Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday 1.28.13

Jessa Lemoine
1.  Snatch from blocks
3x1 - Heavy
2x2 - Moderate
Set the blocks up just above the knee

2.  Zercher Squat
3x3 - demo vid

3.  "Satan's Whiskers"
3 RFT:
10 C2B
10 Front Squats, 165/115
10 Burpees

4.  Bulletproof Shoulders


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  2. Coach Ben, blocks above the knee so bar would be mid thigh? Is this correct?

    1. Set up the blocks so the bar is just above the knee.

  3. Last time we did this with the bar literally right above the knee so lower than mid thigh. Here is a good demo video

    1. Hi Mike, that's how I remember we did last time.

      Thanks guys...going to get after it!

  4. How much recivery time is needed after a competition? I did one this weekend. (Best finish ever-6th.)

    1. To many variables to have a set time. Number of events, type of events, how well you recover, etc. just go with what your body tells you.

  5. what is the point with the Zercher Squat?
    why not just do the front squat?

  6. Less compressional force on the spine. Also helps with really activating your posterior chain. Safe and deep squats.

  7. Spent quite a bit of time working on snatch instruction with my workout partner so I had to trim the workload today.

    1 - got 165 for 2 singles but both times my right knee caved and I had to stand it up from there. This has been happening quite a bit around this weight and I don't know what's up. Maybe I'm not staying in my heels throughout the pull. Definitely landing with the weight in the balls of my feet or even worse.

    3 - 6:31 but I subbed strict pull-ups for CTB due to lack of head space in the shed gym.

  8. 1.
    3x1: 175-185-185. 195 2F. Snatch hasn't been on lately. Mental more than anything.
    2x2: 175#

    2. WOD: 4:20

    3. 3x3: 275-295-315

    4. Bps... Done.


  9. modified workout today. Sprained AC joint in left shoulder on Sat. Nothing over head, and no push/pull with arms for a week. Basically all squats, deads, and airdyne this week. fun. fortunately it's not that bad of a sprain.

  10. 1. 3x1 Heavy: 165# across
    2x2 Moderate: 145# across

    2. 275-300-325

    3. 5:02

    4. Check

  11. Skipped snatches. Did metcon with 6:30a class 3:47 rx

    Messed around with zerchers. Worked up to 285x3. Wasn't feeling it this morning. Stopped and left it there.

    Have to do a better job of getting more sleep!

  12. 1. Snatch: up to 195#, 155# 2*2
    2. Zercher: worked up to 275*3
    3. Metcon: 4:37 Rx
    4. Shoulder stuff later

  13. 1) 195X3 (failed 205 twice)
    165x2 (moderate)

    2) Zercher...255x3...First experience with these, not a huge fan

    3) 4:41


  14. 1) 160# across
    145# across
    2) 185# across, not a big fan of these, more of a pain tolerance test than a squat workout (at least for me)

    3) 3:38 RX'd

  15. 1. 135,145,155(f),145
    2. 135x2x2
    3. 205,215, 225 Also don't like these, even with a towel they hurt.
    4. 5:49 First set of squats unbroken, next two sets 6+4
    5. Done

    1. M = Mood – F = Fatigue – S = Soreness

  16. 1). 205
    b) 175

    2) Umm 255 and it was either really ugly or exactly right...couldn't tell. Judging by the looks of others at the box...super ugly

    3) 5:54. I need a little advice. This has happened a few times this past week and then again today. 80% through I lose it. Not wind just kind of lose the strength. I know the weight isn't too much, I know I have the capacity I just don't have anything left. Push through it and come out better or rest and come out more refreshed? I realize its difficult to do from afar but if anyone has a thought I'm looking for advice. Thanks...

    1. hey I may not be tge best person to ask because I have been there before ... plenty of times... and In my opinion it really is individualized based on how u feel mentally just as much as physically ... even if your body feels "ok" your CNS system could be fried... I recommend personally taking a couple of days of " what makes you feel good" wods... snd hit then at a lower intensity ... or even get outside and do something else... biking/hiking / running with a weight vest or something ... just get yourself in the "mood" to push through again...I personally think that works for me ... if that doesn't work try to work on changing the goal of your workout... for instance ... instead of hitting this wod as fast as possible... maybe aim for "straight sets"... just to maybe change the stimulus a little ... then there is always rest lol

    2. Thanks Cheryl, I appreciate the help!

  17. My right Jan is still pretty swollen and painful to use but I got to do something.

    1. Snatch. Light weight. The pull hurts but the catch feels good. Grip strength sucks, could barley put a clamp on the bar with one hand. Worked up to 80kg for the singles. 70kg on the doubles.

    2. First time with these...225-275- 275...felt heavy going down but up was easy. I'll push it more next go round.

    3. C2b is a no go. Strict pull ups instead. 5:58

  18. shit day!

    1. tried to snatch but felt to much pain in my left shoulder.
    2. 225#
    3. 5:41

  19. 1) 1x 175,185,195
    2x 145, 165
    2) 225, 235, 255
    3) 4:26 unbrkn

  20. 155x2,165(f)
    145x2x2 I find it more difficult from just above knee than from just below or mid thigh.
    275 I didn't like this at all lol arms were more of the limiting factor
    Wod 6:00 even

  21. 1. 175, 155
    2. 275
    3. 3:59Rx
    4. Done

    Train like a racehorse

  22. 1. 130/115/115
    2. not going to lie... I have no excuse... just didnt do these ... I was worried about hurting my arms ... feeling silly for skipping them now
    3. 4:12 all unbroken but need to practice butterfly chest 2 bars... Kipling is not as fast
    4. some skills- 5 rounds not for time 2 ring muscle ups 4 strict dumbbell hspu 6 ttb 8 pistols
    5. doing bullet proof shoulders with my bro tonight

