Monday, September 9, 2013

Tuesday 9.10.13

Rachel's work with the log.

1.  Bounding
6 x 4 Facing Hurdle Hops - face a set of four hurdles.  two foot take off and landing, bound over all four without pausing.  all hurdles set at the same height.  work to a max height.

2.  Pull
5 RM Sumo Deadlift 

3.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 rep max thrusters, no pausing/stopping anywhere.

1.  Metcon
Deadlift, 225/155

2.  Row
1500m, Rest 3 mins
1000m, Rest 2 mins
500m, Rest 1 min

1.  Metcon
Deadlift, 225/155

2.  Skills
10 RFT:
30 unbroken Double Unders.  Complete 30 unbroken double unders.  Rest as little time between sets as possible.  If you miss a rep, that set doesn't count.  restart that set and continue till you finish 10 sets.


  1. 1) Donny @ 14:47
    2) Couldn't do the DUs, did the row workout instead @ 17:32 including rest periods

  2. hurdles done @ 96m lol first attempt got to last hurdle and tripped and went head first through the dowel!!
    sumo DL @ 190kg first time ever doing these
    20rm thrusters @ 70kg no rest got to me!
    "DONNY" 8:51
    rest 5 mins
    row times
    40? seconds

  3. Tapering for our competition this Saturday, did some interval work but nothing that will give me DOMS. Will definitely keep up with everyone for the rest of the week, keep up the good work everyone.

  4. A) 43"
    B) 405
    C) 185x15 - you got me again Ben! Apparently what I think is my 20 RM is actually my 15rm. Definitely found God on this one.

    No time for PM session, so:
    D) 11:59 - ow
    E) tomorrow's recovery + max hs walk + tons of smashing and mobility

  5. This morning's motivation:

    "Let this workout be a test of your desire, and your results reflect your ambition to succeed in this sport." ~CJ Martin

  6. Open

    1) 12:55 Rx
    2) 7:35 - messed up 1 round

  7. Open
    1. 12:34 rx
    2. Done without timing

  8. AM session

    1) max height 31.5"

    2) 5rm sumo deadlift - 405# (think I had a little more in me but my damn hands are killing me and thumbs started hurting from hook gripping the bar)

    3) 20rm thruster - Made 17 @ 135#, collapsed and fell backwards on rep 18 at the bottom.

    1. PM Session

      4) Donnie - 13:36 (I definitely didn't pace this one right, first 21-15-9 was done sub 5 min and then the burpees caught up to me and j couldn't recover)

      5) got out of work late and only had enough time for donnie

  9. Reg:
    Had to modify to fit in our timeframe, so:

    1. skip

    2. Played around with staying tall at 225, didn't do max attempt.

    3. 19 @ 135, I had this, just lost it forward on the bottom before last rep.... all resp were clean until I dropped to the bottom after 19...oh well, at least I know I can go heavier next time.

    4. 12:07, I know I threw away about 2 minutes in there just psyching myself up for big sets of DL's.

    5. skip, but rowed for 5 min recovery style.

  10. Open
    1) 13:48 Deadlifts got rough
    2) 11:11 Was struggling big time on DU. Getting 1% better today!

  11. Sorry...Have not posted for a while...been doing the work...
    Start of School and Football practice have been time consuming!!!

    Open/Masters (43)
    1) 17:17
    2) 5:47

    Just ordered some CFNE t-shirts! Can't wait!!! Nobody in WI will have a clue...but they will be worn with PRIDE!

  12. Donny - 14:50 paced myself too much on the deads
    Du's - 5:37 no misses

  13. Couldn't do yesterday so I did it today with todays row...
    1) 155 Not 90% but snatch not feeling great...

    2) 225
    3) 245

    American Dream:
    7Rnds 8PC + 2mu

    1500: 5:37
    1000: 3:41
    500: 1:45
    250: 46sec

  14. 1. Donny - 14:50 Rx
    2. 10 RFT 30 DUs - 6:31

    ... felt stuck in second gear ...

  15. Donny- 13:45 Rx
    Double unders-5:48 had to redo 1 set

  16. Regiionals:

    1. Done. Stuck with a 20" boxes.
    2. 345 lbs.
    3. 15 reps at 135 lbs. First attempt got 15 then had a brain fart and paused in the front rack. Put it down and rested for a few minutes. Second attempt 15 reps again and shoulders were toast.
    4. 12:38
    5. 5:31.1, 3:46.1, 1:47.4, 0:49.5. Felt horrible.

  17. Open/Masters
    I think I paced myself to slow for this and I need to kick it up a bit.

    I practiced my DU's as I still suck at these. More work is needed to just be bad at these.

  18. Open

    1. "Donny"--10:21. All DL sets unbroken, burpees felt slower than normal.
    2. 4:53--10 sets, 10-20 rest in between sets.

