. 7:27rx
    Skipped 2. Did mobility instead. Wiped out. Sleep has also been an issue. Need to find my lark

  4. 1. 14:40 RX - Ugh! Really struggled with this one this morning.
    2. 7:58 RX

  5. 1. 8:25 Rx
    2. Will do this afternoon

    #1 was pretty miserable. Concur with those above. Need more and better sleep. But tough with a newborn and a 6 AM class to teach everyday. No excuses though... I am also colossally sore from that last two days. Upper body in shreds.

  6. 1. 8:18 Rx
    2. 9:12 Rx - Really had trouble getting motivated for this one. Felt really sluggish after the first WOD.

  7. 1. 9:03 @ 115#
    2. done but did not time - prob around 8:30

  8. 1. 10:38 Rx
    2. 11:24 Rx
    Body feels sore, did not want to do this today, needed 45 min warmup before body felt good enough to give it a go.


  9. 1. 11:13 Rx
    2. 7:15 Rx (doing DUs on patio lowered time vs. inside)

    Agree with everyone on feeling tired and sore.

  10. 1.8:00 Flat
    1a. Did 3 rep Front squats worked to 235lb
    2.7:17pr Last Time 8:08
    Sleep also has been an issue for me but I took yesterday off because I did Saturdays WOD on Sunday.

  11. 1. 9:20 (Rx)
    2. Had to skip, did a 5 mile trail run yesterday..

    Great WOD Ben!

  12. 1. 8.53
    2. 7.38

    I'm sore as. I think it's from Saturday. Spewing.

  13. 10:40

    Still sluggish on 1st wod. Did 20min warmup just to try and get up to speed. 2nd WOD felt way better and was faster than last time despite being 5lbs heavier. Finally normalizing after getting rocked at the end of last week.

  14. For time:
    Power clean, 135#
    KB Swings, 53#


    -rest 10 min-

    5 rounds:
    35 double unders
    200m run


  15. Felt the intensity today.
    1. 5:43- all unbroken; forearms were toast!
    2. 5:56- all unbroken; tried to push the runs

    Still feeling some pain in my shoulder, I wanted to practice muscle ups/I like to warm up with strict pull ups, but couldn't do either today, it is still very week and feeling very unstable!

  16. 1: 11:57 rested too much on the cleans
    2: 3 rounds 4:46 ... Misread the wod; finished last two untimed but really smoked it!

  17. 1. 10:46 (wow - i couldn't even open my water bottle after the wod, because my grip was so smoked)
    2. 9:10 (was on treadmill - took a while to start it up every round - otherwise it felt great)

    Loved this day!

  18. 1: 8:08

    2: 7:02

    Grip was pretty trashed

  19. Gymnastic wod
    5x2 snatch balances
    8:04 rxed first wod
    7:51. Rxed 2nd wod
    46m 197#

  20. Included colliding with Sherman on the run lol

  21. Gymnastic WOD
    5x2 snatch balances

    8:55 Rx first wod but had to use 2pood bc

    6:50 Rx 2nd wod (including JR knocking the wind out of me during 4th round!!)

  22. 10:27 - need to work on picking bar up after short rest
    8:02 in the rain, more like 250m each round just to make it an even 2 laps around the building

  23. m/49/5'8"/165

    Monday: got in a 4 mile benchmark hill run i've been doing for 10ish years now. Almost pr'd it. very hapy since I haven;t been running at all this summer due to hamstring issues

    Tuesday: Did monday's programming

    Front Squat 3 RM: 275 PR
    12.5: 105 reps with 45 lb kettlebells in a crowded globo gym - very happy with this

    Terminators: 2x12x65#barbell, then played with 12x30# dumbbell in each hand, then worked 8x30# dumbbell in only one hand, then 8 reps in the other hand for torsional stability

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  25. 1) 30-20-10: 11:17

    2) 5RFT: 5:43

  26. Rx'd 12:08 Part B: 7:26.
    My legs were spent from our event on Saturday and yesterdays wod. Need a rest day.

  27. 1. 30-20-10 17:38 135# and a 65# DB for the swings. I really took my time with this, concentrating on touch n go reps with the bar. 3 sets of 10 on the first round and then sets of 5 for the 2nd and 3rd.
    2. 5rft: 15:05 Double Unders slowly getting better. Working on them now twice a week.

    Overall just really tired today, hoping to recover well enough for a pr on Friday!


  28. 1. 10:49 Grip is always my issue
    2. 6:55

  29. 1.11:47, tried to go all out from the beginning and burned out bad in 2nd rd.
    2.15:13, DU=huge weakness, but getting better

  30. 1. 18:13 Rx cleans, 65# DB swings, first time doing that many cleans at that weight. I broke it up into sets of 5. Felt pretty good.

    2. 18:17, it took me until the last 5 of the 5th round to get the DUs strung together.. thats progress for me!

    Loving these results! My body fat % is going down and my performance is def going up.

  31. 1. 7:35
    2. 8:06 (did it with a partner with one rope so little rest here and there while we overlapped)

  32. 1. did back squat hspu workout, I am screwed.
    2. 7:22 workout 1

  33. Wod #1 10:48 tuffer than I thought.

    Wod# 2 7:06. Should have done better. I did not run into anybody. I ran with my eyes open. LOL

  34. Black Widow
    8:13 rx

    5 rounds 35 du, 200m run
    Not a typo…same time for both..wierd!!!

  35. 1- 11:33 grip was thrashed

    2- 9:17 just ok. Need to run faster I guess.

  36. 1. 9:28 RX beat the husband for the first time on an RX. Life is good!
    2. Will do later, in a time rush.

  37. 1. 9:28 RX beat the husband for the first time on an RX. Life is good!
    2. Will do later, in a time rush.

  38. In the a.m. I did my 3 RM Front Squat that I missed yesterday. Did ORun on Saturday, Saturdays WOD on Sunday and needed the rest on Monday.

    Hit new PR at 305# for 3 Reps. Excited to see the "get Ha-uge" phase working well. the 5000 cal a day is really helping a ton. I do feel a bit sluggish though throughout the day. I'll take it though. Thanks Ben for your programming. I am loving it and so is the rest of No Excuses CrossFit.

    1. 7:00 - I see why its named Black Widow now. My lower back feels like it got bit by one.

    2. 6:40- Felt sluggish on DU's. Missed about 4 times. felt good other than the misses. Rounds 1 and 5 were unbroken.

  39. 1) Metcon #1 as rx'd - 9:52
    2) Metcon #2 as rx'd - 7:39

  40. 1. 8:53
    2. 8:57 PR from last time. This was in the cold and rain as well.