Friday, March 8, 2013

Saturday 3.9.13

CFNE Bro-fest

You know the challenge ahead of you tomorrow - get more reps than Thursday.
Today is about priming your mind and body so you are at the top of you game tomorrow.  Here is what you want to do today; Get moving and warm, prep the body with some good movement patterns and then couple quick aerobic bursts to expand your lungs.  

1.  Warm up
Go through 3 rounds of the General Warm-up in the FAQs.

2.  Snatch
A.  Burgner Warm up
B.  1 x 5 TnG Power Snatch, 75/45
C.  1 x 3 TnG Power Snatch, 135/75
D.  3 x 1 Snatch, 165/100
If you need to take some smaller jumps that's ok, but no more than one rep at each weight.

3.  Burpees
3 x 8 to target, rest as needed between sets.

4.  Row
3 x build ups
flip the screen up.  Start with some easy pulls and take about 30 seconds to build up to a couple hard pulls.  Don't record anything, go by feel.

1.  OTM x 5
10 Deads, climbing

2.  3 RFT of "Task Priority FGB":
25 Wall Balls, 20/14
25 SDHP, 75/55
40 Box Jumps, 20" - no pause needed.
40 Push Press, 75/55 - no racks.
15 cals on Rower
1 minute rest between rounds.  

Record times for each round.  If you are able to stay under the 5 mins per round this would approximate to a 435 FGB. 

"If strength at high heart rates is fundamental to your sport then you'd 
best perform your resistance training at high heart rate."
- Greg Glassman


  1. Need some advice. So, I am going to have to squat snatch all of my 100lb snatches. I originally thought that I would be able to Power for about 5 reps or so, but that was not the case today. Any tips to get through as many of the 30 as possible for my 2nd shot on Sunday. My score is "ok" but I want it to be more competitive (163). My 9:43 tie-breaker score makes me happy, though :)

    1. No - but I haven't practiced it enough to feel comfortable with it. I know I can do better tomorrow. I am going to go in thinking of doing 2-3 TnG at a time - sometimes the momentum helps me more than just doing solo. My approach to the 100# snatches is going to be different - and I AM going to finish them. Nick's post below stating how he went from 122 to 150 definitely lights the fire under me. I want this more than anything...and I know I can do it.

  2. Coach, this may be a dumb question, but for clarification.. Do you mean do three total rounds of the general warmup or six total rounds (3x2) since the general warmup is two rounds in the FAQ. Thanks for everything.

    1. 3 total rounds of all the movements in the general warm up

  3. If I do not think I will make it to regionals this year, should I train like the athletes trying to get to regionals or train differently?

  4. Coach, Taylor and I would like to say thanks for repping the ManCave shirt in the video. Thanks again for everything!

  5. I am so torn, my score isn't bad but I know there will be a good handful of women is the SE that will beat it and now that I've watched the video from Ben I want to try some of those things and see if I can squeeze in a few more reps! Ahh

  6. So by excited to have found your blog a couple of days ago. Programming makes so much sense and 'speaks' to me!!

    My training partner and I are following it avidly and look forward to every new post. Appreciate all your effort!

  7. 13.1
    Tiebreak time 12:55

    Improvement from 156 on Thursday

  8. 26/5'9/165

    thursday: 13.1- 175. (9:45)
    - really wanted 30 @ 165. missed two snatches behind me which never happens on a power snatch. pretty frustrating.

    1. 315
    2. 2:20. @ the fire station today. No rope climb. so did 6mu for 2 rope climbs. 3mu for 1. thrusters unbroken.
    3. Done but phone died so i didnt have a timer.

  9. Regional Pre-Game completed.

    Very excited for tomorrow to apply more of the step-down burpees and to not only change the weights faster but also change them after each set of snatches.

  10. Messed up the deads thought we were doing 10 min so I started too light
    275, 285, 285, 295, 295, 305 (tgen realized it was supposed to be five), did one more set at 345

    4:05, 5:35, just under six. Not sure of exact time on last round.
    Perfect wod - just what I need right now. Need to get metcon up

  11. Again, 150. BUT finished 1st snatches 3 min faster & 2nd set :30 faster than Thursday. 3 failed attempts @100#, couldn't lock out. An improvement, but still disappointed I couldn't get 1 more rep.

  12. I can't thank this programming enough! I SHOCKED myself and just hit 150 reps!!!! Last year I got zero reps at 135 lbs. I'm SO excited, only got 122 reps on thursday, it was possibly the environment (thursday home gym solo, today local gym packed with people!) but damn it felt good to finish those 135# snatches!!!!!!!

