Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday 9.20.13

Ali Giorgio

1.  Pulls
5x3 Dead Lift, climbing

2.  Odd Objects/Movements
A.  Play around with Yoke carries
B.  Play around with Monkey bars
C.  Tabata Stone Shoulders, you choose weight.

3.  Metcon
For time:
20 Power Snatches, 115/80
800m Run
20 Power Snatches, 115/80

4.  Rowing
15 x :30 on/:30 off - record total meters

1.  Metcon
20 Power Snatches, 115/80
800m Run
20 Power Snatches, 115/80

2.  Skills
Max Double unders in 2 minutes
rest 2 minutes
Max Double unders in 2 minutes


  1. Congratulations on your awesome performance at the ECC, Ali! Great picture!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Congrats to you as well, we had a great division.

  2. Just curious, anyone know the Final Cut Workout? I was looking for it online but couldn't find it. Usually that means it was probably right under my nose and I overlooked it. Was it the same through all five rounds or did it change up?

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    1. 1:Deadlift: 140kg-160kg-180kg-200kg-210kg
      2:Metcon: 9:32
      3:Rowing:2k row

  4. Open/Masters (43)

    Metcon: 9:20 (felt slow, still getting used to 5:30 am woods)
    Double unders: 80, 84

  5. Deads@ 170,180,185,190,180
    240 barbell walk 11m shuttle
    No monkey bars but dicked around on the rig
    Tabata stones @68kg 5rounds 3 reps, 3 rounds 2 reps
    Row -2447m

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  7. 1. Pulls-315, 365, 385, 405, 435

    2. Odd Objects/Movements- We don't have Yoke or stones but Anton and I are going to buy some moulds
    B. Play around with Monkey bar- Worked on bar to bar, skipping bars, changing direction,hanging from one hand.

    3. Metcon-4:55

    4. Rowing-2473

    1. holy smokes, sub 5...did you even take a second to breath?

    2. I'm not going to lie these last couple workouts are really in my wheel house. I'm expecting to find Muscle ups to ring HSPU couplet with swimming to balance out these last two workouts.

      Also further to our conversation yesterday with all the rowing/running work we've been doing I've started viewing mono structural work as recovery, obviously it's still hard work but I dont see it the same as say 20 snatches. So I went for 20 unbroken, recovered during the run at a 3 ish min pace and did another 20 unbroken. It's been a huge transition for me, running wods used to be a huge achilles heel and consisted of me "surviving" the runs. More proof that this programming is working. My metcons are faster and more efficient and your squat is up 50+ pounds, right?

    3. Let's not get ahead of ourselves... I think it's only up 40, need to retest though. :) You are right, I know my metcon is showing improvement.. at least with moderate to heavy weights included, but it doesn't even touch how well my lifts seem to be climbing.

      I wanted larger sets really bad on the second half of this, I think if I'd have run instead of row it might have happened.

      It's a testament to the programming that it's able to make ninjas and beasts better at the same time.

    4. Are you on Facebook?

    5. You too Willem, are you on Facebook?

  8. 1) 505/415/425/405/315x19 (felt very uncomfortable with back rounding so I scaled back)

    2) 420lb yoke carry x 4, 50'

    3) 6:08

    4) 2476m (so close to 2.5k!!)

  9. Dang guys! Great work on sub 5 metcon. I was on track for that but hit a wall on 2nd snatches. Last 10 were singles.

  10. Reg:

    1. 275,315,335,355,365... not impressive, but steadily improving.

    2. played with lift offs and walking a bit at 365 on a regualr bar and back and forth on big monkey bar run.
    tabata stones at 65.

    3. 6:54, subbed rowing for running, still nursing knee. Sets were 10,5,5 then 3's and 2's on second set. just couldnt' get my hips to fire after the row.

    4. nope, did an easy 5min row.

  11. Reg:

    Deadlift: 275-295-315-335-365

    Played around with lift offs and attempted to ride 365 down into a squat. Felt ok until I passed 45 degrees then no go. Did the tabata stones.

    Metcon- 8:19 (my hands are so raw it's not even funny. Had to drop each rep.)

  12. Extra - luring challenge wod

    10 hang powercleans (135#)
    20m sprint
    8 hpc
    40m sprint
    6 hpc
    60m sprint
    4 hpc
    80m sprint
    2 hpc
    100m sprint

    Sprints had to be done in 10m shuttle runs, two hand touch at the lines


    1) 225/275/315/365/405 (me and heavy deeds at 5:30am don't mix, much stronger reads later in the day when I've been up and moving for a while)

    2) no yoke, monkey bars or stones, used a bar with 405# on it and walked 4x40'

    3) 7:29

    Will have to do the rows after work, ran out of time.

  13. 1) 140kg, 150, 160, 170, 180.
    2) -
    3) Metcon: 5.58
    4) Row 2520m

    1. Hey champ!!
      Your metcon is inspiring!!
      And the Isabel from the weekend... Well all I can say is that by watching the guys scores week in and out makes me an even more faithful follower of the programming on here.
      This guy is making a massive impact around the world...
      Would be cool if some of us could say thanx by doing the East Coast Championships next year hey!!??

