Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thursday 9.26.13

Logan Schecter 

1.  Big Clean Complex
3 sets of:
3 Position Squat Clean + Push Press +
3 Position Squat Clean + Push Jerk +
3 Position Squat Clean +Split Jerk
1 set consists of all 12 reps without dropping the bar.
Check out the demo videos below.

2.  Squats
4 x 7 High Bar Back Squats, across

2 RFT:
800m Run
400m Backwards Run

1.  Gymnastic Skills
OTM x 12
Odd:  Max hold Front Lever on rings
Even:  Max hold Back Lever on rings

2.  Metcon
12 OHS, 135/95
12 Burpees
9 Power Snatches, 135/95
9 Burpee Box Jumps, 20"
6 Squat Snatches, 135/95
6 Burpee C2B

1.  Metcon
12 OHS, 135/95
12 Burpees
9 Power Snatches, 135/95
9 Burpee Box Jumps, 20"
6 Squat Snatches, 135/95
6 Burpee C2B

2.  Big Clean Complex
3 sets of:
3 Position Squat Clean + Push Press +
3 Position Squat Clean + Push Jerk +
3 Position Squat Clean +Split Jerk
1 set consists of all 12 reps without dropping the bar.
Check out the demo videos below.

3.  Strength
4 x 7 High Bar Back Squats, across

Nate Schrader is a monster.  
255 is the standing world record.

Kendrick Farris misses 245


  1. Question on the C&J Complex - is the format "The Big Clean Complex" or
    High Hang + Hang + Low Hang and then the 3 overhead movements

    1. Hey Chris, I was wondering the same thing and took a look at CFNE's WOD for today and they had this up (except 6 sets not 3).
      The Big Clean Complex
      6 sets of the following Complex :
      High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press
      High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk
      High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk
      One set consists of all 12 reps.
      Try not to drop the bar during the entire set; if you must drop after
      the Overhead movements, it’s allowed – just be quick to get back on the bar.
      Rest as needed between sets and try to increase weight after each set.
      High Hang – Start with the bar at “the pockets.”
      Hang – Start with the bar just above the knee.
      Squat Clean – Start with the bar on the ground.

    2. Although the more I look at how its written for tomorrow I'm still not completely sure!?!

    3. i did it as is listed above and as demo video shows....nate and kendrick ...i just only did 3 sets instead of 6

  2. Worked with the gym owners to do a morning session, glad to not have to cram this into one session

    1. Big Clean Complex- Much Much harder than it looked, 185, 195, 205

    2. Squats- 315 felt super heavy, 275 felt pretty light but I stuck with it to give the knees a rest. 275x4x7

    3.Yep, not one to stray from the programming but I don't advocate anyone running backwards anywhere in the Philippines, am I right Anton? Worked on weaknesses so I did AMRAP 1 min max rep WB, 1 min TTB 2 rounds.

    1. When I saw the program yesterday, I was planning to take a video of you running backwards and wait something epic to happen. lol

    2. Afternoon Session:
      1. Gymnastic Skills- Not quite there yet, did some progression work and some skin the cats.

      2. Metcon
      2RFT- Ha ha burpees and me, we're old friends.


    3. That's a wicked fast time, I guess it helps that 135 is like a PVC pipe for you :)

    4. Stellar work! You smashed the metcon

    5. Thanks guys, tried to keep moving on the burpees, was expecting my time to be on the slower side since I am a bigger dude. I guess I made up some time on the barbell movements.

  3. Hi everyone!
    1. 16:22 RXd. 135 snatch is still very hard movement for me. OHSs unbroken. All snatches - singles.
    2. Big Clean Complex was extremely hard too. 135 165 175
    3. 245. My first heavy squats after June's surgery.

  4. Open:
    1. 10:29- this crushed me
    2. 185/195F lost it on the way down from last high hang, no grip left
    3. Ran out of time, will make up

    1. Bus, any chance Apex is sending some folks to the SuperFit Games partner comp at KOP in October?

    2. Yes, four of us that follow comp wod
      Austin & Clayton are partnered up
      Erica and myself are partners
      Will you be there?

