Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wednesday 1.16.13

Aaron G., active recovery.
Rest Day

"Revealing human capabilities which had never even been imagined."
Don't let someone else, not even science, tell you what you are capable of.


  1. There is a cool documentary about freediving called "Breathe"

    Here is a preview if anyone is interested:


  2. 2.4 K Run For Time (for my exercise science lab)
    Time- 9:39

    Got it handed to me by a couple peers. One dude got 8:43.

  3. Didn't have time last night to WOD so I did it today. Wont have time Friday..so that will be a rest day as well.

    1. From the back: 315#, just missed 335#
    2. 275#...not what I wanted but that's where I was today
    3. Subbed rows for runs, no straps: 7rds + 60m
    4. 7:09rxd, HSPU killed me. Too much time on squats
    5. Skipped

  4. Nice active recovery Aaron Griggs from CrossFit Darwin!