  23. 1. 130/115/115
    2. not going to lie... I have no excuse... just didnt do these ... I was worried about hurting my arms ... feeling silly for skipping them now
    3. 4:12 all unbroken but need to practice butterfly chest 2 bars... Kipling is not as fast
    4. some skills- 5 rounds not for time 2 ring muscle ups 4 strict dumbbell hspu 6 ttb 8 pistols
    5. doing bullet proof shoulders with my bro tonight

  24. 1) 220, 185
    2) 275 pause squats
    3) 4:42 UB except last round of C2B, need to move quicker

  25. 1. 195 / 175
    2. 225 (first time doing these)
    3. 4:49 RX

  26. 185 rushed this I was freezing outside in a shred space heater got stolen apparently

    295 felt pretty good probably gonna be bruised tomorrow

    7:30 strict pull ups was really lazy with this one didn't push it on the front squats like I should have

  27. 1. a) 175, 175, 185
    b) 155

    2. 255, 255, 265

    3. 4:52

    4. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

  28. 1. 3x1: 195, 205, 215
    2x2: 185

    2. 225, 255, 275

    3. 3:28 RXd

    4. Check

  29. M/5'9 140# 14yrs old:

    1: 105-110-115 PR (hang squat snatch, not enough equipment)
    2: 95# (had to take it from the ground)
    3: 7:03 (115)

  30. I am a couple days behind the scheduled programming, but it lets me see how you all do before I hit the WODs. Very impressive work from everyone here.

    Just curious, any of you following this program at home and doesn't belong to a box? That's my situation and motivation to push hard is definitely tough on my own. You guys are my benchmarks to chase after. Thank you for that!

    I'll be hitting this WOD on Wednesday...

    1. How long have you been crossfitting? Have you joined a box in the past? I have been doing Crossfit for a year on my own, mostly following the HQ programming. At the time there was no box near me, so i bought/built my equipment for my garage/backyard gym. Competed in the Open last year and was highly humbled and got hooked. I saw Ben Bergeron's lecture about periodization and training for the games in August. So I started adding strength work in September, using mostly wendler's 5/3/1 and conjugate system. Found Comp WOD in December just before Xmas and started following. Now you all are my "community" and I am hoping to glean some motivation and feedback from you all.

      Curious as to everyone's background and journey. Thanks all!

      BTW, I am 6'0" 205lb 36yo.

    2. Bout a year and a half. Nope always been in my garage! Started off with metal plates in the grass and homemade everything!

    3. I found CF about 5.5 years ago and learned very quickly that I was way behind in the strength game so I've spent about half the time since then doing pure strength cycles (Starting Strength twice, 5-3-1, CF Football Amateur SWOD, and custom programming). I did everything in my basement/yard for the first 2 years. When we bought a house it put me much closer to a box so I joined, but only on a limited attendance membership because I had already made the investment in equipment at home. We've since had our first child and time is a factor, so I train in my shed 3-4x a week and at the box 1-2x a week, always at 5:15 AM (except Saturday).

      I didn't play any high school or college sports so I never had a good strength & conditioning program. Wasted a ton of time in college doing magazine routines though.

    4. Garage warriors unite! Thanks for the feedback fellas. Inspiring to know you guys are out there battling. Taylor, you are a strong mofo especially or your size! Sheldon, amazing work and your numbers are telling of your hard work. Hoping I can stick with it as long as you have. I am assuming you guys are competing in the open this year - you're gonna kill it!

  31. 1. 190 getting the hang of these hang snatches

    2. did overhead squats instead 215.235.250

    3. 4:56rx felt like i just tasted fran again. haha

    4. skipped

  32. 1) 225,245,265 (PR from high block)
    2) 225, 225 (PR double from high block)
    3) 135,225,315 odd jumps, yes. 1st timer with these and pressed for time.
    4) 3:54 rx
    5) BPS, i need to do this daily.

  33. 1-snatch from hip no blocks went 175 3x1
    2-255 3x3
    3-5:14rx c2b felt great
    4- shoulder mobility

  34. 3) 3:28 Rx
    1) 175,185,195 (power)
    155x2x2 (squat)
    2) 275,295,315 first time
    4) dun

  35. 1 & 2) snatched, drop snatched, snatch DL'd, and squatted w/ my oly coach earlier in the day.
    3) 5:19... subbed 95# forward front rack lunges to mix things up a bit.
    4) already did it yesterday just for fun. subbed 3x10 33# back raises on GHD.

  36. 1. Snatch from blocks
    3x1 - 115
    2x2 - 95

    2. Zercher Squat 145-165-175

    3. "Satan's Whiskers" 6:03rx
    *C2B singles slows me down - haven't got them linked yet. Everything else unbroken. Any pointers?

    4. Bulletproof Shoulders

  37. 1. 90#
    2. BS 5x2 @ 155#... back is pretty messed up, didnt want to tweak it doing anything funky.
    3. 7:09 95# and kipping

    Shitty training day, felt terrible, low back hurt, some rest might be needed.

  38. 1. 155,155,160x1
    155x2, just missed my second in the second one. My PR has been 170 so this built some confidence
    2. 225,245,245
    First time trying
    3. 7:22. Too slow, but too many days off

  39. 1. 155 3x1
    2. 135 2x2
    3. 135-205-275
    4. 7:47 rx'd

  40. Did snatches night before.
    2. 235, 255, 275 kill the arms more then anything.
    3. 4:28 went through motions long day. Tired cold night in garage at 10pm.
    4. Check.

  41. Did 1RM SNATCH 210#
    WOD) 6:23 rx

  42. 1. 3x1 @ 205, 2x2 @ 175#
    2. Zercher's (first time) 245x3, 265x3, 265x3
    3. 4:06
    4. will do tonight!