Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monday 3.11.13

Rest Day

1.  Lateral Bounds - demo vid.
6 x 4 - choose a challenging but very doable height.

2.  Squat Series
Overhead Squat, 3x2
Front Squat, 3x2
Back Squat, 3x2
Warm up, then complete the 9 sets of 2.  You must increase the weight every set and cannot do extra reps between movements.

3.  4 RFT:
5 Power Cleans, 185/135
5 Front Squats, 185/135
5 Jerks, 185/135
5 Muscle ups

"No successful strength and conditioning program has anywhere ever been derived from scientific principles. 
Those claiming efficacy or legitimacy on the basis of theories they've either invented or corralled to explain their programming are guilty of fraud. Programming derives from clinical practice and can only be justified or legitimized by the results of that practice."
- Greg Glassman


  1. Thanks, Ben. Now I can go to bed!

  2. ha! I tried to stay up! lol mg 430am wake up time forced me to call it an "unknown"..... but I checked first thing this am!!

  3. No lateral bounds
    Did wod first. 13:01. Went slow on mu's trying to be a little careful and thy ended up ugly anyway and it translated to the rest of the wod

    Ohs. Stayed light on these being careful. Still heaviest I've gone on these in months -185, 205, 225
    Fs 275, 295, 315
    Bs 365, 385, 405

    Felt sluggish today. Need to do a better job at getting more sleep

    1. It's the open stress man lol I slept like garbage the last 2 nights too. I feel you!!!

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  5. South East/M/155/25

    OHS 155,185, 205 fail x 2 sets stopped there

    My shoulder is still not cooperating, felt better today. 185 felt light but my shoulder wouldn't allow anymore. Was hoping for more.

    FS 275,295,305
    BS 315,335,350(Happy with this)

    Wod 11:33

    Singles on the cleans, FS unbroken, jerks first set unbroken, second set 2/3, third set 1/4 last set 1/3/1. Failed my last jerk, was going for sub 11 minutes and then that happend.

    MU first 3 sets unbroken, last set 3/2

    Awesome day overall.

  6. 1)
    30" done

    OHS: 205,215,220(F)
    FS: 225, 245, 255
    BS: 255, 265, (Legs cramped up bad, long weekend caught up with me.)

    3) Tried rolling out my legs and getting some fluid in before I started this but legs were still cramping bad so I cut out the squats.
    5 PC
    5 Jerk (Last three sets UB)
    5 MU's (All UB)
    then cashed out with 100 DU's

  7. Hi every one! I've been following your blog for a while now but have never commented before. Thanks for all of the great WODS and coaching! I am a coach myself and it is nice to be able to shut my brain off from time to time and rely on this blog.

    Central East/ M/ 215
    1) 24"
    2) OHS: 215, 235, 275 (Not only 1 RM PR but I did it for two)
    3) 11:00 I felt tired after re-doing 13.1 yesterday. Mentally and physically a great WOD.

    1. Welcome amazzon! Glad to have you along with us.

  8. Active rest day today. Did a 10 min. row with the screen down and did 3 sets of 50 singles and 25 DUs, just messin' around with some goats.

  9. 1. 31"
    2. OHS 198-220-232(failed on 2nd rep).
    FS 242-275-297
    BS 319-341-363(failed on second rep- slid off my rack and I dumped behind)
    Middle to lower back was feeling quirky during this....
    3. 9:58...clean-3/2 into FS 4/1 into unbroken jerk and the MU, which were 3/2, 2/2/1, 2/1/1/1

    1. Unbroken on first set of MU

    2. I like the FS 4/1 you did. I think that would of made the jerks alot easier for me. The cleans were never an issue, just after the FS doing the jerks unbroken was difficult. Good idea.

  10. My schedule is falling all kinds of out of sync with the blog. I'll be doing the open wods on Thursday and Saturday for 13.1-13.4, 13.5 and beyond I'll be back on schedule. Today I did last saturdays FGB, in pretty shoddy conditions, but I got 241. Terrible considering that's only about 6 higher than when I did it back in September 2011

  11. 1. Lateral jumps at 24"

    2. OHS 115-125-135 / FS 155-165-175 / BS 180-185-190.

    3. 16:41 and 115# instead of the 135#. All MUs done strict w/ no kip. Stomach not feeling great during extension type stuff right now.

