Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday 2.1.13

Mat Frankel.

1.  Deadlift

2.  Team Prowler
Teams of 4 complete an AMRAP 20 of:
20m Prowler Push, 135/90  -weight of prowler not included.

There is snow on the ground in the North East so the Prowler weights assume you are doing this inside on a rubber floor.  
If you are doing this outside or on concrete use 275/185#.  
If you are doing this solo use a 1:4 work to rest ratio. 


  1. is it supposed to be a 1:4 ratio for work:rest if solo?

  2. Started with what I could do from Thursday - still can't go heavy over head.

    1. 10 min Cindy: 16+5+3 ;-)
    2. 1k row- 3:29.5
    3. 5RM DL - 405 (455f - got greedy then ran outta time)
    Been looking forward to a prowler wod, but ran outta time this morning. Will hit this later or sometime this weekend.

    1. Wow nice job on that Cindy. That's blazing!

  3. For number 2 yesterday the jerk complex. I forgot to ask this. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I should be lowering bar from over head back to behind the neck. I feel really nervous and I think it held me back alot

    1. check out Rich Froning in this video from HQ Jan 5, 2013 -

      Back racking from overhead is dangerous. I sprained my left shoulder AC joint last week trying it with a light weight when the bar slipped down my back. A guy at our gym broke his neck doing it and I've heard of athletes herniating disks. It's dangerous. If you're not comfortable I'd drop it each time and strip the weights. Time consuming, but safe.

    2. I bring it down to front rack instead. I've never been able to lower to back rack, hurts too much.

    3. Thanks yeah I think I'm gonna stick with not doing it anymore. If I broke my neck I would immediately roll my wheel chair off a bridge

    4. I use jerk boxes to drop jerks and heavy OHS

    5. Hey Peach,

      You should never feel like the eccentric (lowering of the weight) in oly lift is holding you back in a 1RM - the reason we have bumper plates is so you can drop the load with out the eccentric loading.

    6. Got it. I was thinking since it said 5x2 we weren't supposed to drop the bar

    7. 2 squats + 1 jerk for each of the 5 sets.

  4. Every so often Dick's Sporting goods will do a 50% off a single item coupon, waiting for the next one to snap this up - Until then... no prowler, looks like I'll be pushing my car around the parking lot again!

  5. 1 - 405. Definitely not TNG, but just enough time to reset at the bottom each time. I don't think I had any more in me on this one.

    "Grace" - 2:59

    My box did it yesterday and I wanted to see where I stand with the rest of the guys after following this programming. I finally broke the 3-minute barrier @ 2:59, a solid 30-second PR. I felt really good about this considering I took a barbell to the dome on rep 17.

  6. 25/5'8'/165

    1. 355x4, could have done more but not worth the failing form.
    2. Did this on a treadmill turned off, 15 second all out and then 45 rest, so 20x in 20min.

    I feel great for once!

  7. 1. 385...felt good. Only issue was grip strength in hand.
    2. Did this solo and only had a 15m space so had to go up and back 5m...16 rds

  8. 465
    Lost count that was fun though

  9. 1. 198# TnG back round a tiny bit, but... is that acceptable?
    2. Done solo, 90#. Fun! 20 rounds OTM.

  10. 1. 300
    2. doing tomorrow with some friends
    * OTM x10 min
    3 push press/3 strict pull ups

  11. 1. 425# tng felt good stopped there. don't know if I have a recent 5 rm. just checked logsitall which i havent used in a long time and have nothing in the last 2 years. I do have 375 for 20 which im glad i didnt see before doing this! have to do a better job of tracking things. I've been bad about that since the games last year.

    2. No prowler at home. Did :15 airdyne sprint OTM X20. I LOVE (hate) the airdyne!

  12. 1.) ran out of time to get through much of the DL but after warming up, hit an easy T&G set at 205#.

    2.) found 3 other people to do this with. we used a sled. teams of 2. only had 15 minutes before class. did it inside, length of gym (36 ft.) each partner goes once in each direction then the combination of their time was rest for an equal interval. (still worked out to a similar ratio.) we ended up squeezing in 14 rounds at 50# + sled. first time pushing.

    is there a big difference between a prowler and a sled?

  13. 1. 395#

    2. 4 man team, so we had some that didn't want to go Rx and a girl as well. Lots of weight switching and running back and forth. But altogether ended up with 11 rounds at 275#. Was a fun one!

  14. M / 5'8 / 165#

    Pre Wod Skill warm up:
    OTM x 10
    15 DUs w/ a heavy rope

    1. 405# (Had some more in the tank, but thats a PR so I stopped)
    2. Me and my lil cousin hit this. About 20 rounds a piece.

  15. 2) 69 rounds with mcD, bubba, and Tom @ 135 on rubber
    1) 405# PR. 1RM was 405...feeling great about that

  16. 5rm = 405 (goat)
    I don't understand the format of the individual sled push, so I did 15, 20m trips with a 275 sled with the 1:4 rest.

    Got 6th in my comp last weekend. I felt a definite difference in my motor. Thanks everybody for pushin me and posting stuff everyday and thanks Ben for this programming!!!

  17. 455#

    No prowler did sled drags insted.
    6 rounds of:
    100m sled drag
    30 meter handstand walk

    1. ok. what's the deal with the sled v. the prowler? we did sled pushes. i've never worked with a prowler... AND our rubber mats have a raised textured pattern on them opposed to a bunch of other boxes i've been to which makes me question the degree of difficulty.

  18. 1) 427
    2) Did this with Rte 1 old balls (Hewitt, Jared and Braden Monaco) used 270 outside. lost track of reps, quads are toast.

  19. M/5'9 140# 14 yrs old:

    1: 275 and got 315 1 rep max too

    2: did it with Taylor and we both got about 20 rounds each

  20. 1. 425# then stopped there. Felt like I had more but pr'd so like Taylor I chilled out.

    2. Got 24 Rounds with my team of 5 and we push 305# on the sled to make up for extra person.

    3. Went to and hit a pool workout with a friend of mine name Chris Davis who owns Swim Atlanta and is married to 2 time Olympian, Amanda Wier. Here is the point: I was completely humbled by how inefficient I was in the pool. He helped my technique a ton and I started to improve immediately. I am putting this on here to encourage you all to get a coach and get in the water. Another interesting observation is that by being in the pool, I learned more about how to not "panic" under fatigue and lack of breath and to just relax and stay composed under pressure. Coaching point for me today: Get in the pool!

  21. 0. 1000m row from yesterday 3:28.1
    1. 375# 1RM 3RM 5RM Pr very happy knew Dl had gone up - failed 405 for a single twice after - I think I have it fresh.
    2. 69.9 rounds with McD, Potsy, and Tom @ 135 on rubber, I had the last push and couldn't quite make it in time - brutal

  22. 1. 5x445lb

    2. No prowler at our box, so did another metcon! :-)

  23. 400 for 5RM
    16 rounds at 275# on concrete

  24. 1. 1pm-
    5x3 rep front squat with arms straight to keep chest up @ 265#
    3 rounds, 500m row/20 GHD situp/ 50ft burpee broad jump (10:53)

    5Rm deadlift @ 405 (this felt great especially for my confidence in how my lb has healed)

    prowler push fest with 270# outdoors teams of 4. Damn, been a while since we've done this! Quadzilla!