Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday 1.24.13

Mel Ockerby
1.  "Macho Man"
OTM for as long as possible:
3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Jerks 
Ninjas:  165/115
Beasts:  185/135
Don't be a meat-head.  Lighter is harder than big weights in this wod.  Pick a weight that you can get 6-9 rounds of.  If you don't finish 5 rounds, you need to reduce the weight and go again.

2.  Rowing Intervals
5 x 300m, 1 minute rest


  1. Ben Smith's gym is having it's grand opening Saturday with a little competition - I found me a partner and we are headed out to compete. We won't turn any heads, but we will at least be able to do it RX'd. Only reason I mention it, is look at how similar Friday's wod is compared to what I will be doing Saturday -

    "Here it is...the moment you've all been waiting for! The CrossFit Krypton Grand Opening WOD:

    Team "Hammer"
    AMRAP in 14 minutes:
    -5 power cleans (135/95)
    -10 front squats (135/95)
    -5 push jerks (135/95)
    -20 pull-ups

    Each partner will take turns completing 1 complete round of the barbell complex and pull-ups.

    *And yes, you have the option to share the pull ups with your partner if you want to!*"

  2. Sup Comp Wodders! I am curious and I'm sure others are as well on everyone's supplementation. ie: Vitamins, creatine (type amount, cycle etc) beta-alanine, pre workouts etc. to get some idea's on what to try and maybe what not to try.

    Personally I've been on and off creatine monohydrate for years taken 5g in tea post workout (dissolved well) and I do feel strength increases whether they're placebo or not, takes about 2 weeks to feel a difference.

    I've also tried beta-alanine but that's before CrossFit so I don't have a solid opinion on that.

    For vitamins I take vit D3 everyday in the winter months (Canadian here)from 5-10,000IU. Vitamin C (buffered) 500mg/ day, multi vitamin, B 50 complex, magnesium 500mg before bed, sometimes a pro biotic, sometimes a digestive aid. At very least they're an insurance policy.

    Have a great day everyone!

    1. Forgot to mention the most important IMO liquid fish oil at one spoonful per day. Mag has zinc in it as well.

    2. Currently, I do a pack of Emergen-C (it's an effervescent multi-vitamin with a big dose of C and B's), a generic multivitamin, and fish oil every morning. I was also doing D3 and a probiotic but I haven't replenished my supply so I've been without those for a few weeks.

      Otherwise I just do a post-workout with like 30g of whey mixed in with 12 oz. of chocolate milk (refer to yesterday's post about being paleo, haha). I have used creatine on and off, not sure I noticed a difference.

    3. My supplementation looks like this:
      Fish oil (omegaplex by Advocare)
      Magnesium (by pure pharma)
      HMB + Creatine (by Blonyx)
      Whey Protein
      Air speed (pre wod if I need a little boost by F3 nutrition)

    4. Vit- C ( emergen-c)

    5. Fish oil, multivitamin, black coffee

  3. Ben, is there a targeted amount of rounds on this one so I may scale appropriately if necessary?

  4. When was the last time we did this. Trying to remember my scaling.

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  6. So once you cannot complete a round within the minute you are done

  7. 1. 6 rds+1 PC/55 reps.

    2. 1:01/1:03/1:03/1:02/1:01

  8. 1. 9 rnds
    2. 1:02/1:00/1:00/1:02/1:00

    1. Hey joe! Great work bro! What weight did you use? Just curious as you and Taylor are my rabbits. :)

    2. ha ha, thanks? I used 185. Probably coulda kept going if I'd taken a rest day this week. I was aiming for 10.

    3. ^^Ben Davis, I think we've met before. I train at Crossfit RX in Atlanta.

    4. We have. I competed against you at the first affiliate league. We did those sprints back and forth inside your guys old gym. We should get together again soon and train. We just opened our new gym! I have seen RX new spot either. We need to do some trade off visits! When is good for you? We are doing a re-grand opening on feb. 9th if your free.

  9. It was a balmy 6 degrees in my shed this morning and I had no overhead strength to speak of.

    1 round + 3 + 3 @ 185

    Reset to 155 and did 4 rounds + 3 + 3+ 1

    Called it there. To paraphrase Jon Madden, some days you get the "bar", some days the "bar" gets you.

