Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunday 9.8.13

The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, Boston.
Home of the East Coast Championships, September 14-15, 2013.

Rest Day.


  1. Yesterday, I did a partner competition with one of my good friends. She didn't think she was ready for a competition, but I just wanted her to experience the atmosphere. Honestly, I didn't go in expecting to do that well - just to have fun - but we ended up placing 12th out of 40 teams.

    My friend doesn't follow CompWod, but the experience of a competition has now really lit a fire under her to become a better athlete. I know she can be competitive - that is why I "forced" her to do this competition :)

    Some highlights:

    1. I got a 7RM of 135 for Squat Clean (had 140, but it slipped out of my hands on rep 5 :( ) But - my friend got 125 7RM, and her old 1RM Front Squat was, as she said, 135. She squat cleaned it 4 times before she lost form and put it down.

    2. The Grace WOD was each partner does grace (one then the other) or time cap of 10 minutes. Her prior Grace time before the event was 5 minutes. We both finished at 6:00 even (2:35 for me and 3:25 for her)

    3. There as a traditional AMRAP 16 (10 Box Jumps, 10 Pull, Up, 10 Wall Ball - one does a round, then the other partner goes). My friend just got pull-ups strung together about a month ago. We ended up getting 11 rounds plus 2. She went unbroken on her pull-ups the first 2 rounds! My goal was to go unbroken all the way through - accomplished! :)

    Anyway, we had an awesome day -- and I just want to say, if you have not experienced a competition yet (and I am not talking about the Open), you should go. Find a partner one and go with a buddy -- it seriously changes the entire sport for you! :)

    1. Partner competitions are an amazing way to start competing!
      Looked fun! Awesome job!

  2. Pretty stoked, pr'd my squat clean thruster by 15#'s at our bro off yesterday @ 250#! It was a lot of fun, 2 man teams. The other big highlight of my day was during the deadlift/weighted muscle up ladder. I was actually able to do some of the weighted mu's and help my bro out!

  3. Made up for yesterday.

    Open metcon - 19:12

  4. 21/165lbs/93rd in SE

    Had a competitor course at my box, Peak360.. Only had time to hit a little EMOTM strength and skill-

    16min EMOTM- Even min- Power Snatch+Squat Snatch @80%
    Odd min- max dubs in 30seconds -went 165 & didn't miss any, although not the prettiest, and almost unbroken on hte dubs all 8 rounds.

    After, made up met-con from yesterday 3 Rds, 3min each (Mups/BJ's @36"/Bear Crawl)
    -92 total reps.