    3. Myself and a few others from CF Delaware Valley will be competing. None of them follow compwod on a daily basis but my partner will hit up some of the met-cons with me when our schedules jive. I'm a bit of a renegade since I get my training in when and wherever possible.

  5. Came in with Bus this morning
    1) 12:44 115#
    2) 135-155-165
    3) Ran out of time, will make up tomorrow
    Felt great to workout again after taking four days off from a comp last weekend

  6. Reg:

    1. 95,135,185, but I dropped after each press on the last one...followed CFNE guidence. Still got back on it immediately...would have help on, but didn't read the changes on here until just now.

    2. 4x7 @ 270, did 265 last time and thought that was all I had....will not go up next time as technique was beginning to suffer and stalling mid-rise.

    3. I have done Griff recently, and I know it would have been all I could do, and protecting the knee....skipped, but it is a fun one!

    PM 1. Gymnastics...these are tough, I've watched some videos, but it wasn't even really worth EMOM, just tried really hard a few times and moved on.

    PM 2. 11:43. LOVED this WOD! it was a perfect balance of head games, strength, and metcon demands. I see by looking above that it was in some others' wheelhouse more than mine, but it was still a perfect one for me.

    Great day today, it's rare to have so many pathways tapped and tested in the same day, or same WOD, and today did really well at it.

  7. Open/Masters (43)

    1. 14:58
    2. 105, 125, 135
    3. ran out of time, will do later today

  8. Open

    Did the met-con this morning - 17:39. 135 felt like a ton this morning and my back is still fatigued from the 1RM dead on Tuesday.

    Will do complexes and squats at lunch time.

    1. Someone was using the only platform at the rec center so I did an extra good warm-up and hit the squats.

      275, 285, 295, 305 - I know it says "across" but my ego gets the best of me at globo gym sometimes and I feel like pushing it, so I did.

  9. Reg:

    Clean Complex- 95-135-185
    Failed on the pockets on the split jerk set for 185. Felt good about it though.

    Back Squats- 275 probably could have gone up a couple pounds but it still felt good.

    No Griff for me.

    Tried with the levers and looked like an idiot so just moved to the metcon.

    Metcon- 16:56
    Pretty sure I saw Jesus on this one.

  10. Open
    1) 16:30 #85
    2) 85 / 95 / 105lb (enjoyed these, should have gone heavier!)
    3) 145 / 150 / 150 / 155lb

  11. Those videos were incredible. Schaeder is a monster. Absolute monster.

    1. no way! nste is one of the nicest guys ever !! haha!! but yes I got ya !! super strong !!! :)

  12. Hi Ben, posting here from Cape Town South Africa. Was a Regional Competitor last year here and hoping to make a repeat. Been on your programming the past couple months and finally convicted myself today to start posting. Wanted to say thank you for the amazing programming. Focusing on the OPEN format to keep my METCON intensity high.

    1) 12:43 - RX
    2) 135 / 155 / 175

    1. If you've already made regionals, I'd highly suggest following his regional program. The metcon will stay sky high, but the amount of gymnastic and weightlifting stuff will only make you more of a monster. Everyone that posts here regularly, or has been following Bens posts for a while will say the same thing. He will make you even more of a fire breather.

    2. Hey Danny, I also own a box and have a lot on my plate. Some days when I feel top notch, I will add on some of the Regional volume. My focus is just making it to regionals as a repeat. I learned a lot last year about my body and the volume I can handle. I was very broken trying to handle all the volume last year. My focus is to dominate in the OPEN and just do "well" at regionals. I'm more concerned with my recovery and my overall mental mind frame and when I take on too much volume, I get the post workout blues. Thanks for looking out though bro.

  13. 1) clean complex- 95,105,115
    2) hb back squat @ 175
    3) metcon: 13:11
    *worked on levers
    *ran out of time, will have to do "griff" later- wanted to make sure I got in the bar metcon

  14. Open
    1) 26:10 -75# snatch felt heavy. Focused on good form since did lighter weight.
    2) 90# clean complex.
    3) 115# BS felt comfortable. Should of did more but was unsure.

