Monday, September 2, 2013

Tuesday 9.3.13


1.  Bounding
1 RM vertical jump

2.  Pull
8x3 Good Morning 

3.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 rep max Jerk

1.  Metcon
"Satan's Whiskers"
3 RFT:
10 C2B
10 Front Squats, 165/115
10 Burpees

2.  Row
4 x 750m, 2 min rest.

1.  Metcon
"Satan's Whiskers"
3 RFT:
10 C2B
10 Front Squats, 165/115
10 Burpees

2.  Skills
OTM x 20
Odd:  10 Heavy Wall Balls, 30/20
Even:  40 Double Unders


  1. Thanks heaps for your programming. I've been following for a few weeks now. I love your philosophy ... Especially doing metcons first!

    Thanks from down under!!!!

    1. I am also loving the format. I am doing things I never would have done. Like the "Snake Bite" I was wondering why it was called that until I did the workout.

      Go team Collins.

    2. I too am following the programming from down under! Where are you based out of?

    3. It definitely felt like there was poison in my body after this!

    4. We live on the Central Coast NSW and train at home. We do go to a box once a week at Crossfit Mingara One

  2. Open Metcon
    8mins 20 secs
    Scaled FS to 120.

    I did 20 DU instead of 40 for the skills.

  3. Morning Session
    1. No accurate way to measure this, but I'd say it's close to 30in.
    2. 135,145,155,155,155,165,165,165
    3. Tried 135lbs, only got 15 reps. My shoulders are smoked from the past few days.

  4. Workout was posted at 12 noon here in the Philippines, kind of threw the idea of a morning session out the window had to cram it into one session.

    1. Bounding- Exact same as last time, about 7'1 to 10'2

    2. Pull-95, 135,155, 175, 175, 175, 175, 175

    3. 20 Rep Benchmark-135 which I believe is a 20 lb improvement from last time, started doing crossover symmetry and my shoulders are way less "crunchy" and way more stable overhead.

    1. Metcon- 4:53

    2. Row- 2:32. 2:40, 2:41, 2:46. I gamed this totally wrong. I came out on the first one at my 500 meter pace and blew myself up.

    1. Always enjoy seeing you post your time. I go off you and Dex. Keep up the solid effort man.

    2. Josh,

      Thanks man, that means alot. I'm actually keeping up with you, Drew, Anton, Shane, Dex and Willem (and some others). Watching you guys do well is as exciting as when I do well. Keep up the good work yourself!

    3. I'm always watching you too Jeremy, I like seeing where we swap small victories. It seems we are opposites (strength vs. metcon), though it also seems we are meeting in the middle more and more as the weeks go by.

      You got me today....must have been my self-pity style burpees :)

      Dex I'm more in awe of on an almost daily basis...then there are a few other ninjas, but they don't seem to post as regularly so it's tough to compare.

    4. Found last time I did Satan's Whiskers, 6:39 from 31/JAN. Almost a 2 min improvement.

    5. I agree with all of the above. I am always looking to see how you guys did in order to push myself that little bit extra.

      I want to be like Dex when I grow up though. He crushes these wods routinely.

  5. Open:

    1. 4:29. Almost 1 min pr from february
    2. Completed with a 25 pound med ball. Heaviest we had at the gym..

    1. Good job Tommy! Love getting those results.

  6. 1) bounding 3m4.5cm
    2) pullls 5x3@80kg 3x3@75kg
    3) 20rm hit 80kg hit 85kg and got 17 reps at 90kg
    4) metcon 4:33
    5) row 2:28, 2:30.8, 2:31.3, 2:27.9

    absolutely loving the programming! cheers!!

  7. Open
    1) 5:46
    2) Done with a 25# Wall Ball

  8. Open

    1) 5:41 @ 155# - was happy to go unbroken on FS and C2B.
    2) completed with 25# WB...heaviest at gym

  9. I'm Back! Doesn't have quite the same ring to it as when MJ said it...I followed this Aug-Dec '12 until my gym went in-house with comp programming. Now I'm back for the 2014 Games season and couldn't be more excited! Got some butterflies before bed last night and maybe had a little too much energy at the gym this morning...

