Monday, March 11, 2013

Tuesday 3.12.11

1.  Pro Agility Shuttle
3 max effort attempts at the 5-10-5 shuttle. - Demo video.
Sprint 5 yards - 10 yards - 5 yards as fast as possible.  
Start with one hand on the starting line.  Your hand (not feet) must make contact with the end lines.  Must cut off of different feet at each turn around.  
Elite times are comparable to top "40" times under 4.3 is elite, 4.9 is moderate, and 5.4 is slow. 
Report your best score.

2.  Hang Power Clean

3.  3RFT:
800m Run
40 meter 1-arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge, 55/35 - 20 meters each arm.

4.  Ring Routine
Not for time, in as few sets as possible complete 10 reps of:
Strict Muscle up + L-sit + Handstand push-up
Complete a MU.  Once on top of the rings perform a L-sit, then tuck your knees and work yourself into an inverted position, then press into a HSPU.  Return under control to below the rings and continue. 

"Don't let the enormity of the challenge deter your trying! Make a serious attempt at each
challenge and record the result. Save for late comparison. If you cannot do a muscle-up,
try anyway; the struggle is more important than the accomplishment."
-Greg Glassman


  1. I made the page! Awesome and thanks Coach!

  2. Hey Beasts and Ninjas...

    Great job on 13.1! Super excited about the results that are coming from this community.

    Quick note though, if you are doing the Open on Sunday you are a "REGIONAL or MASTERS" athlete and should not be hitting Monday's programming. At least not at more than 50% volume and intensity.

    I get that you are excited and want to keep your fitness during the Open, but this is a long 5 weeks. If you feel ok on Monday that's some moving around the gym, but save the ass kicking for Thursday and Sunday.

    If your goals go way beyond making Regionals, then Sunday was a rest day and you can hit Monday hard.

  3. Thanks Ben....I feel like a dummy but i really dont know how to set this run up people...that video didnt really he running 5 yards, then 10 then 5? I am confused. lol

    1. Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl
      1. Start in the middle run 5 yards (15 feet) to the right, touch a line on the ground with your right hand
      2. Change direction and run 10 yards (30 feet) to your left touch a line on the ground with your left hand
      3. Change direction and run 15 feet back to the middle, your time is when you make it back to your starting spot.

      Hope that help :D

    2. thanks! ill def be recording this one lol

    3. confirmed ... I am slow! lol

  4. If we fall into the category of regional or master and we did Mondays work out of excitement (and because it looked fun) should we make Tuesday and Wednesday rest days for the open wod Thursday?

    Or maybe do the shuttle run and skip the other work?

    1. Just for this week of course, and then follow correctly next week.

  5. Love the agility shuttle. I didn't always have a fast 40 but had a decent shuttle time. Of course that was 8 years ago ;)

  6. I feel like a dummy. I hit Mondays WOD hard. :(

  7. Did this one a little out of order today so I could have a timer for the shuttle.

    5RM HPC: 205#PR

    20:00, subbed rowing 1k for the run. Splits were really slow today...

    Had a bit of a learning curve on this one. For my first two attempts I think I managed to do this in the worst way possible, I would start of running to my left but would turn and touch with my right and then back to the right and touch with my left....This is not the way to do this.... very inefficient. Re-evaluated for my last one and tried to stay low and touch with the same hand as the direction I was going and saw massive improvements.
    Also I did this indoors on turf in nanos, no cleats.
    1st: 4.8
    2nd: 4.8
    3rd: 4.2

    Ring routine: first set of 6, second set of 4

  8. Slept in. Only had time for the metcon. 21:47@60# (no 55's). Runs were slowwwww

  9. 1. 6 sec across

    2. 225#, 235# fail on 4th rep... This time last year, 225# hang cleans were close to impossible.