  14. Definitely, would be cool to get us all together. Are you on Facebook brother?

    1. Yes I am.
      But I never really go on...
      Will invite you!

    2. Ok can't figure out wich one you are.
      My surname is, van der Merwe.
      My profile oic is me sitting with a baby leopard...

    3. my email: way too many Jeremy Paces and Shane Hydes.

  15. OPEN:

    1) Metcon: 6:00. Unbroken on first 20. 15 and 5 on second 20. Run felt slow.

    2) 161 reps then 168 reps.

  16. OPEN
    1. Metcon: 7:46 Rx
    2. DU: 200(PR)/146

  17. 1) 275-295-315-335-365 on deads. Knee felt good on these

    2)Put 365 on the back and took a step or two, but wasn't willing to subject my knee to walking any further right now.

    3)Metcon 8:30. Subbed the run for row cause of knee. Very frustrated right now with the snatch. Was just getting good technique prior to surgery, but its gone down hill. I knew it would happen but still frustrating.

    4) Did a 5 minute cool down row, a lot of rowing to sub for running lately.

    All in all its good to be back getting the work in.

  18. Replies
    1. I'm shocked with the result of my power snatches today. I did 2 sets of 10UB then 10,5 and 5 for the last set. I'm happy with the results so far and Thank Coach Ben for the program. Working with my gymnastics now and I hope I can catch up with my Pancake brother Jeremy.

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    3. You're going to have to eat more pancakes to catch up......

  19. 1. warm up 1m run
    2. 9:21 RX
    3 Du 65/66

  20. 1) 315-345-365-385-405*5
    3) 5:29
    4) did 1000m row cool down

  21. Open:
    1. 6:58
    2. 54, 66. Getting better.

  22. Open:

    1.) 8:55 PS were tough to string together!

    2.) 150, 130

  23. Open:
    1) 6:30 @95lbs, probably should have gone 10lbs heavier and still had a decent time.
    2) 58-94, new PR!

  24. Reg.

    1) Did not Dead today, Did "Diane" yesterday

    2) Odd Objects
    A) no yoke, played with barbell on back
    B) Tabata Stones - 3,3,2,3,2,1,2,3 @ 153lbs Stone
    C) No monkey bars, climbed around the rig trying to go end to end

    3) Metcon = 4:56 RX

    4) 2780 meters

    1. thanks man, kinda unfair I didnt have the dead lift legs you guys did...Hit the 20 unbroken then just tried to crush the run, got to the final snatches and finished up in two sets. It was more of a just hang on feeling... PS I literally say the same thing about your numbers on a daily basis ha Keep giving me something to chase!

  25. 1. Deadlift 315, 345, 365, 395, 405
    2. Odd objects
    3. Metcon 7:30
    4. 2201 meters

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  27. I am looking to do more than the Crossfit main page. Would it be wise for me to follow as an open athlete and scale what I cannot do? I struggle with flexibility and some body weight movements. Thanks.

  28. Open

    1.) Did double unders in the morning

    1a.) 181 1b.) 171

    2.) sched today warmed up for 5 min and had to hit this. Snatches in metcons are a weakness, never felt as good as today however so chalking it up as an improvement!

  29. 1. deadlift: 405,425,445, 465, 515-- got froggy, paid off. former pr, 500#, clearly not anymore.
    2. 600# yoke carry 34ft, 3 trips
    strongman log clean and presses
    3. metcon: 6:40, unbroken first set, been practicing pose running and pushing the runs. did last 10-10
    4. total meters: 2,353m

  30. 1. 315-345-365-375-385-405 (m)

    2. None of the above odd objects so just did some basic strength stuff. OTMx12. Odd 5 Bench Press @ 225, Even 5 Good Morning @ 115.

    3. In hindsight, it may not have been a good idea to do the GM right before 40 snatches because I was a bit jiggly after that. 8:19.

    4. 2450 total.

    On a side note, there are some total fire breathers that post here. Good to have something to work towards. Humbling for sure.

  31. worked out at a different gym today, so did their class WOD:
    3 RFT:
    20 wallball
    20 SDLHP
    20 Box Jump
    20 Push Press
    20 Cal row

    did the deadlift sets of 3 when I got home:

    265-275-280-290-295 (pr)
    pretty happy about this, esp after my legs were smoked from earlier.

  32. Regionals
    1.Deadlifts-255,275,295,315,335. These felt great so I went ahead and re maxed. Got 375lbs!! Could have probably went heavier but I don't have a belt.
    2.Don't have any of this equipment in the garage.
    3.Metcon-7:50. Snatches are getting better! Spent about 30sec trying to dry my feet off after run in rain lol
    4.Rowing-Did 10rds of this-1645meters

  33. Some of these numbers are pretty good. Not questioning those sub 5 min metcons just wishing I could actually see them. You had to have sprinted and gone unbroken. I really wish we could post video.

    1. I wouldn't call it a sprint but both sets of 20 were unbroken which is where I made up the time. I think I was actually slower than a 6 min mile pace. First set of 20 took me 30 seconds, run got me back at around 4 something, got back to the bar at 4:15 isn and went unbroken.