    A) will do tomorrow (wasn't warmed up enough to start with this and forgot to return)
    B) 185 across
    C) 205x15 (wish I could say I was so close, but we all know that "meeting God" happens in the 16-20 range.
    D) 4:20 - almost met Pukie today!
    E) will do tomorrow - looking forward to/dreading this!

  10. 1) No measure
    2) 135-165
    3) 160 17Reps
    4) 6.49
    5) 2:35

  11. Regionals morning session
    1. 32"
    2. 135,155,175,185,185,185,190,190
    3. 155# for 20 had some left in tank. first time doing this since starting this programming and had no idea where to start.

  12. Regionals:

    1. 22.5" Exact same as last time.
    2. 135,145,155,165,175,185,195,205
    3. No jerking, kipping or snatching this week. Strict shoulder press 5 x 5 95,105,115,125,135.
    4. 4:39
    5. 2:31.9, 2:37.7, 2:43.7, 2:43.9

  13. 1. 22"
    2. 135,185,225,205,185,185
    3. 135#, first time, very risky (injury) set for me, glad to do 20 with clean form. Weight was very light.

    4. 4:50
    5. 2:44.9, 2:48, 2:51, 2:49

  14. Open

    1. 3:43
    2. Done (did 15 WB w/20#)

    BP 38/5'11"/195

    1. That is a smoking time! Good job.

    2. Holy strong front squater! Amazing time!

    3. Thanks Guys--I really didn't know what to expect. Was thinking closer to 3 flat, so was disappointed at first. Guess I didn't really account for the transitions. On week 3 of the Open programming here--I'm old, so it's hard keeping up with you young guys. Keep up your good work & times--I watch for them and they're definitely motivating me!!!

  15. Reg:

    1. Didn't do to fit in timeframe....This will probably be an event at regionals.....and I will suck at fault.

    2. 8x3 185,205,205,205,205,205,205,205. it's funny how careful these have to be, it takes a few sets to feel normal, but they are awkward from start to finish.

    3. got 16 @ 165 and no split dumb, mental failure.. technique felt solid, even cycles some small sets, just gave up when it got tough.... two reps from god :)... next time

    4. WOD: 5:33
    the only real goal I had going in to this was unbroken front squats which I got (yay)... will not hold back on burpees next time, threw away thirty seconds just being slow on burpees.

    Anyone under 5:00 on this is money!

    Rowed a moderate/recovery 10 min.... couldn't muster the focus on the rower after the bad decision to row instead of run yesterday.

    1. I just looked up the last time I did Satans Whiskers...Feb 1 of this year, 8:40 with broken C2B and broken FS, neither of which happened today!... I guess that's a huge improvement.

    2. I'd say so, sounds like your strength to weight ratio has improved.

    3. Nice Shane, thats an awesome improvement. Well done man.

  16. Morning Session- Regionals 21 yrs old/160/ 93rd in SE Region in 2013

    1. 21 inches- pretty bad.. used a weird "sticker" system on wall

    2. 135, 155, 175, 165, 165, 155, 155, 155

    3. 175x 15 - a little ambitious.. thought i'd hit 185. This was great though. Exactly what I needed.

    1. evening session

      4. 4:11 - UB everything.. Pullups felt funny on a slippery bar, but still managed.

      5. 2:40.4/ 2:43.6/ 2:51.6/ 2:37.9

  17. My body is shouting for a rest day. Will rest today and tomorrow. Will listen to my body this time.

    1. Did this last week. Sometimes it's just totally necessary.

  18. Open
    4:54. Had a break on the second set of front squats that I shouldn't have. Oh well still happy with my time
    Done with 20# didn't have anything heavier. Best DU's have ever felt

  19. Had to start workout at 7am (Russian time) so there were no program for today - did Open from Tuesday 6.18.13.
    So finished Satan's Whiskers after work at 6pm - 6:10. Squats are my real weakness, have to work on it.
    Also was rather tired from yesterday's Hotshots19, and morning complex.

