Monday, January 28, 2013

Tuesday 1.29.13

1.  Lateral Bounds
6 x 4 for max height - demo vid

2.  Power Clean + Split Jerk from Blocks
5x1 across
Set blocks up just above knee.

3. 5 RFT:
15 Thrusters, 75/55
12 TTB
9 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards

4.  4 Giant Sets of:
20 Hip Extensions
10 Ring Rows
5 Sotts Presses - demo vid, don't need to drop with weight overhead.
Giant sets are not for time, but done by performing all movements back to back with no rest.  Rest as needed between sets.  


  1. Any specific/prescribed weight for the sotts presses?

  2. PVC, Empty bar, 135# - what ever you can do.

  3. 1. Done at 30"

    2. 225#, stopped after 2nd set. Felt something at groin area after split jerk.

    3. Stopped after 1 round. Groin bothersome. Just did 12 TTB OTM every 2 minutes thereafter.

    4. Skipped.

  4. 1 - didn't have a measuring tape but it was like mid-thigh. Also only used one bar and went back and forth twice.

    2 - stayed at 185 because something felt "pinchy" behind my right scap and I couldn't work it loose.

    3 - 13:13 - damn T2B fell apart fast and really slowed me down.

    4 - maybe later when I'm grilling dinner

  5. Uh oh! Better rest that! Get well.

    1) 38" tng, last round was 40" but not tng

    2) nothing heavy overhead so I did squat cleans from the blocks - 275x5

    3) 6:49 - ttb will be the death of me

    1. 6:49?! Seriously? I never cease to be amazed by you animals.

    2. Dang... me too. Absolutely astounding.

    3. I think it was 6:49. I started when the clock was at 3 mins and I think I finished at 9:49 (it was either that or 12:49). I finished the first two round in 2:30 (1:15 split) and kept that pace throughout. All of the thrusters unbroken ('cept rnds 3and4 - 10/5 and 8/7), all box jumps tng (games), and first two round of ttb unbroken. The rest were sets of 10/5, 8/7, and 6/6/3.

    4. One of these days I'll clear some space on my phone and video. just gotta remember to do that.

    5. Come to think of it I think I was doing 15 reps of ttb. Whoops.

  6. 1. Lateral Bj 30"
    2. 235#, These were really frustrating. Struggled getting under the power clean @ 245#. Found these a lot harder than normal hang power cleans.
    3. 8:49 Rx
    4. 4 rnds with 45# barbell

  7. 1. Will post later

    2. 185, 195, 205, 215(PR), 225(PR)
    From the floor.

    3. 9:30

    This sucked! I hate thrusters. I was lacking energy no doubt about it, working out fasted may not be the best for CrossFit but it's what I've been doing for almost a year.

    4. Did 3 sets I was so burned out, 1 min rest took 2 mins per set.
    20 Subbed 65, 65, 75
    10 Subbed bar rows
    5 Sotts Presses 65, 65, 75

    1. Hey Kyle, have you noticed any significant improvements/changes with fasted workouts? Any changes in performance or body composition? I recently started doing them as well (November), too soon to notice any changes for myself.

    2. I usually finish eating my last meal of the day at like 8:30-9 PM and I wake up at like 4:45-5:00 AM and drink about 12 ounces of water with a packet of Emergen-C with a multivitamin and fish oil pills. I then drink almost a full travel cup sized coffee before/during my warm-up and I'm ready to move weight by 5:30. I never have issues with feeling hungry. Sometimes I feel a little lack of energy during a met-con, but my met-con also sucks, so take that with a grain of salt.

      I've actually put on about 4-5 pounds in the 6-8 weeks that I've been following the programming, but that's probably because I eat like crazy during the day.

    3. No amount of eating the night before really helps, but I often feel the same hunger. I've started taking shots of raw honey when I'm heading to the gym at 445am. and then a few more after. that helps.

    4. Woops, those were squat cleans I did.

      The lateral jumps were close to 30 inches, but the box jumps turned out to be 22'' :(

      Britt, I friggin' love fasting, this coming from a "bodybuilder" who use to eat 6 meals a day like clockwork for 6 years without skipping a beat.

      As for performance and energy, I'm always an 8-9 out of 10. I eat last meal around 8-10pm and workout around 7-9am, so roughly 12 hours fasted. Whereas my energy would be hit or miss eating pre-WOD.

      It's amazing for body composition because you can eat on a calorie deficit and not feel like you're limiting yourself. When I first started this way of eating almost a year ago I'd fast from 8pm, workout in the morning and not eat until noon+ so it would be 16-18 hour fasts with one giant (lasting an hour-2) meals or 2 meals. only recently I'm been eating 3 because I'm more focused on performance.

      Also, less dishes and thinking going into meals.

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  9. 1) 30 inch box + two 45s + one 25...40"?

