Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thursday 1.24.13

Seth Silva
1.  Front Squat 
quickly work up to a heavy single

2.  Snatch Grip Jerk - from behind the neck.
quickly work up to a heavy single

3.  Snatch Grip Jerk + OHS
quickly work up to a heavy single

4.  Snatch Balance
quickly work up to a heavy single

5.  Squat Snatch
quickly work up to a heavy single

6.  AMRAP 15:
1 Rope Climb
10 Hang DB Squat Cleans, 45/30
1 Rope Climb
10 Ring Dips


  1. Rack Jerk + OHS. ... behind the neck still or from the front? Logic says behind the neck.

    1. Hey Tadpole - when working with a snatch you can assume it's from behind the neck.

  2. Hey Ben. Is there a major difference between the Snatch grip Jerk from behind the head from the Rack Jerk? Should I be focusing more on a much tighter/closer grip on my OHS than my snatch. Thanks for the help.

  3. Snatch grip jerk is done with a snatch grip. A rack jerk is done with any grip you like - usually a closer grip. Your OHS should be the same grip with as your snatch. For this workout 2-5 should all be done with the same grip - your snatch grip.

  4. Has anyone else noticed, since starting this programming, that they have an insatiable appetite? Ever since I got the schedule dialed in a few weeks ago and have been hitting the workouts at 5-5:30 AM on a consistent basis, I have been eating like a baby elephant. I don't mind because I've always been a lean and lanky guy (currently 6'0" 185 lbs) but I have been making some less-than-optimal food choices along the way when I run out of prepared stuff and am still hungry.

    Just an observation and was curious if anyone else experienced it.

    1. Paleo and competitive training will definitely have that effect. I consider myself more of a "ravishing" 6'1" 185lbs, haha, but I am in the same boat. I have started bringing more meals to the gym with me and having a steady intake of protein throughout the day. (Opposed to eating 3 large meals and snacking here and there) I am now eating 5-7 meals in smaller portions. Seems to help my training as well, but I struggle training on a completely empty stomach which is different from a lot of athletes. Let me know if this helps.

    2. Oh trust me, I eat about as "Paleo" as Rich Froning. I would call my diet more of a "clean" bodybuilder style diet - with oats, rice, etc. to keep the carb intake up. The poor choices I referred to are vending machine nightmares or baked goods my wife has sitting around.

      I currently eat 4 "big meals" per day plus a post-workout shake and a morning snack between breakfast and lunch.

    3. I mostly eat paleo. I make sure to have the occasional beer or glass of wine, and my fiance just started baking gluten free desserts, so those are my cheats. But with the combo of this programming and paleo diet I can't eat enough! Im 5'8" 185lbs and my coach is actually telling me to eat more food, which I can't imagine.

      But to answer your quesion - YES! I am eating all the time. Big breakfast, lunch, and dinner with one or more snacks in between each. I tell my fiance that the reason I exercise so hard is so that I can eat so much.

  5. It's official I made it on the page lol thanks Ben!

  6. What would be considered "quickly" for working time on these sets?

    1. Quickly is more about the amount of sets used to get to a heavy single than the time. For example:
      Front squat
      135 x 6
      185x 3
      225x 2
      255 x 1
      275 x 1

      Working up to the single in about sets. No more than 10 mins I would say

  7. 1. 325# PR

    2. 235#

    3. 225#, 235# F

    4. 215#

    5. 185#, 205# 2F.... Technique issue.

    Spent 5 mins per movement above. Rest varied from 2-5 mins b/n movements.

    6. 6 rds+ 1rc/7(or 8) HSC... Didnt want to be the guy to fall off the rope. Gripppppp!!!

    Subbed DBSC with 115 lbs BB HSC.

  8. I asked the same question before, and Coach Ben said quickly would be in the range of 3-6 minutes. Taylor got the set and loading spot on.

  9. Awesome thanks so much guys, your help is much appreciated!

  10. What is a Good sub for the rope-Climbs in the AMRAP? Don't have a rope.


    1. This was asked a few weeks ago - see everyones responses here - Those too lazy to click

      From Ben - "There is no substitute. If you are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit you need to be able to climb ropes efficiently. From a strength standpoint towel pull ups work, but rope climbs are technique not strength.

      Get a rope."

