Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friday 9.6.13


1.  Pulls
5RM Deadlift - No Tng.  Dead stop on every rep.

2.  Odd Objects/Movements
OTM x 10
2 heavy clean and jerks with a Strongman Log.

3.  Metcon
"Jake the Snake" reps of: Jerk, 205/145 - no racks. reps of: Pull ups

4.  Rowing
5 Rounds of:
:40 hard
:20 easy

5.  Core work
3 Giant Sets of:
30 Back Extensions
10 Strict TTB

1.  Metcon reps of: Jerk, 185/135 - no racks. reps of: Pull ups

2.  Skills
5x5 OHS Pause Squats, 3-5 second pause at the "rock" bottom of each rep.  Lighter and lower is better.

Matt Chan, Chris Spealler and Eric O'Connor demo 
the "Quest" WOD of the East Coast Championships.


  1. Wondering who all has been to Regionals? Would like to see where I compare to some of you. Thanks!

    1. Hey mate I was at aus/NZ regional this year!! Only just started following bens programing hoping for a better place 2014!! Finished 24th this year!!

    2. Was at South Central regionals this year..took a huge break this summer. Placed 30th and also just started following Ben's programming!

  2. I know you're waiting for it James...

  3. Hi. I would like to know on the metcom if I have to do all the jerk reps first and them all the pull ups reps or if i have to do 1 jerk rep and then 1 pull up rep?

  4. 1) Deadlift: 5RM @ 550lbs/250kg --> PR

    2) Had to train in a commercial gym so I decided to do not go super heavy --> OTM10 C&J @ 80kg

    3) Metcon: F*cked up after heavy DLs :-( --> 11:33

    4) Rowing: 500m pace @ 1:30min to 1:40min

    5) Core: Hated it *lol*

  5. Are the jerks from the rack or is it from the ground?

  6. Open:
    1) 18:26 not RX @ 120#
    2) 95# across

    Woke up with a tight/painful lower back today so I took it easy with the weight.

  7. Open
    1. 9:29
    2. 185# full 5 sec, no belt(trying break away from my safety blankets)

    1. I miss read #2 this AM, I did back sqt not OHS

    2. You slayed that WOD! .... but I guess you usually do.... nice work Bussom.

    3. I really messed things up this am....way to early for me this mornig, I did pullups 1-10, not 2-20, sorry gang!

    4. Thanks Shane, you killing it too! I wish I didn't mess up the reps, I was 20:30 with 205# on 2/18

  8. Open:
    1. 24:50 scaled to 165. It was to hard for me.
    2. 110 5x5.

  9. deads 185kg
    no log so used fat bar @ 100kg
    metcon 13:13
    rowing done but forgot metres??
    core done

  10. Just did some mobility and rowing today. I start traveling again this weekend for baseball so Friday will be a recovery day and Wednesdays I will make up a workout I missed in the previous week. I just want to thank Ben for improving me as an athlete and thank everyone else for putting up monsterish numbers so I can push myself to get to where everyone else is.

  11. Regionals.

    1) 407

    2) log plus 66#. ~155#

    3) used 185#. 20.34 for rounds 10-6.

    Ran out of time to keep going. Overhead strength is by and far my biggest goat and today's wod crushed me. Shoulders were already tore up from this week. Disappointed with my time (pretty sad) but I got 1% better today for sure. Thanks coach for forcing me to attack my weaknesses. Even with a hectic work schedule that takes me away from the gym for extended periods of time every few weeks I have still seen good progress in my oly lifts. Looking forward to Oct when I will be around and able to train continuously for about 7mo. Really looking forward to the progress to be made.

  12. 1) 450 25pound PR
    2) no log
    3) Last time I did this with 185 in 28:17. Today RX 205 in 32:50. Happy with that!!

    4) Done
    5) 2Rounds tight back...

    1. That's awesome man. Well done.

    2. Thanks so much man!! Correction on the deadlift, its 200kg so more like 440lbs. Glad you're posting regularly again.

  13. Comp tomorrow, so today is modified.

    A) 405
    B) skip
    C) skip
    D) 1:32/1:42ish for 2-5. 1300m total (not sure what to post for this one).
    E) done. Ouch.

  14. Reg:

    humbling day today, just when I think I'm almost keeping up I get a day like this to remind me that I have a long way to go!

    1. 335, felt ok, but would have needed a pre-workout sup to do more :)

    2. considered shouldering some stones, but opted to skip for time.