    1. Curious...are you guys doing the entire complex without putting the bar down each minute, or did you have to break it up as you got deeper into the rounds? I think I could have had much more success had I done the PC's and FS's, put the bar down for a few breaths, then PC'd it again and did the Jerks. My head just wasn't in it this morning. Part of me wants to take another crack at it tonight, but part of me knows to just leave it alone and live to fight another day.

    2. If you have to break, drop after the second front squat and then do the rest of the complex. You're right though- leave it alone for today

    3. Did all 9 reps unbroken. This how Its supposed to be played out.

  10. 1. Played around with the complex. Highest weight used was 65 kgs. Played around for 15 min.

    2. The rower was occupied so sid 5 intervalls on a Crosstrainer. 1 min on, 1 min Recovery.

  11. 1) 12 rounds at 135#, could probably gone little heavier but wanted to assure at least 6-8
    2) 1:04,1:03,1:04,1:07,1:01

  12. I'm over trained I think. Today went horrible felt depressed and aggravated gonna take some time off

    1. I just posted on the Thur workout "whoever is keeping up with the volume is a robot".

      I'm one day behind, I needed to take Monday off. How long do you think you'll rest for?

    2. Ill see how i'm feeling Tuesday or Wednesday. I felt like this 2 years ago and didn't listen to my body and I ended up getting really sick

    3. Hey Peach, when that happens to me I usually take off until I really want to work out again - you'll feel it in your bones after a few days. Also do a WOD you really enjoy - have fun with it.

      I'm keeping up with the program but have the luxury of sleeping 8-10 hours a day.

    4. Yeah that's what I was thinking. thanks bubba

    5. I think it definitely has something to do with me losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks. I didn't mean to lose the weight that fast I wasnt weighing myself all the time so I didn't know. I just added a bunch of sprints and wind bike sprints and changed my diet. I went from 252 lb monster to 230 and great abs. I like that but I think it was a little fast for my body

  13. Shoulders a little fried. Decided to skip the jerks
    Did this instead:
    1. 3 power cleans, 3 front squats at 205, OTM FOR 10min
    2. 5x300 row - 57-59
    3. Shoulder strengthening stuff

  14. 1) 8+7, messed up on final round and waited til the end to do jerks and failed and ran out of time. Had 10 rounds for sure.
    2) :55,:55,:55,:56,:56

  15. Competing in a garage games event this weekend! Reppin hard for the programming!! Back on Monday.

  16. recovery day today ! rowed for 30 min

  17. M/5'9 140# 14 yrs old:

    1: 6 + 2 jerks (115)

    2: finished

  18. M / 5'8 / 165#

    1. 12rds (165#, i feel like I'm more of a ninja. Maybe should have gone 185# but it was a really good workout regardless.)

    2. Rows:

    A.M. Goat session:
    OTM x 10
    Odd: 10 c2b
    Even: 40 DUs

  19. 185# 6 rds 7:59, 5 th rd always gets me, shoulders toast

  20. 1. Macho Man @ 185- 6 rounds.....Pulled out due to low back tightness
    2. 300m intervals: 56.3, 58.3, 58.8, 58.8, 56.1

  21. 1. 7 rnds + 8 reps @ 165 (couldn't lock out that last Jerk, argh)

    2. 1:03 (then stopped the whining) 1:00 1:01 1:02 1:01

    Hey just throwing it out there - does anyone get a profound sense of well being a few hours after a wod with moderate weight clean and jerks in a WOD. I only get it with clean and jerks - strange.

  22. 1-8 complete rounds at 165. last time only 6 rounds.
    2-all done under a minute.

  23. 1. @165 6 Rounds and finished the Front Squats on 7
    2. 1.02 1.02 1.04 1.05 1.04

  24. 14 rounds @ 185 wrists were tweaked at the end
    59,58,59,58 & 57

  25. 10 rds +3/3 mentally tough I maybe could have hit 11. :/
    used 185#

    Did not row no time.

  26. Beast alarm for Dominic anđ Wags. Great work!!!

  27. 1. 5 rds + 7 reps. 165 lbs. Shoulder limiting factor. You all are animals!

    2. Later

  28. Thanks Tadpole! Tanya did 13+3/3 with 135lb!

  29. Ran a 5k with 5 one min sprint intervals thrown in.

  30. 1 round @ 185
    7 rounds @ 165

    row all under a minute- lowest 54, higest 57