Monday, March 4, 2013

Tuesday 3.5.12

1.  Snatch Complex
Snatch Pull + Squat Snatch

2.  10 RFT:
250m Row
5 OHS, 185/135 - from the ground, no racks.

3.  3 Giant Sets of:
5 L-Pull ups
10 Strict Ring Dips
15 Back and Hip Extensions

"The overhead squat is the ultimate core exercise, the heart of the snatch, 
and peerless in developing effective athletic movement.
This functional gem trains for efficient transfer of energy from large to small body parts the essence of sport movement. For this reason it is an indispensable tool for developing speed and power.
The overhead squat also demands and develops functional flexibility, and similarly develops the squat by amplifying and cruelly punishing faults in squat posture, movement, and stability."
-Greg Glassman


  1. No truer words than those about the overhead squat. Major work is needed in that arena for me. Thanks coach.

  2. Can I get clarification on this...does the snatch pull involve any arm bend? Or rather, is it a high pull to chest level?

  3. Neither. No arm bend, no high pull. Ends at triple extension

  4. Thanks Derek!


    1 - 185, 195 (f), 190 (f x 2) - still stoked, haven't snatched bodyweight in what seems like forever

    2 - No WAY was this happening at 185! Scaled to 155 and still failed at least 5 power snatches. Rows all around a minute and OHS unbroken once I got the bar overhead. Still clocked in at 27:34.

    3 - done without hip/back extension because my low back was lit up from 2

  5. 1. Worked up to 195. Felt good
    2. 21:42. Ohs slow and controlled focusing on good shoulder position. Would have to speed up cycle time on game day but I'm happy with how the shoulder felt today
    3. Check, kinda. Wet noodle "L" pullups, skipped ring dips and did other shoulder stuff instead. Did light good mornings for extensions.

  6. 1) 165. Fail at 170. Happy with this it is just under my pr.

    2) 34.47. Extremely happy with this. It was a 10# pr on OHS just to get started. OHS were tough but were much smoother by the end, did the last 5 rounds unbroken.

    3) done.

  7. WOD'd in another box today.

    1. 205#, failed on 215 for the SS. Technique issue.

    2. Did box WOD of OTM stuff. Subbed 5 OHS instead of cleans. 1x5 185#, 1x3 165#, 3x5 155#.

    3. Box was closing up, wasn't allowed to finish the giant sets.

  8. 1. 160# (5# PR)
    2. 135#/ 50 DU's x 10 21:30
    3. Done

  9. 1, 205#
    2. 18:47Rx
    3. Yes sir

    Felt really, really good today.

    1. you murdered that damn thang. good work man

  10. M / 5'8 / 165#

    1. 215#

    2. Only did 5 rounds at about 80-90% effort.. 9:05

    3. For time:
    50 Burpees to 12 inch target

    =2:08 RXd

    1. dude, again haha such a beast @ 165

    2. Thanks! Video footage on tap now bro!

    3. I have some as well but nothing impressive haha great job man keep it up!

  11. 1. Worked up to 135 then stayed there and worked technique. Need to have faster hips. Lower back feels tight and sore today, since this is 4th day in a row of WODs.

    2. Skipped. Conserving the back and healing up for the Open.

    3. Done.

  12. First time doing an overhead squat or full snatch since December, so every successful lift and rep was a moral victory and confidence builder!
    1) 185 x 2, 195 x 1, 205(f)
    2) 23:11 Rx (huge confidence builder to go from the ground and do all unbroken w/no pain)
    3) Done

    1. Strained Quadratus psoas and hip flexors were over compensating and making any squatting or even loaded heavy overhead painful.

      Uni-lateral movements like lunges and pistols did not cause any pain as long as the weight was light. The biggest breakthrough I had was relearning how to squat with focusing on an active glute and hip.

    2. I see that you were conserving your back, let me know where it hurts and the type of pain. I would be more than happy to give you all the details that I had to go through to recover. Patience was the biggest, but at that point of the injury I had time to heal for the open.

  13. 1. 190#
    2. I'm with Sheldon, wasn't happening at 185# today. Scaled to 165#. 27:28

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  15. 1) 185 - squat snatch PR!
    2) accidentally did 10 OHS per round, but intentionally scaled at 135# to protect wrist - 20:25
    3) dun

  16. 1. 235#
    2. 17:05rx, kept a 1:50 pace on the row, did not put all out effort
    3. done

  17. 1)235#
    2)16:04 all OHS unbroken, could have gone harder on the row
    3)doing this tonight

  18. 1. 205#, 215# (f)
    2. 22:10 Rx slow pace
    3. done

  19. 1 - 105kg
    2 - 22:24 all OHS unbroken but about 5 snatches missed to start sets
    3 - done
    4 - reverse hypers on the GHD 2*20 @ bw

  20. M/5'9 144# 14yrs old:

    1: maxed out snatch. Got 125...F @ 135 cause of form but imma get it.

    2: I had a friend come wod with me and we only have 1 rower so we battled it out with 200 meter runs instead of row. Got 15:56 (100)

  21. 1.) #165....not ideal but I'll take it

    2.) Did 5 rds slow at #135 dialed in on form

    3.) Done

  22. 1. 195#, failed 205#
    2. 19:42 rxd
    3. 5 min recovery airdyne and stretch. Ice bath to come

  23. 1) 143# complex- snatched up to 150# today (failed a lot), failed a lot at 155# pr is 158#
    2) 27:28 rx
    3) haven't decided if I want to do this yet, pretty beat up need to rest before Open wod...might just do L's and dips

  24. 1. 230 on complex. Getting my mind right.

    2. 19:40rx. Everything unbroken. Had a 2:05 on row and stalled a little bit before getting on the bar. First time ever doing overhead squat @ 185 in a metcon. Proud of myself.

    3. Done dizzy. Good luck to everyone. I wish we were all training in the same gym. You guys Rock.

  25. 1) 115 complex - the fact that I am hitting this regularly now makes me happy! Didn't get 120 today, but that's okay. 115 came easy, and that is relatively new.

    2) 31:30 w/ 120. The roughest part was power cleaning, jerking, gently easing it down to my back, then jerking it up again... This is why I need to focus on upping my weights! :)

    3) Done. Yes, I wish we were all training in the same gym. I won't lie; I really, really, really miss working out with people during WOD classes. I miss my box :(

  26. 1. Snatch Complex
    Snatch Pull + Squat Snatch.
    115, 120 failed squat snatch, they were all solid before then fell apart, gotta work on being more comfortable catching it there.

    2. 10 RFT:
    250m Row
    5 OHS, 185/135 – from the ground, no racks.
    Off rack @135, got the message about the stimulus after I wodded. 30:39 all OHS unbroken.

    3. 3 Giant Sets of:
    5 L-Pull ups.
    10 Strict Ring Dips.
    15 Back and Hip Extensions.

    done- L pullups assisted with sex sling made of bands to hold ankles up to maintain hollow position.

    1. Haha sex sling description made me laugh

  27. 1) 225
    2) No Rower today, completed all sets of OHS paired with 15 burpees. 19:48
    3) Completed


  28. 1) 130
    2) done @ 95# snatching from floor 16:59
    3) skipped- muscle up coaching Wednesday!

  29. Went completely different today. Did:

    4 RFT:
    500 m Row
    3 Rope Climbs
    20 Pistols

    - Got 17:59

  30. 1. 100#, not tryin for a PR today
    2. Mod. 100#; 30:41
    3. done.

  31. 1. Snatch Complex
    2. 10 RFT:
    250m Row, 5 OHS, 185/135
    Modified OHS weight to 100. 17:42
    3. done