Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday 3.16.13

You know the challenge ahead of you tomorrow - get more reps than Thursday.
Today is about priming your mind and body so you are at the top of you game tomorrow.  Here is what you want to do today; Get moving and warm, prep the body with some good movement patterns and then couple quick aerobic bursts to expand your lungs.  

1.  General Warm up
2-3 rounds of the General warm-up listed in the FAQs.  Include shoulder, hip and ankle mobility.

2. 13.2 Movement Prep, demo vid.
10 Arm Circles, each direction
10 Trunk Twists
10 Two-handed touch downs
10 Reverse Lunge Reach
10 Sumo Squats
10 Mini Hops
10 Front to back Hops
10 Box Jumps, 12/10" (half the RX height)

3.  13.2 WOD Prep
Walk through two rounds of:
2 Push Press, 65/45
4 Deads, 65/45
6 Box Jumps

rest about 2 minutes

Walk through two rounds of:
2 Push Press, 95/65
4 Deads, 95/65
6 Box Jumps

rest about 2 minutes

Walk through two rounds of:
2 Push Press, 115/75
4 Deads, 115/75
6 Box Jumps

"Games Big Helen"
1200m Run
63 KBS, 53/35
36 Pull ups
800m Run
42 KBS
24 Pull ups
400m Run
21 KBS
12 Pull ups

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
- John Wooden


  1. Hey Coach, was wondering your thoughts on step ups I have heard from friends from other boxes that people are getting good results second time around with the step ups like + 30 reps good these are peolpe who are decent at box jumps too and was also wondering what day does ali usually sends out email of the tips? Im ready to get after this again! did okay first round but I know I can make up time on deadlifts and box jumps. thanks

  2. Box Jumps for WOD prep is rx height or still at 12"?

  3. just curious if i can do this before the wod on sunday since i wont have access to do this on saturday. Would that be advised?

  4. Can't wait to redo this one. GOODLUCK guys. Lets make jumps!!!!

  5. Done with pregame. Ready for tomorrow!

    Go get it, comp peeps!

  6. I think it's a good prep before the WOD itself.

  7. Calves are still locked up too conor hahahaha

  8. M/5'9 140-144# 14 yrs old:

    Did 13.2 again to try and get 200 but had to crap after fifth round so DNF. Disappointed in that but just gotta take it as it is and get better

  9. 1. 2* general warmup with hip opener mobility and calf raises.
    2. 13.2 warmup
    3. Run through rxd
    4. Practiced different BJ techniques and finished with 2 full rounds
    5. My goal tomorrow is 12 total

  10. hit 13.2 again today after doing the general warmup listed - got an extra 14 reps. 7 rounds even, score of 210.

  11. I'm 17 so it's hard to meet some of the awesome scores y'all are getting, but I ended up improving from 200 reps to 236 reps. Thanks for the tips Ben, those step ups really helped after I burnt out and the new bar set up was nice as well! Good luck tomorrow everybody!

    1. Nice work. Man I wish I was 17 again... Just know you are competing with a 36 year old.

      That makes me wonder - am I the town geezer here? Anyone older than me?

      M/6'/205/36 yo

  12. 300 reps, 9 rounds step up/step downs and last round box jumps. Cheat sheet was a huuuuge help. 40 reps more than Thursday. Thanks Coach Derek & Ben!

  13. Did the warm up and preps, just tried to get a good rythym going. Pumped for this tomorrow good luck all!

  14. Due to travel tomorrow, did 13.2 today. Felt great, changed to step UPS after rd 3, 266. Content w an improvement from Thursday, but again, not what I wanted.

  15. just wanted to say that I am so happy to be a part of this team! ...everyone is doing amazing! be proud of your results regardless of the final standing knowing that u guys r putting so much effort into each and every workout!! keep it up!
    games Helen today... 17:11 ... haven't done this since 2010... took me over 20 min then!

  16. BIG HELEN: 18:13 RXd...posterior chain still feeling 13.2!! lol

  17. 1. 5x3 back squat 275/305/315/325/325
    2. Big Helen- 21:23 (calves slowed me down today!)

  18. 1. 5x3 BS 255/275/305/325/325
    2. Big Helen- 21:23 calves smoked from 13.2 yesterday!

  19. Just repeated 13.2 so I can relax and party tonight and quit agonizing over it. And it is sheer agony! Ha!

    Happy with an improved score of 227, 25 more reps than Thursday. Started doing step-up/jump downs halfway through the second round. Conditioning needs lots more work. The 5k trail race this morning didn't help my back and legs, but I was committed.

    Thanks for all the tips and support from this site and coach Ben. Rock it tomorrow everyone!

  20. Games programming a day behind. Doing met-cons first.

    2 - FS/Burpee/T2B - 16:50

    1 - Squat 5x3x275 - hahaha, this was all I could manage after all the FS, it was like drunk squatting on a cruise ship in rough seas

  21. warm-up, movement prep & Wod prep done!