    BP 38/5'11"/195

  19. 1. I didn't have hurdles so I set up benches topped with abmats, each about 28 inches high

    2. 275# - I know this should be more than my standard deadlift, but it's the same right now. I need to get more comfortable with the sumo

    3. 85# - this almost felt too easy until the very end. I think if I could have paused at some point I would have been able to do more weight

    1. "Donny" 11:14

    2. Row 6:14, 4:04, 1:54, 0:56.

  20. Regionals.

    1) made it to 40"

    2) 429

    3) 140.

    4) 11.04.

    5) out of time.

    Fiancée. (Sam S.)

    1) 17.23 at 132#

    2) 7 rounds in 10min. Out of time.

  21. Open
    1) 11:05 Broke up deads on rounds15,21 on the way back up
    2) Did not do for time. You guys have heard my du rants before, but my unbroken are even worse. Just know it took a LOOOOOONG time to do. Did a ton of rounds of 27's . Wicked mental block, once I put in my head to do 40, 30 came easy. Go figure

    RIP Donny

    1. I hear ya on the DUs. Mental game is huge. I got nervous every time I got into the 20's ... don't screw up don't screw up don't screw up LOL. Blazing time in the metcon!!

  22. Open:
    1.) RIP "Donny" 14:02
    2.) 6:31 (2 redo sets)

    First week following the Competitors WOD, very stoked!

  23. I've had a lot going on lately and work is picking up. Need to get back into the swing of the 5:30 AM workouts. Piecing things together for now...

    Front Squats - 1 rep OTM x 10 - 5 @ 275 (no belt), 5 @ 295 (belt)

    Half "Donny" (21-15-9) in 7 minutes. Burpees continue to be my arch nemesis. They are just exhausting and mentally break me down.

  24. Hi guys, this is my first post in the competitors wod page... I am a member of crossfit Apex! Just wanted to say hello!
    Today's wod:
    185 dead lift

    did 15 du 10rft 4:00
    messed up 3 times

    burpees killed me! Trying to scale it properly this is all new to me to scale right so I can get my lungs back!

  25. Open
    1. 10:50- broke last set of 21's
    2. 7:05- 3 mess ups
    3. Made up 10x1 f.sqts- 255#

  26. Morning
    1. Skip, bruised foot
    2. 365 (awko taco)
    3. 115 pretty easily for 20
    1. 12:10
    2. Exam

  27. 1) Hurdles - 34"
    2) Sumo - 325
    3) 105 - HUGE GOAT
    4) Donny - 10:32
    5) 5:59, 3:52, 1:50, :51

  28. Regionals-Had to cram all of this into one session
    1.Hurdles-Dont have the equipment for this in my garage
    2.Sumo Deadlifts-295lbs.
    3.Thrusters-95lbs which was too easy. Got 15 reps at 115lbs
    4.Donny-13:16. Went a little too slow on the first sets of deads
    5.Just did a recovery row. My body was shot

  29. Open
    15:25 rx. Low back killed me. Struggled through this.
    I'm good on DUs so i worked on other weaknesses.
    5 rds of unbroken
    10 wbs
    10 ghd

  30. 1. Skip (soccer practice)
    2. 365# very awkward
    3. 135#
    4. 17:35Rx deads felt extremely slow and lots of lower back pressure in 2nd half.
    5. Skip (soccer practice)

  31. Open

    1. "Donny" - 10:27

    2. Double Unders: no misses; finished in 4:48

  32. Open

    1. 9:51rx

    2. Traveling had to do WOD in a globe gym. No jump rope.

  33. strength programming is a little different today
    8:21 RX

    practiced some of the stuff for the ECC
    def going to be a fun weekend!!

  34. Started following programming and so far have been sore every time. Thank you for taking time to set these routines up. Did the regionals set a height of 36 inches maxed out at 40 inches.
    Sumo deadlift 455 lbs. Stopped at 495 lbs at 3 reps.
    Thrusters 185 lbs 20 reps.
    Donny 8:42 rx.
    1500 meter row 5:23, 1000 meter 3:35, 500 meter 1:55, 250 meter 49 secs

  35. Open

    1. "Donny" - 14:44. I screwed up and did 21-15-9-21-15-9. By the time I realized it I was most of the way thru the second round of 21 so just went with it.

    Had to rest about 20 minutes to let my low back unknot itself after that.

    2. 10 rds of 30 unbroken DUs - 9:13. Was basically OTM. Happy with this, think the heavier rope is working better for me.

  36. Open
    1. 11:14
    2. 4:22 unbroken all sets

  37. open
    1)22:40 185#

    really tough day for me, i feel tired and dont been motivated for train but anyway i do the wods!

    1. i cant do the 30 Du's so i did 20 du's and then complete the res

      2= 28+2

  38. Open:
    "Donny" 10:59
    No time for DU's today.

  39. Open:
    "Donny" - 13:34 (135#) deadlifts are my goat.

    No rope to do DUs. Will make up tomorrow.