  34. Wod: 6:20rx first set unbroken/ second set 10/5/3/2
    2min du- 150
    2min rest
    2min du- 175 first set 136 unbroken(pr)
    Odd object- axle bar clean and jerks @105 did a bunch lost track we had a game girls against guys first to fail lol no one failed so we stopped after 30 or so. Those were fun

  35. open.

    1. 10:59 lungs felt great today. body did not. quads and back were on fire.

    2. 153, 133.

  36. Hey everyone, I'm the world's worst about posting on this blog, but I've been religiously following your programming Ben since July of 2012. It is completely off subject but I just wanted to share with you all that I had my firstborn son today and I'm so excited I just had to share with you all! His name is Orion Finn Patrick, and I can't thank you all enough for motivating me everyday to put in the work to be the best I can be for my family. Doing these workouts have not only made me the healthiest and fittest I have ever been, but the mental strength I gain from this programming truly transfers over to my everyday life. Thank you Ben and Heather, and thanks to everyone for being the beasts and ninjas that you are. You truly inspire me.

    Built by Bergeron!!

    1. Awesome man, congrats! I've been following since December 2012 and still loving it too! Kicks my ass and keeps me humble and focused. Thanks coach and team!

  37. 1. Metcon: 5:51. Ran about an 8min mile pace on the 800. Snatches unbroken. Did a #115 "Isabel" a couple weeks ago in, I need to run a :30/400m faster pace to take about a minute off. Don't know what happened...started running and kind of just went for a jog between snatches. Really need to sprint that 800 AND go unbroken on the snatches.
    2. DU: 180/172

  38. Open
    1. 8:21. Ran 8 laps around the house.. Rough hilly terrain, was tough. Broke snatches up 15/5 then 7/3/5/5.

    2. Amrap2 double unders
    113, 111. Still need to work endurance on these.

  39. OPEN

    double unders immediately after
    119, 125

  40. OPEN

    (coming back from a shoulder injury which took me aside from the programming for a couple days)

    1) 5:34 (with 135# power cleans)

    2) 121, 130.

  41. 1) DL - 305-315-325-335-345
    2) Messed around with some yokes and monkey bars on pullup rig
    3) Metcon - 7:29
    4) Row - 2306 meters

  42. 1. Deadlifts - 225/255/275/295/275- my grip was going and my back was giving lightened up last set
    2. Did gymnastics from yesterday instead- rogue parallettes with 1-25# plate + 1 strict muscle Up
    3. 6:15- snatches unbroken but the run took me around 4 minutes...definitely wasnt running fast

    1. 4. row- a little under 2100 m - averaged between 140-150 per round

  43. 21/ 165lbs/ 93rd in SE in 2013

    I feel bad, because I know if you don't follow Ben's programming to a "T," you technically aren't doing it, but I wanted to add in some stuff I missed yesterday into today's workout. Had to mix it around. Overall felt like a pretty decent day of training!

    Yoke play- walked forward and background and all around w/ it beginning @ 90+yoke, 180+yoke, 230+yoke, 280+yoke...

    5x3 DL's Climbing- 285, 335, 375, 395, 415*** - felt easier after yoke (?)

    Tabata Stone2shoulder @113- 6 each 20sec round.. alternated shoulders.

    EMOTM Hi-Bar BSx1 for 10min- 315 .. Was an absolute struggle, but finished all 10 w/ no fails.

    WOD- 20 snatches @115, 800m run, 20 snatches- Rx 7:58 .. Went, 7/4/2/singles, SLOW run, 4/3/singles..
    Running is my strength when it's by itself, but I reallllly paced this run.

  44. Open.

    1. 9:46. Not happy. Dropped the snatch weight to 95 on the 2nd set of 20, just wasn't on today.

    2. 175, 158.

  45. 1) 315, 335, 355, 375, 435
    2) Done
    3) 7:07
    4) 2259m

  46. Open
    1) 14:18 Rx. Snatch form felt great ... Only had one failed attempt
    2) 142 - 119

  47. Open

    1) Metcon - 6:42
    2) Double unders - 168-156

  48. Open
    1. 8:55 too slow at running:(
    2. 130 & 123

  49. Open Program
    1) 7:27 - splits were 1:27, 3:55, 2:05 - snatches arent my best lift so I was happy with this time judging by others on here. Still need to run faster.

    Did the snatch complex from Thursday at 140 after the metcon bc I'm trying to catch up and need the snatch work.

  50. Regional
    1. 365,385,405,425,445
    2. Skipped
    3. 5:25
    4. 2525m

  51. Regional:

    1) Pulls: 295-315-335-355-375

    2) Odd Object: Didn't have anything else on hand to use.
    Tabata Stone Shouldering @ #60

    3) Metcon: 10:20 Rx

    4) Rowing: 2250 of actual work/3130 total

  52. Open
    1) 8:50 - 10/5/5, less than 2 min, slow run, 5/5/4/3/3 just over 2 min

    2)DU's 107, 86 - shoelace came untied during 2nd round