    3. Stopped after 2 rounds since open gym ended. Those KBs were a game changer. Took 19 mins. It is what it is.

    4. Attended a 2 hour gymnastic clinic. Worked on handstand, back tucks, muscle up progressions, and other stuff. Doozy.

  10. Point taken on the programming Ben. For me personally I had kind of an off week last week. Too many days off thanks to a pretty nasty cold and long days in the office. So I really wanted to get the work in yesterday even though I did 13.1 on Sunday. I didn't feel very sore from it. I tend to not be on a strict schedule anyway. Multiple day jobs usually dictate what days I can get training in and which ones I can't. And I listen to my body for when to take a rest day. It's not always the same day. Not saying that will work for everyone but it seems to work for me. Take that for what it's worth.

  11. 1. Fast
    2. 205# PR
    3. 18:00 flat, MEGA suckfest here. Started way too fast on the run (treadmill). Can't wait to run outside.
    4. C2B's, Hanging L-sits, Skin the cats x5

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    2. I don't know the exact distance, but it was 20+ lunges per arm.

      Finished the first run in 2:59, slowed them down after that by about 10%.

    3. Did a volcano erupt on Manitoulin Island? Why can't you run outside?

    4. lol. Ice+running+fatigue=injury.

  12. If I said yesterday's WOD (like an idiot) and I'm a "striving for regionals" athlete. Should I actively rest today ?

  13. 1. 4.44, 4.5, 4.5
    2. 220. had a little left in the tank but my back has been giving me fits since Saturday.
    3. 16:46
    4. 15 sets, first 5 Done in singles. Next 5 done in sets of 2 with MU and l sit and hspu after

    1. Strained my right groin a little bit. Not sure if it was from the agility drill and not warming up properly or from the lunges. Will roll and stretch

  14. Did things in an odd order due to availability:

    2) 205#

    4) 10 sets off 1 MU + L-sit w/ 3x10 Deficit HSPU (Going to a gym teacher tomorrow to get HSPU on the rings down)

    1) 4.91

    3) 22:04 w/45# DBs (No 55s)

  15. 1: 4.7, 4.8, 4.7
    2: 215
    3: 13:18
    4. Done! BUT with L-sit hold 10 sec at the top instead. I dont believe in the inverted pos to HSPU in the rings. Too much off a risk. My opinion!

    1. You might want to start believing in it. It's not a mythical exercise. It's a skill movement proved in the 2010 games to be difficult to those who don't practice it.

    2. I don't believe in men's gymnastics either. The Olympics are probably fake.

      As far as risk, why do overhead squats when front squats (pound for pound) are much safer?

    3. this is crossfit...the sport... as an athlete in any sport we take risks... if we were in this for GPP... well then maybe u could skip higher skill higher risk movements... but we r preparing for anything right? :)

    4. Im not sayin it´s wrong programed, or that im not ready to risk anything in this sport. I love the gymnastic movements. But for ME, doing this high up in the air with no training or VERY GOOD skill in this specific movement I think it`s a risk (much higher than doing OHS) to hurt myself if i would fall down. Yes! I know I could lower the rings :-)

      Yes: They did this movement 2010. But from the ground. Not 2.5 meter up in the air. And many athletes 2010 did it with pure strength and no technique at all. Yes! Maybe the movement where new to them then, but I havent seen this skill since then.

      Anyway! I really like your programing Ben, and I`ve made very good progress since I started to follow CompetitorWOD :-)

    5. I do the muscle up to hspu progressions with a seated MU. Rings only 3'-4' off the floor. Makes it a bit harder cause you hold a l-sit while doing the MU and less risk of falling far. Just my .02

  16. 1. 6.1, 5.2, 5.2 (it is very possible these were slightly farther than 5-10-5)
    2. 135#
    3. 18:40 with shitty treadmill for runs, used 35#

    1. For the agility runs, I'm starting to think the same when I did it. I know I could be slow, but not that slow.

  17. 1) 5.22, obviously need to work on this
    2) 235x5, 245x2 (Fail)
    3) Poor Time Management, no excuse will do Metcon first next time
    4) Did Muscle Up + L Sit, dont have ring HSPU yet so practiced those on low rings off the floor

  18. 1.) Didn't have a stop watch used the box clock was between 4-4.5 everytime

    2.) #225, should've done more but re gripping every rep crushed the forearms....2 months ago could barely do 1 rep at this weight yeee buddy!

