Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monday 4.1.13

Jessa Lemoine

Recovery Day

1.  Snatch
Power Snatch + Squat Snatch, work up to a heavy set.

2.  Front Squat

3.  "Kelly"
400m Run
30 BJ, 24/20 - Games standards.
30 Wall Balls, 20/14 - 10' target for both men and women.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit" 
- Aristotle


  1. Really like the video. His pull is ridiculous. Way to go Chad.

  2. Agreed...been in snatch funk lately ready to turn it around

  3. So funny story about "Kelly".

    When I first started CrossFitting, my gym would basically do a "Free-for-all" Wednesdays where members would pick the workouts (terrible idea, I know). So I'm flipping through named wods and I see "Karen" (150 wall-balls for time), and I'm like - "oh HELL NO, I'm not doing 150 wall-balls! That's crazy". 5 minutes later, I settle on doing Kelly, because I am a decent runner, and can hold my own on box jumps. Around the end of round 3 of "Kelly" it occurs to me...."I'm STILL DOING 150 wall-balls...ugh!"

    Looking forward to re-visiting this, haven't done it in a long time!

    1. HAHA. I did the same thing - well, kind of. I thought Kelly would be so much better than Karen. Kelly is MUCH, MUCH WORSE!

    2. Kelly CLEARLY does not like short men! 34:48. 4 minute PR, but still felt like I was walking through mud the whole time.

  4. That video is pretty and funny at the same time

  5. today was a horrible training day! not even going to start beating myself up again! Already did that....this is where I need help! lol I am the worst at listening to myself...I used the 24" box....totally bombed on the box jumps and the wall balls! my PR with the 24" Box is took me 25:07 today to finish it! Not happy at all! :( feeling beat up and not really sure what the hell to do...think i need to take a week off after this last workout....I have committed to only doing all of the open workouts 1 time...which I am very proud of...but i feel like I am run down/weak...and mentally burned out....think the open has the tendency to do that...cuz its all we think about for 5 weeks! ....okay...well more like 6 or 7...cuz for 2 weeks leading into it...i was thinking about it! okay okay...ive been thinking about it alot longer...but you get the pictute.

    Lifting went "okay" today...his 205 for 3 on a front squat and 190 for 10....maybe that is why the wod felt so horrible! I dunno...either way...i am happy its over...i need to move on! :)

    Ben Bergeron...i know you are not proud right now...this goes against everything I know is right....but I am having a hard time channeling anything positive out of this one...For the record everyone...the most important time in your workout is usually the reflection on it immediately following...those thoughts will stick with you...which is probably why i still feel this way! ugh! lol

    1. Everyone of us here has experienced bad days, a bad week, and even weeks of challenges. It's how we respond to the adversity that matters. You're in the hunt for something great, and you have all of us here to support you. Now buck up, get focused, and enjoy the process. Use these tough days as motivation, and make something awesome happen.

    2. Cheryl- I hear ya, loud and clear... feeling the same way on all counts, after today's workout and at this point in the Open. But I'm not doing nearly as well as you, my dear! Yesterday was a tough day; I called it the "April Fool's Mind F*ck"! I think that those lifts definitely played into Kelly. Not sure I can offer any encouragement except that I'm feeling it too! Oh, and here are my numbers- that should help you feel better!

      Snatch Complex: 123# (Snatched 133# three times; couldn't stop at the power catch)
      Front Squat: 3RM: 185 x 3, 190 x 2 (New 2RM). 10RM: 165# x 9. WTF.
      Kelly: 29:41

  6. Dude, calm down. 3 deep breaths...

    That's a crazy good squat. Rest now, do 13.5 and then take 7-10 days off and just rest with a some foam rolling. Think about where you want to be next year, not next week. It's always a better idea to go a little too easy than a little too hard, something I realized this open. Longevity.

    1. You don't want to over train and get sick where you'll be forced to take time off and sick time off isn't quality rest.

    2. thanks Kyle.... u think I should rest tomorrow and Wednesday?

  7. 65kg Power Snatch + Squat Snatch
    Right wrist really hurts at the minute when I snatch. Fine for clean and jerks tho?

    FS 10RM - 110kg
    FS 3RM - 120kg (think I used my juice up on the 10)

    Kelly - 25:27 (too many Easter Eggs)

  8. That's my awesome Oly Coach Chad Vaughn in that video. He has really helped to improve my strength and conditioning for my sport of BJJ/Grappling and my overall performance in Crossfit and as a Police Officer. Dude can battle gravity!!!!

  9. 1.power+snatch 75kg

    2.fs 3rm 115kg
    10rm 90kg

    3.skipped,did a team wod instead

  10. 1. 205#
    2. 3rm: 285, 295 (2)
    10rm: 245 (9)
    3. 19:02 RXd ... That was spicy after those squats!!

    1. snatch complex @ 205#:

  11. M/5'9 140-144# 14 yrs old:

    1: 105

    2: 165.....135

    3: 24:51 (15lb ball.....20" BJ)

  12. 1. 205 fail, 205
    2. Missed
    3. 22:13

    I love FS, didn't have time for both, so I did Kelly.

  13. 3. 31:25 2 minute PR for me, although really felt like crap today.

    probably should have taken another rest day but oh well.

  14. Decided to follow today's programming because I have a comp. coming up in 2 weeks and want to get things rolling again. That and I'm 17 and 650th in my region, regionals later on down the road...maybe.

    1. 185
    2. 3RM: 335
    10 RM: 300 (8 reps)
    3. 36:00 exactly

    My legs took a beating due to my ignorance of attempting to do 300 x 10 on FS. Nothing seemed to function right when I went through Kelly.

  15. Did Yoga tonight for the first time in a while. HUMBLING AND PAINFUL!!!

  16. Worked 135 for snatch to build confidence in technique.

    225# 3RM (PR)

    30:20 Kelly

  17. i needed to put in some work today so i did today's WOD

    1. 215 solid

    2. 320 no time for 10rm

    3. 3 Rounds of Kelly
    13:20 rx

  18. 1) 195# missed 205 on the squat snatch twice

    2) 275#

    3) 28:48..... no comment here. Just straight kick to the balls

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  20. 1. 185#, missed 195#

    2. 285#

    3. 24:24