  20. 1. couldn't find measuring tape today - left my tape on wall, will have to measure later

    2. stayed between 85-125

    3. 95- same as before

    *had to do all in one session

    2.stayed between 3:06-3:14

  21. Morning session

    1) 21" vertical (jumping not a strength)

    2) 45/65/95/115/125/135/145/155

    3) did a 20rm bench press instead of push jerk because I just started following this programming and I did a 20rm push jerk not too long ago. Did 185 on the bench, should have gone heavier but never went that many reps before so wasn't sure where to even start.

    Will be going back after work for the evening session.

    1. Pm session done

      4) 6:32 (unbroken first rd then split into 5's for the rest, burpees really gas me, still working on figuring out how to not gas on them)

      5) 2:30/2:48/2:48/2:44

  22. Open:
    1) 8:45 RX
    2) Done, used a 22# ball (10kg) - heaviest we have @ the box.

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  24. Open
    1. 4:11 felt good every thing unbroken

    2. Done! Got a little rough 30lb MB burned up my upper body pretty good all and all it was a good day.

  25. Open

    1) 6:27
    2) wrapped a 10kg vest around a 4kg medball and secured it with bands. All I could think to do.

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  27. Open Master:
    Wod: 8:56 rx
    otm 10- ran out of time

    1. 29"
    2. 2@155, 3@160, 3@165
    3. 165
    4. 4:10@Rx
    5. 2:42.9 / 2:49.4 / 2:50.4 / 2:50.4

  29. OPEN

    1. 11:24rx
    2. OTM x 10 due to time constraints

  30. 1.) 3:03...disappointed I couldn't get sub 3 I just physically couldn't move fast enough on my last set of burpees haha. Love these sprint type workouts!

    2.) Did not do, was just happy to get through the wod with no back pain so going to rest it.

    1. Nice work! Was thinking some would come close to, or sub-3.

    2. Damn dude, smoke me again! Everything unbroken I take it

    3. thanks everyone, I appreciate it! Yes Mike, I went unbroken...round 1 took 48 seconds, round 2 took 1 min, and round 3 was 1:15

    4. Incredible man, you absolutely destroyed that one

    5. Flying....any chance you taped and sent into Ben? That is a video worth posting.

    6. Thanks again guys! Wags, I wish man. I usually video tape stuff but I didn't expect to go as fast as I did haha

  31. 1) did it but didnt measure
    2) 135 across .. I hate these and suck at them so I just tried to be perfect with my form
    3) 165 didn't really know what to do for this prob coulda gone 10 more pounds
    4) 5:55 . Hips are super smoked . Didn't break the front squats but they were by no means fast
    5) 2:54, 3:06, 3:10, 2:59- just had absolutely nothing left feeling super beat up after the last 2 days

  32. 1). 3:50. Laid on the ground for at least 4
    2) Done.

    I did the firefighter WOD yesterday and today I went on Craigslist for new Traps. It was worth it, God bless those guys

  33. Regionals (one session)
    1: 25"
    2: 2x125, 2x145, 2x155, 2x165
    3: 155 PR
    4: 5:14 RX, took too much time to just pick up the bar (confidence issues)
    5: 2:52, 3:01, 3:05, 3:03

  34. Open

    1. 5:03 - first two sets of C2B unbroken :) Then 7 - 3. Yeah!!

    2. Done

    Now off to back to school night! Glad I was able to get a workout in between teaching and parent conferences :)

  35. Open
    4:55 on the metcon. Came out too fast and had to rest in the last rd.
    Did the pause back squat i missed yesterday 335

  36. Awesome Seminar this weekend Ben! Nice to meet you Max. Nice beard bro.

    Been a while since I posted.... CompWod year #2.