  11. Met-con first (proved to be a mistake) - 5 rounds plus 1, 10, 4 dips.

    Front Squat - 315 (my 2RM) and then got pinned by 335, think I'm still feeling Tuesday's work.

    OHS - 225, failed 235, also looked like a juggler on a unicycle

    BTN Snatch Grip Jerk - stopped at 235

    Snatch Balance - only went to 155, shoulders/traps/lats were all so tight and smoked from met-con

    No snatch.

  12. Finally back on the training schedule after "relocation extravaganza" project went down at No Excuses CrossFit.

    Time to train.......

  13. Did wod first. 6 rounds even with 50s (45s were taken)

    1. Front squat-335
    2. Snatch grip jerk- worked up to 265. Felt solid, left it there
    3 jerk/ohs. Worked up to 225. Very shaky. First time ohs over 135 in months. Need to spend some time on these
    4. Snatch balance- worked up to 185. Felt crappy so I left it there
    5. Snatch- 195. Felt ok but was out of gas by then so I left it there

    Initially I was a little frustrated that my numbers are so far below where they have been but after having a minute to think about it I feel great. My goal right now is just to get and stay healthy so I can help the team this year. My numbers right now mean nothing. I'm right where i should be.

  14. BY THE WAY-
    Per Ben-
    The idea today is or the jerks to be PUSH JERKS, not split. This is a progression to work upto a squat snatch. No split jerks

  15. 1. Front Squat: 300# PR
    2. Snatch Grip Push Jerk: 255#
    3. Snatch Grip Push Jerk + OHS: 225#
    4. Snatch Balance: 225#
    5. Squat Snatch: 200#, failed two attempts at 215#
    barbell movements felt great today
    6. AMRAP 15 w/ 50# DB's: 5 rnds + 12

  16. Amigos, it's been awhile. I've been toying with some other programming for the past 5ish weeks, but I think I'm returning mostly to this programming with a bit of my own accessory work and some continued following of the alternate programming from my gym. My coach is programming some metcons that really target my goats, so I'll be mixing and matching, but I'm back!

    1. FS - 345 (375f)
    2. PJ - 295 (did a split here. understand now that it should not have been split)
    3. 275
    4. 225
    5. 225
    *Not a bad strength day given that I did 5rnds of 10 185# push jerk yesterday. fried my shoulders and back.

    6. made up tuesday's DL+hrpu wod 8:03. been workin those hrpus lately.

  17. 1.FS 275#
    2.Jerk 285# (PR 20#) went for 305# but failed
    4,5 no time..
    wod: did 3 rounds for 10 min.. Ran to work after that...

  18. Thanks for the programming. Loving it!

  19. First off, Seth ^^^ your a beast!!

    1. FS 155# (15# PR!! Still more left in the tank)
    2. 125#
    3. 115#
    4. 95# - stopped here, shoulders in funky landing position, need to work technique at lower weight (also the movement I strained my neck on in October)
    5. 100#
    6. 4R Ring dips I scaled down to littlest bands, focusing on turning out my hands at top. During December skill month I trashed my shoulders with unassisted bad technique and for what point? I workout alone, getting high reps with shitty technique just isnt worth ruining my shoulders for.

  20. 1. 110 kg. 10 kgs below PB.
    2. 102,5 kg
    3. 80 kg, my wrists started to hurt.
    4. 75 kg, unstable
    5. 65 kg, did one attempt at 67,5 but failed
    6. 6 rounds + rope + 6 HDBSC

    Used 19 kg Dumbbells and did 3 Rope C2B PU for each rope climb. Don't have a rope.

  21. M / 5'8 / 165#

    1. FS: 300#
    2. Push jerk: 290#
    3. Push jerk + OHS: 280#
    4. Snatch balance: 265#
    5. Snatch: 210#, 220# (f) lost it behind me, pulled it up and over my body, pumped here!
    6. 8rds flat RXd (siked!)

  22. All done in about 5 mins and in about 5 sets

  23. Worked up to first fail:

    1: 275# Fail 286#
    2: 242# Stoped after that
    3: 209# Fail at 225#
    4: 165# Fail at 176#
    5: 165# Fail at 176# Not satisfied at all with the snatch.. But there´s an explanation to that :-)

    6: RX 6 Rounds + 1 rope-climb. Very slow and steady rounds.

