Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday 1.18.13

Bode learning to clean like Maya (who has a 130 clean at age 12).
1. Muscle ups
5 x max Muscle ups, :30 rest between sets 

2.  OTMx12
Odd:  3 Power Clean
Even:  40 Double unders

3.   GHDSU
3 x 25 reps

4.  10 min Recovery Row
Slow and easy, no straps and no screen - flip it up or throw a t-shirt over it.

Athletes that are competing on Saturday - be sure to know the format and standards of all the wods.  They are posted on the Competitors Competition site.  This is an important part of competing.  It is not good enough to think you know the standards of a Clean and Jerk.  Always take responsibility and create confidence by knowing everything that you can about your event.  Knowledge is power.  

The site will also have live scoring updates so your buddies from home can follow you throughout the day.

Lastly, remember as you travel, mentally prepare, and compete on Saturday to only focus on what you can control.  You will get no benefit from worrying about the other competitors, the judges, the spectators or the scoring.  Instead create a successful mindset by focusing on your mental visualization, nutrition throughout the day, warming up and cool down appropriately, staying present during the competition and having fun.


  1. Any particular weight on cleans??

  2. 1. 8/2/2/2/4

    2. 225#x 3 rounds, 40 dubs x 3 rounds. Stopped start of the first power clean on 4th round. Felt a tweak on my calf/soles area, did not force it.

    3. Check

    4. Check

    1. Smart choice on stopping. It's hard to do.

  3. i love those pics. am forever in awe of that girl...and, LOVE watching bode study her movement. that's what i keep telling myself he's doing. what i really think is going on, though..."how can i fit that ENTIRE bar in my mouth before my parents get at me?"

  4. 1. Can't do muscle-ups at the home gym, not enough ceiling height. Did 5 rounds of strict pull-ups - 12, 6, 5, 4, 5 - followed immediately by a set of max ring dips - 12.

    2. 205# - Only got 2 PC's in the 5th round and 25 DU in the 6th round. Was doing DU on a piece of plywood in the yard, in the snow, with nothing but the spotlight from the house.

    3. 1 set. Then cut for time.

    Should have done this one at the box, methinks.

  5. 1. Bar MU, 1 min rest between sets.
    15(+10PR), 3, 6, 6, 7- 37 total

    2. 205PC POS boxing rope with one weight missing= difficult DU's, still made 40 though.

    3. Strict TTB, 3xME 1 min rest 14, 10, 12

    Thanks Ben!

  6. M/20/5'11"/165

    1. 11, 2, 2, 2, 1
    - hah, PR by 1 rep on my first set, but kinda pathetic after that

    2. Completed at 235#.
    - did DU's in sets of 3-5 reps to avoid my famous double-under headaches... just snuck in 40 each round

    3. TTB 3x25
    - failed 3rd set at 23, couldn't hang on

    4. I do this every day anyways, hah

  7. 1. Strict L-sit MU OTM 8,5,5,3,3,1
    (didnt have enough height for standard MU)

    2. Completed at 225# TnG across
    - 40 DU´s Unbroken across


  8. I'm working out again later so I didn't go crazy on this

    5 across

    185 across. Dus unbroken except like 2 rounds

    later i'm doing a crazy fan bike sprint workout. Its gonna suck but I gotta lose this weight. I'm down 15# now. I need to drop like another 10 or 15. This reminds me of when I use to cut weight to fight

  9. 1) 8, 8, 8, 6, 7
    2) 205 and DU unbroken across. My TNG technique sucks
    3). Done
    4). Done

  10. 1. No muscle ups. Did 5x10 of ring rows and strict ring dips. Worked on better hand/shoulder position on ring dips so as not to be so internally rotated. (finish with thumbs out not in.) good practice.
    2. 225, 235, 235, 245, 245, 265; 40 du's per
    3. No ghd at home. Did this instead: otmx18 odd 2-3 power cleans at 185, evens 10 toes to bar. Wanted to work clean technique. I've been getting "starfishy" at heavier loads. Also noticed (thanks, Ben) that I'm muscle cleaning- finishing with hips forward and not rebending my knees and getting under the bar. Focused on getting by butt back and pausing in a quarter squat at the catch like I pause at the bottom in a squat clean sometimes. This helped alot and I'm going to work it in more. Give it a shot if you do the same thing.
    4. Check

    Good luck to all of you beasts competing at CFNE and down in Florida this weekend. Get some!

  11. 1. 8-3-2-2-2
    2. Done at 99kg(217#)

  12. 13 ( tied pr$ 1 4 3 0. Too short rest
    175. Du unbroken

  13. 1. 7,5,4,4,2- need work
    2. 225, 235, 245, 250, 245, 245- du's under 25 secs each round.
    3. Check
    4. Check

    Go time competitors!!!

  14. 1. 12, 4, 3, 2, 2
    2. 235, 235, 235, 235, 245, 255 last rd du's hit 106
    3. Done
    4. Done

  15. 1) 8,7,6,5,5
    2) 225 cleans & DUs
    3) GHDS

  16. 1-8/4/3/3/4
    2-225pc and du
    3-3x25 ab mats no ghd at the gym.
    4-no time at gym will do at home

  17. 1. 12/5/4/2/2...was really disappointed. My triceps loaded up after the first round
    2. 165 & the du's. I'm really working my clean tech. Found out I have slow elbows. Need to speed up the screw.
    3. Done
    4. No rower, but I'll find something.

  18. Stretch outside , what a beautiful day!!!

  19. 1)sub hspu for mu. Tendonitus issues in elbow. 11-12-11-9-8
    2)sub Deadlift for clean 225#

    3) GHD
    4) Box workout
    1000 m row
    50 thruster 45#
    30 Deadlift 185#

  20. 1. 0,0,1,0,1 (did extra pullup & dip work to get stimulus after)

    2. 145 TnG

    3. complete

    4. complete