Monday, March 4, 2013

Wednesday 3.6.12


Rest, Goats or PreGame.

Think more about recovery than rest.  Foam roll, massage, ART, active recovery are all good choices.

OTM x 10-20
Even minutes:  Goat 1
Odd minutes:  Goat 2

Complete the suggest General Warm-up in the FAQ, followed by:
2-3 Rounds NOT for time of:
1 Power Snatch + OHS, @ 60% of 1RM PS
2 Muscle up
3 Box Jumps, 24/20"
5 Wall Ball, 20/14
6 C2B
7 Burpees
30 DU
Rest 2-3 minutes

The idea behind the Rest/Goat/PreGame day is to prime the body for the following days competition.  Nothing you do today should be more than a "walking" pace.  If you feel good, like you want to do more or go faster, that's the idea - don't do more.  Today keep it under wraps.  Tomorrow unleash hell.

Proposed schedule for Masters and those pushing to make Regionals.
This is it!  If you don't perform well in the Open your season is over.  Your goal is to do everything in your power to maximize your scores in the 5-week Open.  That means doing the workouts multiple times, taking extra rest days and practicing the movements instead of training.  
Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Training - cut back the volume if needed.
Wednesday:  Pregame, Goat work, or Rest
Thursday:  OPEN WOD
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  Pregame
Sunday:  OPEN WOD

Proposed schedule for Games level athlete.
Those that are top 10 in their region and are in no fear of not qualifying for Regionals should train through the Open.  You have bigger fish to fry and need to get fitter over these next five weeks by training - not competing.  There a more than one Only do the Open WODs once per week and don't get caught up in your standings during the Open unless you fall out of the top 20 in your region.

Monday:  Training
Tuesday:  Training
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  OPEN WOD (+training)
Friday:  Training
Saturday:  Training
Sunday:  Rest

Both of these are proposed schedules, and what I will be programming on this site.  If they don't work with your work, family or Affilate schedule amend them as needed.


  1. Replies
    1. Rich! You following this programming also!?

  2. Is this the new and improved schedule (for regional hopefuls), just because it's slightly different than the one posted on February 13:

    "Mon: Training
    Tue: Training
    Wed: Rest Day
    Thu: OPEN WOD
    Fri: Training
    Sat: Rest
    Sun: OPEN WOD"

    1. Yes. If you are going for broke and fighting tooth and nail to get into regionals, the schedule posted above will give you a better shot. If you are trying to maintain fitness throughout the Open the schedule you have listed above would be better.

  3. Safe to say it would be a bad idea to blast myself on the row/OHS workout today, should we be looking at a lesser percentage of effort for these tuesday workouts to maximize our efforts on the open WODS?

    Jeremy (Pushing to make it to Regionals)

  4. Johnny Medina doing the complex from monday @260 #s

  5. On my way! for active release :) ... then going to row and mobilize some more!

  6. Got an awesome massage and ART done just now! Pre game later today! This is it ladies and gents. I put in the time physically, mentally, and emotionally to be the best version of myself for this season. Now it's time to do what I know I can do to these open wods. Thank you Ben for everything so far, I plan to make you proud! Most importantly, thank God for the health and life I have been given! LETS DO THiS!!!

  7. Is it 8 PM Eastern time yet or what?! I'm predicting that we will do 7 minutes of burpees again, just not in week one.

    I think I've finally settled on a schedule for the next 5 weeks. As much as I'd like to do each WOD twice, I've got too much other stuff going on in life. Plus, my box is hosting a big throwdown every Friday night and I truly believe that the atmosphere brings more out of you. So I'm going with the "Games Athlete" schedule, just a day behind.

    1. I agree with burpee's being later on, probably the very last one.

  8. good call Sheldon ! that is part of the reason for my sparatic posting... I'm going to try this schedule this week and see how it goes... working out fri-sat-sun always worked best for me ... or mon tues wed... Thursdays r hard but I'm going to see how I adjust I've had to start working seriously on fixing some gymnastics flaws ... so I've had to change out a few movements ... so I don't overtrain ... I love this blog.... but I'm fighting for # 1 @ regionals in an extremely competitive region... not that every region isn't stacked! lol the more years that pass ... the fitter we all r! guess coach g is doing this world good! :)

  9. Yup it's go time!

    Good luck y'all!

  10. I was stuck at home yesterday on a "snow day" -- which really wasn't a snow day. But anyway, I did a Cindy-ish type of WOD since I am actually doing the Open WOD on Friday.

    AMRAP 20
    5 Thrusters
    10 Push-Ups
    15 Air Squats

    I don't really know what I got - I just wanted to sweat instead of watching The Walking Dead all day, which was my alternative option...