  24. 1) 330
    2) 285, failed 305- way off PR
    3)285, same as above
    4) 225 shoulders very tight, couldn't get comfortable
    5) 215
    6) 7 rds +1

  25. 1. 315#
    2. 285#
    3. 255#
    4. 205#
    5. 205#
    6. Did the metcon before the strength
    1. 3 (CTB+TTB)
    10 hang squat clean 45#
    3 bar muscle ups
    10 ring dips

    6 + 1...

  26. took mon and tues off from comp at wodapalooza!! Great fun, but made some serious rookie mistakes. (my first comp)
    1) 295
    2) 265
    3) 245
    4) 225
    5) 175
    6) 5rds at 14 min
    47 5'11' 193

  27. I took 10 minutes on each of these movements and that felt VERY rushed for me!
    1. 285 (pr)
    2. 215
    3. 175
    4. 155
    5. 145 (not much left)
    6. 6 rnds + 1 + 10 HSC the hang squat cleans were with a 115# barbell - no dumbbells around (excepting present company)

    1. Nice work on the metcon Bubba.

    2. Thanks Connor! - sort of a wheelhouse WOD for me so I could bite in.

  28. 295
    265 could've done more
    285 failed ohs. didn't do the other stuff ran out of time client got here early

  29. 1. 365

    2. 250

    3. 185

    Shoulders are giving me a lot of trouble on OHS, wasn't able to go heavy on 3 and decided to be smart and not to do 4 or 5.

    6. 4 rounds even. Need to work on technique, can only do strict rope climbs

  30. 1. 355

    2. 285

    3. 265

    4. 185

    5. 230 new pr

    1. damn! i did complex instead of balance. haha. my bad

    2. damn! i did complex instead of balance. haha. my bad

  31. 1.300
    5.235 real happy attempted 250 3x failed all!
    6rds +1 rc (tough)

  32. still working on recovering from this weekend... did this at like 80% effort
    1. front squat 205
    2. snatch pj 155
    3 snatch pj + ohs 145
    4. snatch balance 145
    5. snatch 125
    no prs ... no ropes to do metcon ... will do tomorrow

  33. 1. 295.
    2. 225
    3. 185
    Stopped there. My shoulder and knee tweaked a little. Must be 5 days of up and down ladders and holding drills at odd angles. Totally worth it though.

    MetCon: 7 rounds plus 1 rope. Ring dips slowed me up.

  34. Only did the AMRAP. No ropes so done as follows (w/ Conor)

    3 C2BPU/TTB
    10 DB/KB 45# HSC
    3 bar MUs
    10 ring dips

    4 +13. Bar MU technique off and slowed me down some.

  35. Legs and back are still very sore from the last WOD.

    1. front squat 265
    2. snatch pj 200 PR
    3 snatch pj + ohs 160
    4. snatch balance 165
    5. snatch 155 (+5 PR)

    Metcon this afternoon.

  36. 1. Front Squat - 190

    2. Snatch Grip Jerk - 165

    3. Snatch Grip Jerk + OHS - 155

    4. Snatch Balance - 115

    5. Squat Snatch - 125

    6. AMRAP 15: 4 (skinny band dips)

  37. PM:

    3 C2B+ 3 TTB
    10 45lbs HDBSC
    3 bar MU's (second round went right to the 3 C2B+ TTB's, Bar MU's weren't happening)
    10 bar dips

    7 rounds with 10 seconds to spare.

    AHH Everyone keeping up with this volume is a Robot.

  38. 1. skip
    2. Snatch grip Jerk- 265
    3. Snatch grip Jerk OHS- 245
    4. Snatch Balance- 235
    5. skip
    6. 6 rounds + 1 rope

  39. I could not do this quickly... I find that doing 1RM by myself is very tough to do. Had to gather myself mentally before each attempt.

    1. Front squat - 305 PR. Failed 315.
    2. Snatch jerk - 235. Failed 245.
    3. Snatch jerk OHS - 205. Failed 225.
    4. Snatch balance - 205 PR
    5. Squat snatch - 175

    Ran out of time for metcon...

  40. I could not do this quickly... I find that doing 1RM by myself is very tough to do. Had to gather myself mentally before each attempt.

    1. Front squat - 305 PR. Failed 315.
    2. Snatch jerk - 235. Failed 245.
    3. Snatch jerk OHS - 205. Failed 225.
    4. Snatch balance - 205 PR
    5. Squat snatch - 175

    Ran out of time for metcon...