  13. 165, up from 158. Many factors were the reason for the increase. But much is attested to the platform of training and programming. Thank you Ben for what you provide for all of us. Keep up the good work all and best of luck and success the rest of the way.

  14. todays work
    started a little too aggressive on the deadlifts
    235/245/250/245(3)235(7)/235(4)-left it at should have done like 215/225/235/245/255....i dunno what i was thinking...that minute went FAST

    FGB Task Priority....umm HOLY mother of GOD! lol The last round was mental...especially on the push press and box jumps...pushed past the pain and told myself you can keep moving....have to look at my paper again...but pretty sure it was 4:49/5:05/5:3?? ill double time was 17:32-all unbroken but had to do like 27 wall balls each round (a couple were not high enough)...
    nothing left in the tank after this wod stare at the ceiling...made me think more about redoing 13.1...but I have to remember...I don't need to be first in the region...just got to put up some solid scores and move on...i know i have a little more in the tank on 13.1....but don't really know if its worth the redo tomorrow

  15. 1 275-295-315...back was feeling a little right, dropped weight down to 225 and finished. My body just felt weak during the warm ups and DL so I went through #2 at moderate pace not for time

    1. Could be from some non paleo treats and 4 hours of sleep.

  16. Ben.
    i am new to your site and look forward to following...i am in the 40-44 masters and currently sitting at 20 (160 REPS). i figure i will drop another 20-30 before the cut off time. This workout doesnt play to my strengths and dont know if i can improve. Any idea what place on average one would need to place on each wod to make the top 20? I wish I could find last years open results..

    1. Go to this years leader board and change results year from 2013 to 2012 it will give you all the results.

  17. Went ahead and did the Regional workout/pregame today. Going to get after it tomorrow though!

  18. 154 reps. Lesson learned, make sure your timer starts BEFORE you start so you dont do an extra 40 burpees/15 snatches as a warm up ;) This was fun, and I have to be satisfied with my score, my schedule only allowed one go at this one. Have fun tomorrow everyone, and thank you SOOO much Coach Ben & Derek for the pointers, the yoga mat target was wicked!!

  19. 1,2,3 & 4 done. Looking to rip 13.1 in half tomorrow.

  20. Did the pre-game today. Questioning myself on repeating 13.1 tomorrow, since I struggled with the 165lb snatch today when fresh. First one was a power snatch, second one was ugly, then I failed 4 reps or so before switching to squat snatch to get the last rep done. Is it worth the pain just to get a faster tiebreaker time? Ugh...

  21. Coach I need some advice if you have time Please. I had to do the WOD today(Saturday) instead of Thursday as my first attempt due to a slight neck injury which was really affecting the snatch for me and got a score of 166
    should I attempt again tomorrow even though it's not much rest between or save it for the following weeks? I did the wod today at noon. I appreciate any advice you can give on this greatly :)

    1. Seth- i'm not sure if Ben will be reading this before tomorrow so i figure i'll chime in for what its worth. Maybe some of the other regulars can respond too. I think it depends on what your situation is. If you're shooting for regionals and can re-do it without risking further injury, its probably worth it to do it again and try for a few extra reps, which will be huge. If youre trying to maximize your score but not really shooting for regionals, or if you think doing it again could cause further injury or a big setback, then its probably not worth it to do again.

      Just my 2 cents. Hope that helps. Anyone else?

    2. Thanks Derek that helps alot and I appreciate the advice I felt pretty good after the WOD today neck was a little tight but nothing serious and yes shooting for regionals so I think I will be hitting again tomorrow thanks Derek wish me luck! :)

    3. Watch the video Ben posted. Good luck!

  22. 1. didn't perform deads today as I felt pretty ill....coming down with the flu I think (thank god I did 13.1 yesterday!)
    2. FGB 4:28/10:31/17:08 (4:28, 5:03, 5:37)

  23. Traveling tomorrow, so i had to do my second attempt today. Squeezed out two more reps for a total of 169. We'll see how that stacks up tomorrow. Good luck to everyone tomorrow


  24. OTM x 5, 10 Deads, climbing

    2. 3 RFT of "Task Priority FGB":
    8:07, 8:42, 8:40
    Weaknesses were sdlhp and box jumps. Other three exercises all done under 1min each round. Had to keep breathing in check for this one w/ +1.