    3. 17:17, scaled to 185, all pullups unbroken, so obviosly my weakness is overhead and not pullups. Was able to cycle a few jerks here and there, but it took a lot out of me to force them. I actually enjoyed this WOD. It was fun to mix a strength with a weakness and still feel like I was making progress.

    4. Done, last two were in the 1:36 range

    5. only 2 rounds, took it slow and made sure range and activation (quads/hammies) were solid.

    New goal is to do this WOD in the same time but RX next time. I saw this WOD a little while ago right before I jumped onboard and it looked as challenging as it was for me today. Excited to see it come up again in a few months!

    1. Shane,
      Every time I train I write on the white board my goal for doing this. REGIONALS!! In huge letters. I take pre workout but I choose not to rely on it. Not saying you do but I'm saying it helps when I start to suffer from lack of fire to see that word on the board and I kinda twitch my eye and snap a little when I think of y name on that blue sign on the rig at regionals. You just have to want it brother. Go get it, it's yours for the taking. Nice work today.

    2. Thanks Joshua,
      I've actually never taken a pre-workout sup, I was really just commenting on how bad my DL is compared to others.

      I've found the best medicine for getting the fire going for this is to have like minded people around me. I now have two training buddies that keep the spirit up.

      Anyone agree?

    3. I'm with you brother. you dex bussom are a few I try and keep up with on here. I wish I had actual people in the box to train with. Im actually embarrassed to post todays results until I saw your post and realizedaybe everyone has those days that humble you. today was that day for me.
      1. 365
      2. did c&j had to drop down to 215# to stay on emom
      3. first 2 sets at 205# then had to drop to 165# did c2b pull ups instead since I dropped weight and u stopped looking at theclock when I saw it hit 25 min
      4 and 5 completed nothing special to report.
      def glad to see these posts today. discouraged diesnt decribe the feeling after today. ouch.

  15. Holy shit....

    1. 28:48....Did this with 155 pounds in june @ 14:45, felt the extra 30 pounds bad....
    2: Done. 90 pounds.

  16. Open
    1. 22:55 (185# from the rack)
    2. 85-95-105-115-120 (5 x 3 sec pause)

  17. Open/Masters (age 43)

    1. 20:17, only did first set with 185, after that 165, or else I'd still be out there. I assume we went with weight from the ground.
    2. 115, felt great and comfortable

  18. open

    1. 40:40 Rx

    2. 30kg across

  19. Where are the OPEN women?! Are they none who follow this programming or are they all regionals athletes? Or do they just not post. I need some motivation!

    1. Agreed, post up ladies!! I'm west coast so I usually don't post until the next day.

    2. thanks ladies! I'm a garage gymer so i need all the help i can get :-)

    3. Me too Gloria
      I usually try to squeeze in a wod during lunch break at work and sometime I am not able to get everything done
      1) 13:09 scaled to #106 for push jerk

    4. Yes- I was also wondering abt other ladies following the programming! Will start posting!

    5. I've been following for about a year.. I have been trying to post but forget sometimes. Getting married sept 28 so will be missing for about a month bc of wedding/honeymoon. But I support the shout to open lady athletes posting!!!

    6. i'm guilty of just not posting. i follow a week behind schedule with a class at my box though, so posting seems silly since it's so far behind! :) Maybe i will start though, just to keep track and support the open ladies!

  20. Open

    WOD 12:59

    95 across- too tired to do much more.

    all I can say is holy crap that hurt. now I know why they call it snake bite

    1. Ok so that's your time for snake bite from the other day? Cause it would be smoking fast for today's wod!!!

    2. No this is for todays wod with the jerk and pullup combo. In an oxygen deprived state I typed in the wrong name. Snake bite was also tough.

  21. Open Program
    1) 23:10 - This was Rx but much slower than normal because a) had to workout at 6:45 a.m., b) couldn't drop the weights at all due to making too much noise at home at that hour, and c) pull-up rig at home is not very stable. Pretty much just worked my way through at a decent pace. Hopefully this pops up again on a day when I can go full-steam ahead. I'd like to think I can shave 5:00 easy.
    2) No time today. Hopefully tomorrow.

  22. Open

    1) 17:52 @ 155#. 1 drop on reps 9 through 6. Too much of a rest break getting back to the bar.
    2) @ 95#

  23. Question for you guys out there.

    Open: 15:46 at 135# Jerk, pullups not hard, but had to single the last set. Should I be pushing the weight a bit heavier, seeing some of the times into the upper 20's I felt like I might have gone a little light.

