Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wednesday 1.30.13

Rest Day
Conor Murphy, 44.5" 


  1. M/22/5'6"/150
    Did yesterdays WOD today, schedule is a little off this week.

    1) 38"

    2) 215# across, did hang power clean to jerk instead of working off a box.

    3) 6:30 rx and all UB

    The name is PigPen because of my excessive use of chalk while at the box,even during WOD's that require zero chalk... old habits of an ex-gymnast.

  2. yesterday's work today as well. ... rested yesterday ... will get back on track tomorrow!
    1. stopped @ 25.5"... garage gym training is a little scary lol and I was using metal parallettes with plates under them... basically I stopped when it got scary
    2. 145 across- felt really off today .. right shoulder still funky from my wodapalooza incident
    3. 7:28 ... felt like I was moving fast ... but apparently not lol Taylor ... your so fast! :)

    1. Cheryl, I guess it depends on what wod we are doing! Lol some days I'm like " what the heck? How'd she get that time?!?!? Lol!! But thanks!! :)

  3. Did 30 minutes ish snowy trail run this am. Felt great. Feel like I haven't one any running in a while.

    LOVE my inov-8 goretex trailroc 345s. best trail shoes ever!

  4. I'd love to see some video's of you guys crushing these WOD's for some inspiration!

  5. 1. Hip, shoulder, and spine mobility
    2. Active recovery:
    OTM x 12
    Odd: 40 DUs
    Even: 45 sec airdyne (50% effort)