  15. Felt really bad after eating dumpling before training. MSG hit so bad I feel so weak while warming up. Never eating dumplings again. Lol

  16. Hey everyone!,
    just figured I'd link some videos i was using to help guide me today! Hope they help!

    Front Lever - http://gymnasticswod.com/content/levers-progression-pt3
    Back Lever - http://gymnasticswod.com/content/levers-progression-pt2

    1. Thanks! This is way better than what I'd seen before. Using bands seems so obvious now that I've seen in done. Now I want to go back and try these some more.

    2. Did you end up doing any without the bands?

  17. AM-
    1. Big Clean Complex x 3 sets - 135/145/145....feel good about this...my overhead strength is finally coming back! I wanted to try 155..but thought i would fail the push press and end up jerking...so stayed at 145#
    2. HBBS - 195# across
    3. Didn't have time :( I will do this in the PM.

    1. Impressive work on the clean complex.

    2. thanks I was stoked ! def hard to pick up the same weight twice !

    3. I hear ya on picking up the same weight. 30 pound jump to 165 was just OK, with some encouragement put 185 on and did it but would not have wanted to pick it up and go again with it. You should have been stoked--nice work!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Holy smokes I feel like a wimp seeing everyones times!!! But I have a cold so I shouldn't be too hard on myself. Burpees don't mix well with a gnar cough. Actually, they don't mix well with anything.

    1) 35:16 @ 100#, split time for first round was at 15:46
    2) 135/145/155lbs. Felt like I had to make up for a cra-pe WOD.
    3) 185/205/215/225lbs

    Headed to Croatia for a week. Will do workouts when possible and resume programming Oct. 7th.

  20. First off - those "demo" videos are unreal - makes me feel like a 12 year old boy in comparison ... shocking display of strength and power

    1. 16:30 Rx (felt spent this morning)
    2. 135-145-155 (grip felt used up)
    3. 255#

    Good times.

  21. 1. Big Clean Complex, with pp, pj, and pj (instead of split jerk): 135, 165, 185. That last set wiped me out mentally and physically. Laid on the floor for 5 minutes. I do not have a legitimate jerk--I push press everything (max push press double from a rack is #245), so pushing to exhaustion on the cleans forced me to use more of a jerk technique. Still, this was brutal.

    2. Metcon: 12:14 as Rx'd. Burpee-box jumps were a "crawl up-step up," but at a steady pace. Squat snatches ended up being more of a power snatch into an OHS. All OHS unbroken; set 1 of PS: 5+4, set 2 3x3; snatches were 2x3. Burpees kept going at consistent pace; C2B burpees to high bar, 1' over reach. Tank was half full after Part 1 above. Definitely a mental challenge. Will look for this to come up again and try barbell work unbroken, but strategy of step-up box burpees will probably be the same to save some explosiveness for snatches. Feeling every bit of 38 today. Impressive times you young bucks out there.

    BP 38/5'11"/195

    1. And as for squats...not happening today after 1 and 2. Will make up another day.

  22. Master Open
    Griff: 13:16 rx
    CC x 3 75-85-100# failed last jerks
    HBBS 4 x 7- 135#

    1. That was Michelle M- Krystle has many years before being a master--I'm jealous!

  23. Open:

    1.) Battling a stomach bug/food poisoning so skipped metcon today

    2.) 135, 140, 145

    3.) 185, 205, 225, 235 (Just realized it was supposed to be "across" oops)

  24. Open - Holy goats, this was a tough day for me!

    1. 16:56 @95
    2. 95/95/105
    3. 155

    After changing to this program two weeks ago (after the ECCs), this is finally my first posting on the correct day. Unfortunately, my schedule typically throws me off by at least 1-2 days, so I'm usually one of the last ones to post.

    There are some pretty serious times and weights being posted - and I have to admit that it helped push me, but I really wanted to do better - especially because I used less weight. Nice work everyone.

    I have one quick question that I couldn't find an answer to in the FAQ - does anyone know why the Metcon is typically before the skill and/or strength for the Open Program? I travel a lot for work and have been fortunate to visit many different boxes - and I have always seen the Metcon done last. I actually like the change-up, and I'm not saying one is right or wrong, I'm just wondering if there is a reason why...

