Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunday 1.6.13

Kate Schuh
Rest Day


  1. Active recovery vs. sittin my butt recovery. What's really better?

  2. ong going to need some stretching today ... turns out ... half strict Cindy ( not by choice ) can tear up the lays! lol not to meNtion my Chest from the push ups. ! knees feelin good! wound healing well ! lol I def think this pic us worth sharing if n e one has a strong stomach! lol mixed box jumps r bad ... but I've never seen this b4! lol

    going to ride my bike today outside ... clean house ... and shop and cook! sounds like an active recovery day for me! :)

    will be doing some mobility later

  3. SORE all over!!!
    Gunna row and do mobility no doubt!!

  4. Football and hoops all day brotha!