    Regionals -
    Morning sesh -
    1. not even close to old 1Rm today. Dead weight! haha!
    2. 95#, I know, wus.
    3. 175# x 19reps.
    Evening sesh -
    Metcon - 4:28rx
    Burpees felt horrible today. WTF?

    Rowing - 2:40, 2:34, 2:42, 2:45. Dead meat.

  37. Open
    1. 4:55 with 95# unbroken fs and c2b
    2. Done with 14# wb...huge weakness for me

  38. Hi guys,
    I started this programme about 3 wks ago now along with my boyfriend. We are both masters (40 n 44, just puppies lol) he's very strong and fit I'm very not! This programming is challenging 4 me as I lack strength in certain areas and I'm working on getting a kipping hspu, a bodyweight dip and my press ups are poor also. I love the variety of your programming, its hard but fun at the same time (well once I'm finished its fun) I'm improving all the time and working on my weaknesses.
    Silly question time - I have a fear of jumping 2 high on the box due 2 seeing a few of my fellow gym buddies epic failures and subsequent split shin injuries. I can jump on the small box with about 5 20 kg plates thereon and was wondering how high is a good jump? I know the jumping requires 100% commitment or that's when total wipeout happens.
    Crossfit Fife

    1. Louise,

      Welcome! without a baseline of how high you are jumping I can't say what would be a good jump. They actually make boxes that have a foam type covering which makes crashing easier. They sell them at Rogue although they probably have something similar in the UK.

    2. Thx Jeremy, the jump is roughly between 30-33 inches. I'll get Raymond 2 check out the boxes.

  39. Bounding: 28"
    Pull: 115,135,145,155,165,175,185,155
    20rep benchmark:
    165x16 pussed out on the last 4
    2:39.6 2:49.8 2:50.0 2:47.6

  40. OPEN + 20 RM JERK

    1) "Satan's Whiskers": 3:41 Rx. Unbroken throughout. Didn't let myself rest at all between movements. "Recovered" a little by dialing back the burpees a hair.

    2) 20 Rep Max Jerk: 165 lbs. Only got 19 reps. Just gave it a shot since it was already on the bar.

    3) EMOM: Did 55 lb. kettlebell thrusters. No wallball heavier than 20. Only got 35 DUs on the last round. Mental breakdown more than physical.

  41. 1) 32" Was pretty darn happy with this, high school hoops it was maxed out at 31". A few years ago when I was doing p90x, we measured it and it was like 28". So, it feels good to have hops again, need to go run with some guys and dunk on someone again.

    2) 135, 135, 155, 155, 175, 175, 185, 185.

    3) 155 for 14. I started doing a set of 5 with 135 and thought, 155 would be no problem. Around 10 that started getting dicey. Missed it at 15, and dropped it, picked it back up and did the last 6.

    Evening Session

    1) 5:44 Unbroken on FS & C2B but man, being 6'4 does make burpees suck. Not sure what I can do to get better at this, I guess just do more burpees.

    2) Was hoping on the air-dyne when the wife came out and asked to go for a bike ride, opted for that instead. Will do some interval work tomorrow probably.

    1. I'm with you bro! Being 6'4 doesn't help with burpees or F.sqts.....Great work keep it up!

  42. Open
    1. 4:57
    2. Done w 25# mb- thats the heaviest

    You guys/gals are blazing fast today! Great work

  43. regional afternoon session

    4. 5:34 ugh I need a c2b coach. using way to much energy there.
    5. 2:50 across plus or minus a second each round. ugh again.

  44. Open

    1. 4:51rx

    2. Don't have a #30 medball so threw #20 12 feet completed those. Dubs were horrible.

  45. Open

    1. Satans Whiskers - 5:53. Improves from 7:47 back on Jan 30 2012. I'll take it!

    2. OTM 20 - 20 lb MB, but I tossed to 11-12 feet. Couldn't get all the DUs - and rope broke half way through. Switched to heavier rope and it actually helped.