  24. 1. 275#

    2.didn't have a strongman log

    3.had to drop from 145# to 135# still took me over 25 min



  25. 29:32 @ 165#
    Forced the butterflies. They felt better than they ever have BUT sets 18 and 20 were the worst pull-ups I've ever done. Completely lost it there.
    Cleaned the bar 17 times. Went ub at 5 reps and under. Just spent way too long between those cleans. Weight took a lot out of me. I was toast at the end.

  26. 1) 370 - PR
    2) No Log...played with stones
    3) 18:23 RX...Deads took A LOT out of me
    4) 1462 meters
    5) Done

  27. Didn't do today's, just mobilized and did a quick metcon with dubs and running to get the heart rate up. We're having a little local throwdown/bro off with a couple of the other boxes in the area tomorrow, so I want to be fresh. I'll get back on the program Monday, have a great weekend guys/gals!


    1. DL 5REP PAUSE 315
    3. JAKE THE SNAKE 14:53 RXD

  29. Open
    1. 15:10
    2. 95-95-115-135-155
    Felt really good today I did a lot better then I thought I was going to. 185 got heavy!!!

  30. Open
    1). 3:08 unbroken I should have gone 205. I know it looks like BS but I don't know what to say
    2) 215 across

  31. 1. 5rm: 425 (tryin to keep the back perfect)
    2. same weird heavy bag clean and jerks as before.
    3. metcon: 15:15- all pull ups unbroken, jerks were solid.
    4. 123-1:29 pace every round
    5. done.

  32. Just started following this programming looking to make the jump from casual to competitive!
    1. 25:50@155lbs. And strict pull-ups. Jerk form needs work!
    2. 115lbs. Sets 1-4 set 5 135lbs.

  33. 1. 405x4
    2. Axel bar: 165(8),200(2)
    3: 23:36
    4: ran out of time
    5: done

  34. OPEN
    1. 18:15, 95# and cut the pullups in half. pullups were unbroken butterflies. super happy about that

    2. 33,53,73,73,73 w/ 3 sec pauses

  35. Open

    18:11 - from floor. Last time got 22:07 in Feb. Happy!

    1. 135 across for OH pause squats. These were tough!

  36. Regionals -
    2. Log + 75#. Awkward!!! haha!
    3. Metcon - 17:13rx. Very happy with this. Results are showing.
    4. Done.
    5. No time. Running WODs.

  37. Regionals
    1. Dead lifts @ 275x5
    2. Clean and jerks with an axel bar @125
    3.wod. - 31:11 rx Brutal! 145 s2o was super hard for me but happy I finished !!
    4. Done
    5. Done

  38. 1. 345. Hoping for more, but they didn't feel too great, could feel an ugly round on 5 on the last one so I cut it short. Training partner got 385 so that made me want to go heavier, got 3 at 365 and felt things getting weird, so I opted to not have a herniated disk and stopped there.

    2. No Log, so we did 3 power cleans at 225, and a set of max P-SHPU, which was like 1 or 2.

    3. 15:00 @ 185. Biggggg PR from last time. Broke up the 10-6 to 2 sets and unbroken from 5-1 on the jerks. Had to break up for the first time at 18 on the PU and the round of 20 was awful, grip totally was failing. I stopped last time at about 16 minutes at round of 3 jerks and 16PU because I tore.

    4. Done, could barely hold on the handle, but, done.

    5. Done, could barely hold on the bar, but, done.

  39. OPEN:

    1) 12:08 Rx. Only broke the 8 and 7 jerks. Had to break the pull-ups more than I expected.

    2) 135 lbs. all 5 sets. These were harder than they should have been.

  40. Open

    1. 14:06. Not feeling it today. Pullups killed me.

  41. Open
    1)14:53 This was definitely a pull up workout for me, grip smoked
    2) 95,95,105,115,125 These felt good, really a fan of pause squats

  42. Open

    1.) 14:52 RX pull-ups unbroken...6:15 sec PR from 7 months ago woo!

    2.) Skipped due to elbow

    Doing my own thing for the next week in order to prepare for the East coast championships, crush the week everyone and hope to meet some of you next weekend!

  43. OPEN
    METCON - 21:08 RX
    OHS - 95# ACROSS

  44. 1. did good mornings today instead
    2. jake the snake @ 145# 13:40... faster than I was in January but the jerks felt so horrible today.. still trying to regain my upper body strength and technique ... still feels off
    3. row :40/:20 x5 not my best rows.... kept it around 1:40-1;50 for the hard and 2:20-2:30 for easy... my hips are tight today
    4. done! strict TTB after ghd sit-ups was fun

  45. open:
    male-23-155lbs 55 days following this program

    1) 27:50 scale 135# 90% of my pr.. feel really heavy but i finish, i break a lot in the pull ups because star to rain in the round 16 18 and 20 so i lose my grip any way 135 was to heavy for me.