    1. Ha, ballin'...or pregnant. The kip feels like it's tearing my insides out right now so I've been subbing for strict versions of anything hanging.

    2. What?! Preggo strict muscle ups? Whoa.

  12. 1. OHS 95-100-105 (using metal plates, didnt want to drop) FS 135/1@145/145 BS 150/160/1@165 serious technique correction needs to happen here. My knees still dive in. Even wheb i'm screaming in my head "knees out!"
    Weakness work:
    2. Ring holds in locked out hollow OTM 5 min 27-19 seconds
    3. Butterfly pull up technique 20 minutes, got up to 3-4 of them linked.

    Tomorrow I start with a gymnastic coach, stoked.

  13. 1. 31"
    2. OHS= 225, 245, 265
    FS= 280, 285, 295
    BS= 305, 315, 325
    3. Needed to lay off barbell today:
    OTM x 6
    Odd: 30 sec airdyne (max effort)
    Even: 20 WB

    OTM x 6
    Odd: 200m run
    Even: 15 t2b

    OTM x 6
    Odd: 50 DUs
    Even: 15 BJ (30")

  14. 1. 30"
    2. OHS: 225,245,265
    FS: 275,285,295*1
    BS: 305,315,325
    3. A little bit of everything from Taylor's head
    ODD- 30sec airdyne
    EVEN- 20 WB, 20#
    ODD- 200M RUN
    EVEN- 15TTB
    ODD- 50DUs
    EVEN- 15 BJ, 30"

  15. 1. About 34 inches or so. Tried starting on the opposite side of what was comfortable and some of those were pretty funny. Surprisingly challenging. Conor can attest that I was a complete spaz on a couple, jumping into the sticks and whatnot.
    2. 185, 205, 225 - OHS, 265, 275, 285 - FS, 295, 305, 315 - BS. I think I failed one of these but honestly can't remember.
    3. Done at about 90%. Sort of for time... 15:45 Rx. After doing 13.1 for the second time last night I just wanted to get the work in today.

    1. This is my attest. It was absolutely hilarious

  16. Active Recovery airdyne for 5 miles at 60 rpm

  17. 155/165/170

    part 2- 11:23
    all bb unbroken ... m ups 3/2 slow transitions and too much rest

  18. 1. Same as Chris opposite side.

    2. 225/245/265 kinda... Got up and dropped it behind me
    285/305/315 failed 2nd rep

    3. Had some lower back issues with 13.1... Rested today. Better than yesterday

  19. Couldn't stand to take a day off... Did the squats. Def still feeling 13.1 in my posterior chain.

    OHS 135-155-185-205, FS 225-255-275, BS 295-325-345. From looking at y'all's numbers, I need work on my OHS... Which I already knew.

  20. 1) Skipped
    2) 205/225/235 (1)
    Wasn't feeling the highbar today

    3) 9:59 -- First Round in 1.29, got pretty winded, was nice to just 'go' at one after the pacing from this past week. MUs 5-3/2-5-5, PCs all singles after first round, all FS/Jerks unbroken

  21. 1. 35"
    2. Ohs: 185,205,225(takin care of the shoulder)
    3. 10:47 felt good on the bar, muscle ups were all unbroken and felt the best they've felt in a while
    4. Flight simulator with double unders. Goat.

  22. 2.front sq: 315,325,345
    Back squat/ 334,345,365

  23. Really wanted to do this so bad, but don't question the trainer.

  24. 1) 30"
    2) OHS 205/225/235/ 245(F)
    Front Squat 275/295/315

    stopped after that, body wasnt feeling good. Should listened to the program, did 13.1 yesterday

    1. too eager to get back in the regular routine

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  26. Did second attempt on Saturday, took my rest day yesterday
    2) OHS 235/255/275
    FS 315/330/355
    BS 375/385/395

  27. Active Rest Day
    20 min light cardio + 30 min mobility at lunch
    PM- FSx2: 135/185/205.
    Muscle-Up skill work: strict c2ring pull ups, transitions, accumulated 30 sec false grip hang on p-up rig.

  28. 1) 30"
    2) ohs: 165,175,185
    Fs) 225,245,275
    Bs) 295, 325, 345

    3) 14:02

    Thanks for the programming Ben!