    Need advice on jump ropes. I have a buddy lee rope (the one that broke) which I like but I find to be slow and draggy. I have a couple of thin cable speed ropes which I find too light. I also have a heavier "GoFit" rope (from Dick's) which is fast but heavier. Before I go buying another rope, what should I buy? Rx are the best? What weight?

    Thanks for any tips.

    1. I have played with a few different ropes. I started with a heavy rope from Rx ropes. I outgrew it quickly. I thought the handles were a little too thick, and I didn't like that I couldn't adjust the length.

      Then I bought an Again Faster Revolution Rope and really liked it. The handles were a little too small, because I have big hands but its still my favorite rope. Also came with a replacement cable, which is handy if you are forced to jump on pavement

      Finally I bought the rogue SR-1. Love the handles on this one, fit perfect, a little thicker than my again faster rope, but don't have any complaints about it.

  46. Open Program
    1) 5:09 - disappointed in yesterday's performance so I had to go HAM today. Happy with this. Unbroken throughout.
    2) Done with 30-lb WB. Not as bad as I expected. D-Us were locked in.

  47. Regionals

    1) Done, no way to measure

    2) 132/143/154/165/176/187/187/187

    3) 143 (16reps) failed on the 17th rep. picked it up and finished the last four

    4) 4.31 had to do as one session due to time constraints.

    Good to back on here with you all. Been gone for the last two weeks with little sleep and poor food, but glad to be back for a bit. Good to see everyone doing well.

  48. Open
    1) 5:00 Even. Practicing my butterfly C2B, making throughout the WODs lately, but not unbroken all the way through. Everything else unbroken. Also may have found a better way to do my burpees.
    2) Didn't have a 30# med ball, so I threw the ball as high as I could think it was around 11 1/2 '. This is exactly what I needed as I have stated many times my dubs after wall balls are terrible. All sets completed!!

    Quick question Ben I noticed you did a lot of 30# med ball work last cycle. Would it be worth the investment to buy one, will we see a lot of these again. Thanks

  49. Open:

    1.) 8:30

    2.) used 20# wall ball so did x15 for first ten min than dropped to x10 for rest

    Out with the old in with the new

  50. Did things a little out of order so I had people to wod with.
    Max vertical jump (measured from reach to jump) 20 inches. 2.5 inch pr
    20 rep max jerk-115
    Satans whiskers- 7:46rx squats unbroken burpees to 6 inch reach target. Felt very slow-
    4x750m row with 2 min rest. 3:30.9/3:32.4/3:28.9/3:33.2 this felt slow too lol
    8x3 good mornings @115 across

  51. 1. 32"
    2. 135# 155 175 185 185 185 185 195
    3. 155# x17
    4. 7:10 C2B
    5. 1000m intervals on AirDyne. 1:43 1:48 1:45 1:45

  52. Open

    1) 3:57
    2) Done @25 lbs. That's the heaviest ball we got here. Made sure to throw it at least half a foot above 10'. Everything unbroken.

  53. Regional
    had to do in all one session back to teaching at school then coached two classes at the box tonight and slammed everything in one session.
    1. 31"
    2. 95, 115, 135, 146, 155, 165, 175, 185
    3. 145 (1attempt have more all pj)
    4. 4:09
    5. 2:41, 2:44.7, 2:47.9, 2:41.7

  54. Open

    1) 4:04

    2) Only had a 20# medball. So did 14 reps on ODD. Glad I went through the DUs, never did so much volume in 1 day.
    Holy smokes. Deserved my rest day.

  55. Regionals
    1. Jumped a few times but didn't measure
    2. Worked up to 120 on the good mornings
    3. 105 for 14 on the s2o so I guess that's a DNF
    4. Wod time: 4:57
    5. Row times: 3:04, 3:06, 3:07, 3:14
    Never been so excited for a rest day!!!!!