    2) done 5 sec pause 65#

  46. Open
    1) 15:31 off PR by 1:48
    2) 95,95,115,135,135

  47. Deads - 455
    No log or anything like that so I did a 145 stone and did 2 ground to shoulders otm for 12
    Met con - 31:40 rx - pull ups were no problem but jerks got tough . Times like these I hate weighing 165 lol jk weight shouldn't matter just need to get stronger
    Rowing - done didnt look at total meters
    Core work- done . Strict ttb are weird

  48. Open
    1) 14:30 155# - Jerks felt great and pull ups were unbroken until the set of 18. Should have went a little heavier.
    2) 135#

  49. Open:
    18:31 RX'd. Everything unbroken except set of 9 jerks and last 3 sets of pull-ups. Broke those in half.

  50. Regionals:
    1) 415# + 10# from last time
    2) 165# + 10# from last time
    3) Skipped due to a smaller type competition tomorrow
    4) Rowing- hard= 1:30-1:40/ Easy 1:50-2:00 total of 1447m in 5 minutes
    5) Core Work- Done

  51. Open
    1- 22:12
    2- 95

    Jerks were so hard! Fought hard not to over extend the lumbar. Wasn't always successful.

  52. M/25/5'6"/177/Southeast
    2)No log, used 100# sandbag- 3 OTM
    3)14:27 Rx
    4)Completed- Rower needs some work, numbers off on display

  53. Regionals 21 yrs old/ 165lbs/ 93rd in SE in '13

    1. 5x 400lbs - had a little more in the tank, but hammy's are sore as heck from the rest of the week.

    2. Used heavy sandbag (I believe @90lbs) emotm X 3 reps. Got pretty heavy, but overall OK.

    3. Rx- 28:20 -
    I can just not move that 205 efficiently. Rested forever.. Knew it was gonna be rough when on the round of 10 went, 6, 3, 3.. UB on Pullups through all rounds. Switched between split and push the whole time. NEED to become more efficient and stronger overhead.

    4. Row complete. 1,300m total. Stayed around 1:45/500m during sprints.

    5. Completed.

  54. Open.
    1. 17:04 @135. Ouch.
    2. 5 secs @ 95

    1. 385
    2. 170 w/Axle Bar
    3. 24:53 @ Rx
    4. Done
    5. Done

  56. Regional
    Made up on sat. Played in a golf tourney friday.
    2.115# stone don't have a strong man log.
    3. 13:26 rx @205#
    4.1:41.5, 1:41, 1:42, 1:41.5, 1:40.5
    5. Done

  57. Open
    1) 34:25 115# bar. Hands ripped during set of 14 pull ups. I was pretty miserable the whole time after ripping.

    2) 45# bar. My hands were done... All I could hold onto was the bar.

  58. 1. 365# * -Haven't seriously trained deadlifts for >9mo. Last 5rm was 275# a year ago. Surprised that I def can go more but didn't want to push it.
    2. OTMx10: C&J regular (no abnormal objects avail) @ 225# (realized this was silly),135,185x8
    3. 41:40 Rx. Good benchmark for me since I did a similar work a few weeks ago at 185# much better. Doing the OTMx10 greatly affected my early sets and I couldn't cycle the jerks beyond 3x, but most were done in sets of 2. Pullups on set of 18 and 20 fell apart, otherwise good.
    4. Done on AirDyne.
    5. Modified core work due to no GHD rig.

    Grip gone.

    1. Did on Saturday. Will try to make up Sat's workout this week. Work schedule tough.

  59. Reg. 5RM: 250#, probably got 260 in me. 2 C&J at 155#. Did a team metcon with our Saturday members before this that involved 135# c&j's and tire pulls/drags so I was smoked. Did not do this metcon, but did pull up work. Rowed and did Core. Holy abs and back batman!!

  60. Open

    1) 14:11 RX.
    Was flying through the workout until the last 3 sets of pull-ups. Oh God.

    2) 145-155-165-165-165
    After the metcon? Wow.

  61. Regionals
    1) Pulls: #365
    2) Odd Object: #165 Axle
    3) "Jake the Snake" 20:41 Scaled to #165 - Felt like crap on this WOD! Started with #185 for 10, then dropped to #165.
    4) 1175m total
    5) Done

  62. Reg/masters

    1) 5rm DL...305
    2) Snakebite...28:20

    All I had time for today, Snakebite took a hellava lot longer than I thought!