  40. Today was tricky. Little bit of a low back tweak yesterday but did a ton of mobilization and made the best out of the day. Really low window of time today, too.

    1) No hurdles, did some standing triple jumped instead, Best was about 24' which is about a foot and a half off the PR, again, probably because of the back.

    2) Did this at home and ran out of weight. Which is an awesome thing to say, but I did 2 sets of 5 at 340. Made sure form was perfect, really wanted to take care of my back. More in the tank.

    3) Again, went in cautiously because the back and the fact that I had missed both 20RMs we have done on thrusters. So, I did 105, made it easy. Then did 120, made it easy. Was pretty burnt out after that. Probably had 135 if I had gone into it fresh. Will try that next time.

    4) Again, playing it safe with the back. Did 1/2 Donny in 6:15 all the while explaining to my neighbor what I was doing when she wandered over curiously. So, pretty cool with this time.

    5) Didn't think I was going to be able to get this in, but luckily I went over to help my wife and her friend do this workout and coach them on sumo form. Did my rowing there. 5:20.3, 3:32.3, 1:41.0, 47.9. Ouch.

  41. Open: 14:14
    Du's: 7:07 got stuck on last round did 25 like three times before getting the unbroken 30

  42. Open:

    1.) 21:59

    Felt rough today combination yielded tight lungs

    2.) 10:59

    Screw ups in beginning and end due to rushing...when paced felt great and smooth

  43. open:
    1) Donny- 12:11
    2) 7:00. all unbroken, wasn't to concerned about time, just wanted to not re-do a set

  44. Open

    1. 11:55 rx

    2. forever 14:35 had to redo 3 sets all were above 23...

  45. Open.

    1. 15:12. Would have been faster but hands are killing me from tearing yesterday during the Bar MU

    2. 5:38. Missed once after 16 in.

  46. Regionals
    Bounds: 36" max hurdles couldn't go any higher
    5rm: 425, coulda went up, hamstrings were spicy
    20rm: 165, up 10# from last time
    Donny" 13:18
    1500m- 5:19
    1k- 3:19
    500- 1:32
    250- :40

  47. Regional:

    1) Bounding: Didn't Do

    2) Pulls: #315

    3) 20 rep Benchmark: #135

    1) "Donny" 11:54 Rx

    2) Row: No Time. Make up tomorrow.

  48. Schedule problems.
    Did "Donny" with no warmup after the gym was closed at 9:30pm, time = 12:50

    Hand release on all burpees. Did the negative on 95% of all the deadlifts.

  49. Open/Masters (43)

    Donny: 17:20 very tired and sluggish, too much rest between sets

    DU's: 5 sets of 30 in 7:10, after that couldn't get 30 together

  50. OPEN

    DONNY - 12:16RX

    Skipped out on the double unders. Had to take advantage of the good surf here Virginia Beach! Will make up later this week

  51. Open

    1) Donny - 16:20

    2) had troubles with my right calf cramping. only made 3 sets (in about 10 tries) before calling it a night. I need to work on these.

  52. Open

    1) Donny - 16:20

    2) had troubles with my right calf cramping. only made 3 sets (in about 10 tries) before calling it a night. I need to work on these.

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  54. Open

    1. 14:49

    2. Done. Only trip up was on the 10th set. Probably could have moved a littler quicker through this one but i was pretty gassed after the wod.

  55. A) 50 foot handstand walk - kept falling when i had to turn at the end of the gym. shoulda gone outside

    B) rowing intervals- 5:29, 3:55, 1:47, 50

    C) Mobility

  56. Open:

    1) 12:19 Rx. Tougher than I thought it would be.

    2) 4:37. No misses.

  57. Open Program
    1) 16:16 - back got really tight in the second round of 15, then things got really slow. Happy to keep pushing though, never done 90 deads at this weight and they're not a strength of mine. It's also insanely hot in Indianapolis right now (~95).
    2) 8:48 - no misses, really took my time to be careful not to fail any. Arms were burning up on the later sets.

  58. Did this a day late.. Needed a rest day on Tuesday.

    Regionals/21 yrs old/165/ 93rd in SE

    1. 20" over boxes, 24" over boxes, 30" over PVC pipes, 30" over PVC's, 34" over PVC's, 34" over PVC's

    2. Sumo DL- 345.. Could've went heavier, but hands were killing. Sumo is much weaker than traditional DL for me.

    3. Thrusters- 135..thought I wouldn't get there, but got pretty easy, and didn't slow down. Definitely gonna try 10lbs heavier next time.

    Had to coach and class...

    Late PM (11PM)

    Donny- Rx 9:44.. All DL's UB until last round of 21, went 9, 5, 3, 2, 2.. burpees were fast, but would take about 10-15sec to chalk up and get set before beginning DL's each round.

    Row- skipped. Body is still acclimating to the volume. (lame excuse on my end)

  59. Open

    OTM x 20
    Odd = row 20 calories
    Even = 30 double unders (not all UB, majority of sets were)