    3.) Mid terms taking over FML, had to do a quick WOD so did 3 rounds of 20 push ups 20 pull ups and 40 double unders...4:17

  19. 1 - 4.7, 4.7, 4.7
    2 - 111kg
    3 - 19:35
    4 - absolute shit show - singles and real problems with the hspu (read no show)

  20. 1. Skipped... playing a volleyball game tonight so that will make up for it.
    2. Skipped... lol, hands are a mess from second go at 13.1.
    3. 18:12 rx... with running.... outside.... in Canada.
    4. Done in 10 sets. Switched to kipping MU after 4th set.

  21. 1. Did them - best was 5.2. I tripped and fell on my third one haha - so I actually did four. Need to work on my transitions...

    2. 140 lbs!!! Felt awesome. Plus, I tried with 145 - got 4. Rested for 1 min. Tried three. So - good day overall. The last time I tested my 1rm Power Clean it was, hopefully that has improved, too!

    3. 18:49RX - My 800m run is a little over 800m - but the runs felt good today.

    4. Worked on Muscle-Ups. Did some singles just to make sure that my elbow feels okay - and it did today. Did L-Sits (not with the muscle-ups) as a reverse-tabata - then practiced on some strict HSPU (off of the rings). Not exactly what was written - but it was the best sub for me.

    1. Well...turns out I measured wrong today and did meters...makes me feel better about my times. Best being 5.2 -- worst being 6 something. Want to retry this tomorrow with YARDS like a non-idiot. Not THAT big of a difference in distance, but definitely will change the times...

    2. Deb no ones an idiot as long as you learned from this very small mistake. They're basically the same anyway! :)

      Ps. Nice photo!

  22. Active recovery, mobility and stretching after getting after it yesterday. Thanks for all the advice Ben, what a great coach

  23. 1)5.4,5.3,5.3 slowww, i did it on the stall mats in the gym. slid all over the place.
    2) 5RM- 235#

    didnt have time for 3 and 4, ill try to squeeze it in later tonight

  24. my runs were in slow motion today ... not quite sure y... but I wa def dragging ass!

    1. used box clock... lol I'm not good at these but got 5 sec every round ... my knees don't like the fast change in direction nor do my ankles... most likely I am using bad running technique
    2. 145... solid... dumped 155 on rep 4
    3. 17;00.... very slow on runs
    4. no gymnastics for me... I have a different program for all things ninja like ! :)

    1. What did you do for #4? I'm also a ninja, looking for mind expansion. :)

    2. I've just been Doin a ton of strict muscle ups/ weighted / complexes... so didnt want to put the extra stress on my shoulders... I practiced the press up to hspu a little ... cuz I don't typically do those ... just trying to train smart

  25. 1)4.47, 4.44, 4.46
    3)18:57 RX
    4)Didn't have the ceiling clearance to do the whole complex. Did the muscle ups but had to lower the rings for the L-sit to HSPU. Done in singles

  26. 1. In the 4's.
    2. 225
    3. 16:24

    Couldn't seem to lock out all the way at the top. I would get so close and then lose my balance and swing down. Better than yesterday though

  27. Not a good training day at all, but tomorrow and Thursday are new days!
    1)Did something that felt unnatural in my toes on the first run which was 4.9. Tried to push through on the second two but it was uncomfortable while planting and changing directions.
    2)185 way below expectations mostly due to mindset, failed at 225 on 2nd rep, went down to 205 and did the same.
    3)24:37, rowed 1000m instead of running in down pour of rain.
    4) 2 - 2 and then 6 singles.

    Even though it was a bad training day. I am taking away many positives from my day, tomorrow and every day after will be better and so will I.

  28. Life got in the way today... Bummed I could get in a workout today.

    1. I've been there before Mark, don't let it bother you mentally...get back on it tomorrow.

    2. Thanks Alex.. But tomorrow is only the pre-game.. Should I do something else also? Thinking not .. But jonesin to get a WOD in. Guess it will be 13.2 next!

