Friday, January 4, 2013

Saturday 1.5.12

The wods have been announced.  Check them out on the competitors competition site.

1.  Cindy
AMRAP 20 of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

 Don't wear a vest.  Don't change the rep scheme.  Don't do chest to bar.

Don't try to impress with big scores, instead be overly strict on the standards.  Do the little things right.
Pull ups - obvious.
Push ups - chest to deck (not belly), no snaking, full extension.  Hips and shoulders rise the same distance.
Squats - depth and full extension at the top with you shoulder in line with you hip.

GPP for Oly Lifters - 70's style


  1. Did this exact workout to these exact standards on Tuesday at our box.

    17 rounds and 4 pull-ups. The push-ups always get me!

  2. The comp. site is down...nooooooooo!
    Did anyone see the rest of the workouts???!!

    1. 1.Clean ladder
      2-3-4 with a running clock
      30 muscle ups , 6 minute cap
      Deadlift/hspu amrap 3
      At 10 minutes, 25 burpees, 3 rope climbs, 25 burpees all with 20# vest
      5. Three rounds, 4 p snatch 165, 14 pistols, 24 Ttb
      6. To be announced

  3. M/5'9 140# 14 yrs old

    I have been out for a portion of December and the beginning of this week so I just went for it all and got a PR. 14 rds + 8 reps

  4. 21 + 5, Strict Pullups didnt have access to a tall pullup bar

  5. Replies
    1. Also ice skated with my 6 year old for a few hours. Hardest WOD I've done in a while

  6. 20 otm comfortable pace liked being extra strict
    Didn't realize how I've cut corners in past.

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  8. Have been following programming for about 2 months but have now jumped ahead and am following as Ben posts.
    3. From Friday 9:53

    Coming off a back injury from last Saturday. Tested Sq Snatch 215#

    Cindy 26rds +5/10/1

  9. Been following your training for the past 8 weeks or so (small break in there for the holidays)...

    Thanks for posting these, they are awesome.

    9 Rounds + 5 Pull Ups... I can zip through the squats and pull ups unbroken, but crash on the push ups ha ha ..

  10. felt good not a PR but found a good pace through all rounds with no stop!

    21rds +5+10


  11. 17rds+16 reps strict push ups killed.
    Didn't realize how much I snaked

  12. First time doing Cindy in a couple years! Did this one extra strict, I found this much more challenging than usual in a good way
    21 rds+11 reps