    Looking forward to continue "working out" with you all,

    1. Please disregard my question - I received my answer in the "Programming Philosophy" section...

  25. 1) Big Clean Complex - 155, 175, 195
    2) Squats 4x7 - 275x3 315x1
    3) Griff - 10:23....Just awkward trying not to get hit by cars or eat shit
    - 2 hour break -
    4) Played with lever progressions - real tough movement for me
    5) Metcon - 10:34 RX....had a solid group hit this with me which gave a big push

  26. PM
    1. Lever progressions- did 6 min with band...then 6 minutes using a tuck position....tuck position was able to hold about 10-15 s...30 s holds in band
    2. Metcon- 8:46 - wishing I had video :( all unbroken 1 foot jump to pull up bar
    3. Griff- had to do this since i missed it this morning 11:43

  27. 1. clean complex with 225#
    2. 315# across
    3. did a different metcon, i have a comp this weekend so i did a little practice run.

  28. 1) 115-125-135
    2) 195 across, stayed light
    3) Griff - 19:40
    4) did not do
    5) 12:02

  29. Open
    1) 14:00 disappointed with my time, but very difficult workout
    2) 155,155,185
    3) 275 across

  30. Open
    1. 16:19
    2. 135/155/165
    3. 225# across

  31. Morning session
    1) complex 70kg
    2) hbbs 105kg across
    3) Griff 12:12
    Afternoon session
    1) ( no rings) otm x 12 odd hsw / even 40 double unders
    2) metcon 13:19 rx
    felt heavy

  32. Open
    (1) 12:43...UB OHS, singles for power snatch and squat snatch
    (2) 95,105,115 ...liked this one, got a good grip workout
    (3) B/S 185

  33. Open
    1. 11:15RX - I will take it. Power Snatch has always been difficult for me (I know why; I don't finish my pull...) -- so I am happy that I finished when I did :)
    2. 95 then 105...tried 110, no good. So I did 105 again.
    3. 190 across

  34. Open
    14:32 @75# (taking it easy on my elbow)
    Clean Complex @75#
    Back Squat @ 135#

  35. Phew. This week has been humbling.

    1. 135 - 165 - 185 miss x2. Had the first one, but when I had the bar at the pockets regripping on the last set, I lost my balance and fell back. Grip was smoked for the 2nd.

    2. 250 Across. Happy with that number.

    3. I don't have either of these, so I worked on some goats. Odd mins 8 TTB, Even 20 Shoulder taps.

    4. This crushed me for some reason. I hurt my hand the other day and the overhead stuff hurt pretty bad. So I did FS, Power clean, and squat cleans at 155. 16:30. Just hit a wall, absolutely no energy.

    I see why this was to be broken up into 2 sessions.

  36. Not gonna lie, today was a tough training day...

    A) 205/225(f)/225(f)...so close on 225
    B) 315/365/365/385(x6)
    C) clock was reset mid run. Not upset about that
    D) dnf
    E) dnf

  37. Reg
    1) big cleans. 115# all three
    2) took this light bc of my front squat cycle so 125#
    3) Griff: 13:00
    4) done
    5) metcon. Suckfest. 15:42

    I need to do a better job pushing myself when by myself...I'm so much better with a rabbit!

  38. Been visually following for a while and been able to do some of the WODs here and there, but figured I should start posting the ones I can at least get too.

    Open WOD
    Metcon - 17:00 - (+/-6:45 after round 1) that was a struggle. Too big of a lunch only a few hours prior to doing this. Also burpees are not my friend and extremely slow on them. PS I felt starfishing a few times and at least working out/not in competition I normally take a step back, grab my breathe and get back on the bar instead of continuing with bad form.

    Clean Complex - 115/135/155. Doing strength after the Metcon is a huge change for me and do see a decrease in weight but it does help me focus even more on technique. I do see some advantages in doing metcon then strength.