    3. I've tried to make-up WODs and it never seems to work out. I've tried to mix and match to fit in something I've missed and it only seems to put me back farther. Trust Ben and what he is works. He is great at this!

    4. Yea whenever I try to catch up, my body just takes a beating and eventually I have to skip a day anyway to let recovery happen. Thanks for the feedback Alex!

  29. I'm following the "Games" programming but a day behind. Snuck out to the shed tonight and got the squats in quick, all I had time for.

    OHS - 155, 185, 205

    FS - 275, 295, 315 (def a belt less PR)

    BS - 335, put the belt on and still got pinned on rep 2 at 345

  30. 1) made 6 attempts but kept slipping. Only time I recorded was 4.7
    3) 18:54 (50,60,60)
    2) 225. Stayed light. Went back to 135 and did a bunch of sets to work on form
    4) got my first strict MU and then got 2 more, the last of which I got my first ring HSPU and all - hung out there for a while as I wanted to savor the moment, until McD said my veins were going to pop and head was purple!

    1. Awesome man congrats! I will get a strict MU one day...

    2. Thanks Mark, I completely surprised myself. After failing a few times I decided to try it with the false grip and that was the difference maker.

    3. I use a false grip, but just don't have the strength yet to go from chest to under the armpits. The years of weightlifting I did before Crossfit just never worked those muscles needed for the transition. I have the same problem with the bottom position of OHS, just never worked the core like that. I thought I was strong when I could bench 385 and squat 400... How wrong I was. Humbled daily by the amazing work you guys do.

  31. 1) in the 5's
    2) 173
    4) all singles
    3) 21:00

  32. 1) 4.79 4.59 4.8
    2) 205 (sub max)
    3) 18:20
    4) 10x stict mu, L sit, flip into bottom HSPU position, unable to press out

  33. 1. 4.8 4.9 4.9 shoes sucked on those

    2. 260 straight up! Last year struggled to hang power clean 225... Couldn't even get that last year. Love the program and progress

    3. 17:34 rx. Surprised myself on this one. Feel like my cardio is going up.

    4. Done with deficit hspu. Got those muscle ups tho. Good Tuesday.

  34. 1. 5.2
    2. 135#
    3. 19:20 Rx
    4. not there yet. subbed skill transfer/negatives/progression work.

    NO EXCUSES. : ) grateful that i have the opportunity to experience these WODs no matter how slow/fast, light/heavy they are.

  35. 1. 4.4, 4.5, 4.4, 4.6, 4.4

    2. 215 #'s, Lost grip on last rep @225

    3. 3 RFT:
    1000m Row
    40 meter 1-arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge, 55/35
    Time: 20:23 RX
    Boss said I had to stay in the box in case someone came in so I did rowing instead of running.

    4. Done, Set of 4, Set of 3, Set of 2 & Set of 1

  36. Holy suck fest! Timing yourself on this agility run is terrible...
    1) 6.75/6.63/6.21
    2) 125#
    3) 26:10 Rx
    4) on vacation, used a globo gym & couldn't do entire portion, just did l-sits & hspu

  37. 1) did lateral bounds instead b/c of busy class
    2) 165
    3) 16:57 rx (in the pouring rain!)
    4) worked on Bar muscle ups, got 2 in a row (finally!)

  38. 1. Did the strength from yesterday
    OHS 235/245/255
    FS 275/285/295
    BS 305/315/325
    2. 5 RM HPC 225
    3. 15:39 Rx
    4. Done

  39. 1. 5.2/4.78/5.1 - Shoes slipped a bit on the asphalt.

    2. 245

    3. Missed out. No excuses.

    4. Big time goat for me- Worked on MU's and deficit HSPU's on the wall.

  40. 1. 5.9... 4.9... 4.9
    2. 225x5, 245x2...
    3. 18:52 @ 45#
    4. Got strict m/u + L-sit + handstand, couldn't press out on any.