Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monday 3.4.12

1.  Complex
Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk, work up to a heavy set.

2.  AMRAP 10:
6 Deads, 275/185
6 HSPU, 6" deficit

3.  3 Giant Sets of:
6 muscle ups
12 Burpees
15 Band Pull aparts

6 Bench Press
9 Good mornings
12 DB Shoulder Press
15 Band Pull Aparts 
-you choose weights

CrossFit Manifesto:
Regimens built from functional exercises at high intensity and constantly varied structure -
Produce a superior cardiorespiratory adaptation
Are essential to fitness and health
Constitute the most effective rehabilitation from injury
Comprise the only truly safe protocols
Elicit an inordinate neuroendocrine response
Are singularly unique in developing core strength
Yeild unparalleled general physical preparedness or fitness
-Greg Glassman


  1. Does anyone else read Ben's blog from your phone? I feel childish because of how excited I get when I swipe the screen and the blue loading sign comes up informing me the next day's WOD is posted.

  2. I do the same thing. I probably check every 10min when it gets close to the time he posts the next days wod.

  3. i check even when there is nothing to be checked! lol just love reading! :)

    1. Same, sometimes I check a lot if it's posted a little later.

  4. I think it was about two weeks ago where I had to force myself to go to bed (here on the East coast) without the WOD posted. And -- I figured out that in order for me to see the WODs at school, I cannot type in BlogSpot...they haven't blocked it yet, but I will probably cause the blockage soon since it will have so many hits by me throughout the day. I promise that I only check during class change and my planning period! :)

  5. Are we just picking Beast or Ninja based on our weaknesses or is shooting for Beast considered the RX?

  6. I'm assuming its based on Weakness. Going for Beast today, gymnastics need work.

  7. I'm absolutely a serial site checker.

    1 - 215, started getting soft elbows on the push jerk here

    2 - 5 or 6, no deficit and the HSPU still crushed me

    3 - I am very clearly neither a Beast nor a Ninja, but i went with the Ninja sets because it worked out better logistically in the shed gym. bench @ 185, GM's @ 115, and DB Press @ 35's (which got incredibly difficult)

  8. 1. 245#, PR on push jerk

    2. 6+9 reps.

    3. Done. Beast.

    1. 2. Used 45+35 lbs, no mat in between.

      3. MUS 3/3, everything else unbroken. Kept a work:rest ratio of 1:1.

  9. Did wod first
    7+11. Wanted to count that last rep to get a full round but my feet came off the wall. Arg!

    Complex- up to 265. Felt ok. Heavier than I've gone in a while so I'll take it

    Giant sets- beast stuff-check

    1. Wod might have been 6+11. That's what I thought it was at first but Craig B thinks I was 7+. Oh well, happy about it either way. Most defecit hspus done in a wod

  10. 1. 265
    2. 4 +9 fucking mad about that. Deficit hspu kicked my ass.
    3. Done at beast

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    1. 1. Skipped, shoulder impinged trying to mobilize.
      2. 5+8 Kipped all of them. Did you kip?
      3. Done @ Ninja

      Ate pancakes last night (I'm usually 100% gluten and dairy free) this morning my injuries were so inflamed, I was bloated, bags under my eyes, ugh. Sometimes you gotta dip into the bad stuff to realize how great the good stuff is.

    2. Kipped after first rd of strict...I also had some deliciousness last night, ate 3 home made Oreo and peanut butter brownies!

      Not paleo or healthy in any respect but very very good tasting! I'm pretty sure I had a headache after eating them too

  12. 225 shoulders weren't up to it today.

    7+6 cold this morning hands couldn't take much more 7inch deficit

  13. 1) 275
    2) 7+11
    3) Beast work dun

  14. 2) 8+8 did this first- halk kipping half strict
    1) 205 ugly post wod no pop
    3) Done ninja 175# BP/ 135# GM/ 45# Kettlebells/ red band

  15. 1. 235. PR for power clean.
    2. 5 rds + 4 DL
    3. Beast. Could not do a single muscle up today despite trying for 20 minutes. Left shoulder stability issue... May have been fatigued by the deficit hspus. Frustrating. Used a purple band or assisted MU's instead.
    Does anyone else have shoulder issues from doing muscle ups?

  16. 26/5'9/165
    1. 255
    2. 10rds + 6 + 4
    - got ahead of the clock early then started doing rounds on the minute.
    3. Ninja: 185# BP/ 135 GM/ 45lb db's/ red band

  17. Just took a week off to nurse some tweak in my hip and unfortunately it didn't get much better. Still have to stay away from heavy lifts and a lot of lower body stuff, so I'm modifying the programming for now. Got my fingers crossed for 7 min. of burpees for 13.1.

    1. Skipped

    2. Instead, did J.T.
    HSPU (kipping)
    Ring Dips
    - Never gone sub-20 on this before, so I'm stoked with 15:58 today.

    3. Ninja, mostly used as a cool-down/light work for my hip.
    115# bench, 95# GM, 135# DL (instead of press)

  18. 1) 198. Missed push jerk at 209.

    2) 4 +10. I though hspu were a goat. Seems not compared to deficit hspu, which crushed me.

    3) ninja. Done. 198 bench / 99 gm / 35 for 1 and 40 for 2 on db press / green band.