    HBBS @ 225 (max 340+/-)

  39. Open
    1) 15:55 i could did'ed faster
    2) 95#
    3) 155# bw

  40. Open
    1) 15:58rx
    2) 135-155-165
    3) back squat 4 x 7 @ 275#

  41. exhausted today
    clean complex- 95/115/135
    having a lingering pain in my trap with pulling... hoping ice and ibuprofen will help
    back squat 4x7-@155 across
    2 rds of : 12 OHS@95/12 burps/9 power snatches @95/ 9 burpee BJ/6 squat snatches @95/ 6 burpee C2b

  42. Clean complex 105/115/125
    HBBS @175
    Griff 12:22
    Lever progression/work done
    Metcon 12:30

  43. Regionals
    No time for two sessions today so cut out Griff
    1.Clean Complex-135,145,145lbs. Holy grip.
    2.Back Squats-225lbs
    3.OTM- worked on my L-Sit today
    Needless to say, my legs are going to enjoy laying in bed haha.

  44. Regionals:

    1. Big clean complex: 95-135-185
    2. (Did front squats bc of a competition that's approaching) hit 315 for 4
    3. "Griff" - check NFT
    4. Levers - check (hard and new to me but fun to work with and work on)
    5. Metcon: 12:28 Rx

    Hitting everything right after each other instead of two-a-days bc of time constraints and working on the volume/recovery for a comp. Love the programming, it's been perfect.

  45. First timer thanks to Jeremy Pace...


    Metcon- 20:00 @ 125 snatch
    Clean Complex 115/135/155 should've tried harder
    HBBS @ 225 across not 75% but I want to ease into the programming...

  46. Had to do everything in one session. Unable to do Griff and Levers due to time.
    1. Complex 210# (That was tough)
    2. BS 275#
    3. Metcon 8:52 Felt great I am a big fan of medium to heavy snatch workouts!

  47. Open

    1.) 19:38 RX... o.h.s and snatches are my biggest weaknesses this was a killer. Will improve!

    2.) #185, #205 F, #205 (#10 PR) felt good, went off the anger from the met on.

    3.) Skipped, had an elements class

  48. Open
    1) 11:52 @ 115#
    2) 115#/135#/155#
    3) 185#/205#/205#/205# - started at 185# bc my legs were shot from everything else, but went too light.

  49. Open/masters (47)

    1) 10:25, scaled weight down to 45. Ohs and squat snatch are my biggest weakness by far. I couldn't loosen up enough to go heavier even though I warmed up for about 45 minutes. O'well it was a lung burner and that is what builds the engine....right?

    2) 115-135-155. That hurt!!!

    3) 185-185-195-205. I know it said across but I wasn't sure where to start.

  50. 1 135/165/180
    2 4x7 @ 275, should have gone up.
    3 skipped, its hot in E Tax
    1 worked on progressions
    2 10:38rx

  51. Open

    1. 15:53. Unbroken OHS.. Singles on most snatches, did manage to string together a few power snatches though. Slow burpees... You all are animals with your crazy fast times!

    2. Big clean complex - 155,175,195. Tough!
    3. No time

    Glad to be back on the program!

  52. Open

    1) Metcon - 13:45
    2) Big Clean Complex - 135-155-175 (but couldn't re-grip on the way down from the push jerk on that last set. Picked it up right away and finished)
    2) Back squat - 275 lbs

  53. Open Program
    1) 14:32 - low back was the big limiting factor, it was burning throughout. Hasty with this time though.
    2) 125, 135, 155 - I was gassed after that metcon and this just hurt.
    3) 225 across - could have gone heavier but I was really taxed at this point for some reason. Form felt solid though.

  54. Open
    1- 12:21 135 felt super heavy today.
    2- one round at 135 just didn't have anything left.
    3- skipped no juice left.

  55. Regionals:
    1) Big Clean Complex: 135/165/185

    2) Squats: #270

    3) "Griff": 13:40

    1) Gymnastics Skills: Didn't have time.

    2) Metcon: 13:52

  56. Open
    1. 17:57 with 95#, was heavy enough...
    2. 135, 135, 135
    3. - didn't have time, hopefully later today.

  57. did you get any videos of the girls BCC!?

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  59. Open

    Got talked into going for a 10k run after work with some friends. mostly zone 1 pace.

    1) 16:30ish, my clock didn't stop

    2) 70kg - fail, 60kg, 65kg. This was humbling
    3) 110kg - tough, legs feeling tired