    2) 245...255 turned into a squat clean

    3) 7:51

    4) Done...95lbs for Sotts

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  11. 1. Done at 30"
    2. Skipped due to hand
    3. Modified b/c of the hand and did left arm kb thruster, light weight and strict t2b.
    4. Done

  12. Made some mods-limited time, blah blah. Did this:

    Lateral bounds 4x6@30
    Giant sets 5-6 of burgener warmup ish with 45# incl sotts press, 10 ring rows, 10 hollow rocks, 10 superman rocks
    Airdyne intervals
    20 min otm clean and jerk odds, 10 games box jumps 24 evens. Did 3's at 185-205, 2's at 225, singles at 255-265 the last 3-4 sets
    Not ideal but got it in

  13. 1)30in
    3)9:38 RX (TTb crushed me. Still a goat im working on.
    4)Doing tonight, hopefully.

  14. 1. 40, 42, 44, 44.5x3
    2. 225# across
    3. 8:31 Rx
    4. Postponed

  15. 1. 34in.

    2. 225#

    3. 11:52

    4. 65# Sotts Press

  16. With Conor Murphy

    1. Worked up to 39" x 2
    2. 225# across
    3. 8:36 Rx. Great race with Conor.
    4. Postponed

  17. Skipped1
    2. 205 x5, 215(f)
    3. 10:40 unbroken, box jumps a goat of mine
    4. Done 45# bar this was nice
    5. 2-3 mu otm x 10

  18. 1. 35in
    2. 235# across
    3. 6:23 RXd (broke last round of thrusters 10/5, and last round of ttb 8/4. No breaks right back on the bar)
    4. Done

    1. You beat me by more than 3 minutes, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

    2. Ummmm don't ever stop, EVER!! Lol idk man keep killin it!!

    3. beast mode!!! way to be consistent

  19. M / 5'8 / 165#

    ** added 50 DUs to the end of each giant set

  20. M/5'9 140# 14 yrs old:

    1: 30 inches
    2: 135 (hang clean)
    3: 12:57 (55lb, 24" BJ) toes to bar isn't my best thing but I'm getting better and that all I can do!!!
    4: finished

  21. M/20/5'11"/165

    1. Skipped due to time.
    2. 235, 235, 245, 245, 255 (a couple inches above a "squat clean")
    - first time from blocks... so different, great practice
    3. 8:56
    4. Skipped

  22. Took Monday of so playing catchup..

    0. Snatch stuff form yesterday, From Blocks 3x1@145, 2x2@135 these felt good today.
    1. no bounds
    2. PC/Jerk from Blocks - barely managed 175 was doing this wrong I think, much harder than HPC - but was shot from snatches.
    3. WOD: 8:26 Rx
    -only broke last two rnds of t2B 8/4
    4. Done but could only manage 25# with sotts presses - new goat!

  23. 1. lateral bounds 44 & a quarter. spared a few inches

    2. power clean + jerk off box
    270 across

    3. 10:42 metcons still need some work

    4. did half rounds. got a basketball game to attend

  24. 1) 30" box + 3 45# plates TnG
    2) 245,265,255x3
    3) 9:38. TTB getting better but broke up starting round 3, singles last round
    4) dun. Sotts are shotty for potsy. PVC with plane of motion pretty much parallel to the floor. Poster child for cockamamie

  25. 1.) 32"... never done these before. fun!
    2.) meeting w/ coach tomorrow for oly. skipped.
    3.) eesh 10:10 Rx... 0 points for mental fortitude today. tomorrow's a new day.
    4.) already did weighted hip ext. 2x this week. subbed 20# med ball russian twists instead. holy mobility on those 25# sotts!!!

  26. Did really good with my lateral bounds yesterday, here's a video!
    Somewhere between 37 and 38 inches!

  27. 1. Lateral bounds @ 30'
    2. 5x1 @ 235,235,245,245,245
    3. WOD 7:25 Rx
    4. 2 rounds and ran out of time

  28. 1-did not do
    2-5x1 at 225 across
    3-8:52 rx felt good
    4-completed with 45lb bar
    finished with tabata airdyne sprints for 10 minutes. working on the gas tank and trying to get down to 215lbs for the open.

  29. 1.39 3/4"
    2. went light with 205 to really practice full hip extension to get under in a high catch instead of having to squat.
    3. did only 3 rounds for time 4:07 unbroken My wife's pregnant with twims so I HAVE TO GET MY ASS HOME! :)

    Ben thanks for the lateral bounds so much fun!

  30. 1. 30", used one bar and jumped back and forth
    2. 185, 205, 215, 225, 235 (turned into a squat clean). Jerks felt solid today.
    3. 12:55. Lungs are limiting. Need to keep building that engine. All thrusters unbroken except for 4th round 10/5. T2Bs got tough at the end.
    4. Done. Used 75lb for Sotts press. Could've done more.

  31. 1. 30"-hip joint
    2. 185
    3. 12:51, last two rounds were slow

  32. 1) 36 1/2"
    3)10:33. T2B. Ahhhh!