    Many more days like this and overhead strength will stop beig my biggest weakness. Unfortunately this will be my last week for a while. Going to. Be gone for work for a few months starting next Monday. But I look forward to coming back and getting back into this programming.

  19. 1) 245, missed split @255 Push Jerk was more like push press. Really need to work on getting under the bar
    2) 5+11 3" Deficit
    3)Only one set ran out of time (Only set was 5 Muscle Ups, couldnt do anymore unbroken)

  20. 1. 285.
    2. 8+ 5 DL Rx. Strict hspu's
    3. Did beast set: strict L-sit muscle ups practice and the rest of that list.

  21. 1. 280 hate those negatives

    2. 5+1rx. Majority strict

    3. Done

    1. You and me both brotha. Nice work.

  22. 1. 255# on Complex

    2. 7 rounds + 9 reps

    3. Beast done

  23. jumping muscle up transitions, then about 5 assisted, 2 attempts on my own, failed, close need to be more aggressive on throwing head through.

    1. Complex
    Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk, work up to a heavy set.

    2. AMRAP 10:
    6 Deads, 275/185.
    6 HSPU, 6″ deficit.

    3+7rx I think.. lost count , was concentrating on every rep of the hspu trying to not break neck etc. dl unbroken

    3. 3 Giant Sets of: beast/ninja mashup.

    6 strict pullups.
    9 ttb
    12 db strict press with 30lb db.
    15 band pull aparts.

    strict pullups 5/1 all 3 rounds, ttb unbroken, strict press 12,8/2/2,8/4.

  24. 1) 205. Slow motion today
    2) 4rds+6+3. Rx, deficits are humbling
    3) ninja; still not sure where I fall but shade towards needing to be more of a beast
    BP 185
    GM 135
    DB 35
    Black band

  25. 1.) #225 my push jerks are brutal

    2.) 3+11 rx, went a little slow to work on hspu...deficit killed me reguardless, i did some strict and some kipped.

    3.) Done at ninja

  26. Complex 225
    WOD 6 rounds + 6 reps
    Beast giant set, or giant beat set, I dunno

  27. 1. 235, JUST missed 245 stand from the last jerk!
    2. 7+9 RX, Brutal one but loved it.
    3. Ninja

  28. Complex 120kg
    Conditioning with 4" deficit
    5 rounds
    Giant sets done as a beast and unbroken with 2-3 minutes rest between sets

  29. 1) Hit 145. Failed at 150. Happy :)

    2) 5 Full Rounds

    3) Worked on Muscle Ups - then did "Ninja"
    Need to get the MU under control - they still make me nervous with my elbow.

  30. 1. 250#
    2. 9rds
    3. ninja=
    bench @ 205, 215, 225
    GMs @ 135
    DB shoulder press @ 40# DBs
    Band pull aparts

  31. M/5'9 144 14 yrs old:

    1: 145 F @ 165 split jerk, but PR at my clean and jerk.

    2: 6+2 DL (185......regular HSPU)

    3: started to do beast with 6 sets of 3 pull ups and 3 ring dips instead of muscle ups....but screwed my arms with dips so I did one set. But I got better so that's all that matters

  32. 1. 255
    2. 7 rds.
    3 Completed


  33. 1. complex 265
    2. switched things up a little and did the wod with our members needed to have some fun and enjoy the day 3 rounds for time of: 75 double unders, 10 power cleans @185, 8 hspu's to an 8" deficit-11:15 was fun just what I needed!
    3. Beast-done

    1. My wife coached me she's a slave driver Get on the bar seth come on! over and over she keeps me going. :)

    2. Mine is the same way haha! Stop being a bitch and get on the bar haha! Gotta love'em

  34. 1. Skipped
    2. 7 +11 reps 185# & reg kipping HSPU - no deficit
    3. Beast with 3 bar muscle ups using smallest red band (these bands have become a crutch time to ditch them)

  35. 1.) stopped at 225. . .shoulders blah blah blah. . .
    2.) 6+8
    3.) Completed, everything unbroken @ beast.

  36. 1) 183
    2) 6+11
    3) beast done

  37. 1) 255, super fatigued, maxed out on snatch and c&j yesterday
    2) 7+5 rx , i think i did more than a 6" deficit
    3) did beast, everything unbroken

  38. Stuck at work all day and night. Didn't get home until 8 am Tuesday. Any suggestions on making up this WoD or not. I'm usually the kinda WoD hoe that will double dose on my WoD meds when work goes crazy. Thanks for all the help this year coach Ben. God bless you.

  39. Been recovering and rehabbing a serious back injury for the past 4 months so it's good to be back following to the programming.
    2)6+4 rx
    3)beast completed

  40. 1) 172.5# (PC PR!)
    2) 12 KBS 70#/ 6 HSPU 4" deficit- 3 rds +12
    3) 4 m-ups/ 9 TTB/ 12 burpees/ 15 hollow rocks x 3rds (skipped M-ups on last round. Wrists are wicked bruised!)

  41. 1)295, clean and pj were strong, got a little forward on the sj and tweaked my back, decided to shut it down
    2)5 rounds using paralettes
    3)done, round 3 muscle-ups were terrible due to mid-line fatigue