Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunday 3.17.13

Open 13.2

Your warm up should be yesterday's training.  General warm-up followed by Movement Prep.  Then warm up to the working weight while intermixing Box Jumps or Steps ups.

Rest Day

“An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and 
in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.”
-Thomas Fuller


  1. So general question in regards to the programming... I have a legitimate ZERO chance to make it to regionals this year, and slim to none next year. HOWEVER, I know what my weaknesses are.

    One of the biggest issue I face on RX'ing any workout or even doing well is strength. I spent entirely too long today staring at the damn bar before I could do more S2O (13.2). SO, at 5'9" and 165#, I've decided to put on some weight.

    I plan on waiting until after the open is complete, but during the "regionals prep" time, should I stick with the program here, or do a linear strength for 3 months until we get back to the "gonna get hayuge" stage?

    I'd much more enjoy sticking with the programming here, because I thoroughly enjoy it more than any other programming I've done in the past 2.5 years. Just kind of getting a feelers on everyones thoughts on that. Hopefully I made sense. I'm a bit of a rambling mess today.

    1. After the open I would say take the time to work on weaknesses. Being that it is strength, work on gettif stronger. A good program like this can carry you so far, you have to go the extra mile to do what is necessary to make sure you kill your own goats!


    3. Britt, I was listening to their podcast about that, it's what got me thinking about/considering it. I had no idea it was $100 a month though!

    4. Whoa! I didnt even look at the price, just copied the link and pasted it. Yea I heard it on the podcast too, I love those guys but man theyre gonna make a killing on that!

  2. What's up guys. Just thought I would say that this programming from Coach B is bad ass. I have been doing some of the training here and there for about a month. I haven't posted to much, but that changes today. I have decide that this is now my programming from now on. There is some high quality athletes following this and its fun to see how people do with this. I have been doing CrossFit for about 6 months and couldn't be more addicted. 13.1 went decent for me with 158... I suck at burpees haha. Doing 13.2 on Sunday and will post about that later. Good luck to everyone and I look forward to being apart of this community! Is anyone else training out of Las Vegas?

  3. Had to abort the 13.2 redo. Mobilized this whole morning, but knee a bit stiff. I think I would've done more harm than good.

    Quite tough to forego, but told myself "There are 3 more battles ahead. 'Win' those and its done."

  4. Happy with Thursdays attempt, so no 13.2 for me. Good luck to all who are going after it again!

    Did hybrid Elizabeth
    400m run
    21 clean
    21 dips
    400m run
    15 clean
    15 dips
    400m run
    9 clean
    9 dips
    Clean was @135

  5. Thursday: 276 (stepped down from half the jumps)
    Today: 301 (rebounded all the jumps, and paced the whole thing at 1 round per minute)


  6. Drake Comfort M/5'9/165 North Central


    Been lax on posting but had some free time today. Started following this site about 3 weeks before the open and I love the programming. Thanks so much.

  7. First Attempt 297
    Second Attempt 307

  8. First attempt-259
    Second attempt-315! Completely changed strategy and it worked!

    1. that's awesome man. what changed??

    2. That's whats up haha crazy man way to work!

  9. second attempt 308 improved by 7 reps, was wanting more but I know every rep counts. On to the next one. Good work everyone

  10. My knee unfortunately didn't allow me to rebound today, so not as good as the first. No regrets, glad I tried. However was awesome to watch Jon tear it up today!!

  11. attempt 1=257
    attempt 2=300!!!!! Thanks for the tips.

  12. First attempt=300
    Second attempt=316
    Thanks to CrossFit SOBO fort the support!

  13. 1st attempt 283
    2nd attempt 292 I wanted 300 so bad but today I had nothing left to give I thought I would have done better but I did my best for today and hit a PR so I should be happy.

  14. Tried a different strategy than Thursday blew me up. Came out hot. Got to 5 rounds at 3:40 and just couldn't maintain it. 301 will stand for me. Disappointed. But on to week 3. Great work everyone else!!! Lotta improvements!!!

  15. Replies
    1. I mean...I GUESS id settle for one attempt at 360 if I had to ha, nice job bud

  16. First attempt: 322
    Second attempt: 350

    Thanks for the advice Ben....I couldn't have done it without you

  17. Big numbers from everyone! Awesome work.

  18. Knee held up. Had to do it after a major drop in the standings. Photô finish attempt.

    1st attempt: 267
    2nd attempt : 279

    Thank God. Back in the regional hunt.

  19. I discovered this site a couple weeks ago. I LOVE the programming. Thanks coach B for putting this out!

    271 today

  20. 298 today, happy with that. Also completed flight simulator for the first time

  21. 1st attempt:278
    2nd attempt:297

    great programming.Did step-ups on the 2nd attempt

  22. 1st attempt: 312
    2nd attempt:316

    thank you Ben for your great programming. a year ago this wouldn't of been my wod (I lean towards beast less ninja), but I was able to post 3rd best score and help my team this week and Im not terrified of metcons anymore haha

  23. Thursday: 291
    Sunday: 281
    Both attempts hurt like hell.

  24. Did airdyne map today
    0-15 mins:alternate 1.5 mins 80%, 1 min 50%
    15-24 mins: alternate 1 mins 85%, 1 min 50%
    24-30 mins: alternate 30 sec 90%, 30 sec 50%
    Total cals 430

  25. first attempt, 256
    second attempt, 315

    second week with an improved score on the second time around.

    thanks for all the tips, ben! and thanks paddy for the corner idea. sooo smaaahhht.

  26. 292 second go round, one rep better lol. I would have been over 10 rounds but I went WAY too hard on the first round. . .had to play catch up the rest of the WOD. Damn.