  56. All one session today
    1. 34"
    2. 135 across
    3. 215
    4. 4:30 (done with 175# by accident. Oh well)
    5. All under 2:32, pace was consistently 1:30-1:35

  57. Open
    1) 4:49
    2) done with 20# ball(heaviest we have)

  58. Open
    1. 5:12
    2. Done with #20 and dubs were @30

  59. 155x4 good mornings.175x3 good mornings

    135x20 reps push jerk


  60. open
    1) 4:52 1:06 PR
    2) Done had 7 rounds of unbroken double unders huge improvement

  61. Open

    1. 3:20 at 155 was at ho didnt have any other weight

  62. M/25/5'6"/177/Southeast
    1)completed, no way to measure today
    2)worked up to 195
    4)3:29 Rx
    5)stayed between 2:44 and 2:48

  63. Open.

    1. 5:48...My breaks were too long.

    2. Done, mostly unbroken.

  64. Haven't posted in a long time since regionals
    Finally starting to settle back into training routine after a summer of traveling
    1) 5:32 very broken CTB... Unbroken FS

  65. Open:

    8:41 Rx

    FS is what did me in. I NEVER do them, I know I know. And I haven't learned C2B butterfly yet, any advice is welcome. After the first one I loose momentum.

    OTM completed as Rx

    I feel good after hotshots 19.

    Can anyone tell me how to post my stuff from my iphone from "google account"?

  66. Regionals: AM Workout
    1) 1RM Vert Jump - Did it but didn't measure it.
    2) Good Mornings @ #145-155-165-175-185-185-185-200
    3) 20RM @ #140

    PM Workout
    1) "Devil Whiskers" @ 4:56 Rx
    2) Row @ 2:59/3:00/3:02/3:01

  67. Open

    1) Metcon 8:40 only did C2B & burpees unbroken. FS hurt me.

    2) Done. After 10 rounds started to do 6-8 WB and 30 DU's.

  68. Regionals

    1. 23"
    2. 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 185, 205, 225
    3. 135 (f) Got 14 reps

    1. 10:45
    2. 3:00, 2:55, 2:59, 2:56

  69. 1. 8:33 RX
    2 OTM- 10min 5wb/rnd 30du/rnd

  70. OPEN
    1. 7:48 Rx'd
    2. 12 - 20# WB / 40 DU's (OTM20)

    ... searched high and low for the 25# ball (heaviest at the gym) - no luck - good grind regardless ...

  71. Day behind (work) all in one session

    Good mornings (I need to get the hang of these)

    135x3 sets, 155x2 sets, 135x3 sets

    20 rep push jerk 155 pretty manageable, Will add 5-10lbs next time.

    Satan's whiskers 3:18

    First 2 rounds I felt great, a buddy watching the clock said I started round 3 at 2 minutes. That third round of front squats was slow and the last round of burpees my legs felt like they weighed 400lbs. Great wod.

    Rows (my biggest goat)

    2:56, 2:53,2:54,2:58

  72. open
    1-5:15rx 2 min pr over last attempt
    2- done 30lb wall ball and 40 du

  73. Open
    1. 10:59 with 155#
    2. Done with 20# ball.

  74. Late to the show on this one...
    1.) 26.5"
    2.) 135#
    3.) 155#
    4.) Satan's Whiskers...4:44

  75. open

    1. Rx'd - 5:56...lungs were screaming at the end
    2. skipped today - long labor day weekend, not good ha.

  76. 1) vert - 21". 27" last time. Somethings off in my measuring.
    2) good mornings - 160-160-170-175-180-190-195-200
    3) 20 rm jerk - 145
    4) metcon - 8:20
    5) row - 2:50, 2:48, 2:48, 2:49

  77. Open/Masters

    1. 5:16
    Regular pullups, 85#
    Pull-ups unbroken rounds 1, 3. It was a mental break round 2 (6/4).
    FS and burpees all unbroken

    2. Done. 14# wall ball to 10'. All unbroken. 20 DU

    Sure, put so many of my goats in one day.

  78. open
    7:39 135#
    2) done i change the wall ball for squat therapy
    DU= 40-28-25-27-40-40-40-35-40-40